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  1. Yeah the exact photo I was thinking bout when I was reading @rockstaryuzu's comment. But I didn't want to disturb innocent fanyus so I didn't post but you did! Btw, Australians call speedo budgie smuggler and don't side eye me that's true!
  2. According to this, the pink wrist band is an over-age proof...yeah like he definitely needs it for his OJ
  3. There's no direct flight out from Toronto to Turin/Torino so no direct flight return from Turin to Toronto either. No airline seems to operate direct flights between these cities.
  4. That's called New Italian Cinematography or Italian Job.
  5. my Czech stream died at the sight of Yuzu... Had to switch to ISU YT and Chris just shut your gaping hole!
  6. I don't mean to be a sexist or anything but she's like a living barbie doll...with the dress in that pink
  7. Maybe they are following the part where some special rules written in invisible ink...
  8. He's too young to be skating to that music...
  9. How 'bout replacing delayed axel with 4...
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