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  1. Packed full of fav. From top to bottom On the left: Bangs above eyes, sparkly nose tip, Mt Fuji lips, shoulder bag On the right: Aho-ge (antenna), shiny/glossy round head (hair), Adam's apple-kun, shiro-jasu (white jersey jacket), pushed up sleeves Basically the original poster Monjiro-san is listing up what she likes about the way Yuzu looks in the outfit. I have to agree Yuzu is the perfect package that packed full of good stuff!! Now I've been wondering why they call the white jersey jacket (team japan/ANA official jacket) 白ジャス / shiro-jasu. So I have googled it and found that the word "jasu" is used to call school gym/PE clothing only in Miyagi prefecture! In many other areas in Japan, they are called ジャージ (jersey). ETA: Sekkisei clear file is in high quality!! Puts Xylitol ad materials to shame
  2. True sign of greatness appears when the presence of the person is acknowledged without he/she actually being there. I won't give toss about T*L's unasked opinions about anyone let alone the great G.O.A.T. Happy goat sunday!
  3. From top left to right: Bug 1 and 2 - "we are the ones that you've rescued from the ice rink" Bottom left to right: Shoes (skating boots) - "you're always taking care of us" Ice rink - "you're always caressing gently" The OP on the top says: There are still many more "children" (子たち) who are wishing to repay his kindness one day.
  4. Oh no Misha... I really really hope this operation finally fixes the issue for him.
  5. Oh well, it's not ungodly hours but early in the morning for me...getting up 5:30am on Sat morning and 6:30 on Sun morning is not the end of the world... and gala is at 2:00am Monday early in the morning. It's a good job I'm taking Monday off as I'm not going to miss Yuzu's EX program reveal (though I've got a feeling he may be keeping HYK)
  6. Go uncle Bychenko! I can feel his love for fs. He's really happy and still competing at the age of 31!
  7. Beatles mix and match seems mix and mismatch...I'm not really a fan of these pieces together.
  8. I've checked the stream again...it seem audio and video is in sync...? Thank goodness!
  9. The livestream is not exactly working in terms of audio and image not syncing... I don't think I can watch it. Will have to check on YT later when they're up.
  10. I'm not following ID so haven't got a clue about the scoring either. But Dai certainly will be able to help the field to develop more depth if Jpn TV can get more viewers for ID/pairs.
  11. Dai probably felt after last season that he's too old to be competing as single but knowing Japan lacks skaters in ID/pair fields, seeing an opportunity there. But going to Beijing 2022 is just wow...
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