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  1. After two touching, emotional performance by Rika Hongo and Mura, Shae-Lynn with something lighter. I like this alternance too. So carefully thought out and executed!
  2. I LOVE Notte Stellata Both the program and the show Very emotional Yuzu🥺
  3. My gosh, his ice tracing are so mesmerising... he's hypnotizing And that delayed 1A? A jumps can really move your heart My gosh Now the opening. So beautiful too
  4. OMG this! the moment I saw him go for that and then execute the rest of the second half jumps, I thought that he finally he got to skate the layout he envisioned whoa, so wouldn't that be considered like false addvertising then? since they promised 30minutes and people subscribed for that promise.... I want to try those chocopies, they look yummy🤤 maybe I could do them myself...but I'm too lazy tbh I'm not really expecting Yuzu to switch around programs, but imma wait.... that short opening choreo left me wanting for a new Yuzu x Jeff program isn't it funny how Yuzuru's choices in hindsight are not only always poignant but also feel kind of "obvious"? like, this time with POTO, how were we not able to see all those connections? we need to up our Prediction game
  5. I saw this and realized only now that the arena for Osaka leg of SOI is linked to Towa. I wonder if that factored in Yuzu choosing to take part in SOI or he simply can't stay away from performing for us by the way...my gosh, that this POTO was also NHK14 throwback makes it even more special... he really making new and happier memories to overcome the sad ones
  6. probably he was wondering if it was ok to do "our" traditional closing, in a show where technically he isn't the one doing the honors... he got us used to such higher level closing&greetings, that you notice that only when in SOI you're left waiting for something that you don't quite get XD Nevermind his own self-produced shows where the final greetings are always so touching and emotional, even FaOI is just another level, not only because it has an actual proper ending number +all additional shenanigans, but also there Yuzu is clearly acting as the Host (with Makabe's blessing), so even the moment of skaters leaving the ice is lovely and we get our "closure" with the traditional Arigatou pics, pics! and vids of course! this is where SOI wins over FaOI traditional 1st day gatekeeping!
  7. gosh SOI closing number is so...lowkey? underwhelming? not even Zuzu can salvage the non-existence of it it was a lot better in SOI21 tbh
  8. Who was expecting POTO??? not me
  9. "tradition" is white or tan boots for women, black for men. iirc Sonja Henie popularized white boots back in the days and since then they became a must. tbh with skirt&tights white looks much better than black, black would look too "heavy".... tho I usually prefer when they cover boots with tights anyway, and when in general boots match with the rest of the outfit I also prefer when men use boot cover (or maybe I0m just too used to Yuzuru's style)
  10. I had missed the opening, but I did NOT miss the slowo (wanted more tbh) MY GOSH He really can make anything special. "simple" black outfit, a minute long choreo...but when it's him doing that, it's mesmerizing. I just...oh my, now I want a full progam to that! also, whoa that infinite travelling entry into spin(without spin), he really be coering whole rink like that... on other things, I only caught a bit of Sota (always liked that music) and then the latest group number. Typical number, but I enjoyed Kaori being into it and most having at least fun (sorry but Ilia felt a bit like deer in the headlights, I know why they put him in there but maybe would be easier for him not get extra stuff till he becomes a more confident performer)
  11. I'm trusting our resourceful fandom to share later if anything Yuzu happen on those practice streams I'm not much impressed with belated announcing of exclusive paid content that still manages to be hard to access for int fans (access to standard Jpn tv isn't as easy as yt stream, but at least no vpn needed). My bet is that the half hour practice will show Zu togheter with WC23 chanpions maybe? (When in FaOI they had a selected lucky audience accessing a practice, usually they were Yuzu, Stephane and a few other popular skaters) I read on twitter that Yuzu will have 1program and won't be in any of 3group numbers choreographed by Jeff, but the source wasn't official so not bringing here, for the moment take that as hearsay or maybe some educated guess? Zu is the most titled and popular and a senior in Team Japan, all things valued in shows pecking order... I'd bet on him being the last performer still, even if maybe won't be The One front and centre in opening and ending (but seeing how his name was listed first in announcement and the booklet too, probably he still gonna be front and centre) In the meanwhile, Yuzuru is looking great on ice, and happy to see him with Jeff after a long time I...had to search what the heck that was 🙈 never saw it, or if I ever did, I never paid attention now I want to taste it... Must be because they attributed to SU an additional OWG18 gold 😆 (after backlash they apologized for the mistake and corrected). It's interesting to me how this kind of mistakes keeps happening still, though from different outlets, always giving Zu medals to Shoma😅 Joining you for that European tour wish!
  12. I remember during first draw for tickets seeing many fans who won, so there will be some for sure but I also understand if, after 3 marvellous Yuzu-produced shows, others chose to sit SOI out😅 (honestly some in the cast I've been blissfully ignoring till now and I intend to keep doing so). It's not even just about the lower Yuzu content or who produces, for me the SOI formula is just not to my taste (tho SOI21 gave us iconic moments!)
  13. Haru Yo Koi the flowers scattering all around, that costume so beautiful, Yuzuru's skating...our emotional support program, so many ups and downs together with it, from FaOI debut to WC19, pandemics, Beijing, then Prologue, GIFT and Notte Stellata...everytime a bit different🌸
  14. OUCH those Turin 4A attempts...bring memories😣 seeing Yuzu come back from all of that so strong, happy and healthy is truly the best thing
  15. Fleeting dream takes my breath away🥺 Not many close ups this time but it's breathtaking
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