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  1. Thanks guys that was fun. Stay safe everyone gotta sleep now
  2. P-chan's ss is smooth but it's a shame about jumping mistakes really. Never thought fs turned out to be the way it is now at that time.
  3. You know what...I didn't realise I haven't been watching up to date part and watching the 1st group up until now....
  4. 6 years and figure skating has changed quite a bit. I should be sleeping but I knew they're showing Yuzu so I just couldn't get to sleeeeeeep! It's not even live and still my heart gets pumping like omg... I'll be a dead bunny tomorrow at work
  5. Fancy some sweets? Beautifully decorated...
  6. I know...NS and H&L both has special place in my heart and choosing one is the hardest thing...
  7. Sadly SOI shows have been cancelled/postponed but this SOI is open for everyone! SOI - Shikigami On Ice! Look at those Shikigamiz in LGC high kicking!!
  8. It's titled "The reason why the koala was thrown away". 1) Yuzu: I'm Hanyu Yuzuru and you are? 2) Koala: My name is Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima 〜 Koala, don't ya know? 3) Koala: I'm famous! Yuzu: ... 4) Yuzu: (ZIP!!) Koala: Aaaaaahhhh Oh what a bratty brat!!
  9. Happiness is knowing that we have next season to look forward to and maybe we'll get 2 brand new programs to discover at the end of this long long drought season. Also this is cool! Blue sparks coming out from his blade!
  10. I've just found out about it. Can't believe...he's only 30.
  11. Comparison of Sochi PW and SCI/OIP PW. When you watch the two sbs like this, the difference is astonishing. His skating in general oozes out pure confidence. He owns his skating and the rink 120% He's matured as a skater and as a man... he's come a long long way since Sochi. ******* Media in our country is now telling us to stock up food and supplies enough for a couple of weeks at least to be prepared whatever is going to be placed by our government in the coming weeks. Toilet paper shortage become real pain in the arse but not just that, pasta, rice, tin food and such are in shortage as well. Also, mince meat, frozen stuff are getting scarce as well. At work, we're asked to get our emergency contact details updated and checked if we have adequate internet connections at home in case we have to work from home. We had to cancel our trip to uk in July as Europe at the moment is the new epicentre of the virus situations. I'm worried for my daughter who lives in uk atm by herself. She's just told us the other day that she went out with a guy whose friend's friend was tested positive for the virus (but the guy's friend was not tested positive so he's okay and so's my daughter)... Also my husband's niece and her family is trying to re-arrange/cancel a trip to Thailand. Our governments has just placed two weeks self-isolation process for those who's travelled to/coming back to Ausuralia. This means the niece's husband would be out of work for 4weeks but he cannot afford to do that. So they've managed to change the dates for the flights but the accommodation booking may not be changeable and may lose money for that. Please stay safe and be positive wherever you are on this planet. The world at the moment in uncertainty because of COVID 19 and many shops and companies are at financial hardships as well. Those who are still travelling, I hope you get to your destinations/home safely. I pray for all of us to come out relatively safe and okay from this whole thing.
  12. When I looked at this artist's Yuzu fan art, a Japanese word 清冽な美しさ came in my mind. (美しさ= beauty) 清冽 must be more or less the same meaning in Chinese...(?) but it's an adjective that describes cold and clear water without impurity. It can be used to describe beauty that can stun people with its purity and clarity. Word "cold" can add negative nuance when describing people but cold beauty can be a thing that coldness itself is a part of the attraction. It gives unattainable/untouchable feeling because of the coldness but at the same time, you're stunned and cannot move / you're trapped because of the coldness. Off ice, Yuzu is so adorkable and cute. But on ice, he can be the untouchable. I love the blue flame that Yuzu described himself. Fire that burns with blue flame is hotter than the normal red one. I am secretly dreaming Yuzu after re***** that one day he will skate in D****y On Ice with Pooh and Elsa. He can do hunyu huny honey hunt with Pooh and sing with Elsa "The cold never bothered me anyway". This world is at very unsettling situations atm and I wish everyone's health and happiness the most. Please stay safe wherever you're on this planet
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