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  1. I'm not 100% certain about this, but I believe that a lot of Korean buildings have heated floors instead of central heating. This is probably why they seem to sit on the floor a lot.
  2. Did you catch him mentioning, during his interview with Suga, that's he's actually 'the guy', as in he's the one overall in charge of their lyrics on everything they do? That's a big responsibility when you think about it.
  3. JK also said he thought it would be funny to see 5 Jimins converse with one another. Incidentally, Suga also answered that question during the BE.T.S. vlive and said he'd take 5 Jimins and 5 of another member (I forget which one) so that they could get all their scheduled work done more efficiently. I got the impression that Suga is feeling a bit overwhelmed with how busy they are and is contemplating cloning members
  4. Suga saying that writing bits of music is what he does to kill time when he's bored is peak genius energy.
  5. Keegan does social media. I would think that if he's got a consistent 4Lz, he'd have popped it up on his Insta
  6. No, in fact this is more detail than I knew. 4Lz...I can see why that would tempt the selection committee. There's no question that having some firepower in the jumps department is important at the top levels. And if we're talking about consistency...to be honest, none of them are rock solid in that regard. They all have good days and bad days. I don't think you could use that as a basis for comparison. My guess - and it's only a guess - is that they went for firepower plus experience and ended up with Keegan. Too bad though. It was really shaping up to be Roman's year. I'm dyi
  7. Exactly. In the case of my friends, they mean well. They're worried about me because I'm still single at 48 and want me to find some nice pudgy hairy dull-as-ditchwater guy to settle down with. I mean the hairy part - they both have this weird idea that a man can't be sexy or mature without a beard or a five o'clock shadow...so when I show them Yuzu or BTS, it makes them think I'm crushing on teenagers. I mean, I can sympathize with their worries, but they're wrong about what constitutes a 'real man' . So yeah, I politely ignore their opinion.
  8. By the way, at the end of Be-hind Story they have an announcement for another video they're releasing tomorrow to talk about the full story of the album. 5pm KST on Feb 28, that's 3 am for me. I may just wait until morning.
  9. Does anyone know if Donovan has even been able to train on ice at all this past year? I just watched his SP from Challenge Cup and it really looks like he hasn't had ice time much for a while....
  10. Dude, tell me about it. I've had two of my offline female friends try to tell me I need to change my tastes because they think there's something wrong with me liking 'barely legal pretty boys'...with the unspoken implication being that 'real men' don't look like that... I just roll my eyes. These are independent, feminist ladies who don't realize what kind of stereotypes they've internalized. And they refuse to listen to the music. Drives me batty. I missed JK's vlive! Up until now, I've always gotten all the notifications, but my phone did a software upgrade two days ag
  11. two words: Toxic Masculinity. I really get the impression that the reason these jerks are pissed is because they feel threatened by 'girly' pop stars taking their rough'n'ready sweaty guy rock music and making it better. Can you imagine the blowback if BTS had covered Nickelback or AC/DC or Metallica or something? Coldplay, for whatever reason, has always had it's share of those kinds of fans so maybe that's where this all comes from. And I heartily wish 'shock jocks' and their ilk to the bottom of the Marianas Trench and stay there. They go out of their way to rot soci
  12. That was my take on it too. ARMY now has a reputation of being highly reactive to stuff like this so anyone looking for notoriety would be tempted to stir them up. He went too far, and also had no idea what he was dealing with. Shouldn't have done it, especially with the COVID and North Korea remarks. If his issue was that he doesn't like it when pop bands cover rock songs, there were better ways he could have said it.
  13. Means tomorrow afternoon for my timezone. Speaking of, are we gathering to watch anything BTS this week?
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