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    Link to the YouTube livestream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRjpKy-bmw0
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    thanks for noticing!! I fixed it
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    Livestreaming options for overseas fans: -YoiTV: https://livejapanesetv.wordpress.com/yoitv-free-key-codes/ -Japan TV standard: https://japanesetvsystem.square.site/japantv -ForJoy TV: https://forjoytv.com/forjoytv
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    This Friday, September 30th, we are holding a 24-h Twitter trending event to celebrate the 6th anniversary of #YuzuruHanyu landing the first ratified quad loop in competition. We hope you can join us from 13:00 JST by using the hashtag #Yuzu4LoDay! Which is your favourite 4Lo?
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  10. Yuzuru will appear during the TV program to perform Introduction and Rondo Capricioso. His segment will air in the evening of August 27th, more exact time will be announced in the following days via the official website. Free live broadcast of NTV channel: https://aqstream.com/jp/ntv/NTV
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  13. yeah, a second subfolder I think is a good idea too. @yuzuangel could you please make one? I don't think I have the mod rights to do that As for compilations, we already have these categories for Translations and Compilations, so I'd suggest if we make a new thread for Yuzuru's Statement of Determination, we make it in here: https://planethanyu.com/forum/33-compilations/ https://planethanyu.com/forum/32-translations/ I also really think we should help @kaeryth to continue the following video thread [Video][Compilation] Documentaries and Miscellaneous Media (2019 - ) It stopped being updated in April 2021. There's lots of stuff we've missed since then, so if there are any volunteers that could chip in, I created this google spreadsheet following Kaeryth's design that we can all fill up with whatever else we can find. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JKSc0ZePs4ZimU78R9sAC3SKVYzSY0RZnpXItQRaTac/edit?usp=sharing Just some suggestions where to look: https://axelwithwings.com/ https://twitter.com/__pino_____ Sarah Sohma's YT Channel Sarah Sohma's Twitter account Planet Hanyu's Updates Thread ...I'm sure there's more. I know it looks pretty daunting, we'd probably need a separate message group to organize ourselves better, and so we don't spam this General Yuzu Chat that much! xD I suggest that everyone interested in helping out LIKES THIS POST and I'll make a private group chat for organizational purposes! I definitely think it's necessary that we do this, and help Planet Hanyu become even better archive of EVERYTHING Yuzu that people can use as their go-to source in the future
  14. Yaay thank you so much!! I'm going to move all of today's stuff into the 2022 Media Appearances into a new category, we already have some videos in 720p/480p quality (direct streaming), but please do add any additional vids you have, and even ones in better quality, it'll be of great help! 🙏
  15. I think general chat is fine yup! Thanks for the category!! 😁
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