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  1. Let's face it, the Japanese men in general have the most interesting and beautiful costumes. None of the others come close!
  2. There is that anime ( Houseki no Kuni) about gems that are people...and Yuzu is a known anime watcher...
  3. The section running from Kingston to Toronto also goes right along the lakeshore, so the scenery is gorgeous!
  4. Yes, it's from this time last year. He's given more recent (i.e post-Saitama) interviews where he's said that the 4A is no longer a 'someday' dream, but a goal he can work solidly towards achieving.
  5. I have to say, that one is my favorite, not least because when he falls, he flips off Ice-Chan and that just makes me giggle.
  6. Ah, I was thinking the rankings went Chen Kolyada Hanyu now...tsk. This new scoring system just screws me up. You know, all I want is for Yuzu to have an injury-free season at this point. It would be lovely if he could just go to every competition he signed up for again. I don't even care about the results.
  7. Wouldn't it depend on if Japan had other top contenders to send? Realistically, that's Shoma. And Shoma is definitely not higher than Yuzu in World rankings, so it wouldn't make sense. But IMO, if Yuzu's missed three Nationals in a row the JSF are going to want him there this year come hell or high water.
  8. Some of them must be for single-event purchasers? That would be my guess but who knows.
  9. This looks like it's the hydroblade/leap combo....and what an incredible angle the photographer got! Amazing!
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