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  1. Yeah, that is a serious question. Is there any way to even predict that before rolling vaccines out to the general public? Normally you'd conduct multiple-years long clinical trials... so no matter how much regulatory effort goes into these vaccines, any one getting it early on is still taking a risk. A calculated risk. Well, Yuzu takes calculated risks all the time, so I guess we're all going to get to feel like him for a while . Silver lining, I suppose. As for big pharma... they're not the only ones coming up with vaccines. My hospital announced yesterday that two
  2. ...despite all evidence to the contrary. It's like Han Solo telling C3PO 'Never tell me the odds' , only not as funny and with a much more certain doom awaiting...
  3. Then why would someone say she tested positive? Is she or isn't she? Either way, I hope she gets better.
  4. I honestly can't wrap my head around it. Is it just the famous Russian fatalism coming into play?
  5. I agree, and I wonder how long it will be before the rest of the province follows suit. Having this happen right before Christmas, though...eesh. Most retail places make 80% of their income for the year in the runup to Christmas. There are a going to be a lot of shuttered businesses come January. Of course health before money, but the longterm economic effects are going to be harsh. Yes. More than a bit - if this pandemic were a pop quiz on how well humanity does right by each other, we (the global we) would have scored a big fat '0'.
  6. Same. When I fell in love with BTS this summer, a (male) friend was teasing me about my fangirling, and I told him that maybe I was discovering that 'giddy fangirl' is actually a necessary phase of human development, and that if you don't go through it as a teen, it'll just hit you later in life. I really find myself feeling like being head over heels for Yuzu and now BTS is actually a healthy thing. It's like it's expanding my heart and unfreezing parts of my personality I didn't know were frozen. Good, from a career perspective. Although in a sense, this is the same as the Korean go
  7. That's what I was referring to. Jungkook shot the first two GCF films in that style, and in both of them, the camera simply lingers lovingly on the subject's face. GCF Tokyo is 3 minutes of Jimin having fun in, of course, Tokyo. GCF Saipan has all the members in it and I swear it's a love letter to them all. I think Jungkook genuinely loves them all a LOT and lets it show with his camera work.
  8. Well that just f*****g sucks. Excuse me for swearing, but this is upsetting. poor Zhenya can't catch a break this year, can she? I hope she recovers fully. The fact that she was tested repeatedly and still had symptoms even with a negative test is not great and sounds like she might have long COVID. Lord have mercy, this has to end.
  9. I thought about texting you but I figured you'd already gone to bed by then. Also, when Suga calls them during the live, he mentions that he still isn't allowed to move his shoulder yet. So I think he filmed his bits with the guitar before he went for the surgery. The phone call is actually what proves to me the live was truly live - Suga tells them they did a good job on the presser and that he's watching them do the live also. So basically Suga watched them all day yesterday just like the rest of us. Suga's ARMY, too. Some folks are keeping tabs on the viewcount
  10. The countdown special, that aired before the music video, was pre-corded. But in the wee small hours of the morning (my time), I got a notification that they were doing a live. And when I tuned in, there they were in their pajamas. That was the 'Comeback Special' . They were referencing things that had only just happened, like the view countand the press conference, so it was definitely live.and Suga called in from home to surprise them.
  11. I think the Comeback Special was actually aired live in real time so maybe they'll improve the subtitles eventually. If they were translating and subtitling on the fly it could explain them missing so much. But it was bugging me too. I thought the same thing as you did about Jin. Those replies he gave are classic depression symptoms, even though he tried to perk up and play it for laughs. He's said before he doesn't believe in showing his dark side, so I hope someone near him can pick up on how he's feeling and help him out. I'm not looping the viedo but I am streaming
  12. Hi satellites. The news from the second wave is depressing. Basically I think we'll be forced back into lockdown, kicking and screaming all the way. Not that it will make the slightest bit of difference to all of us essential workers. I will still be at work counting photons for cancer treatments until the zombie apocalypse and even through that. I suppose I should be grateful but I just want to stay home where it's safe. Anyway, on a less sour and perhaps more hopeful note, I'm sharing this lovely song which reflects on the situation and is absolutely beautiful. If you
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