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  1. .... oh real medals and . oh .real flags!!! ...at l(e)ast ....
  2. omg still those same announcers ......thanksfully Ted is there ..
  3. @Henni147 Thank you !!!!
  4. wow! thank you so much! it's beautiful
  5. to all the artists and the ones who share as always : thank you so much !
  6. hi @irisw welcome here! and " bienvenue en France! " if you go to IDF GP! French federation nor ISU still didn't published the detailled schedule for visitors but on ISU website : https://www.isu.org/figure-skating/events/figure-skating-calendar/eventdetail/12111/-/isu-grand-prix-of-figure-skating-internationaux-de-france?templateParam=11 you can find it here : detailled shedule/teams announcement ISU /page P.11 https://www.isu.org/docman-documents-links/isu-files/event-documents/figure-skating-4/2019-20/grand-prix/announcements-89/21772-gp-internationaux-de-france-2019-announcement/file I didn't go to IDF GP yet, but if french translation needed, just ask us here !
  7. @Veveco thank you so much
  8. thank you so much @sallycinnamon! my 1rst time partying with you all, what an experience! great choice of vids & journey together with Yuzu and yes, other magical moments will come ...
  9. I also wish Yuzuru and all a great season with no injury
  10. thank you @faeline periscope worked perfectly for me too without registering ( and the replay too) but then I joined rabbit ! and thank you @BWOZWaltzfor the live translation! Have a good rest and get well soon ! today's broadcast was so short...but great to watch again !
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