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  1. Hobi's just way too kind, it's unreal.
  2. In every airport in the world, you have to have a boarding pass or be staff to go through security and be on the boarding gate side. Therefore, all these people chasing JK had a boarding pass and went thru security already - or they were airport staff. Not sure which is worse.
  3. I prefer Lesserrafim, totally not getting the fuss over New Jeans at all. But it's all Hybe in the end, which means our guys indirectly benefit, and that's what I care about. I feel like TXT not winning more has more to do with MOA not having their voting game figured out than anything No idea, but it has to be either Gimpo or Incheon
  4. Holy 💩. Apparently this was inside security, in the boarding gate area. WTF https://twitter.com/613__haru/status/1729877981840224582?t=gfKdJVnrmZfGTZRYbsZLSQ&s=19
  5. Oh, this must be thing so many people on my tl are talking about not spreading, b/c it's not coming ftom any official source
  6. Ice shows & competitions? Yuzu straight-up decided he's never traveling again, looks like.
  7. Random thought: wouldn't it be fun if Jimmy Fallon were to be the first non-Korean guest on Suchwita?
  8. I forgot about that. 😅 First Yuzu does Dynamite, now this:
  9. Just to clarify: it's Indonesia, the country, that's funding the hospital. Not Indonesian ARMY. Though I wouldn't put it past ARMY to fund a hospital if they put their minds to it I think this is one of the behind-the-scenes clips that comes with the purchase of the PTD in the US video package. Which, despite being boxed like a DVD with all the extras, is in fact a digital code that you use for downloading from Weverse
  10. The Chinese fans have the right idea, and the Indonesian fans are giving the money where it's needed most. Until recent events, I had no clue Indonesia did so much charity work in Gaza - did you know they fund an entire hospital? Don't get me wrong, I love the very cute fan projects, but in the current times I think charity work is more in keeping with what the members would prefer. Also, according to Dispatch, Tae's off to London ( @Whoopiewoop) I almost forgot: @amylance1215 - did your friend survive the video call fansign?
  11. The thing that made me the most emotional was how many times he compared ARMY to love and said he loved us. 😍
  12. He was trolling ARMY so hard. Sometimes it feels like we're his favorite game 😅
  13. ....guess what happened to me instead of getting out of bed to watch the replay ? 🙃 And I literally was awake at 7:20 am to turn my alarm off, too... Then... ...zzz. Just call me Sleeping Beauty I guess Glad I watched it on Monday
  14. You know how I mentioned that I keep a little eye on P1Harmony? Well this was them yesterday in London. Not sure what venue, but lookit them go. Like the little band that could... tiny company, only been around a couple years, Canadian leader (who's an ARMY, so they say) but somehow they've toured way more of the globe than BTS has, already. They did a full run through North and South America this past year. Now looks like they're doing Europe. And they make bangers:
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