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  1. LOL! You didn’t have to stress about it! It works either way, so no worries!! Thank you for writing the letter!
  2. Maybe a slightly changed @makebelieveup‘s version, to match our CoR banner: Fans who love you from all over the world Yuzu...I know it must be the angle or a filter (I do think she used a filter), but how comes he always looks younger and younger?!! LOL
  3. Yay!!!!!Looks so cool!!
  4. Are you streaming again? It's all black for me ETA: I'm in again!
  5. I finally managed to get in...but it is really laggy...is it better for you now?
  6. oh no....Kast is not working for me...but the last time I had no troubles with it
  7. YUZU!!!! thanks to the universe for all kiddies at TCC!!!! posting pictures with him...
  8. AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! YUZU!!!!!!!! Nice group picture and it's so good to see him smiling that bright!!!
  9. Maybe better to use the 1080 source?!
  10. OMG those are gorgeous!!!! I want one!!!!!!!!!! This makes me soooo happy!!!!!!!!! I’m so proud of this fanart exhibition happening in South America!!!!!
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