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  1. @KatjaThera thank you so much! I feel as I was there too and ...still emotional now... Thank you everyone again for your posts & reports ! I wish we'll share again some beautiful streaming moments soon. Thank you to all the skaters, artists and staff, for the beauty and emotions you create and spread ... I wish to everyone a very good rest now and all these wonderful emotions to treasure ARIGATO GOZAIMASHITA YUZURU & TOSHI.
  2. thank you thank you thank you @faeline !!!
  3. Goodbye Sendai https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D7-Shn7UIAAyI8b.jpg (credit : https://twitter.com/uconice/status/1134786765846245376 )
  4. A big Thank you from me too @Indiiea !!!
  5. Arigato Yuzuru Arigato Toshl
  7. Oh Yuzu, don't hurt yourself today!!! (and never again ...)
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