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  1. Yes the piano doesn't sound great but the soul of the music is still there. I believe this one is the first YT upload in 2011 that choreographer Kenji Miyamoto had watched and suggested to Yuzu that if he could skate to it as an exhibition program.
  2. This is not OT as the song is "Requiem of heaven and earth" and I believe this is the composer himself playing it in NY.
  3. Yes these are the ones. No they're not filled with chocolate but are with red bean paste (小豆餡) If you're not familiar with Japanese/Chinese sweet bean paste, you might find it a bit strange I'm sure Yuzu had eaten them before and that's why he's sending them as gifts. He loves zunda which is a version of bean paste so I'm sure he likes standard red bean paste too!
  4. Lately I've been ordering things from Japanese online shops and getting them delivered to my parents in Japan. This has started off with 黒砂糖まんじゅう (kuro-zatou manju) that Yuzu had sent to ToshI while FaOI. Because it looked so nice (I've eaten them before) in ToshI's photos, I just went online and ordered them right after I've seen the photo. Then I've ordered some more stuff online and got them delivered to the parents again. But really, I wanted to get them for myself!! My parents must have been wondering why all of a sudden these sweets started to arrive. ofc I've told them that I'd ordered them because I wanted to treat them and they cannot know the real reason.
  5. Yay! French Kevin, Donovan, Jun, Camden, Conrad and oh Harry the pumpkin king will be there too!
  6. We're talking about Yuzu here. He doesn't do things just casually. It may seem easy and casual but never a random, just like his jumps are placed where they should be so I believe this is all according to his calculation...
  7. Thank youGotta buy it! I'll order it through Amazon Jpn then get my bro to send it to me!! It's so useless that we have Amazon Aus and can't get Amazon Jpn to ship it directly to Australia...it's not like Amazon Aus is selling Yuzu's dvd. They should allow it to ship it, if the product is not available in the country.
  8. ...video unavailable...but it says 羽生結弦 「進化の時」Blu-ray&DVD 2019年9月25日発売決定!! So Yuzu's Blu-ray&DVD is going to be released on 25/09/2019
  9. @mercedes Thank you so much for the translation!! Yes. If Max writes a book about Yuzu, that has to be published in many different languages or at least Japanese and English (and maybe Chinese as the market could be quite large...)
  10. I don't think I have many actors or actresses that I truly love for what they do. I have few favourites that I tend to watch movies based on their appearances but I don't know if I truly like the actor for who they are off screen. To me, actors and actresses can project images of different characters and humans in different situations. So depending on the characters they portray, my view of the actor/actress can change quite drastically. That is why I don't really know if I like the actor/actress for who they really are or that is based on the roles they play on screen. I can't make my mind up... I'd like to think a bit more and go down the memory lane few times before I bring up some names. Like I said, I have few favs but I don't know if I love their acting or just their appearances on few movies...so I will come back after some assignment that I'm doing (I've just checked to see what's going on in PH while I'm having a break).
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