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  1. They look so happy! Good for them. Every time I see a skater who is still competing get married these days, I can't help but think of Brezina and how his skating settled down and got consistent after his marriage. I wonder if it'll be like that for Kolyada.
  2. Well, at any rate, it's not luck that gives him the win. It's putting in more hard work than anyone else does. Years ago I read an article about athlete superstitions and the role they play in sports psychology. To sum it up, most athletes' rituals and superstitions become a part of their preparation, like a kind of image training. So they do help the athlete, but not because of supernatural forces - it's because they play a role in getting the athlete into a winning mindset. We all know that Yuzu is meticulous about the whole image he creates on the ice, and hair is a part of that. So if he is superstitious about his hair, we can safely guess that what he's most likely to be superstitious about is that it looks right for the performance of the program and fits with the program's image, along with the costume. And in that sense, every hairstyle he wears is a winning hairstyle because they all match his chosen image for each song so nicely.
  3. That made him look cutely nerdy, I thought. Jump- and spin- proof, as well.
  4. Roman Sadovsky update: He sounds stoked to be going to NHK.
  5. There's 2 or 3 of them going to Skate Canada, no? seems redundant for them to do ACI as well.
  6. And we thought 'Final Time Traveller' was just the name of a song. Joking apart, Yuzu still has more hair-styling skills than I do.
  7. True. I don't really see that as superstitious, though. More like a statement of fact - he is the King. A King wears gold. That's just how it is.
  8. It's fine. Just realize the LGC hair is a bit of a sacred cow in this here forum. He won every time he skated with Origin hair except for Worlds , and as someone else pointed out, he lost that one on the error in Otonal, nothing to do with Origin at all. So I don't even think you can make a connection between his results and his hair at all. I'm pretty sure Yuzu himself doesn't.
  9. I just got reminded of something...Worlds is happening right around maple syrup season....that is, the maple sap is starting to rise after the winter and all the sugar bushes start operations. So if you're planning to stay an extra day or two after the competition, I suggest looking into a cabane à sucre experience for something you can really only experience in this part of the world.
  10. In the west, that's called a 'widow's peak'. I don't know why. It definitely enhances his beauty.
  11. Blasphemy! LGC hair is Yuzu's best look. And he won Worlds 2017 with that and H&L, so you can't separate them. I don't hold with superstition. Yuzu wins because he's the superior competitor, not because of luck.
  12. I don't know about a level up, but he's 24 and a half, it's only natural that he's become more mature and stronger, both physically and mentally. It would be wholly unnatural if he stayed the same forever. Personally I think he's become fully adult now, and it's going to be very exciting to see what he does from here on out. But as for his Ex, typically he's super-efficient about them. I mean he kept Notte Stellata for several years and likewise with the other ones, so my guess is we'll be seeing HYK for a good bit yet.
  13. Yes, definitely the fine, rich sherry on the cake. He is also the fresh juicy cherry on the cake as well. Pound cake soaked in sherry with cherries on top would actually be a great dessert, come to think of it.
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