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  1. I think I should stay apart a little more but maybe I can add there's an earlier occurrence of a physicist's animal example getting "its own life". Jean Buridan, mainly a XIVth Century logician but also physicist, invented and calculated what is today called momentum and had an early idea of Newton's Third Law relating to gravity; he illustrated it with a dog, which became a donkey in a "paradox of Buridan's a..", still known nowadays but with a completely different meaning (that of human freedom in Philosophy). It goes the same way with Schrödinger's cat. It is now a myth in common minds
  2. Thank you! I'm sorry she can skate only half the time she used to before CoViD, but relieved she doesn't lose hope. Yuzuru Hanyu looks a little like a sort of statue of the Commander in her estimation, doesn't he? And she's considering working with a foreign choreographer (she took the example of Rika Hongo's working with Shae-Lynn Bourne) but not a foreign coach.
  3. Welcome! I agree with everybody, Nathan Chen's Axels have hardly room for a 3A, a 4A would be unthinkable (except with a harness but I suppose you too, may "jump" a 4A with a harness?) He hasn't landed a 4Lo yet? He may some day, in spite of this jump scaring him? Well, he doesn't have to work on his spins as errors don't seem to be called. I suppose people around him will see to that and prevent him from fixing it rather than upgrading his base value. The same for PCS. He "just" needs to land jumps.
  4. I felt a sudden urge to see Yuzuru Hanyu skating to Maurice Ravel's Concerto en Sol (Concerto in G). SP and FP cut on the first movement : and Gala/Exhibition skated to the whole second movement, with no jump, a spin or two, just his glide and his beautiful body movements, changes of edge, etc. To be honest, my preferred version of the first movement this concerto is by Martha Argerich with Armin Jordan conducting the Orchestre de la Suisse romande, because I don't like Pierre Boulez' tendency towards some violence, which I had tap
  5. EDIT : it's a pity that Jean doesn't want to be retweeted without permission, because I don't have a Twitter account, and her fanart watercolours are so nice, and I liked particularly the last one, Smaugzuru and Pooh Baggins. My husband, who loves Tolkien too, liked the picture quite as much.
  6. Thank you! Well, of course, his GOEs on spins are a joke, like many of his GOEs, if compared to others (not only Yuzuru Hanyu) and that's something like 1 point too much on the final score for every spin, step sequence and choreography sequence, but I had never noticed he had incorrect positions. I should be more attentive.
  7. Someone had the accuracy of view to see this mistake on a spin by Nathan Chen, which was not seen by the judges : Well, usually he manages to get a real level 4, doesn't he? Though he looks rather uneasy on spins. This was probably an isolated mistake, but about the Papadakis/Cizeron scoring mess at Europeans, a Tech Panel member had said 80% of their time was to count revolutions, so the absence of call itself looks a bit suspicious. The other explanation being, judges don't mind, like a former USFSA President said in the 90's? (She is also accused of having co
  8. I thought about translating Notte Stellata lyrics but my Italian is "in infancy" and my English, faulty. Fortunately there's already one available, and it seems to exist in other languages too. https://lyricstranslate.com/en/notte-stellata-swan-starry-night-swan.html I knew the music had been proposed to him by Tatiana Tarasova (also known as TAT), but I didn't know the choreograph : it's David Wilson.
  9. I just stumbled across this on ISU's rules (emphasis theirs) : https://www.isu.org/figure-skating/rules/sandp-handbooks-faq/24781-tphb-single-skating-2020-21-final/file P.20 : « Cheated take-off A clear forward (backward for Axel type jump) take-off will be considered as a downgraded jump. The toe loop is the most commonly cheated on take-off jump. The TP may only watch the replay in regular speed to determine the cheat and downgrade on the take off (more often in combinations or sequences). » How can one be surprised no prerotation is ever called, as the tech panel is de facto
  10. Me too now : I suppose the message transmitted has been suppressed. Javier Fernández was proposing a training movement for inexperienced skaters, and another for more advanced ones.
  11. Thank you! It seems there were a number of fanyus, from the yellow poohs with a red vest (not Pooh-San but there is a likeliness)?
  12. By the way, were there "virtual seats for sale", and you could chose the image of the spectator representing you? Or how were they chosen?
  13. Thank you @Veveco! and for forwarding this tweet : And there is also this : EDIT ( @Veveco ) : His beauty is so angelic (or elfic), it suits him so well. I'm sure many great artists of the past would have been inspired. And yesterday was Archangel St Raphael's day for the Roman Catholic (Church of England celebrate him together with St Michael and St Gabriel, at Michaelmas, Sept 29).
  14. I tend to think it is better if a sort of media alert doesn't start with him, but with a more collective preoccupation, otherwise it would be dismissed as a "fanyu fantasy". I really wish a good deal of a technical scoring to be done automatically in a near future, and I doubt ISU would do it by themselves, they "need" pressure, by media AND Olympic Committee (who from time to time demand them to prove figure skating is a sport, with objective judgement, and who may become less lenient now that technical means could be found, and have indeed been found for gymnastics).
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