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  3. Firstly, I'd like to wish happy anniversary to Planet Hanyu! It's so nice to have a place to share all our Yuzu love . Let me get to the questionnaire~ 1. When did you become a fan of Yuzu? Summer 2016, I came across a gifset on my tumblr dashboard and decided to investigate on Youtube. First search result was Parisienne Walkways, which I instantly fell in love with . From then on, my love for him kept getting stronger each day~ 2. When and why did you sign up for Planet Hanyu? Soon after discovering Yuzu, I started lurking on GS fanfest, reading everyone's comments, and learning about skating... but I was too shy to interact there and tbh that place scared me a little ... so when I heard that a new forum, focused on Yuzu, was opening in april/may 2017, I immediately joined as well 3. Did you make any irl friends through Planet Hanyu? I think me and @Yuzu_legend could count as irl friends?? I mean, we met online and then only had one opportunity to spend time together, which was during GPF Torino 2019, but we stay in touch and interact practically every day! Same with most of Poohrino attendees 4. Have you participated in any group projects on Planet Hanyu? Yes, I'm helping out with YuzuSkatingParty and some other projects. It's honestly a great opportunity to help out with anything I can, I hope our forum can keep growing and gaining memebers full of love for Yuzu 5. Did you attend any meetups with other satellites at competitions? Poohrino was the only competition I was able to attend and I met a whole bunch of you there, hopefully I'm able to repeat the experience sometime soon! 🥺 6. What do you like the most about this forum? Obviously, the video archive, and beside that the feeling of community. And it's refreshing to have a home base for a fandom that is not "Twitter"... It can get exhausting over there 7. Would you like to participate in the giveaway? As one of the organizers I'm opting out Good luck to everyone who is participaing though, only a little more and we'll announce the winners, I counted you all and there's 82 submissions so far~
  4. Hello everyone!! This Friday is Planet's 5th birthday, and we just opened a thread where you can celebrate and perhaps even win a giveaway!
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  8. I guess I fit into the "and more" category? Pozdrav vsem iz Slovenije!! Bom kar po slovensko, upam da me razumete Sem Anja iz Slovenije, in za Yuzuru-ja sem prvič slišala leta 2016, ko sem scrollala po Tumblrju Takoj sem binge-watchala vse njegove programe prek Youtuba in začela spremljat njegove tekme. Takrat Planet Hanyu še ni obstajal, tako da sem v fandomu sodelovala preko Twitterja in Tumblrja, pa tudi GoldenSkate sem včasih prebirala... @hanyu_pooh Wait, you've been a fan since you were 3 or 4?? Did your parents introduce you or something?? I'd love to hear your story!!
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  10. Original Youtube video by Yuzu Fairy was taken down, this is a reupload!
  11. Hello and welcome @BonnieLou! this is the thread you're looking for, I guess it's time we revive it
  12. Reminder that #YuzuSkatingParty is happening in 1 hour! 😁
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