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  1. UGH. What a waste of time! Can they just move gala earlier? Then I could catch a flight home
  2. Ok that's a convincing argument. So annoying they won't even be able to practice on the main rink before the short.
  3. WTF there's no point for me to even arrive on Wednesday... I guess my dilemma is should try to take time off work to go to Tuesday's MR practice. Will he even go or will he just practice in the PR
  4. Me neither!! I remember watching it live (I mean on my laptop)!
  5. What a gorgeous shot!! The most perfect jump ever! Lol the low frame rate makes that counter look so sassy when i look at his face lolol
  6. Or it was a mistake. Inputting GOEs isn't scientific by any means lol
  7. Renamed this thread because it is no longer only about the SafeSport investigation in the U.S.
  8. lol actually today i was working on my LFI 3 turns, and my coach kept telling me to skate faster into it. LFIs are so forced for me (like I get around by jerking my whole body around violently instead getting deep enough on the edge that you basically *have* to turn naturally like you're supposed to if you want to do smooth 3 turns), and i can't go into them with any speed because then it's scary i never use my LFI 3 turn so i think that's why it's so comparatively underdeveloped even my back inside 3 turns are better
  9. Good to see him apologize unequivocally. If it was an inside "joke" we would not have known that, and there are minors who read their public instagram comments so it was an inappropriate place to make such a comment. I don't think the photo looks "sexy" or sexualized but that's just me. It just looks sweaty and gross lol. But it sucks to see that shows are still inviting Cipres despite ongoing investigations and complaints, and no one seems to be taking any type of care to not put him in questionable contact with young girls.
  10. I think there are a lot of opposing forces at play here that the ISU has to work around, and they do a very avoidant job of it all. Like many of the judges work for their federations and for the ISU only in name, and if a judge votes against the grain, they stop being invited and funded by their federations. Maybe if the ISU angers certain federations then funding gets pulled or events (which are hosted on the federations' dime) are at risk. Plus, federations try really hard to stuff judging panels with clueless judges; it's quite interesting to see the variance in scores given to new skaters. Like panic from a flock of sheep before they receive a signal from their "leader" lol aka before they receive the narrative about that skater and how they're supposed to be judged. Maybe the ISU is so weak in its power that they honestly have no control over these things other than to nominally change the rules once in a while, which federations will vote for because the changes are too superficial to prevent them from doing whatever they want.
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