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  1. Boys name number 1 and 4 have 翔 which means fly high/soar. The kanji has feather 羽 in it. Girls name number 6 and 7 have 結 which means tie/knot. 翔 has been very popular name for boys for years (1st & 2nd most popular name during Heisei era has 翔 kanji) and so is 結衣 (6th most popular name during Heisei).
  2. Victorian are having resurgence of COVID cases now so it's going to be lot harder to reopen the domestic borders never mind international borders. I thought it's going to be a chance for me to finally attend a figure skating competition at 4CC but NOOOO...
  3. I've noticed this around Perth as well. My niece's kids are wearing UA gears and saw more kids wearing them lately. Not sure it's gaining more popularity because they're becoming more affordable or some other reason.
  4. @SitTwizzle that plush toy is not a hippo but is Moomin
  5. Thank you for the streaming party. That was fun
  6. @TallyT this has been posted on page 5766 and @sweetwater has kindly translated it
  7. Would you like some soup to warm your heart?
  8. Got emoji button working again and preview as well so thank you!
  9. I've read LOTR and The Hobbits in Japanese in my junior high school days. Don't know about now but back then, they're using rather old expressions and wording so it wasn't easy to understand... (got the emoji button back)
  10. For some reason I was thinking it's on Sunday night!!
  11. The time zone makes it midnight to 2:30am on Sunday night/Monday early morning...
  12. It seems "preview" button isn't working on post...? ETA: Also emoji icon doesn't work.....
  13. Um...I don't know what is going on but wherever I try to put my cursor, I see tiny little greenish stars... This only happens in PH thread pages and not sure if I'm going crazy??
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