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  1. Well, at that rate Yuzu hardly needs 4A...of course he's Yuzu so he'll do it anyway when he's ready...
  2. Only 1 4Lo from Yuzu...surely he's not the only man in the competition who is able to do one? Also kinda crazy how 4T has pretty nearly become de rigueur for the men now.
  3. Thanks for posting that. I'm having a s**t day at work but that drawing made me smile.
  4. All I can think is, 'what if they fall? Bare skin sliding on cold ice...brrr - and ouch!'
  5. You got to see him up close then! Good for you.
  6. Do your work during ice dance and pairs.
  7. Oh, I can't wait to hear what she has to say about that.
  8. As far as detecting gender, if the photo algorithm actually scanned a large enough area to include the neck, it could detect the Adam's apple and predict the male gender a lot more reliably, IMO. In the case of Yuzu, that would mean they'd never get his gender wrong again. Anyway, guys, what happened to @Murieleirum ? Her last post, she was in the airport waiting for Yuzu to arrive...and then, silence. Is she ok? Did the presence of the Overlord overwhelm her and she passed out behind a potted plant somewhere? Did she even get to see him? I was hoping for some eyewitness reporting to live vicariously through...
  9. It's his 'I've got a secret' , face, isn't it? Only took me 47 minutes to catch up the thread, and I took a break to make breakfast. I'm getting good at this!
  10. That's why I'm worried. Plus in those photos from the TCC send off, it looked like he's grown again.
  11. Oh come now, if Brian said gravity still works, that's believable.
  12. It's Japan. Of course they do. No exceptions!