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  1. gonna be honest: I don't think NC's plans (already pretty known since PyeongChang, tbh) would weigh much on Yuzuru's decision. I think no one who has been following N (or even just keeping up with the news) would be surprised by this decision, so it woudln't come as a shock to Yuzuru, either. In terms of push from fellow competitors and being inspired by them, that has long ago not really been Yuzuru's main motivation. Already post PyeongChang, but even more after 2019-20. You could see this in the layout choices he did, still highly competitive cuz not everyone cna do 6 quads and 3 3As across SP and FS, but not designed to maximize BV. What Yuzuru always praised of Nate is his ability to land difficult jumps, with remarkable consistency (tho in truth only relatively to the field, not in absolute), but their skating philosophy couldn't be more different. In terms of "mere" jump layout difficulty, there's many younger skaters who're gonna keep the technical race challenging with or without Nate. In terms of people he knows leaving the competitive scene (temporarily or not) I believe people like Ryuju Hino, Keiji Tanaka and even Satoko retiring actually would make Yuzuru feel "his age" a lot more than any other skater. JavierF retiring back when it happened was certainly hard, since they had been training alongside for many years, other than meeting in comps. But even more so than back then, now there are many skaters Yuzu has known for 10years or more who are leaving or taking a break (see also S/H, who, like him, won JWC 2010). Ryuju and Keiji belong to Yuzuru's own generation, he grew up with them, and he's still close enough to them to have talked about a post-retirement trip together. Satton is younger (as old as Shoma, who instead said he'll keep competing) but she's been top Jpn skater for a long time together with him and someone he got along well in those years, he acted like some kind of big bro to her (and Shoma), so seeing her retire too maybe would make him pause and think "am I the only one left?" Still, quite a number of skaters he's competed alongside for as long or longer than NC said they want to keep competing: Shoma, Boyang, MishaK and Jason (both actually as old as him)... Finally, in terms of hopes for fair scoring, it's not gonna change much. USFSA is already pushing Ilia like crazy. Current Jpn Men's field is again highly competitive internationally, and there are not one but two Jpn skaters that are being scored in his range both in TES and PCS for worse jumps and emptier programs. Even in terms of leaving Jpn FS "in good hands", Shoma+Yuma are currently solid, plus there's a whole younger generation that he has been watching (and rooting for) pretty closely, some with potential to catch up in TES (their PCS won't, probably, cuz JSF already has two faves). He could leave feeling that TJ will keep thriving. What IMO most likely will determine Yuzuru's choice, in order of importance 1) health: the condition of his ankle, and in general his whole body. 27years and 12 skating in senior, doing multiquad programs for >10years and 4quad FS programs since 2016-17. The toll on his body must be a lot, and his right ankle in particular is especially prone to reinjury. The pain and frustration of working hard and then being stopped again and again must be hard not only physically but mentally too 2) competitive spirit: is it still burning or is he struggling to find motivation for the sacrifice that competing requires? He said he'd like, once healthy (when, if) to try 4A again. There are few people who love competing as much as Yuzuru, but it has been hard, COR18, Saitama, whole 2019-20, training in solitude, Stockholm, pulling out of NHK21, all of that has been so hard. Beijing has been hard. Only he knows whether it would still be worth all of that, untimely injuries and accidents, and knowing his kind of skating is not what is being rewarded right now. He studies the sport and knows that better than anyone else, and getting some kind of acknwledgment for his work from the people in charge of his sport still matters for him, even if he may have changed his priorities (or been forced to change them). ISU, certain media, too many in the FS community, in his own country included, have been pretty relentlessly trying to erasure him and what he stands for. Competing while knowing no one around you actually wants you there can't be the happiest thing. Which brings me to point 3 3)rules changes. If current system is really gonna be changed as it looks it will... with things being made less and less objective, lowering standards instead or pushing for actual higher quality, transitions disappearing as a component, SS being watered down... now that is what, IMO, would really make him feel like there's no place for him and his skating anymore (tho new rule on sequences is for sure one that he'll love, if he keeps competing) (about other skaters trying 4A, I can see it going both ways in terms of firing up or dousing his competitive spirit) (If there will be even bigger changes to the system, like the rumored "technical program and artistic program", yes, he could see it as a new challenge, but aside cutting 30secs and 1 jump 4years ago, changes to the structure of SP and FS in singles have been pretty limited for his entire looong senior career. Substantial changes in requirements and duration of both programs might take a lot of of training to adapt to the new rythm. Plus, it would be against his view about pursuing most difficult technique and art in the same program. Personally, I see such an occurrance like something that would make him leave rather than stay)
