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  1. haha i think that's the default profile pic welcome!!
  2. it should work now 👀 but i'm not sure it'll apply to old posts. do you have an example? FB really changed the way embeds work, i had to submit a request to them to enable it for our site.
  3. Test: https://www.instagram.com/p/CcvfXi4hA7O/
  4. sorry super late but here's the SP and FS I'll cut Yuzu segments later
  5. thanks for pointing this out! i added a link here now:
  6. That's true, I've been trying to get it back. I've contacted the support for help recently actually. They haven't gotten back to us yet, but their Facebook/Instagram embeds guide is outdated and needs to be updated. I'll fix this when I figure out how!
  7. hey, that's a good question haha. i am not sure. i will ask
  8. Hmm, while I don't disagree with most criticism of the ISU/scoring/etc., if a post is not really about Yuzuru, it should go into a different thread (the salt thread, threads for other skaters, or competition threads). If it's a criticism that has already been posted before (or twice, or three times), maybe use the salt thread instead. Many posters here expressed that they agree w/ most of the criticism but want to talk about other things instead. As far as constructive criticism, I agree that we shouldn't bring in skaters' appearances. I also think we shouldn't assign moral judgment to skaters for being overscored. I don't like it any more than anyone else when skaters are given scores for things they didn't do, but they are not judging themselves. Sure, skaters can work hard and improve to "deserve" their scores, but not everyone can improve even if they try to. Maybe they are trying to (and failing). It would be too much for me to expect them to voluntarily withdraw from the competition because they are overscored. Maybe I'm more calm about this now because I don't really think scores mean anything anymore. Overscored or underscored, it's all made up numbers to me. I'm kind of from the camp where I don't think scoring is even fixable until we dismantle the ISU from within and start anew, which isn't going to happen. Maybe I've reached the last stage of grief -- acceptance. P.S. We will inevitably have different opinions on other skaters. And THAT'S OKAY. No one should be made to feel bad for liking another skater. I hope this forum can be accepting of people who are fans of other skaters. Please use the ignore button instead if you don't agree with a poster's opinions... The fandom has gotten pretty splintered lately (and not for no reason) but I hope we can still coexist as Yuzu fans.
  9. Good luck in retirement, Satoko! https://www.instagram.com/p/CbjftFeJjD6/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  10. Welp, the scoring train has sailed...I think Yuzu should put 4A in both SP and FS, eff the scores, just 2x the probability of landing it
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