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  1. Thank you again to all the Planet Hanyu team for this great streaming party !!! & a special thanks to @Wyell for editing the video ! You did it !!! I feel so emotional watching Yuzu and these blownwhelming performances again and it's always such a joy to watch them with you ! ...What a journey together with him... always continuing creating and improving his masterpieces ... .until that Ballade in Séoul 4CC His skating is so pure & deep ... Arigato Yuzu I'm looking forward to seeing you back again... Take good care everyone !
  2. OMG that fall...scary...hope she didn't injured her ankle...
  3. after watching the PC ones last night !!! Thank you for the stream again @yuzuangel
  4. Thank you so much again @Anni & @sweetwater for the full programs links and reports !!!! can't wait to watch them!
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