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  1. I feel like if Yuzu goes to the Olympics, he will go to worlds. Just a feeling. Especially if this might be his last season (knock on wood) he might want more chances to skate his new programs, considering how short the last seasons have been?. Unless idk, he feels it might be as pointless of an event as the last...few....worlds...idk. Sigh. It hurts to think about.
  2. What did y'all think of Aliona's free skate? I didn't find it interesting, personally. She looked like she enjoyed her "cheesy" twilight programs from a few years ago more than this. I liked her SP much better, but was surprised it got 78 with just a 2A. I think that figure skating scoring has changed so much I don't really recognize it anymore.
  3. I got tickets!!!! B4, Row 14, Seat 26! Was late to the game so all of the best seats are gone, of course. But at least it wasn't completely sold out Anyone nearby?
  4. Gorgeous! Thanks for uploading. All my favorite programs including galas are here
  5. Wow, WC tickets are out before Rostelecom Cup (in less than two months) and Olympics really weird season, sigh........
  6. So it's probably a good time to apply for a visa to Russia now (I'm from US)...and it usually takes a while to receive the actual visa...sigh, i wonder if it's worth going with all this uncertainty.
  7. I really don't understand why anyone would think his jumps are regressing? Just look at any competition and you'll see quads that are as effortless as ever, maybe more effortless than ever before. Sure, he doesn't have a consistent 4Lz or 4F, but it still doesn't make sense to say he's regressing, as if he had one in the past and lost it. Meanwhile, his 4T and 4S are more consistent than EVER before, and his 4Lo often looks effortless as well. Logic, none
  8. Can someone pls screen record 🙏
  9. someone who works in turkish television is a fanyu [NEWS]
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/CSmcjzUodCV/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  11. same this is...actually why i don't really use skate guards :| hope you're ok!
  12. this is so cute!! https://www.instagram.com/p/CSXWJFhI16d/
  13. That's the thing though, proving that straight figure skaters can succeed, as if straight figure skaters are unsuccessful in figure skating, is just utter nonsense. If he thinks he is oppressed for being straight, that is delusional at best and a slap in the face at worst to all the non-straight skaters who have been passed over, called slurs, discriminated against, and/or underscored in favor of others. I mean you have Olympic champions throwing homophobic slurs at skaters within the last year, and only a decade ago gay skaters were openly called homophobic slurs on TV. To act like you are su
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