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  1. If/when we get enough "smoking gun" data, do you think we could take this to a journalist or some online news site? I think NBC did a piece about biased judges once (lol), but I wonder if something like Vice would take on such a story. Or any other popular online magazine.
  2. They gave her higher SS than anyone! Except Stanislava
  3. I did ask and they didn't answer, so I just went ahead and scraped it but idk maybe if you ask now it will be different haha. And I did credit them a lot
  4. Lol there's nothing to sue for libel for if the statistics are calculated directly from the data. And while correlation does not equal causation, you can control for a lot of confounding factors. But the only way to get "true" causation would be to run some double blind or A/B test
  5. Maybe they think they did the work of scraping ISU documents so other people need to do the same too. Well either way, @shanshani I'll try to help (I know I say this a lot BUT this weekend lol) What competitions do you have already?
  6. I wrote a script to parse their data at one point and they yelled at me. So be careful
  7. Crowdfunding a computer vision Kaggle sounds like fun I do think it's a bit of a hard problem to solve with computer vision because knowing when a blade touches the ice is not easy even for a human sometimes. The ice is white and there's usually not much shadow that would let you tell if a boot is on the ice or not. I'm just trying to think -- what features would we even be able to use? Biggest one I can think of is the angle of the blade but ;; it depends on the camera angle as well. Well, I guess that's the beauty of Kaggle and getting other people to think about the problem.
  8. Thanks I've applied. This may be harder than winning the actual lottery but no harm in trying
  9. Ok, I tweeted this. We can see how much interest we get.
  10. Glad you like it hope to see you at worlds but if not there's always next season
  11. Looks great! Sorry I didn't get a chance to do it for Poland yet but this looks more or less how I'd do it. Should we tweet out this thread and the picture to see what the interest is like? Can you guys help retweet to get interest because we need to fulfill at least 200 banners? Since Skate Canada is in a month an a week we should probably hurry
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