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  1. A MacBook, yeah. But there's using Apple products, and then there's being into Apple and having everything Mac possible.
  2. If so, then Yuzu's an Apple guy, huh?
  3. I could picture Her Majesty being quite entranced by him. she's known to love excellent things and Yuzu is adorable to boot. I definitely can't hang out today, but everyone else have fun!
  4. I hope it's not a bad injury. For some reason hearing this made me feel like it might be.
  5. You can bet that if she were still skating and a serious contender for medals, RusFed would be flat out with the denials and going on the attack against WADA and basically doing their best to cover up and keep her skating. The fact that she's retired gives them a chance to pretend they actually care about whether their athletes are doping or not.
  6. Probably depends on how he does in Beijing, but he's also got the not-so-small matter of compulsory Korean military service to contend with, as all the Korean boys do.
  7. Jun's just cute as a button, isn't he? That did my heart good watching it.
  8. LOL! The boys are throwing K-Pop hearts! Cute!
  9. "CBE"? Can a Japanese person even receive that? After all, Yuzu's not a subject of the Queen... Also, I just found the cutest new emoji:
  10. I'm kind of wondering why Waseda posted a public link for their graduations. Does it mean they're willing to accommodate the huge level of public interest in Yuzu's graduation, or is it simply an error on their part? IMO this isn't such a great thing to do to all their other graduates... I think I'll just wait for the news footage afterwards, if there is any. This graduation is actually part of Yuzu's private life, so as a fan, I don't feel like I have any business to watch it.
  11. Just because the relationship should be professional, doesn't mean it can't also be close and warm. And a sports team is not a purely professional environment. Teammates do build a bond with each other that is different and more emotionally involved than a regular work environment because they go through so much together. So it's not 'fake' when they talk about friendships with each other. And I think that to mock people who enjoy seeing that kind of friendship and camaraderie on social media, or who admire the coaches who are able to create that kind of environment for their skaters, speaks volumes about the character of the person doing the mocking.
  12. I've noticed that there are lot of people on Twitter who are quite, quite nasty about Brian and TCC, who are gleeful and smug that all this is happening, and saying that those who like and support TCC are 'learning their lesson' about not making a cult of a particular club or idolizing the bond between a coach and skater just because they 'post faked friendship photos on Instagram'. Sweet Mother Mary, I don't know what goes through people's heads for them to say garbage like that. This pandemic is ripping all kinds of people apart who were together and happy with each other before, and it's downright tragic. It's no less tragic for it to happen to a sports team or figure skating club than to any other group of friends. I know we're not supposed to drag up drama from outside social media on here, but when I see people taking that much evil enjoyment over someone else's pain...
  13. Are they even going to hold CoC? I thought China had banned all sports events until 2021 too
  14. It's sad to think about. Her technique was just getting good. If this had been a normal season, I honestly think we all would have been amazed by her. Instead we get to watch Eteri put her foot through a Rembrandt.
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