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  1. Yep. The caption says "See me in the teachers room later". Also I've seen few Japanese tweets referring Yuzu's SOI white shirt look as "PE teacher" so
  2. Haha I only know if you're moving at the speed of light, no time passes. But for Yuzu's case, his age seem to fluctuate sometime (looks younger or older than the former himself at sometime) so maybe he moves faster than light to go back the time a bit then comes back...?
  3. Does this mean Yuzu in moving faster than the speed of light??
  4. It's over 22K now 😂😂😂
  5. I believe Shoma, Yuma and Keiji were already scheduled to be in Prince Ice World before SOI Hachinohe stop was added back in this year. Also Kao is listed on PIW as well so maybe that's the reason. Kazuki and Wakaba are also listed on PIW but maybe they'll join after SOI Hachinohe.
  6. The song...so Japanesie (sorry but I'm one of them so it's not slandering here)
  7. I want Yuzu in ice show with full-size competition rink...
  8. Call me old fashion or anything but when I look at Mai's skating, that's the figure skating I know. Good to see you on the ice again Mai-chan!
  9. We are looking at rainbow colour on black and white TV...
  10. I must say, it's good for the young ones to have these ice show experiences to have a good go at their new programs before the next season starts.
  11. So black and white is the colour theme and a touch of red...I miss those crazy FaOI costumes...good or bad, we've had something to talk about...
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