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  1. Parts 1-4 subbed by Yuzu Fairy   Part 5 (after Sarah Alainn's performance) translated by @Umebachi , subbed by @LadyLouand @yuzuonice  
  2. Translation by a-m-n-o-s on tumblr: https://a-m-n-o-s.tumblr.com/post/105277683176   Subtitles by @LadyLou
  3. Starting in 10 minutes!! we have subbed Asaichi Part 2 🥰
  4. until
    this week's giveaways: Event Therad: https://planethanyu.com/forum/43-2020-2021-other-events/
  5. Here are this weekend's giveaways! We will be streaming FULL Yuzuru's appearance on Asaichi, as well as a newly subbed interview with Matsuoka Shuzo from 2014/15!
  6. until
    this week's giveaways: Event Therad: https://planethanyu.com/forum/43-2020-2021-other-events/
  7. oh wow, thank you so much!! And that fanart is gorgeous!!
  8. go ahead! or send it to [email protected], if you want to keep it private! ^^
  9. wowww so beautiful and poetic!!! please consider submitting this or something similar for our Yuzu Birthday project!! And everyone else is invited to send messages and other birthday wishes too!
  10. For those who missed yesterday's #YuzuSkatingParty, you can find all the videos here! also, reminder that we now have a thread for this year's birthday project! Please check it out and give us feedback! We want to make this special virtual birthday party as much fun as possible We're already eagerly awaiting your birthday submissions! Deadline is November 30!
  11. Good morning! Thank you everyone who joined our #YuzuSkatingParty yesterday! For those who missed it, all the videos are now uploaded/linked in our Videobox, with 2 interviews (with Nobu and Shuzo) being freshly subbed just for this occasion! https://planethanyu.com/video/browse/80-2014-sochi-olympics/
  12. translation by sherringford-bm on tumblr. Subs by PH Yuzuonice. Do not reupload!
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