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  1. Is there any Italian speaker here who could verify this translation? I like that Ondrej apparently pointed this out
  2. I hope they broadcast the full Seimei and the last moments of the gala in which he skated around holding hands with Dai
  3. will Chiddy be at Worlds '20? ahh i hope our honorary canadian boy can have some happy interactions with Patrick again. he's been so nostalgic about his retired rivals.
  4. I checked and Yuzu didnt skate last at NHK either... i really dont remember what's the last time he did
  5. Hearing R&J 2.0 cursed music is definitely not helping my anxiety... lol
  6. Heckkk I'm so nervous about Yuzu having to skate last... i need reassurance that i'm just overthinking
  7. well, if the criteria for the spots were reputation and past results, Wakaba should still be ahead. Remember she's the 2018 Worlds Silver medalist.
  8. Waka's PCs weren't that high though and her step outs did cost her points. To me her IN and PE this event were superior than everyone else's, she should've won those two at least. where do you think Tomoe was robbed- GOE? in terms of height and distance, both girls have quite large jumps
  9. Wakaba won with a 13 point margin despite being underscored in both SP and FS. She deserved to win over Satoko on the SP too. it'd be unacceptable to me if she doesn't get her 4CC and Worlds spots. 4CC is necessary for her to get more competitive experience and maybe try her 3As.
  10. Wakaba earned her 4CC and Worlds spots. It would not be fair not to send her. It wasn't even a close competition- she won Silver with a 13 point (!!) margin above the 3rd place. And she has a potential 3A to add yet.
  11. Sorry, is there a full HD clip of this? are there more clips of Yuzu and Daisuke talking?
  12. 4S rippon 4T3T 3A layout works so well for him... must be the Chopin 3-year muscle memory lmao FUCKK OFFFFFFFF JSF. only +2 PCs than Omaru???????????
  13. can't JSF give Yuzuru a damn break at least now that he's exhausted and jetlagged as hell???? This is maddening
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