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  1. And this is exactly Kamila Valieva's chief strength. Capacity of interpretation. Just think that at 8 years old, she could skate to Swan Death without ridicule! Usually I like more Daniil Gleichengauz's choreographies than most of the Planet do, but with Kamila Valieva he seems to be just "at a loss". He's strong at showing off a skater's strengths and hiding her faults, but Kamila Valieva's faults are only her jumps (particularly combos) and these can't be hidden, and this seems to be too much of a "white sheet" for him. And her very quality shows off the weakness of the choreo. She has nothi
  2. She will need a quad salchow too, but I am sure she can do it, even after her growth spurt, if she fully recovers (lungs, heart etc). Clearly her 2A is a 3A in a near future. But not for these World championships unfortunately.
  3. An brief interview of Mark Kontratiuk : https://sport24.ru/news/figureskating/2021-02-28-kondratyuk-otsenil-svoy-debyut-na-vzroslom-urovne-eto-moy-luchshiy-sezon He won't get the spot certainly (2d now, 250), but he confirmed he was among the best Russian Men skaters.
  4. I like very much her new program, and her skating itself didn't seem affected by the latest off-ice period (the sore throat), although of course the program itself is not completely ready. After this interview, I doubt she could be back in shape for Worlds though, with 3A and all of course I may be wrong. And I thought too, "there's no way she's still at 1m55". Don't you think she's grown again? It seems she's already preparing her Olympic season, though she's brave enough to fight what she has to, like Alina Zagitova at Worlds 2018 (I was so proud of her, she was so brave, and her 5
  5. I thought he had to be among the top 12 or 13, not the top 10? It is even more of a weight on his shoulders. I think Skate Canada stated it themselves, that they would choose from videos they were to receive?
  6. Skate Canada have issued the list of Canadian Worlds entries. For Men it's Keegan Messing, I'm sorry for Roman Sadovsky (and Nam Nguyen). https://skatecanada.ca/2021/02/skate-canada-names-team-for-2021-isu-world-figure-skating-championships/ (I don't see a list of alternates.) [NEWS]
  7. How glad I am Jun Hwan Cha managed to have 90, and probably without overscoring, if Young You didn't even have 70 with a 3A (and I'm glad she's kept it too!)
  8. A pity they don't take credit cards (only PayPal and iDeal it seems).
  9. It is very fortunate indeed, that safety at Worlds doesn't rely on ISU, or on some federations. @barbara 's comment made me imagine, had Worlds 2021 been planned in Russia... Skate Sweden and Swedish authorities seem to be working to ensure safety without hindering too much skating, and I am very glad that everybody will be tested repeatedly.
  10. It's better to have numbers and pictures etc, but on the other hand it is so logical that it could be quite expected. (Even by a dummy like me who am so slow on fluid mechanics.) Same for ventilators, and anything making air circulate without filtration. And while with past strains, airborne transmission was rather rare, the new variants having much more affinity with ACE2 receptor (2.5x more for the UK variant, and I have heard a scientist expecting 13.5 more in case this strain would acquire some South African or Brazilian mutation, I don't know if it is already the case with the UK + E
  11. Thank you so much! It's my husband who remarked that, "playing tag" being "playing cat" in French, he must have been terrific there. And French are reigning World champions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Chase_Tag No wonder that Tomoe Kawabata is not faint-hearted.
  12. Then the stalking method has to be widely denounced, so that everybody refuse to buy that trash, that would dissuade them. He deserves to be let free from intrusions, and to focus on Worlds, not to be stalked.
  13. Happy cat day! I don't know if this video of a "catwoman" has been sent here? The baby's in a very playful mode.
  14. As if he had not had enough health concerns with his sinusitis. I hope it is benign and won't prevent him from competing at Worlds.
  15. Discrimination maybe, but underrepresentation, in my opinion, could be much less severe if costs were not that astronomical, at least for the more gifted. Given, of course, the income/ethnicity relation.
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