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  1. Can we assume he's gained about 8cm chest width? I who thought pregnancy was in the belly... But after all, Jupiter took Dionysos not in his belly, but in his thigh after the death of his mother Semele (who couldn't stand the view of Jupiter in all his glory; fortunately 3A hime seems to get used to "new Yuzuru Hanyu"). Speaking of thighs... The pregnancy could as well be there, because they have grown so much.
  2. Thank you! Maybe out of topic (it should be in the technical questions category), the categories show only for Ice Dance.
  3. Welcome @SHINee0live ! I hope you enjoy the Planet, you have come a very good day as there is Stars on Ice in Yokohama. Soon we may have a drought (his absence until next season) and it feels so good to know we are not the only thirsty cactus (fanyu missing him) on Earth!
  4. Good bye y'all, see you tomorrow! (Some don't like this polo shirt, but I find him the best looking man in white polo shirt.) Was it actually in that same place that Prince had the last concert of his Japan Tour in 1996? But without LGC. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/prince/1996/yokohama-arena-yokohama-japan-6bd85266.html https://www.giginjapan.com/prince-ultimate-live-experience-in-yokohama/ http://www.princerecordings.com/yokohama-final-gold-live-concert/ All is in his calculation indeed?
  5. Maybe he wouldn't use other skaters' wrong jump as examples, in order not to embarrass them or to seem to direct any reproach at them; instead preferring showing what's wrong technique on himself, jumping the wrong way on purpose. I wonder if a Japanese electronic company may propose him a collaboration on a software to score the measurable parts of figure skating.
  6. I wonder one thing. The reason why France released Vanessa James so fast (contrary to Bruno Massot) may be that Nathalie Péchalat is not Didier Gailhaguet, but also French federation may have been "only too happy" to release a skater who has not directly sent an improper pic to teenagers or harassed them not to speak out, but who knew and preferred go to Olympics than at least to leave Morgan Ciprès. Sort of good riddance.
  7. SitTwizzle


    There is a whole thread about it, and all what you can tell us will be welcome!
  8. The January shows were not better. The thing is, though I do worry, it is in Japan where levels of infection are much lower than in Europe BUT many skaters are just back from a potential cluster. So I do have conflicted feelings. I hope no one will get contaminated.
  9. Didn't he jump them himself "the wrong way"? Which would have been a huge work of course.
  10. I would have been a few days ago but there's now a survey showing that no contamination results from that sort of queue, attendance in stadium etc, all clusters came from before- and after- gatherings in cafés etc. So I'm quieter now. (I'm sorry I didn't take the reference of the survey, I know I should have.)
  11. the most DIFFICULT THING IN THE WORLD as a performer is to make everything look effortless so Jeff and Yuzu apparently got together and were like: yo but what if we built an insanely difficult program that was 1000% RELIANT on cool effortlessness (From Lae's Twitter.) It is exactly that! How could he manage that feast? Here though, it seems he was practising on another music. Maybe he couldn't manage things with Prince's estate.
  12. Sorry it was thights! I often mix the two words. I will fix it in the message.
  13. First of all, modesty is something quite individual (and age-related too, sometime a person doesn't want such part of his/her body to be seen during some time then it passes) and should never be forced. Then, there is also an argument, and against this argument is the fact that in figure skating (honestly, personally I don't know how gymnasts, either artistic or rhythmic, can manage it) thights are very thick and opaque, to the point that one can't see the plasters under them unless they are quite thick themselves (then the colour is invisible). And dresses usually cover much more than it
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