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  1. FaOI 2019, going, going, going...gone!
  2. I know I'm a bit late for posting this but thank you @LadyLou for your hard work on the PH glossary!! 1. I'm 100% support Flowy Do-S 2. Beautiful snake but Lutzifer sounds awesome too so I can't make my mind up on this one 3. Crystal fairy 4. "Pudding" is referring to ToshI being the "Pucchin Pudding" prince so I don't really see pudding =Masquerade costume tbh But then again I can't think of anything else in place so if Pudding becomes the Masquerade costume, I can live with it 5. Prince Oreo 6. Bowling Shirt is okay but may want to add something to describe the plastic feel of the material? 7. Fishnet is fine 8. KuriMemo for me as most of Jpn fanyus call it that way 9. Masquerade... I've seen few Jpn fanyus referring it as 仮面(mask) but if you put that in English, it is kamen so it sounds like Carmen I've been DL'ing all available videos of FaOI over the weekend and hopping the threads of all of them so I'm a bit confused which thread I still haven't gone through... Can't believe FaOI shows finally finished. I'm really going to miss Yuzu/ToshI interactions... The real drought season is coming so soon...but we will still have FaOI TV broadcast happening in July and even August. So I'm hoping we will have some streaming parties when these TV shows are on...
  3. Seen the 30plus pages since the last time I checked and thought there's more jump sighting and it's a 4F! (no not the protocol "!" but an exclamation!) Can't wait to see a footage This year's FaOI is the greatest in terms of Yuzu's collaboration with an artist (ToshI) and his training rehab progress (4Lz & 4F attempt) not to mention a series of weapon of mass destruction programs (Masquerade, Cruel Angel's Thesis, and Crystal Memories) It's funny that the last weekend, we've had no pic or vid from FaOI Kobe and yet we've reached 60+ pages by the end of the weekend. Toyama has quality contents and yet we're still under 40 pages...guys...seriously we're too good at self watering
  4. Happy giggly Yuzu makes me sooo happy And it looks like the girls had fun decorating cakes. Kaori has put two little petit shoe cream ball decorated with chocolate sauce. She said that's her two coaches and when she's asked which part of the cake she's going to eat first, she said "sensei" I love Kaori's ever so positive attitude and smile. Well done girls!!
  5. He will put everything that he could put his hands on and just smile:) I'm sure the amount of sugar can wipe out anyone but who cares...I...won't eat it though...just think about it makes my teeth hurt...
  6. I couldn't stop looking at Yuzu and his gorgeous face... This is NOT 24 yr old male skin...No it can't be... In the mini interview, he said that the venue is where FaOI Toyama 2014 took place after Sochi. So it is a memorable place for him and he's remembering what he was thinking and what performance he was doing at the time. He's also said bc the venue is smaller, the audience can feel the skaters closer and he too would like to enjoy the closeness while they perform the shows. He's hoping the audience enjoy the shows fully and also Yuzu & co. would like to enjoy with them too.
  7. Self watering cacti manages to get a bucketful of fluid ...but clearly the water we're getting is ours to begin with... C'mon Jpn media! Give us some footage before we start chopping off our cacti arms and grill them for our meals!!
  8. I think he described this for WC 2017 H&L that he could see himself performing all the elements. He's also said he could touch with his own hand and correct the axis while he's jumping like Matrix/X-men where the flow of time stops for that person to see the entire perspective of his surroundings!! He surely has the ability that no ordinary human can possess!! He's also said that the absolute "in the zone" experience does not happen often and sometimes it comes when he's practicing thinking "NO NOT NOW! Come back when I'm on the actual ice at the competition!!"
  9. One of Yuzu's amazing ability is that if he can imagine himself doing it, he can actually make himself doing that movement - quad jumps, spins, etc. He or others said this ability time and time again. I think one of the reason why his movement is so natural is because it is so for him. Choreo is a series of movements and unless you truly get it inside you and digest it first, you cannot make the movements come out naturally via your body. I have no doubt that Yuzu can just start dancing if he's given any of the part of his program music (or even other skaters') as his fs brain can hold gazillions of fs programs and the movements complete with its music. He is living the figure skating. Every time I watch Yuzu skate, it is always something that his skating evokes within me. Ballet, beautiful art, music, or any other art or performing art can take us to the places. Yuzu's skating is like that and also a good art is food for your soul. That's the reason why I cannot stop watching him skate. You don't need to understand what's beauty but you will have to have the right mind/soul to feel it.
  10. Don't forget Flowy Do-S Defence Squad (FDSDS) was born
  11. I can't believe I've read 26 pages of the thread and still NO PICTURE of YuzuI should have known!! Honestly you guys are the best So Yuzu finally skated to the evangelion song confirming he is the 3D version of Shinji!! Ani-ota (anime otaku) knew this all along ever since Yuzu entered in the limelight after Sochi. Costume talk is always so much fun with FaOI because of their originality in terms of fabric use and unique design. I love the progress of ppl's perception change from WTF to I LOVE IT. For me, with only few exceptions, Yuzu cannot do wrong when it comes to his costumes!!
  12. I haven’t gone thru the pages yet but when I checked yesterday it was page 2 so 14 pages of stuff gotta be either really good or the opposite! Either way, I shall enjoy catching up!
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