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  1. I am afraid I didn't understand correctly : the review is supposed to last more than 12 hours?!
  2. I suppose this belongs to here? Due to coronavirus, the Paris Opera is closed, of course, but they are making available The Swan Lake in its Nureyev version, until April 5th (GMT+2). https://www.operadeparis.fr/en/magazine/swan-lake-replay By the way, the Bolshoi was to follow the same regimen, artists and staff still practising and even performing, without attendance, but I saw photos of everything barred, it is supposed to be because of a case of coronavirus, and there is a rumour about the identity of the contaminee. Do anybody have more information?
  3. Great! It seems to work! Thank you so much! Edit : It did work, I could place an order with my Visa card. Thank you very much!
  4. But the paper editions are still for Japan only, aren't they? I thought it would make a perfect present for a relative who's studying costume making, but we are in Europe.
  5. That day he was the quintessential Romeo. Not the exact Shakespeare character, nor the character of the musical (which I don't know), but the essence of youth in despair, impatience and love. I have never heard about such an interpretation even in a theatre or movie, not to speak of skating or ballet where there is a demanding technical part to master before acting, let alone the skating itself. Because when an actor is good and experienced enough to play Romeo, he doesn't have the fire anymore, even less the youth. Here we have the exceptionally early talent, (I am sorry for the pains themselves, I still wish so much he wouldn't have had them though they were so useful to his talent and dedication) the physical and moral (the latter so deeply felt) pain, and his already wonderful skating to enhance it. He IS Romeo, forever. Fall and all. And before watching it, I just thought Romeo was an impossible part. We all hope he skates to Romeo again, but now he is a grown man, I wonder if he could. I don't mean to influence the vote because I have no opinion as to which must win (and I refuse to choose, so I don't vote for this bracket).
  6. The worse being, for the father of a friend, he was contaminated by a son of his, a surgeon who had volunteered to help with the pandemic, unprotected because our government only decided to order masks and gloves a few days ago, and who sent nearly immediately his father to a retired brother, but too late, he was contaminated and their father too. :-( And the other one I knew, was the support of her two sisters, one of which practically crippled. Several mayors and councillors are already dead, contaminated during the elections the government maintained without even a rational prophylaxis and information, and many others will. Not counting the electors, of course.
  7. Tokyo 2020 will be Tokyo 2021, July 23d to August 8th for the "main Games" : https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/mar/30/tokyo-olympics-to-start-in-july-2021-after-coronavirus-rescheduling
  8. In fact not Seimei but the so different Origin at SCI and at GPF, made me think of a parallel with horse riding (where I am even more ignorant than in skating). I see Skate Canada's as Yuzuru Denka mounting Ice no Kimi, a great show jumping horse, regally managing a jump which approach seemed desperate, with all their usual elegance and mastery. While I see GPF's as legendary hero Hanyu Yuzuru, rushing Ice Tono (are there "superhorses" in Japanese tales, such as táltos horses in Magyar ones?) into an epic battle, sword in hand. It has a feeling of "unreality", of epic, of suspended time, of mightiness.
  9. In France, everyday brings its celebrity deaths by coronavirus : three musicians, two politicians, four scholars (one of which, the father of a close friend, another, a close friend and support of a friend; and, "ironically", a great American pneumologist come to help, Dr John F. Murray), an author... Dr John F. Murray : https://www.mercurynews.com/2020/03/25/longtime-bay-area-pulmonary-specialist-dr-john-f-murray-dies-of-disease-he-helped-fight-after-bout-with-covid-19/ I am afraid it is not the end of the list. I just hope Japan won't have that many. And I really hope Yuzuru Hanyu won't be infected at all, not that I fear he could die, but he could lose some lung capacity.
  10. Wow! That's news! It may be really great, not just anecdotic, because their joint forces could have influence upon RusFed, don't you think so? (Edited : shortened.)
  11. I suppose this short, easy video about spin levels "for dummies" belongs here? Great thread, by the way! I am far from having learnt a significant fraction of it!
  12. Out of topic because it is ballet not music, an "iconic" interpretation, by Maya Plisetskaya in 1975 : And to remind The Dying Swan was meant to be tragi-comic, I like Maya... Chickenthighskaya :
  13. At least from "outside Russia". In wonder if it was hers or her parents'. Though the initial idea, before the pandemic, may have been hers, and tickets taken then, because I had noticed she had quite liked the dinner at Egyptian Museum (World's second most important Egyptian collection) in Turin, even the idea of it, she wore an Egyptian dress. Did it stem from Alina Zagitova's Cleopatra program? Though I am sorry she went to Egypt in spite of the pandemics, I am pleased that she gets cultural influences.
  14. So, potentially THREE N-D programs next season? Two of which based on the Cocciante's musical, only one remaining maybe on Maurice Jarre's score to Roland Petit's ballet? It was supposed to be danced in Tokyo a few days ago : https://www.ambt.jp/pf-notredame2020/
  15. That's figure skating! Superb! Do you think she can still progress on height and type of jumps? They are really beautiful in slow motion though.
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