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  1. Caught up on the final group: Sihyeong: ouch, that fall off 4S...a level 1 StepSeq? I'm not sold on this program Sena: literally a Disney prince in this costume. His Ina Bauer is not up to Yuzu standard but it's ok. Jumps look tight but he got them. Not convinced this type of program suits his movement style. Very nice score for him. Brendan: not his best. He got it done because it had to be done, is the feeling I got. Not loving this music for him. Kao: Wow! Still needs some polish, but tons of good stuff there already! Keep up the good work! Kazuki: this kind of music suits Kazuki so well. He could definitely be the star of his own ice show! Jumps a little chaotic. Level 2 on the Step Seq :(. His smile at the end should be worth 20 points on its own. Why does Kazuki's coach look younger than him? Jun: Brian looked nervous for him and that fall on the 4T was not a good start. But at least his speed was up and while he was telegraphing the axels, it was nowhere near as bad as in the SP. Level 3 StepSeq and his spins all well-centered. Well done, Jun! That was a very enjoyable men's competition.
  2. Okay that's it for me, ladies. I foolishly committed to taking my mother to church this morning before I realized it would conflict with the last group of men. So I'll catch the rest later. Cheering for Junhwan and Kazuki!
  3. This is a fun program but I think Tomoki won't be able to do it justice today...
  4. Liking Joseph's speed and flow here. So far, pretty darn good! Liking the colours on his costume too! LOL! Brian cheering the jumps louder than anyone !
  5. It's essentially a couture product. Look at all the detail and effort JK put into it, and it's not a standard type of design, and will be a small production run too.
  6. I am such a such a sucker for the tall, willowy men's skaters. They look so graceful sailing around the ice. Nicely done, Corey!
  7. Was Corey going for the spread eagle 3A sandwich? He's been seriously influenced by Yuzu, hasn't he?
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