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  1. Fakewards! How well found! Can I borrow you this new word? Edit : @Whoopiewoop Thank you! I may make good use of your permission.
  2. I should have seen another .gif, with Yuzuru Hanyu fixing his earphone on Shoma Uno's ear before a PyeongChang interview.
  3. I may be pervert. Would it enter among the possibilities, that medals (and why not Gold) would be granted to Chinese skaters (Sui/Han maybe not needing an overscore to win) instead of an American man skater, in case China should accept to hold at least GPF? I mean, there is obvious bias in judging, one should be blind not to see it, even when as ignorant as I am. But this would go farther. It would imply something organised, that is, a conspiracy.
  4. One question... Has not China said they would have no international competition before the end of the year? That is, December 31st? But GPF is supposed to take place in Beijing. I wonder if they are trying to relocate it.
  5. I would be OK for a reduced number of GP trophies this year, rebranding CS as GP, with (a few) more finalists to balance the lack of previous competitions. Skate America is scheduled in Las Vegas, Nevada, which had done quite well until a recent outbreak but not really big to this date, do somebody know why this outbreak is happening, and how it is addressed? At least they are testing enough, considering the number of cases. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/usa/nevada/ But how to get there? Customs and immigration in big American airports have an awful reputation of treating people like cattle, are they taking efficient measures to prevent contamination during transit? Though there are direct flights from several Canadian cities (among which Toronto of course), from London and Frankfurt, or from Seoul. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McCarran_International_Airport#Passenger
  6. I read Kelowna had renewed its contract for another couple years? Anyway I am not under the impression it will be held, for two reasons : 1) Skate Canada had some time to copy 4CC organisation and hold safe Worlds and they couldn't; I wonder if they have learnt from this experience; 2) Canada seem super cautious on opening borders, and no country have tried yet opening borders only for people with no symptoms AND good predictive biological markers, so I don't know if they will have opened their borders in October. And I am not speaking of attendance (sorry for satellites who would dream of seeing Yuzuru Hanyu live), just the skaters and their coaches, because attendance can very well be local and limited.
  7. I wouldn't see him doing ballet (but why not, dancing on the floor in his own way/language). But when he has more time, he may lurk at more sorts of dances (including ballet) to enrich his own. And that of his future students.
  8. And in the epidemic context, it adds complexities : how to manage to hold everybody safe.
  9. Oh, thank you, I didn't know this interview and I agree with @rockstaryuzu it is great. I like so much how Shizuka Arakawa tells him he has already exceeded all our expectations. Though comparing with music or ballet, while having made maybe the greatest leap in the history of an art, he is not on par with them artistically (but he could become so after his competitive career, this is one more reason to find his staying healthy so important, he is so young if one think of great musical and ballet interprets) but achieving this would be as much on the venue side (suppressing reverberation but not only : the sound should have to be even in the whole venue?) than on his maturing as an artist. But anyway these are not expectations because I don't know what to expect, my imagination fails, I wouldn't have been able to imagine a skating as is already doing (he exceeds my expectations by far) and he keeps progressing, I just rely on him... he is a living dream and so real!
  10. I read he had never had time to learn to ride a bike, but after all, he's a (very convincing) global ambassador for a cosmetic brand while he doesn't need any...
  11. A bit of provocation... Will Shoma Uno get ghost calls, or be treated with less leniency on his jumps?
  12. Has he written it in an ancient style, with some Middle Japanese language or even writing?
  13. Given that at Worlds 2017, in the short program, they pretended that Yuzuru Hanyu had transferred more than 50% of his weight on the other leg, while he had transferred less than 40%, and while rules ask to be lenient in case of a doubt, we can guess there will be abusive calls for some, and "more understanding" for others.
  14. I don't know if this belongs to this thread. I am no collector (and I won't be here on Saturday) but I must say I am quite impressed by the giveaways Planet Hanyu is putting in the Twitter countdown to Saturday streaming party.
  15. I think it is the association between grown up boy living with his mother + working a lot + gaming during free time. Also maybe, his being Japanese (Japanese men have a reputation not to help a lot at home). No more real information (I even think he spoke of washing some laundry himself), rather prejudice. And they much appreciated his P & G commercials, showing him doing some housekeeping, or his Ghana ones, inventing drinking chocolate recipes.
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