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  1. How do we report this? I tried to do it but because Yuzu doesn't have an official account on Instagram, we can't report it as celebrity or public figure...I've reported as someone I know but that's not strong enough.
  2. The logo header is made based on a picture he's taken of the traces he made with his blade doing 3A. It's very Yuzu.
  3. I suddenly feel like we're at Ice Rink Sendai's front door camping out side with blanket and flask of coffee. The thing is, if Yuzu is not ready to open the door, I feel wrong to queue up hours before the actual event. Call me old fashioned or whatever but turning up too early for party is not good...
  4. Where this link came from? There's no live stream on Yuzu channel??
  5. It's good that YT no longer displays the number of dislikes. Honestly, antis or whoever just click dislike for the sake of their pathetic way of "fun" are not worthy of anyone's time. We are too busy with all these good stuff that professional athlete can give us and got no time for anything else (including sleep, eat and all the other day-to-day activities sometime )
  6. Oh pardon me! I was too happy that Yuzu is having open practice on 10th of August / this Wednesday. The link is Ice Rink Sendai calendar with 10th of August being "closed for public" marked on it.
  7. Sorry for quoting myself but I've remembered something really important...I'm on leave this week!!! ahhahahahhahaha look what professional athlete can do to a poor old girl and to the last year's myself, good job for booking a leave!!
  8. https://icerink-sendai.net/uploads/event/20220717011747_805881812.pdf So Ice Rink Sendai is closed for business on Wednesday we know why
  9. Hope YuzuTube archive the practice. I'll be working when the stream is on...
  10. Sorry to rain on your parade but this source is a women’s weekly magazine and not trustworthy. I have posted my reply on the salt mine but don’t know how to cross post the reply here. Also it’s after 2am over where I live so most of my brain cells has already left me. Please check the reply there. Anyway, unless the idea is backed by Yuzu himself, we should be really careful as so many people wants to have a piece of cake with Yuzu’s name on it.
  11. Ohhhhh the original Pooh-san is still in Toronto waiting for his return
  12. Yuzu does not need ISU's recognition as the figure skating nowadays is no longer the figure skating that Yuzu loves (he has said something like that in this press con). ISU and the judges stop evaluating Yuzu's skating long ago so screw them. He doesn't need their false record or recognition now. People will see what is the truth.
  13. He's giving ISU an ultimatum finally. He is not going to care about ISU rule change any more as that will have nothing to do with his ideal skating, Hanyu Yuzuru's skating. At last my boy, ISU can drop and dxx as far as I'm concerned
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