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  1. I love the mix he shows of both and the man I see emerging - will always celebrate it.
  2. well, that's complicated. The only officially and truly bilingual province is New Brunswick. But all Canadians are taught French in elementary school, oui.
  3. To my mind, the problem is that anyone even cares about whether a skater's style is 'masculine' or 'feminine', IMO. Does the performance, including costume, express the music appropriately, and is the skating artistically and technically of high quality, including appropriate jump technique? Is the skater pushing themselves to perform excellently and as far as their abilities will allow? That's all that should matter. Aesthetically speaking, I don't attach value judgements to the 'masculinity' or 'femininity' of a program or a skater, but I do think it's a shame that young male skaters get it on both sides - they're either ridiculed by their peers for being in a 'girly' sport like figure-skating (and labelled 'gay' even when they may not be), or pressured into stereotypically 'masculine' performance choices on the ice. Either way is not good. A sport is a sport, an athlete is an athlete, other judgements should be left out of it. That's where I stand.
  4. He expressed those views in 2009. He may have changed his mind since. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, especially since, as far as I'm aware, he has never directly criticized or attacked Yuzu, or any other skater, personally. His opinion re: styles of skating is only one opinion among many and not one I share, but he's free to have said opinion and that's all I'm going to say about it.
  5. This is very belated, since a ton of you have met me already and stuff, but I might as well: I'm a longtime figure skating fan and have been following Brian Orser since the 1984 Olympics, but even before that I used to watch Toller Cranston on Canadian TV because he made lots of specials and shows and kind of made the art side of figure skating a thing in Canada. I've also been a casual skater since I was old enough to stand up on figure skates (like every little girl growing up in Canada at that time, really) and have taken some lessons but never got to any kind of competitive level. Yuzu first grabbed my attention with Parisienne Walkways at Sochi, and then again two years later when he debuted LGC at Skate Canada 2016. Which, incidentally, was held at an arena a ten-minute drive from my house. I remember driving by the place while the competition was on and idly toying with, then dismissing, the idea of trying to get a ticket, then going home to watch on TV what a fool I was. I was blown away by how well Yuzu basically channeled the soul of Prince on the ice, it was amazing, and I watched him the rest of the season. But it wasn't until I saw the video of Yuzu's fall at NHK and was struck by an overwhelming sense of how much of a tragedy the injury was, and an even more overwhelming compulsion to pray for his recovery, that I started following Yuzu intensely. That lead to me joining the Planet in April 2018, right around the time of CWW. And since then, I've just been enjoying the company of satellites and trying to be a good neighbor and a good fan, attending competitions live whenever I can, and, well, adoring our boy. Who, really, is now no longer a boy. Does it sound weird to say 'adoring our man' ? Anyway, I'm having a lot of fun and hope to continue. Yuzu's a great man and time spent watching him is time well spent.
  6. That's not the first time people have posted video of their cats watching Yuzu. The cats always seem fascinated. Guess they recognize one of their own.
  7. I wholeheartedly admire and am in awe of his determination to make nine-year-old Yuzu's dreams come true, one by one. He was one determined mushroom and now look how far he's gotten!
  8. You do realize Elvis admires Yuzu, right? And has said so on his own personal social media after meeting and talking with him at Heroes & Future?
  9. So who the heck is Anouk Meunier? She's not even on this list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_musicians_from_Quebec
  10. required French language content in Quebec. It's a thing. In fact I won't be surprised if Elvis tries his best in French too. Ici on est un pays bilingue, d'abord!
  11. Uh-huh. Because people who aren't already figure skating fans are totally going to spend $345 a pop and more to see some random singers and acrobats on ice, yep.
  12. Now I can't find the quote back, but I'm sure I read it somewhere. However, if you go read over the Olympic Channel's blog about GPF Turin, at one point they interview Ghislain and he talks about 5T bring easier than 4A.
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