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  1. That second jump is literally a 1A. I don't understand why it was marked as a 2T. Not even a UR call?
  2. Their golden boy Shoma benefited from selective UR calls at the Olys, which lead to him unfairly beating Javier for Silver (Javi himself agrees, he's made that clear in Spanish interviews). So I'm sure jpn fed are not interested in complaining about this issue.
  3. those who've read my annoying repetitive posts on here know how much I'd want him to skate to BoRhap ... that'd be my dream Yuzu program. thus this video is so satisfying to watch
  4. The fact that he's so busy with his quints, nessies, flip Axels or whatever, yet he also dedicated his time to research about this... His attention to detail is extraordinary.
  5. Is he actually allowed to perform Nessie in the short? I thought it'd be an invalid element? I might be wrong though
  6. I like this idea! I agree the best design posted so far is "WE YUZU" with the flag inside the heart. But I think it'd be even better if we came up with something a bit more original, something that he'll be surprised to see. Perhaps a banner with a GOAT reference? Nessie reference? Something like this: Personally I'm from Argentina and I'm not able to attend any fs competitions (it'd be a dream come true). I'm sure most South American Yuzu fans feel this way too. I'd appreciate it if some fans could carry banners on behalf of satellites who love Yuz from different countries but can't travel to competitions (just a suggestion).
  7. Maybe things like IN and PE are hard to quantify. But the rest isnt. I can't forget that video of Javi and him doing stroking exercises at TCC next to each other, their difference in skating skills quality is clear as day. Especially rotations are basic geometry. As he said, his 4Ts today were as clean as always. You can see that if you compare various gifs of him doing 4T at different events.
  8. I feel so helpless. Is there anything we can do to make the isu feel pressured to give him what he deserves? Don't we have power in numbers? There are thousands of casual fans who adore him but don't follow his every move (people who only watch his most viral performances). I mean my own Yuzu fan video has almost 1 million views, today's ACI stream only had 25k. These casual fans might not be aware of how unfairly he's being treated. I think we need to bring this issue to light. I want unbiased sports media to talk about this and call out the ISU. He's not a no-name skater, he made the ESPN top 100 list. What they're doing to him shouldn't go unnoticed. This year when Messi got an unfair red card, it trended worldwide on reddit/twitter and became a huge scandal. I'd like to bring even 1/5 of that attention to isu's corruption. Can't we trend something for Yuzuru too? I can't think of anything else we could do.
  9. i'm afraid I disagree with this... they're not "dumb"- they totally know what they're doing. the intention is there, they want him retired and gone, they've been sending him that message for years now, thinking that pushing him out will be "better for the sport"? that's full-on stupidity indeed
  10. I'd start ranting but this video is worth a thousand words this video sums up everything
  11. I wish i could do that too, the problem is that sometimes its impossible to catch up because they wont even allow the performances to be uploaded on youtube
  12. ISU better save up the coins they're getting now. after he retires no one will pay to watch or attend this shitshow anymore
  13. I'm relieved. it seems that he realized they've f*cked him over & he doesnt seem to be blaming himself this time. I hope he never will. He's too wonderful for this clownery of a """""sport"""""""""
  14. First they screwed Yuzurus score over now the Livestream doesn't even work. This event can't get more irritating
  15. They need to check their calendars, April Fool's was 5 months ago. Where's Hanyu's actual score ?
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