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  1. Scroll up that thread and the poster in question says this: "of course #yuzuruhanyu would be MVS!I specially made these four charts to show you how popular Yuzuru is in China" Gotta hand it to the Chinese fans...they work hard at being his fans! The charts are pretty involved, too. Nicely done.
  2. Hmm. It's also at the beginning of December so quite a long time away, but then CoC is, what, only a month before that or something? Realistically speaking, it looks to me like the chances of China GPF is more like 50-50.
  3. Ottawa. My city. Which is actually doing quite well, pandemic-wise.* I just don't know if we'll be letting international travellers in by then. And the arena where SCI is being held is not the best, in terms of seating. The seats are crammed together. If SCI goes ahead, right now my bet is it'll be at half capacity or less. Anyway, China really had no option, what with the new outbreak in Beijing that started a couple weeks ago. So much for CoC. Lord knows what kind of a season we're going to have. *Numbers of new infections have been trending down for weeks, to the point where public health authorities are letting people visit their loved ones in old-age homes again - provided they can prove they test negative for COVID-19. Suddenly everyone's getting tested like mad...we will probably find a few more cases but nothing serious. And masks have just been made mandatory indoors, so hopefully things will go well from here on out.
  4. He was shorter then. At least as far as I can tell, anyway. So fitting into the costume would be a big challenge.
  5. Beauty! This is such a great interview in all aspects. It's cute how he thinks of the 3A as a helpful friend. . . . Only Zu...
  6. There's an interview somewhere where Yuzu draws a pie graph of how he spends his day. I wish I could remember which one it was.
  7. For some reason I never realized Gabby went to the Olys in 2014! Guess I really don't pay much attention to the women.
  8. Thanks so much for the translation. It's really interesting to hear what the photographers have to say about Yuzu, because apart from Yuzu's team, they're probably the people who see him the most at competitions and they have this unique point of view that's one step closer than being a fan, but is still not in the inner circle. I'm thinking they really get to see Hanyu from both sides.
  9. That's the same weekend ACI is scheduled for, but as they're in two different countries, I wonder whether it means anything for ACI or not.
  10. in honour of our favorite chocolate ad man: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Chocolate_Day (and you thought it was only Tanabata today) I know we've all seen this video before but it bears repeating:
  11. Oh, I'm sure Jordan has more Skate Canada footage, but how much more does he have of Yuzu? But I do hope there's more. Also, about the *ahem* viewpoint .... ....yeah....why do you think I'm in need of resuscitation right now, after all?
  12. ......send help....a defibrillator and some smelling salts, please.... Jordan saved his best for last, eh? And I whole-heartedly agree with the sentiment.
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