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  1. I haven't been around the forum for a quite some time now but the news made me come out from the cave. CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so thrilled to hear that Yuzu has found someone to share the life with. I am so so happy for him
  2. I haven't been posting here or GYC for a quite long time. Hope Prof. Sakamoto is doing okay...it was so sad when Yukihiro Takahashi passed away. Him, Sakamoto and Hosono had created Yellow Magic Orchestra back in late 70's. This is them when they had a concert at Tokyo Dome 30 years ago! Sakamoto is battling cancer while he's still making music... I love this version of Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence.
  3. Well...guess what? I'm going to the live viewing on Monday!!! Can't believe it's happening... I had to come home because my dad's passed away 9 days ago(he's 93 and passed away really peacefully while he was sleeping so no regrets for the rest of the family). I was looking at entering into the ticket trade but considering Hachinohe being a bit far (about 4hrs by shinkan-sen), I'd given up on it. We don't have CS so no chance of watching the live TV and streaming online is a bit unstable (also I'm using my mobile data to access internet). I am smiling from ear to ear right now. Thanks dad, I know you're worrying about me until the end (as I live in Australia) and this is your way to treat your (old) little girl coming home all the way, isn't it?
  4. Are they going to have another interview with Yuzu..?
  5. So so happy that his first show's a huge success and that he's healthy and happy! Thank you Yuzu for taking a leap of faith and believing us - his fans. We will support you all the way to another history making journey!!
  6. Haru chan always heals us after hard experiences.
  7. Oh Sazanka... don't make me cry...
  8. Hello i love you decided by YouTube voting
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