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  1. I couldn't watch sp until tonight...and a lot happened while I was caught up in the real life things. Well done to uncle Brez and young Artur!! And Mr Fentz! Can you plz see me in my office after this? I have a thing about his nerdy office guy look And my favourite Italian boys - Matteo and Daniel, redemption fs for both of you!! On the other hand...OMG wad habbened du Gevin GP finalist didn't even qualify for fs...I'm heart broken for him truly. It's just so Hope he can put this nightmare behind him...oh Kevin........ And thank goodness we're spared from CH-eat-your-heart-out commentary. But then again, the commentator is from SBS...I don't really like his posh nasal voice but if I have to choose between the two, I'd choose this one over CH. I don't think I can join the live stream as the time is in ungodly hours for me so I will catch up on Sat during the day for me. For those of you who can watch fs live, please enjoy and make this thread entertaining for the ppl who can't follow it live. I'm counting on you
  2. So Romsky won!! Oh it's good for him Did he get any doraemon plushies??
  3. I don't think the radio show has anything to do with supporting the fires directly. I've checked the credits and clicked on the producer of the show and this is what it said. It looks like they're trying to get some understanding of what this Yuzu phenomenon is. I won't be surprised if none of Yuzu's parts are new and made up with just some interviews from before.
  4. OMG I have set a reminder to tune in the next Sat!!!
  5. She's pretty but her face looks so thin... I hope she's getting better now and things gonna turn out much better for her than last year.
  6. It's so funny that in American dramas/movies, baddies/jerks have British accent and in British films, Americans portrayed as idiots with lousy mouth. I can't spend hours watching all episodes so I'm limiting one per weekend. This way, it's going to last until 4CC...
  7. This is new one. Nothing to do with what Yuzu's saying or doing but I just could't take my eyes off from the little holes on the end of the sleeves. What are they for???? Anyone???
  8. I agree that kuyashii cannot be put in one word but we can find photos of what kuyashii looks like
  9. 木洩れ日/木洩れ陽 definitely gives H&L vibe!! When I think of expressions within H&L, gentle sunlight through the leaves is there among with the other natural elements/phenomena that are reminded by Yuzu's performance. I see clear water run through creeks and well polished pebbles as well as breeze blowing through the forests appears in my head while I watch H&L WC 2017. For me, H&L contains the everything that represent kindness/gentleness/light/life/good things/richness in the universe...
  10. The photo is from JNat... https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IoniBFaEj?fid=1034:4458091912036403
  11. Thank goodness we're back!! So they're going to broadcast Music with wings on CS Asahi. I've seen few Japanese fanyu's blogs and all of them are saying the concerts were really moving. There was a video message from Yuzu himself and he's wearing black suit with white shirt no tie but with red pocket square...
  12. I love your work @Henni147 !!
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