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  1. Have you thought about flying to Venice instead of Torino, and continue with train from there? (I see there's easyjet available, if you're looking for a cheap way :D)
  2. I would also be interested in group order for Gold tickets, if possible 🙏
  3. Crystal Memories became so much sparklier too! I need it all in HD
  4. Has anyone heard anything from the Japanese fanyus and what they think about the Worlds tickets? They seem to be the demographic that they're targeting... However, the cost is so crazy that even they might not go there in droves.. ugh, Montreal why *starts praying for GPF ticket prices to be decent*
  5. Gabby should consult Laureus and Olympic Channel, I think they know a certain someone who could help her bring that kind of audience
  6. The whole world, but especially TCC family, misses Javi
  7. He did WTT 2017 too. about "home inflation": If Yuzu "delivers", even getting all 10s in PCS wouldn't be considered home inflation, it'd be considered a reality when compared to the candies that some other skaters are getting this season. Plus, clean jumps by Yuzu are actually worth +5 GOE, so... I don't see a scenario where Yuzu's score would be inflated, especially looking at how the current standard of judging is.
  8. Helsinki: http://www.isuresults.com/events/WC2017_ColouredTimeSchedule.pdf Milano: http://www.isuresults.com/events/WC2018_ColouredTimeSchedule.pdf I found both on soyouwanttowatchfs.com
  9. New interview with javi of which i translated the Yuzu part: (good to see his GOATly status being acknowledged )
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