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  1. I'm not sure if I should still post this here but here is the monument reveal ceremony of Yuzu part (about 19mins) on YT
  2. Oh and I was thinking this should be posted to the Sendai Monument Reveal but here is more general and also people don't know how to get to the other thread will still find here...so YT post of the reveal ceremony
  3. Sendai city official web site is publishing new guidebook 'Sendai Meguri' in coming June 2019. At the monument design reveal ceremony, new issues were given away to the ceremony attendees as pre-release. Digital version will be available on their official website when it's ready. https://www.sendai-meguri.jp/ The title of the page "Photogenic Sendai" with Yuzu's smiley face is apt
  4. He said Yuzu is their pride and he's like a young samurai who never be discouraged...
  5. At least this is shorter than the Laurels award and surely Yuzu will be there...thank goodness!!
  6. Holy Molly! Dior Yuzu!! Today will be my memorial day
  7. You will be in my prayer. Hope you come back to the planet soon
  8. The tree is still small but will grow much bigger and will have more flowers bloom in the future just like the seeds that Yuzu had planted on fs ground will flourish in future skaters. Nurture and give them time to grow into what they meant to be. Hana wa saku and Hana ni nare.
  9. A YT channel posts of WTT gala. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl7FD-bB2o6nkxlTC8s3dnA
  10. So Shey is going to choreograph Rika's sp for next season.
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