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  1. (thought better of making this comment and deleted it) My clinic now has patients with suspected COVID infection. I have many thoughts and they're all negative.
  2. I relate to this soo much! https://twitter.com/mhjd_85/status/1245131408621830144?s=20
  3. So true! Perfectly captures the fanyu experience
  4. I see this and all I can think is " Yuzu, please wear sunscreen! " He has to look after that beautiful skin because he's a beauty blogger now...
  5. Javi gave an interview about that: If anyone cares to translate. I think he says it's good that the rink can be of service?
  6. Sponsored by Sekkisei Kose! Endorsed by Yuzu!
  7. I haven't got nearly the level of knowledge about the situation as you do, but simply based on what I see in the media, I tend to agree. Here's hoping for the best-case scenario in Japan from here on out. And that your family stays safe.
  8. All of this news is so sad. Here, so far, most of the deaths have been in retirement homes, which I find extremely tragic because none of those people could have family with them at the end. And most of them were likely made ill by visitors or the staff. This disease is extremely cruel. Those who die of it, die alone, choking for air, with loved ones barred from being at their side.
  9. Yeah, I'm so jealous of him right now. Winter ended way too soon here
  10. Based on the comments for that picture, looks like it was an earlier trip.
  11. Watch Keegan hit a double axel on natural ice...in hockey skates. @Veveco I sure hope not.
  12. Looks like Kurt has taken to entertaining the neighbors! This is a very famous performance of his, made for a TV special in the 90s: https://twitter.com/KurtBrowning/status/1244813971422613506?s=20
  13. Hmm, a new sport during this drought? Maybe we could race virtually, online.
  14. I meant the horse in the picture, but yes.
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