  2. Team Japan group number in the WTT2015 exhibition gala, set to Storm by Yoshida Brothers
  3. Congrats to the winners!! And a big THANK YOU, no, MANY big THANK YOUs for organizing this, and to everyone for sharing their stories
  4. when did you become a fan of Yuzu? some time in early January2017. Forever kuyashii I can't pinpoint the exact day, so to have my own proper anniversary, but back then it hadn't occurred to me that, click after click, I'd fall so deep I had been a casual FS fan for a long time, catching FS on tv but not actively soughing it out, then on a whim I got curious about how medallists from Sochi were doing (I had only watched ladies back in 2014). Rewatched my fave (robbed) Queen, Caroliba and a few other ladies, then wathce dthe other discipline medallists... and tripped into Sochi PW. I had always kinda snubbed Men's as the dullest discipline out there, so imagine my surprise when Zuzu's PW blew my mind When and why did you sign up for Planet Hanyu? Almost from day one after bing-watching on YT I wanted to know MORE and, to my great surprise, I found out there actually were whole dedicaded FS forums started reading the Yuzu thread on an italian one, then thorugh it I landed in the other place and I was in the process of backreading the whole Yuzu fanfest when...things happened. Somehow landed on the temporary forum and finally, luckily, a kind fan who had seen my one post in the other place PMed me the link to the Planet. I had felt a bit shy joining the other place so I had just been lurking, really, but this Planet felt like a clean start in a sense, so I felt more brave and started posting...and posting...and posting more and later I started the Glossary because it was something I would have liked to find myself as a bb fanyu and I thought that, for once, I could be the change I wanted to see in the world Did you make any irl friends through Planet Hanyu? none that I had the chance to meet outside of fs events Have you participated in any group projects on Planet Hanyu? YES the banners, fan messages, the bday vids, the subbing...behind the scenes there's a lot of work, but it's also the kind of work that feels rewarding Did you attend any meetups with other satellites at competitions? yep, in Milan I was literally hopping on and off trains so there really wasn't much of a chance, but finally got the chance in TurinGPF. Though there's some bitterness related to the comp, I'll never regret going there, and meeting with everyone was definitely one of the things I cherish the most What do you like the most about this forum? that it feels like home? This place has been with me for most of a fanyu life, so I feel especially attached and proud of how it keeps growing, and how, despite sometimes going through troubled waters, it's still here, a warm place I can return, a safe place. I also feel that I want to protect this kind of space. Of course there are some things that still must be discussed, painful things, enraging things, because keeping things civil doesn't mean fake positivity at all costs. I know it isn't easy to keep things this way, so I really appreciate that everyone is helping out. And I myself am making good use of the the SaltMines XD As a very disorganized person, I really love the compilations, the wikis that I shamelessly use when idk where to find stuff, the video archive (which is a pretty recent addition, all in all. It wans't here originally), the fanart&fanvids subthreads. I also love the competitons threads, they're really a great way to cope with anxiety or also boredom (depending on the competiton). It's also through those that I learned to tell jumps apart and got familiar with many other skaters, thanks to other satellites chatting and even posting full layouts (idk how you manage, I always end missing some elements while I type) Would you like to participate in the giveaway? hhhhnnnnnnnn...no? No. Though the exhibition merch is so gorgeous and so tempting. Good luck y'all
  5. Happiest anniversary to our Planet! Thinking back to how it came to be, it feels a bit miraculous and I'm again amazed and so, so grateful to everyone who made it possible! Thank you admins and mods! and thank you so much to everyone contributing to make the Planet keep growing season after season keeping this place running smoothly takes effort and dedication, so thank you so much to every single one of you for helping shaping our Planet! 5years really gone so fast, here's to many more happy Yuzu moments to share together and to all the satellites who posted their 1st post in these days for the anniversary, I'm so happy to read your stories! To all the new and not-so-new satellites, WELCOME! @Yukok congrats on your FaOI Kobe ticket!!! Please cheer on our behalf too! (within what's allowed of course screaming probably still not allowed, right?)
