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  1. Hmm I bought: - ghana chocolates - random xylitol stuff - ANA flight to Japan for Worlds specifically bc of Yuzu LOL - john wilson blades - irene gloves - underarmour clothes...(they don't sponsor tho ) - not to mention clear files and CiONTU stuff that's more than i expected
  2. Ooh that sounds worse actually, if it's a public session mine is a freestyle, so they limit the number of people who can be on it. And you need to own a pair of skates before you can go, too, so there aren't very many true beginners (except for the grandmas who have actually been skating for decades, they're just really slow and cautious!) But the downside is of course there's no order to any of the skating and you need to pay a lot of attention to other people's patterns and stuff like that. I always feel like I'm in people's way. I'm also terrified of crashing too so I break a lot and/or skate slow lol. Haha you'd be surprised; I was on another skating site earlier reading pre-Sochi threads and the blade-picking issue was being discussed. I think it was Plushenko's full-blade lutz. You might be surprised how some people have selective memory on whether or not full blade toe jumps exist depending on whether they like the skater being discussed! But yeah, I have that problem too. If I don't bend my knees or pick harder and/or don't point my toes my blade often collapses on my flip. I've been trying to get rid of whatever's causing that but I haven't really figured out how to prevent it consistently. It doesn't happen as much as it used to, though. ahh be careful! sometimes the overtraining injuries take longer to heal than injuries from a freak accident.
  3. So I've been trying to reduce the prerotation on my flip for a while. Since I don't film often (too many skaters and also I don't like filming LOL) I infer what the prerotation is by looking at my pick marking on the ice. If it's like a little triangle, then that means there was PR (around 180 degrees). If the pick marking is just a straight pick marking with no extras (usually in this case I can even see the grooves of the picks) then there's less PR, around 90. Anyway, I noticed that if I pick a bit higher, then there's less prerotation. But I don't wanna pick higher I think I should bend my knees more to get that same force into the ice on my pick without having to mule kick. not sure if I pick *that high* but I think you're supposed to pick like 2 inches off the ice or something? Like if you watch Yuzu's flips or lutzes he picks so low and gently it's so satisfying.
  4. Argh, that sucks. We have an indoor rink around here but it's sooo crowded in the summer. There are upwards of 30 skaters including fast kids and skaters doing triples and coaches using harnesses and slow grandmas all skating at once in different directions. And not to mention the ice condition is horrible, so soft with lots of big dents and holes and track marks despite being resurfaced every hour or so. It's so crowded that you need to sign up for sessions in advance, sometimes weeks in advance. But it exists...
  5. Ooh I remember drunken sailor! I think someone showed that too me once but I never remembered it (I'm really bad at remembering steps or choreo) but it looked cool. I do remember it was quite complicated/difficult! Nice, congrats on the 3turn! Sucks about the ankle though did you fall on it?
  6. yuzuangel


    heyy, i have a request. does anyone have a clear photo of the attitude jump/two footed axel that Yuzu does? Doesn't have to be high quality, just wanted a reference for a drawing. Could be forward or back view. I think I saw a newspaper clipping that had a photo of it printed on the whole page? paging @kaeryth resident hanyu encyclopedia...~
  7. I tweeted it! @sallycinnamon can you update the post with the rabbit link when it becomes available? Would be nice for the people who find the event through twitter to be able to see the link from the calendar event
  8. That 4S from Rika looks great! It almost has as much airtime as Yuzu's
  9. wtf. ISU's bias inadvertently(?) showing. they already know who's reasonably gonna place where
  10. don't worry, there should theoretically still be gold/silver all-events left for the next non-VIP sale?!
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