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  1. I was a figure skating fan during that era too, I remember all that. Strangely, despite all his protestations about masculinity etc, for some reason, at the time EL was the one who gave me the impression that he, well, wasn't straight...ironic, no? Whereas J*hnny just seemed like a guy who made strong artistic choices and had a point of view...I was not expecting him to come out and was surprised when he did. All that's neither here nor there except to say that sometimes figure skating audiences aren't concerned with or focusing on this issue, we just want to see interesting skati
  2. ARMY by themselves could not have kept Butter up that long. An 8th week at the top of the charts means it's caught on with the mainstream. My 5 year old nephew, by the way, who I have NOT tried to ARMY-fy in any way, lllluuurrrrvvveeess Butter, from hearing it on the radio. It's a song with that kind of appeal.
  3. No! Really? I sure as heck didn't notice that...but you'll note that Jimin made sure his hands were in full view behind his back for the similar photo... Steve is quite possibly the best collaborator BTS has had so far. He gave them awesome music and continues to show them, and ARMY, nothing but love. Other artists take note; be like Steve.
  4. Useful ammunition in the fight to convince anti-vaxxers to just get the needle, already: The most stunning one, to me, is the 4th one, that charts reported cases vs fatalities.
  5. Oh, right. If I recall there was some apology issued over that. I mean, there's no glossing over the fact that the past history between Korea and Japan is extremely fraught, to say the least. On the other hand, BTS has a massive Japanese fandom and easily sells out all the biggest stadiums every time they tour there, so it's not like they're complete anathema to the Japanese. People need to leave Yuzu to make up his own mind about those things and stop trying to drag him in the direction of whatever axe they themselves have to grind. Re Naomi Osaka: my understanding is that she's
  6. I'm not quite sure that's what Nathan was trying to do, but even if it was, that's problematic. The fact that this scenario is regrettably common and many male figure skaters have been hit with it from non-FS interviewers over the years is a problem too. Yes, Nathan could have had the presence of mind to answer in a less unfortunate way, and him not doing so shows that he still has some work to do to grasp the concept. I don't think he needs to be dragged backwards through the mud of Twitter commentary to teach him that lesson, but what do I know? What I don't like is that this ki
  7. He's definitely speaking in early 21st century California teenager, that's for sure. It's so discombobulated.
  8. Actually, they can pick literally anyone, it's up to the organizers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_torchbearers_who_have_lit_the_Olympic_cauldron I mean, it's usually an athlete but not a given that it has to be.
  9. I suspect that if Yuzu requests it, Ghislain, Brian, Tracey, and probably anyone else at TCC would gladly come to Japan. However, what are the Japanese travel restrictions at the moment? Maybe international travellers can't freely enter Japan either. Just because athletes have been doing for sports events, doesn't mean everyone can come and go. I think the situation is going to stay as it stands for quite some time, guys.
  10. Ugh...whhyyyyyyyyyy....I know BTS has their haters as well because K-Pop fandom is just like that, but still. Yuzu can like and enjoy whatever performer he wants, and BTS are literally the Hanyu of the pop music world right now.
  11. So now we can say we've been 'killed by dekodashi' every time he decides to dazzle us with this glorious hairstyle...
  12. Agreed. I see Yuzu being himself in those programs.
  13. Boyz II Men heard about it, too: https://twitter.com/shawnstockman/status/1418946554820395008?s=20
  14. It's ridiculously difficult to get airplay for Permission to Dance here. I think they didn't release it in versions suitable for Canadian radio again. If I request PtD, they play Butter. I'm wondering if payola is to blame. The music that's in heavy rotation is garbage by comparison to BTS, by the way. Olivia Rodrigo is just another whiny teenager, I can't stand a thing she's written.
  15. V's face in this is an absolute study! He did a great job
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