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  1. Also what about our hearts and hairs?? Heart & hair transplant business will be booming...the power of hanyuconomy
  2. Yep. You can post it here though I have already saved b&w and colour ver on my lap top and on the phone as well You’ll never know when you need back up of a back up
  3. Can somebody invent a dream recorder and time machine like now? We need to send them to the night that @Henni147 had the dream!! TBH I don't think I'd survive day 2 so I need paramedics stand by as well...
  4. Just sent some Euro via Paypal A Happy New Year to the hard working admins and moderators!! I really appreciate for everything you do to keep this platform open for all of us. Thank you!!
  5. A Happy New Year to you all Hope 2021 is better year for all of us on this planet (the earth) and wish all the satellites on PH the very best!! Stay safe and enjoy the festive season. LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU ALL!! And my dearest Yuzu, stay healthy and safe!! Enjoy oshogatsu with your family
  6. LMEY sakura storm version I love Yuzu wilding with such pretty fairy costume. His duality at its best
  7. Same...it's something about the misfit of the total opposite like salty caramel
  8. Kao in all black with Billy Joel...boy don't get too old before your age please.
  9. But the amount of hair spray could indicate he's preparing something hotter and harder than the lyrical numbers. His hair can be left natural for lyrical so I doubt he's performing lyrical program. We'll see (or die) later...
  10. I've mistaken the time and just tuned in to iSakura. Shun is on now!
  11. The costume design also includes 逆さ桜 (upside down cherry blossoms) that relates to lord Kenshin (謙信公). There's a story about lord Kenshin that he picked a cherry blossom branch to use it for fortune-telling of sending troops to Kanto area for the first time. The cherry blossom branch that had been planted upside down somehow rooted and bloomed.
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