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  1. Jin definitely knocked the quail eggs thing out of the park when he decided that the real answer to philosophize for laughs while making a mess of the eggs. I don't know how Yoongi kept a straight face once Jin started rambling on and reminiscing about family trips and so on. I feel like Yoongi's mission was deceptively hard. How did he keep a straight face the whole time?
  2. Someone stripped down Film Out so that only the vocals were left, for an acapella version. Some parts still sound like effects were used on the voices - RM in.particular sounds like he's talking down a hollow tube - but overall it's an amazing display of their singing talent:
  3. I think it was part 1. Regarding TXT...all the stuff they've been doing for their comeback so far has been amazing, but definitely more like movies than music and I'm not really sure I'll understand it even when the songs come out. But it sure it fun to watch, and the production values are through the roof. BigHit really took that money from the IPO and told their artists "okay, the sky's the limit now", didn't they? And all of it came from seven ragtag boys, one squishy doughboy of a producer/CEO, and ARMY. Incredible.
  4. I finally watched that episode of Run BTS and I was splitting my sides...didn't anyone warn the Game Caterers who they were dealing with? That was wild! Also, did I misread the captions, or did Na say that Jungkook had actually bought the Game Caterers show? It was when he was asking JK about shopping and I have to say that I'm not sure I understood that bit. I also didn't know you could buy shows. But then the subtitle editors made some kind of a quip about CEO Jungkook.
  5. Of course he did. He was one of the top selling artists of the year. That should have counted for something and it did not, apparently, to the Grammy committee. He wasn't the only artist they screwed over...don't get me started. But the Weeknd is in good company. Rock acts and Canadian musicians have been snubbed and screwed by the Grammys for years. We all complain about the ISU here but they're amateurs to compared to some awards granting committees. Speaking of pointless and cliquey awards, I see Max Parrot got the Laureus this year.
  6. I'd love to think that, but it's probably more like, eventually the whole world passes through Toronto....
  7. I just wanna stay home and watch Yuzu videos today...but it's a workday for me....
  8. right, my bad. I don't approve of it in other sports either well I don't think the answer is to let the little kids compete alongside grown adults either. There's a world of difference in maturity between 15 and 19...or even 18.
  9. More to the point, they should be raising the age to help protect kids from possible exploitation and abuse. It makes utterly no sense to have 15-year-olds competing with grown adults when the social milieu around the sport lends itself so easily to predation. Let the 15-19 age group be in one set of competitions and the adults in another, never crossing paths. But of course the ISU would never propose an age raise for that reason - that would mean admitting there's a problem. And yes, I realize that coaches and others are also a problem, but separating the yo
  10. But he made up for it by bringing Hana back to the ice...
  11. Well, she'll come around eventually. She still wants to travel after this pandemic is over, and I'm 100% certain vaccination will be a requirement for that
  12. Pleased to report that yesterday, my brother, sister, and brother-in-law all got their first jab of AstraZeneca. That's all the adults in the family half-vaccinated, except for my mother, who remains fearful of half-a-dozen different conspiracy theories surrounding the vaccine. You win some, you lose some, I guess.
  13. That's totally what I got from the commercial... "so easy it's RM-proof"
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