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  1. I hope Yuzu (and other top skaters) just decline. I mean, the scores won't count anyway, they said. The judges are guaranteed to be extra biased. Plus, rinks aren't even open in many parts of the country here, how are skaters even to prepare??
  2. I think Aliona didn't intend to make a change. She wouldn't make a change after the transfer period. IMO Eteri found out that she even dared talk to Plushenko and kicked her out. Knowing that this would put her in a really difficult position. She'll most likely try to make it very difficult for Aliona to skate next season. Eteri seems to be over her head in a power trip. Without her skaters, she is no one.
  3. and if eteri bans her from representing Sambo-70, as I'm sure she will try, Alena can't skate at all??
  4. I wish he kept it Zuzu try new spins
  5. cat-yuzuru comparisons are trending again
  6. i feel like if we can figure it out, we can definitely have real toe loops! lol! i think the reason why i can't takeoff after pivot is because my right leg wants to turn in to jump aka become a toe waltz, but since we're on wheels, the wheels don't slide like that lol. so i guess training on wheels really forces you to face your bad prerotation habits...
  7. I think Shoma himself said explicitly that he hated spins. Yuzu has never said such a thing. He just doesn't need to practice them during public practices because they're so consistent, and he gets mostly full credit for them anyway. Except for that year at ACI ... Never say never!
  8. haha i have been practicing pivots exactly like that for toe loops but then when i try to jump mid-pivot, i can't lol. but i don't try to jump after pivoting for a whole 1 or 1.5 rotations like he does...i'll try that tomorrow...
  9. i think i do toe waltz jumps too. it's way easier to do a toe waltz than a toe loop lmao. but i can't do a toe waltz on pic skates (it's really hard to prerotate your jumps on rubber/cement) so...i feel like if i learn how to do them on pic skates, it'll help on the ice
  10. I think Alena being expelled for Eteri's pettiness makes sense. And now she has no choice but to go to Plushenko, when before she might have only gone to him for advice. Wow. Tbh I've always been surprised she hasn't gotten sponsors. Both Anya and Sasha have them and she is just as if not more marketable than them. Alena seems headstrong which is great but when you negotiate you have to expect the other party might walk away.
  11. A not-so-concise summary would be to start here and check out these quoted posts in the News and Updates thread (maybe someone else can come give a truly quick summary haha)
  12. Imagine training somewhere where you could have no say in your choreography, just gotta smile and pretend you love it, because your choreographer might throw a fit
  13. Medvedeva made a program about 9/11. She even gasped for breathe at the end. I'm sure they could repurpose that choreography for a corona-themed program. ETA: nvm the gasping for breathe was her program about souls or something. Same difference
  14. it was certainly coronavirus themed LOL
  15. i'll try it when they've worn down enough and film lol...but i think that you can put the pics on in 2 different orientations i've never tried quads quad skates will i fall on my face? i just want to be able to skate up and down the road. like put in some music and go around the neighborhood. pic skates seem really scary on a bumpy surface especially if there are twigs/pebbles/holes even small ones make you feel unstable i guess they do try to mimic ice where a small hairclip can make you fall on your face. or maybe it's just me.
  16. I can't see why not, they are plastic. Although scratches a re probably another story. Would be like getting your car keyed...lol
  17. Alena has never been as "sweet" as Anna or Alina, but she is an athlete, not a housewife, so there's zero reason for her to keep sweet all the time. Children have different personalities; elite athletes are intense, who knew? Wonder where the rumors are from.
  18. Anyway, Eteri still has many skaters. Shcherbakova and Valieva are highly likely to make it to the Olympic team (if there even is one), or as good of a chance as anyone. Some diversity of ideas and programs will be very welcome.
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