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  1. A great video, because it exposes facts, then only concludes. Is this really his working desk?
  2. In less than 40 min now, but I understand the video will be on Instagram some time later, that it will not be a live stream. By the way, having no Instagram account, I can watch only if I have a direct link to the post, so thanks in advance if someone can send it here when the video is posted. EDIT : @Anni Thank you for the link!
  3. I'm so sorry I have to go! Wish you a good party, guys!
  4. So, a new sponsor for Alena Kostornaia (Karisma, a training gear brand). And Anna Shcherbakova's dress is beautiful but she doesn't look very happy. What's happening?
  5. More light-hearted, but it needs confirmation on other sites and larger samples (and maybe further checks to avoid biases), the survey population being of only 276 patients at Suizhou hospital, China. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamaophthalmology/fullarticle/2770872 Whereas in the general population, 30% wear glasses all along the day, only 6% of the contaminated do. They see two possible explanations. 1) Eyeglasses protect the eyes and around from contaminated droplets. 2) People wearing eyeglasses may tend to touch their eyes and around less than others. My husband, who is clever , sees other possible explanations. 3) The pads exert a pressure on the nasal cavity and/or sphenoidal and maxillary sinuses, limiting contamination in a way or another. 4) Eyeglass wearers may wash hands oftener, for instance when washing their glasses (not very convincing). There was a 5) but both of us forgot, I'll edit if we remember.
  6. So sad. Particularly, general lockdown (at least, European sort of lockdown) being of no use CoViD-wise, and so destructive, psychologically for the weaker, and economically. I wish you the best.
  7. Your post was the second of page 5987. And there are 89791 replies in the thread.
  8. It would be such a loss for figure skating. He is such a gorgeous skater, let alone his looks.
  9. No doubt, it's him. What a perfect skin texture! And how can he make such convincing "murderfaces" with such delicate eyebrows? I don't know when the photo was taken though.
  10. Was the product found announced? Could it be simply a self-medication containing something prohibited, and she tried to make it pass-off as prescribed? I hope it is this.
  11. In any professional relationship there is an affective dimension, and it is not surprising that skaters and their coaches have a relationship with child/parent aspects. Yet you are right to point out it is not a real parent/child relationship. By the way, Yuzuru Hanyu being a dominant character, I wouldn't be surprised should he have occasionally rubbed shoulders with Brian Orser, whatever his respect to him. And I really agree with the risk in idolising a coaching team. Evguenia Medvedeva did feel well there, while she seems not to have felt well in 17/18 with Team Tutberidze. It is her experience, with, by the way, means different from Team Tutberidze's.
  12. A little laugh : swan mask police. The message in French means : "You were told to wear your mask!"
  13. Value differences between species, they say. But this is too much for a kitten, I say.
  14. Is there anyone he is not nice with? (Nice includes mischievous, of course.)
  15. @yuzuponbitch's last video : "questionable" moments; I would say, moments which would have been embarrassing with other skaters, but are so irresistibly charming with Yuzuru Hanyu. Just what we need in this drought. And, how could I miss her previous one? I check her Youtube account regularly. Learn the alphabet with Yuzuru Hanyu. I wonder if there is not a "sound typo" with the K, though.
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