  6. so, Yuzuru's sakura tree is not what it was thought to be.. what if it isn't a sakura tree after all? but anyway, it's pink and glorious and gorgeous, so who cares! Though I wonder why they couldn't tell already from the first blooming in 2019 that they had been given the wrong variety? Happy to see it grow so well, I feel emotional looking at the pic from 2020 and seeing what a beauty has become Grow strong and beloved, dear yuzusakura tree! you're welcome here the Teremasa snippet (the vid is actually a 360p but Yuzuru's reaction to the marriage question can still be seen XD on a more serious note a bit OT, placing under spoiler
  7. fragment from a broadcast related to the NHK Special Exhibition held in Morioka on Janaury 9th 2016 Translation of the Q/A with kids: https://yuzusorbet.tumblr.com/post/136930360207/7th-jan-tv-news-on-yuzuru-in-otsuchi-iwate-my
  8. judging by the date + visit to Iwate being referenced + Yuzuru's clothes, I thought it must have been part of the same segment filmed for Memories of that day and the charity NHK exhibition special aired in early January 2016. Indeed, consulting this thread I found some partial footage and it's all linked to the NHK Special EX. No subs, but you can find a translation of the Yuzuru's short Q/A with kids here: https://yuzusorbet.tumblr.com/post/136930360207/7th-jan-tv-news-on-yuzuru-in-otsuchi-iwate-my and here the NHK Special Ex. videos I found: 30minutes long offstage (kids at 9:40. Also, Chopin 4S-SE at 11:50 and the glorious SE-3A-SE-3A-SE, 14:32 loooong hydroblade) a special talk (there's Plushenko in too) with an ever shorter fragment (partial translation of the talk: https://yuzusorbet.tumblr.com/post/137006551447/talk-with-yuzuru-plushenko-and-mao-at-nhk-special) About the actual footage of kids sitting down and asking the unfamous marriage question, I could only find a 480p 3minutes long fragment (only half with the kids in) in the (currently MIA) HanyuMuseum archive. I'll try to upload it tomorrow (actually, later today LOL), unless someone else can find better version. HanyuMuseum had named the segment "160109 Teremasa Coverage of Yuzuru Hanyu". The date of the Teremasa footage (and also of the vids uploaded by YzRIKO above) is two days after the one referenced by yuzusorbet translation, same for the giftset. The broadcaster in the gifset looks different too, so there must have been another broadcast before January 7th that I can't find (and if not even Kaeryth could find and add it to her compilation...well ) Maybe something could be dug out on bilibili, but I'm not the most proficient in searching stuff there. I thought I had seen a full sub of the NHK special Exhibition but maybe I'm mixing up with other things in video section we only have a 10minute dubbed/subbed version of Hana wa Saku at NHKExhibition Anyway, I'm linking also this 30minutes footage of New Year on Ice 2016 (that I often mix with the NHK exhibition) https://www.bilibili.com/video/av3866265/ (I think some NewYear show footage can be found in Jounetsu Tairiku from April 2016, while Memories of that day doc is is linked to the NHK Special) In this other compilation there are more links for vids of the NHK special vids, like Requiem (no additional kids footage) To use the compilations in this subforum you need to know which type of event was (competition/iceshow/others like backstage) and the year (alternatively, name of the comp and go through all the years). Some links are sadly offline now, but there's many links and some aren't in the video section, like those abotu NHK special ex. backstage, so it's a useful complementary tool when searhcing for Zuzu vids
  9. the FaOI announcement was so good! and unexpectedly early! I'm praying for his recovery and no additional injuries plz (with those terrible skating gods you never know, I'm trying to cover my bases) it's nice to have some kind of calendar for Zuzu's next appearance instead of just waiting and wondering and if everything goes as planned, we're already more than half-way the drought! And we'll get a whole month of updates! Hoping for several broadcasting, virtual tickets would be even greater but it's a long shot. For satellites who want to get themselves familiar with jpn tv services, you can start checking the thread in this same YH subforum, tho some have changed or currently don't offer same conditions. Or also JNats thread or previous iceshows thread. I hope we'll still be able to count on liveqq too, tho I wonder wheter some Chinese channel would buy rights to broadcast, then maybe liveqq wouldn't be possible? Well, no use worrying