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  1. This makes me happy: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/covid-19-vaccination-ottawa-1.6215179
  2. So this is Eternals: I wonder where "Friends" will fit in. @amylance1215 Sorry to hear about your eventful day with the neighbors house fire! Glad everyone is okay. I'm way behind on the thread, will catch up with the rest later.
  3. I bet ARMY coming for the concerts bought up these tickets long ago...
  4. So they filmed In the SOOP 2 in Pyeongchang ? Somehow I didn't expect that connection too the Olympics to pop up
  5. I have to confess I 'm not au courant with the Marvel universe. Does anyone know which superheroes are in the Eternals?
  6. White Wall-kun is practically a fanyu, they way it's solidly behind Yuzu supporting him in all he does...
  7. I have full confidence that he will do it and in spectacular fashion.
  8. That's because "Super Slam" isn't something officially acknowledged or awarded by the ISU, it's a sports journalism/fan term. It's still a huge big fantastic and amazing thing to have achieved.
  9. I'm not at my best when I first wake up, so Hobi runs the risk of getting unceremoniously tumbled onto the floor if he tried it with me...and I wouldn't even feel bad about it I'm afraid.
  10. Isn't because the word for "jump" and "fly" can be the same?
  11. I think the last line "Hanyu has contributed significantly to the choreo of his 2020/21 programs" was added.
  12. Somewhat random bit of knowledge about the Kanji in Yuzu's name. Apparently the 羽 doesn't only means 'wings' but can also be used as a counter for cute animals and birds: https://www.tofugu.com/japanese/japanese-counter-wa/ which IMO just adds another layer of cute to Yuzu.
  13. TBH, when I see J-hope waking them up by lying down on them, I have a rush of sympathy for wake-ee. Who wants to start their day out from under the weight of someone, even someone as skinny as Hobi?
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