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  1. Thank you guys for your updates🙏 since I couln't find any stream working on my little phone connexion coming back home after work.... Hope to catch more tomorrow and specialy for pairs FS on friday Can't wait to watch today pairs SP replay and hope everyone will skate at their best for the free🤞
  2. Still can't watch anything online tonight ... but pls skating gods... , just cross my fingers and pray that everyone do well tonight
  3. Senior Ladies Group 3 is broadcasted right now by TSN 4 http://watch.crichd.to/tsn4-live-streaming hope you can catch it , through many (X) adds to close & refreshing pages & pages ... group 3 - 6mn warm up rn http://watch.crichd.to/tsn4-live-streaming https://lamp.skatecanada.ca/results/2020CDNS/2020CDNSSeniorWomenFP2SO.html https://lamp.skatecanada.ca/results/2020CDNS/2020CDNSSeniorWomenCR.html GO ALISON !!!
  4. OK now switching to TSN 4! IT IS FREE when you goes through adds many times and close them (X) there until stream is on http://watch.crichd.to/tsn4-live-streaming See you later Ted "will be back to ..." (Men Group 1 FS ) Rn ID FS last group just began https://lamp.skatecanada.ca/results/2020CDNS/2020CDNSSeniorDanceFD2SO.html https://lamp.skatecanada.ca/results/2020CDNS/2020CDNSSeniorDanceCR.html
  5. I couln't sleep until I found the right stream to watch ALL skaters ....( though I had to go to work early this morning...) THANK YOU TRACY for your warm enlightening about all great skating that happens this week end over there in Mississauga
  6. yes they split groups and trying to watch online free from Europe was a little wild ride last night until I found the right way through ++++ (X) ads and groups splitting between SC and TSN streams https://skatecanada.ca/2020-canadian-tire-national-skating-championships/ https://skatecanada.ca/2020-canadian-tire-national-skating-championships/ groups schedule : https://skatecanada.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/2020-CTNSC-Block-Dec-17.pdf PS CHEER LOUD for us lucky guys who are there !!! for our beloved canadians sweeties and GREAT skaters
  7. Well done Kaiya !!! little joyful witch has done magic again!!! new Canadian Junior Women Champion, new Canadian Junior Women record, congratulations ! Congratulations to all the medalists https://lamp.skatecanada.ca/results/2020CDNS/2020CDNSJuniorWomenCR.html (Kaiya 's FS at 2.40.00)
  8. Well done Kaiya !!! little joyful witch has done magic again!!! Canadian Junior Ladies record, congratulations ! https://lamp.skatecanada.ca/results/2020CDNS/2020CDNSJuniorWomenCR.html
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