to much now, we don't even know what will be broadcasted. Also, crossing fingers for live singers to be as good! if there are live musicians, it's petty likely we can get at least one FaoI-exclusive EX, and I dearly hope it can be closer to Masquerade&Kurimemo than to WoW sorry WoW, I can still appreciate some things and Dory is iconic, but... Yuzuru, take care and recover steadily. I hope you can do FaOI in good health and happy mood, and have fun and perform to your heart's content (and safely) Anyway, the opening music already playing in my head! It's such a thrilling motif, most iceshows really can't relate to the coolness of that opening song (and I associate it with silent sundays at 7am, birds chirping outside and air still pleasantly cool from the night) If Seimei is fanyu's anthem, FaOI op is our evergreen summer hit btw the song apparently is: Fantasy on Ice, composed by Maxime Rodriguez and sung by Sarah Àlainn? Though the version used by the show is a different edit and without vocals (unless we call the familiar voice of the announcer presenting skaters as vocals)
  10. "We're in the presence of real greatness" is SimonR's first sentence right at the end of GPF15 Seimei. Well, I hope at some point the besp Helsinki group will resurface, it was a mixed last group in terms of mistakes, so gpf15 was actually better, but gosh it was thrilling, with the top 4 all above 300 (even considering that some of those over 300 scores were pretty inflated) (tho maybe the no commentary version is better for my petty self🤔) Tbh idk if he got a new certificate per every comp during a season, iirc we got "evidence" for this particular set of records, but or example not for the NHK15 ones? Idk I guess that formally every new record at the end of a certain comp would deserve such an acknowledgement... and do they count the records that are immediately broken by someone else in a comp? maybe they do send mail to everyone who breaks a record even if record is replaced right after... in that case, they must be very busy every time the ISU restarts a scoring system LOLsob Speaking of which, I actually have no idea whether "Guinness records" were reset for the 5 GOE system too... If they did, Yuzuru would have got at least a certificate for the SP by the end of 2018-19 season and then 2019-20, but if not, then the record from ACI17 was still the one counted towards "highest SP score ever" darn the 4CC20 Ballade underscoring An aside, afaik NHK15/GPF15 was the only instance in Men's skating under the IJS of a skater resetting all 3 WRs in 2consecutive comps. From a quick look at ISU Progression of best scores, the only skater who came close under the 3goe system was Plushenko back in 2003 (so still at the start of the IJS), but he could "only" set 5 back to back records (his SP didn't get WR in the 2nd comp). Under 5goe system, Yuzuru reset all 3 records in HelsinkiGP18 and, after a new record in RC18 SP, he could have been on his way for two more (or at least one)... but well, injury happened we'll never know what could have been Anyway, even under the new cursed 6.0bis system, Yuzuru is the Men's skater that came the closest to repeating such a feat, setting 4 records across 2 back to back comps. Not bad for someone who is often "accused" of not being able to skate clean programs back to back Ahhh, the talk about Guinness records reminds me of the whole "NOT a WR!!! It's ISU Highest recorded score" controversy Fans who weren't around in April2017 maybe (luckily?) don't know what it was about, but for my starry-eyed bb fanyu self was a wake up call that FS fandom can be a big BIG mess, and unexpectedly (for me back then) nasty
  11. If the second commentator was a Scottish man, then maybe you could actually be mixing with 4CC17 BEsp commentary? Iirc, there was a Scottish dude there (and I remember it being Mark Hanretty, so it fits with what @Geo1 said). I don't revisit that particular commentary cuz I remember being pissed at Mark* (or maybe at Simon too, and I can't even recall anymore why🙈 maybe it had to do with him not having a clue about the YOLO layout? Or maybe comments on other skaters?). You can find the link to GD drive of whole group here, just in case *reason why I wasn't exactly enthralled when he was first announced for Stockholm ISU commentary. I can hold grudges for a looong time Thankfully, in WC21 he was better than some of his colleagues (tho he, too, could have done some more research on programs he commented on, but for the standard of FS commentary what I heard was good enough, I suppose, at least the limited parts I heard)
