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  1. @yuzuangel thank you but I'm so kuyashii! I missed the whole streaming with you all ! (I was sooo exhausted from this past week at work but also sooo excited to wach again THIS FaOI with you , I ended to fall asleep 2h bf and woke up 1h after...even with an alarm .) but for sure I was with you in my dreams! . So I'm watching again rn, reading the chat !!! Sendai 2019 FaOI is still so emotional to me, that were so beautiful moments of last year, with this great cast and both Shizuka & Yuzuru recieving their home audience's so heartwarming cheerings, and offering special interviews and wonderful performances to them ( Shizuka is the best memory of 2006 Olys for me, and she's still got her special aura...) I 'm so grateful she continues to train to skate in future shows, i wish so much I could watch them both her with Yuzuru skate live one day soon , pls .. oh, and their smiles and... this ARIGATO GOZAIMASHITAAAAAAA!!!!! I miss them all so much...and wish FaOI could soon return to Sendai and just return safely to any place planned for next year Thanks so much for this new PH TV for streaming parties, that's great! I can't wait the next one ! ( very good timing !!! ) Edit : for Yuzuru : YOU ARE MARVELLOUS!!!! (believe in YOURSELF🙏) To all the cast & technicians : wish you all to stay healthy , pls hold on, and come back soon, we love you SO MUCH worldwide too! 💖✨
  2. Thanks for the streaming ! 5 am here but I don't want to miss it! see you soon ! I trust my inner fanyu clock!
  3. Wish them the best future with their best skate & kiddies🙏 💗
  4. I can't vote on Twitter! Still not registered there yet....! but i'll be happy with anything ! thanks again for streaming @yuzuangel
  5. I'm overwhelmed everytime by the gathering all together from everypart of the globe to watch again our beloved ones on their beloved ICE-CHAN THANK YOU again Planet Hanyu for the streaming party !!!!
  6. now I feel old ! I was happy to watch these great ladies again with you
  7. AND....So nice to have you back on here @Hydroblade !!!I love your wonderful new signature btw ! Take good care of yourself
  8. Can't wait for the next one, thank you so much for the streaming, take care everyone 💕
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