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  1. A bit late but better late than never...? The first one: 花野ゆく人 月 おくる It's hard to translate short one like this but 花野ゆく人 means a someone walking in a flower field. 月 おくる I'd say this means the moon is seeing him/her off - moon watching s/he walks. The second one: 中秋の名月とな。月にはまだ帰らぬ。 Roughly means "The harvest moon, is it? I'm yet to return home (to the moon)"
  2. Okay I've done my bit for today. I had some spare time to spent about 1hr voting while browsing other sites. I've used Chrome Incognito page and I could vote multiple times. I used to vote for rock bands popularity ranking and compared to that, this battle is relatively an easy one ETA: I can't embed an image...? When I finished voting, Yuzu 64.78%, Shoma 31.43% and Shohei 1.33%
  3. Photographer Tanaka-san's talking about Yuzu photo book 2015-2016. The video does not have English sub but looking through Yuzu photo book is still very nice :)
  4. Wait...I can't edit my previous post! Something wrong with the site and I'm scared...
  5. Thank goodness we're back...but something is wrong with the site...it looks very different to before. Have you guys changed anything or is this glitch??
  6. Hana Ni Nare followed by PW Encore @ World Figure 2014 Osaka Exhibition
  7. Well done everyone!! Congrats 6000 pages!!
  8. Thank you and well done @Henni147 and @sweetwater for your hard work! Yuzu's quotes encourage so many people in different situations, countries, background, ages, etc. I just can't stop watching Yuzu's performances on loop on YT and also I sometimes watch series of his documentaries and news clips, and TV interviews. And I realise why I have fallen so deeply into 羽生沼 (hanyu-pond). His wisdom beyond his years is just unbelievable. I've never known someone like him - sincere, passionate, wholesome...I don't know how to put my thoughts about Yuzu into words. He's an athlete and an ar
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