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Found 28 results

  1. Yuzu gif thread...?

    Hi everyone I'm new here and can't find a thread for posting my yuzu gifs... And thanks to encouragement from @SparkleSalad & @kaeryth, I'll spam my gifs here. As an idiom said in where I come from, ("throwing a brick out so as to invite jade in") I plan to repost some of my twitter gifs (I'm boredjdc on twitter) here and hope some master gif makers would add their creations! First, two gifs I haven't posted elsewhere before~ 1. NHK H&L ending always made one melt. Camera work was GOE +3. 2. Believe EX deserves more love. It's a crime that there're only two performances recorded??????? (I don't mind if my gifs are reposted with proper credit! I spent time on making gifs because I can't draw or edit well but I have to let out my love for Yuzu's skating via some creative activities lol Would be happy if people like them enough to share them :3)
  2. Hey, guys!  Who's excited for the Winter Olympic Games 2018! :biggrin: Where are you all travelling from? As for me I am from Toronto, Canada and so far I have purchased 3 event tickets the including the GALA event ticket (which is on February 25th, 2018) but unfortunately won’t be able to attend the GALA  because it conflicts with my final exam :( and I need to be back in town before the 25th (T___T) So, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying it? Please message me if interested~ Thank you! 

  3. #teamsuperstitious

    I couldn't resist making this thread - I'm calling it being prepared for later. I might add more here later, for now I thought I'd created a place for the more or less superstitiously - or even just "one never knows" - inclined. Hoping for the best, of course!
  4. Let's discuss Dates: September 20-23 City: Montreal, Canada Venue: Sportplexe, 14700 Pierrefonds Blvd, Pierrefonds, QC H9H 4Y6, Canada Website: https://skatecanada.ca/event/2017-autumn-classic-international/ Tickets: TBD
  5. Daily Yuzuru Videos thread

    Post and discuss old and new videos Old but gold:
  6. A place to track all the upcoming events of Yuzu! *for more detailed news please check the General News and Updates thread Recent & Upcoming Events: Date Event Links 2017 09.20 - 09.23 SC Autumn Classic International official site 10.20 - 10.22 GP Rostelecom Cup PH event discussion, schedule PH community talk 11.10 - 11.12 GP NHK Trophy (WD on Nov 10) PH event discussion, schedule PH community talk 12.20 - 12.24 Japan National Championships (WD on Dec 18) source, PH community talk 2018 02.09 - 02.25 PyeongChang Olympics 02.16 - Men SP, 02.17 - Men FS, 02.25 - Gala 03.19 - 03.25 World Championships - Milan, Italy 03.22 - Men SP, 03.24 - Men FS, 03.25 - Gala TV Schedule: Date & Time (UTC+9) Channel Program Links 01.14(Su) 24:55 - 25:50 NTV NNN Documentary: 絶対に勝ってやる! 羽生結弦 自分への挑戦 x Key ISU / JSF Dates: 05.26 2017/18 GP Assignments announcement entry list: Men, Ladies, Pairs, Ice Dance ISU 07.03 JSF site - new season skater's profile update JSF 09.30 Draws for Panels of Judges for 2018 Olympic Game draw results (item B) ✿✿✿ Links to Archived Calendars: Ice Show Calendar: 2008- Archived Calendar: 2004-2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 (WIP for years 2004-2013) *Please DO NOT post a reply here as we would like to reserve this thread for upcoming and archived information only. For any questions or discussion please feel free to share in the General Yuzuru Chat **Please PM dasani or gladi for any information correction/clarification, thanks for your help ^_^
  7. Fan-made Videos

    I believe that fan made videos deserve a separate thread. This is my playlist 1) Yuzuru Hanyu - 羽生結弦 - Heart Of Courage by Duc Khung 2) Yuzuru Hanyu (Hall of Fame) by sylbester Yuzuru Hanyu (Hall of Fame) by 小小玟 3) 羽生結弦~YUDZ you rock! by Sugar Autumn 4) 羽生結弦~live hard die harder by Sugar Autumn
  8. Among us I have seen long-time fans that follow Yuzu since junior days, as well as new ones who joined the ride after the historical free skate at Helsinki. So it makes me curious: When did everyone discover our favorite guy? (To avoid confusion for the polling, I'd like to define "discovered" as "became a fan," instead of "heard of/saw him for the first time.") And for the "how" part, please comment to share your experience of falling for →! How did you come across him and his performances? What was the first program that you watched/that made you hooked? How did you find your way to the fan community?
  9. The Meme Thread

    This is a thread dedicated to our meme lord. "On Planet Hanyu, we don't use emoticons, we use Yuzuticons" Here's the meme album, feel free to use them here: I will update the album with more memes soon! Share yours! :s_drinks P.S. None of the images/gifs belong to me
  10. Poll - Favourite programs

    Hello to all Yuzu fans out there! Just want to start a simple polling of what is your favourite program of Yuzu? (Simply your feeling and impression, no need to relate to technical skills, scores...) Can be FS, SP or EX! (Not all programs he has performed are included though) 2 votes per person For me will be hope and legacy now since this program represents Yuzuru himself. Before 2017 my favourite prpgram was always Phantom of the Opera. Both are really beautiful programs, and the fact that Phantom of the Opera hadn't been cleaned in that whole season was really sad to me :cry:
  11. Music talk

    What types/genres of music would you want to see Yuzu skate to/would suit him the best in your opinions? I crave for more classic stuff, and like I said in another thread, something from the Classic/Romantic eras would fit him and his style of skating so well. It's easy for him to get used to, not another piece of warhorse but still perfectly in his comfort zone. Yes I would die for another classical piece :love:
  12. Magazines, Books & Randoms Findings

    Yuzu P&G leaflets in a store https://twitter.com/yuzu_kyun_mami/stat ... 0565888000
  13. Costumes talk

    I'm trying to estabilish threads for the topics that made up the natural life cycle of the previous... Hanyu fans gathering iteration So.... Talk about costumes! Your favorite ones, the ones you hate, the ones you'd like to see... :)