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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there, this is a place where we can put memes, videos, fanart or GIFs and talk about the most amazing skater Yuzuru Hanyu Rules 1. No dissing other people 2. No inappropriate content 3. all images, videos, GIFs, memes, fanart MUST be credited Thank you
  2. As many might have already heard, Yulia Krivikhina (Yulena) has recently published her analysis of Yuzuru's Origin - a truly enlightening and informative text showing the complexity and depth of his free program. I humbly offer my translation of her work. If there are any corrections, please, don't hesitate to let me know!
  3. Apa khabar para rakyat Malaysia yang merupakan peminat Yuzuru Hanyu?😂 Selamat datang ke forum Planet Hanyu edisi Bahasa Melayu di mana kita membincangkan pencapaian-pencapaian Yuzuru Hanyu dalam sukan luncur ais dan bagaimana beliau menjadi amat terkenal di seluruh dunia.Saya berharap agar dapat berapa banyak rakyat Malaysia yang merupakan peminat Yuzuru Hanyu selain daripada saya sendiri. Sila jaga tatasusila masing-masing semasa berada dalam forum Planet Hanyu.Jangan suka melemparkan kata-kata fitnah antara satu sama lain dan memuat naik perkara-perkara yang tidak elok sehingga menimbulkan rasa tidak senang hati dalam kalangan ahli-ahli lain.Pendek kata,hormatilah peraturan-peraturan yang sudah sedia ada. Satu lagi permintaan dari diri saya iaitu tolong guna Bahasa Melayu dengan cara yang betul...^^ ((Jika ada sebarang perubahan,kemungkinan besar apa yang saya tulis akan disunting semula...)) P.S:Ahli ini berasal dari Kudat,Sabah,Malaysia.
  4. Lilona


    Made when Brian gave an interview to Huff Post Korea. Yuzuru was passing by and jokes on his coach xD
  5. Hello and hi!I just found this forum page and decided to join it so I can get some updates about Yuzuru! Almost a year ago,I know about Yuzuru through his world-record performance,Hope And Legacy during Worlds 2017.Since that,my interest towards figure skating has grew so rapidly plus I also watched Yuri On Ice around November 2016. Why I love Yuzuru?The answer is so simple,I love him because of his endless efforts to improve his skating skills.He might be already a legend after his second gold medal in Pyeongchang Olympics but I bet that he wanted to do more especially to be the first skater to land quad Axel,which no one has did it. Secondly,he gave me some motivation to stay strong no matter what happen.Everyday,I need to face the ignorance at school plus I often being bullied.Like Yuuri Katsuki,I also have a heart that made from glass so I easily can get upset.When I talked about figure skating,I often being 'booed' by my own classmates because they think that it is a boring sport.I wanna be a great person like him but I also wanted to be a humble person in this world. Moreover,Yuzuru inspired me to work harder and never give up.For your information,I'm in final year in high school and will be facing a huge public examination in the end of year.I failed a lot and tend to be lazy sometimes.When I saw his determination to win,I also need to act like that...^^ There are more reasons that I want to tell but that I can say for now!Have a good day,Yuzu's fan!!
  6. If you have Instagram, please follow these steps to help nominate our Yuzuru! 1. Post a good/handsome picture of Yuzuru on Instagram 2. Put the hashtag #100MostHandsomeFacesof2017 and #YuzuruHanyu 3. Tag @tccandler to the picture/post There are no limits to how much you tag them in the photo! Good luck, everyone! がんばれよ❣
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