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  1. I've translated the Yuzu part in Max & Angelo's podcast! (they return to talk about him later on, also very interesting, when i have time I'll translate some of that too maybe.) And Elena already translated this question that they answered!
  2. I LOVE this thread! Instagram user yuzuru.yk has a whole IG story thread of songs Yuzu mentioned! (the sources are not always directly linked though, but it might be a good reference! ^_^) https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/18005445811079622/
  3. iirc, in addition to individual hand-held banners someone mentioned making a big banner with "We Yuzu from all over the word", that could be hanged in the arenas/where the majority of us sits. Around the slogan, we could again put all the hearts with flags and names of the countries, would that be doable? And maybe with a Planet Hanyu logo too, so people know where the idea originated?
  4. I think we should go with the heart design for the simplicity of it (which means that the flag will not get distorted) and because it conveys everything we originally wanted to say... Also, another suggestion because someone mentioned that from afar only "WE YUZU" is seen: maybe the heart border could be just slightly thicker to avoid that, especially with Japanese and whiter flags!
  5. I think our target audience is Yuzu, his team, and other Yuzu fans watching. Not some foreign journalist, (I honestly couldn't care less about them.) What exactly is fanatical about it? Saying "We love Yuzu"? We are a Yuzu forum, so we're making banners for Yuzu, not other skaters. I think we should stop thinking what the antis and journalists and judges and commentators and all those other people will mark us as. We're not going to some fan contest peagant but a competition. So let's make something that we enjoy, not something others would want to see.
  6. this one got deleted (RAW), but I found the alternative on DM: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6slb6m @kaeryth
  7. Have you thought about flying to Venice instead of Torino, and continue with train from there? (I see there's easyjet available, if you're looking for a cheap way :D)
  8. I would also be interested in group order for Gold tickets, if possible 🙏
  9. Crystal Memories became so much sparklier too! I need it all in HD
  10. Has anyone heard anything from the Japanese fanyus and what they think about the Worlds tickets? They seem to be the demographic that they're targeting... However, the cost is so crazy that even they might not go there in droves.. ugh, Montreal why *starts praying for GPF ticket prices to be decent*
  11. Gabby should consult Laureus and Olympic Channel, I think they know a certain someone who could help her bring that kind of audience
  12. The whole world, but especially TCC family, misses Javi
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