  12. missing Kikuchi too (and Yuzuru of course, every day it's Missing Yuzu day for me,x100 ) Kikuchi was a loyal and trusted trainer since Yuzuru was a bb mushroom, helping him with physiotherapy, and Yuzuru trusted him to the point of asking him to go to comps with him, even when he was training basically fulltime in Toronto Kikuchi's Sochi experience retelling made me feel for him, being suddenly thrust right amidst the olympic whirlwind link to the masterpost with all Angelica's translations was already shared I think, but here https://www.facebook.com/groups/1610393525875114/permalink/2720256101555512/ it's the Sochi one I'm referring to. Worth reading also the two previous ones about GPF13 and Yuzuru asking him to go to OWG. Still wondering where the heck some media pulled the idea that Kikuchi was some kind of "spiritual guide".. or warlock poor man was just helping with physio and warm up, and bandaging Yuzu up (Zu unfortunately needed that entirely too often) and he always looked very caring and sweet and polite. Maybe the assortment of tools he brought for Yuzu caused bemusement (I remember commentators going ?????? during that PCwarmup vid of Yuzu on the wheeled stool. I'd love using such a stool!) but each of them actually was used with th epurpose to "mobilize" certain muscles, so they may have been unconventional, but they weren't esotheric... I hope Kikuchi san is enjoying his retirement @Ulrinis I've been searching for your WC2017 vid, too, but can't find full group for neither BESP nor BBC Currently I can only find Yuzuru's FS alone (here the BBC one for reference. I love that commentary too especially the comment about how no one could have jump as light and elegant as Yuzu, and how there's no tension in his upper body when landing nad skating. This last thing was also noted in the #BalleticYuzu posts by italian dance teacher. It's one of those "effortlessness require effort" things and part of what makes Yuzuru's skating look so natural IMO) BESP after Yuzuru's H&L, as he waited for scores, did mention that 6-min warm up hadn't been working, but no coffee thing as far as I can tell. BBC had Robin Cousins and a lady commentating instead, so if you remember two guys, it was 99% likely BESP. CBC and NBC, just like BBC, had a woman too, and Australian SBS had only one guy (I think? sigh, at some point there was BESP whole group on YT, but must have been on one of those big channels that got taken down a while ago half unrelated, can anyone maybe confirm to me if this vid is by russian ESP? It "sounds" russian to my ears, but it's not like I actually understand anything of the language, so I'd like to be sure before editing the info Also taking this chance to say: if you find mistakes on vids in the video section (like wrong title or something), other than commenting under the thead you can also tag me, if you want. I'm not a mod, but I can edit the video section too, so I can fix these kind of things if needed shoutout to all out uploaders for bringing to the Planet archive all that content!
  13. yes, you're right. @yuzuangel I took the freedom of editing out the B. to avoid confusion, when I'll have confirmation it's indeed russian ESP as it sounds, I'll edit again with the additional info too
  14. FINAL POLL! run and cast your final vote! Currently people seem to favor cute twirling to chaotic splatting, can't really blame them, but I still gave my vote for the cursed content As a bonus, enjoy these two fancams: Zuzu being Zuzu take 1, falling flat on his face Zuzu being Zuzu take 2 (chronologically earlier!), gold streamers (twirly moment at 6:38. There's also had the very first half-lift by Hotarek during group pics, probably what would inspire The Lift later in PyeongChang that season) thank you so much to the uploaders!! who btw have A LOT of other great fancams on their channels, so if you haven't already, go and watch them all!
  15. semifinals of the chaotic Yuzu moments (2nd version) poll! All 4 moments are great and deserve the final, hard choices must be done also, if you haven't seen yet this fab thread of Yuzu programs filmed from the short side, DO THAT (there's a 4CC Ballade practice fancam too from the short side that is missing in this thread, I'll search for it tomorrow later this day). The PC Ballade is truly awesome, it feels like you're there in the arena. I remember iirc Tanith White commentating that Yuzu truly had the best ice coverage, and indeed... and now I've fullfilled my daily poll duty and enforcing the Zuzu cult agenda (), I can go to sleep
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