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  1. Yuzuru's Sendai smiles are so beautiful & precious ... be happy sunshine boy
  2. thank you! @yuzuangel days were hard, but soon will be soothed... spring comes to Sendai and the weather seems to cooperate! I wish they could enjoy outside too! and YOU TOO
  3. @micaelis with all my heart with you we're waiting for your presence here
  4. now catching up with what I missed, quite almost the whole comp so far...hopefully Eurovision works for me and I can be there for Ladies FS, YES ! GAMBA KAORI , RIKA & everyone! @Winnie_20 so sorry for you... I just wanted to tell you all a big THANK YOU again for all the reports & analysis you give here on the comp. , specially for those who can't watch live.
  5. BRAVO!! Queen & Captain ! I love you ! SB ! WOW ! So happy that they could achieve this for ending their season
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