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  1. Agree wholeheartedly. Once the event has started, it's best to stay put in your seat for the whole thing and rude to leave in the middle.
  2. He loves that step sequence and it shows on his face and the audience responds to that, hence the roar. And in general, I think a lot of the screaming is just people's honest reactions to his performance. When you watch him skate, he is giving the audience so MUCH - it makes every part of your body want to respond to what he is doing. Just merely clapping doesn't feel like a big enough reaction; it feels like you're not showing enough gratitude. So I think that's why people scream. That being said, I try to save my screaming for the end LOL.
  3. The hushing at ACI last year was because people didn't stop screaming for him even though the next skater was about to start their skate. So he was fully in the right to shush. I've seen a different effect though - because people are in the habit of cheering for him during open practices, they start clapping for the other skaters, too, just to be polite. Sometimes these are skaters who no one's heard of or seen before, and they probably don't get a lot of support normally.
  4. To my delight, that SP was the cleanest skate I've ever seen Keiji do.
  5. Just got the news - so excited for Keiji! Hope he can keep this up! It would be so fun to see an all-Japan men's podium sometime. Doesn't matter what competition.
  6. Most tickets usually have the price of the ticket printed on them somewhere. Check yours and see if the price adds up to ticket + super fan bag. If so, then maybe your venue ticket is also your fan bag voucher?
  7. Depends on the crowd. Last year at SCI, the arena was only half full so people did move around for practices. Not sure what it'll be like this year, there was no Yuzu at SCI last year.
  8. I don't mind tackling Worlds. Can I just go ahead and create my own files following the template or do you need to send me things? Warning: it won't be fast. Just read Edges of Glory's interview with Ted Barton. Did you know he was instrumental in creating IJS? I wonder how he feels when he sees that system getting misused for bias despite all the efforts to try and make it fair?
  9. Even if they just did it as basic quality improvement - sort of a 'how are we doing at this, anyway? are our methods working?' kind of thing - that would be better than nothing.
  10. This answers my concern pretty well. Because this is something the ISU should already be looking at - i.e. trying to improve their impartiality by understanding the current state of affairs. Sorry if I touched a nerve earlier. I've seen a lot of heated discussion about this issue on Twitter today, along with a lot of wild ideas for how to address it, and it's got me a little mis-calibrated myself. I'm all for a rational approach though.
  11. Right. I didn't know any of that. Where my criticism is coming from is exactly this: no matter how much effort you put into the data analysis, it's not going to be definitive proof, and if it's presented to some organization like the ISU as definitive proof, the potential is very high that it won't have the desired result and could in fact backfire in unforeseen ways. So what I'm saying is, be careful. What if your data indicates that a judge is biased and that judge not only denies it, but then turns around and sues you for libel? I'm not saying don't do it. I'm saying, understand the risks.
  12. Hmph, I wonder why? It's not going to harm them...anyway I only know scripts can be used, I haven't a clue how to make one.
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