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  1. I bet JK would be fascinated by the process of blending their faces on a computer
  2. Does anyone else think that photo is actually a computer edited mashup of him and Tae? The jawline and nose don't look right for JK alone. It's confusing as heck, anyway...and makes me wonder if the boys have been spending too much time on AO3...
  3. I was a Motorola loyalist but when I had to replace my last phone, I wanted better camera quality and the Galaxy S20 FE just happened to be on special with my cell service provider, so I got it. It's a great phone but almost bigger than I like. (My only complaint has been due to the screen protector and that's not even a Samsung thing.) The folding ones definitely appeal to me. But what I want even more are the earbuds! I don't have anything I can use to listen to my music privately from my phone.
  4. @amylance1215 @Old Cat Lady I get not wanting to be on the skating threads but you guys missed out, not joining the Yuzu practice thread. It was all joy, plus appreciation for the cameraman's choice of views. No negativity or bashing other skaters. Lots of freaking out over him trying 4A. Lots of enjoyment of certain *ahem* lines of sight, as well 🤣
  5. No, today was their 'Galaxy Unpacked' event for Samsung customers. You sign up and they give you a length livestream showing off all the new products for the year. The thing starting woke me up this morning
  6. I don't know about after he retired, but someone noticed that on Monday after Yuzu launched his channel, the ISU one lost a thousand subscribers the same day
  7. The wonderful thing is that now that Yuzu's had such a successful career and has attracted so many loyal fans, he can totally do that. He could hold ice shows in Sendai and the world would beat a path to his door to see them (or skate in them - he would have to get other skaters in the show , after all). And without him taking that huge scary step to leave Sendai and come train here in Toronto, he might never have had what he has today. His brave and wise choice back then, led to all this now. I'd say his return to Sendai is the ultimate symbol of his success. Not every skater who retires to go pro gets to stay at home after.
  8. Jin becoming a game developer for real would be my villain origin story....
  9. As I said, 2x 55,000 = 110,000, so Yuzu literally had a crowd almost the equivalent of two full TokyoDomes watching tonight.
  10. Remember how I said Yuzu could fill TokyoDome? It's only 55,000-seat capacity. He just did it almost twice over
  11. YouTube has options for this built right in. Viewers can donate during livestreams. But if he monetizes his channel, paying for making video like today will not be an issue. I sort of hope he does some shorter, more informal stuff, too, but that kind of YouTubing can be a grind and I want him to enjoy what he's doing, too
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