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  1. thank you for offering help! I think I will make a group chat and we'll divide work there once the translators start replying back ❤️ ok, thank you! Yes, that will be very helpful! I used handbrake to join the mp4 file with the subs recently, and it worked, but the output file was m4v... if I remember correctly, that isn't ideal for streaming right?
  2. thanks for the reply @LadyLou! I've contacted the translators and currently, we're waiting for their permissions! I'll let you know in DMs as soon as there's a video ready for the subbing ☺️
  3. Hello everyone! #YuzuSkatingParty team is looking for members for our next project, so please check out the thread below and let us know if you can help in some way!
  4. Hello from YuzuSkatingParty team! For our next streaming parties, we are planning on showing some Yuzu documentaries and interviews. We already have a long list of videos that are subbed, but there are also some that have a translation and a video without subtitles. We are currently in the process of organizing the playlists for the following streaming parties, and we'd like to start subbing some of those videos, that would then be premiered during our Twitch streams. Here's a list of the unsubbed material we've accumulated so far: We already got the permission for the first video, the interview by Shuzo Matsuoka from 2011, that is being subbed right now by me ^^ We are looking for satellites who could help us with the following tasks: 1) People who understand Japanese and could make timestamps to make the subtitling job easier. 2) *Subtitling the videos that we get permission for (You can use subtitling programs such as Aegisub and others. Uploading to your personal YT/dailymotion/etc and using the subtitling tools there is also okay!) 3) Translating the missing parts of partially translated videos (must understand Japanese). 4) Graphic design 5) Giveaway donations *It's of course easier if you understand Japanese, but with translations that we have, I can assure you that it is not absolutely necessary! I just finished subbing the first one with Shuzo Matsuoka and I don't speak Japanese at all, but it was pretty easy to understand the timing from the context and I didn't have much trouble at all! Of course, it's a plus if you understand Japanese, in case there are some adjustments to be made. Please let us know in this thread if you want to join our team, and we will add you into the group chat for the project. You can also contact me privately and I'll add you in the group chat. Here's also a list of all the documentaries made by @kaeryth, many of them don't have a translation, so if there are any translators who are willing to translate any of them and let us use them for the purpose of streaming, it'd be greatly appreciated! Let me know in replies if you have some other suggestions and ideas about this project! We're always happy to add people who are willing to help in any capacity onto our team.
  5. Hello everyone! Just a reminder to check out our thread for the #YuzuSkatingParty tomorrow! We also prepared ribbons that you can use with your Planet Hanyu icons.
  6. nope, checked all their social medias and the website, the Instagram posts, and IG stories. The description you provided is nowhere to be found.
  7. I'm an old person and don't know how to do screen caps - but you don't need to. The before and after, the one and the other, are both up simultaneously on different platforms. I cannot find anything on any platform I checked, could you at least tell us if it is posted in some tag, or the name of the account who posted this?
  8. The Yuzuru Hanyu International FB group is boycotting the awards (this group has 21k memebers) https://www.facebook.com/groups/1610393525875114/permalink/2663822970532159/
  9. from: https://twitter.com/skatingjapan/status/1257913034883784707  
  10. 1h30 of Javi coaching kids from Hachinohe Ice Rink, with some footage and mentions of Yuzu too  
  11. I've translated the Yuzu part in Max & Angelo's podcast! (they return to talk about him later on, also very interesting, when i have time I'll translate some of that too maybe.) And Elena already translated this question that they answered!
  12. I LOVE this thread! Instagram user yuzuru.yk has a whole IG story thread of songs Yuzu mentioned! (the sources are not always directly linked though, but it might be a good reference! ^_^) https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/18005445811079622/
  13. iirc, in addition to individual hand-held banners someone mentioned making a big banner with "We Yuzu from all over the word", that could be hanged in the arenas/where the majority of us sits. Around the slogan, we could again put all the hearts with flags and names of the countries, would that be doable? And maybe with a Planet Hanyu logo too, so people know where the idea originated?
  14. I think we should go with the heart design for the simplicity of it (which means that the flag will not get distorted) and because it conveys everything we originally wanted to say... Also, another suggestion because someone mentioned that from afar only "WE YUZU" is seen: maybe the heart border could be just slightly thicker to avoid that, especially with Japanese and whiter flags!
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