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  1. @cvdnce Congratulations!!!! I wish I could have been there!!! Thank you so much to you and each one of your girls. You all have work hard and the result was a truly beautiful and heartfelt performance!
  2. @cvdnce just dropping a message to let you know that I’m thinking about you and your girls!! I wish you good luck and send you good vibes for your performance today!!!
  3. OMG!!! 4F?!! For real? can someone confirm please?!!!!
  4. Wow...that was again and again breathtaking...how, how can he skate and perform like that?!!! I feel like floating now Thanks a lot @sallycinnamon for rabbiting!!!
  5. Guys, there is a cute new video from Yuzu greeting Sasha P., can someone bring it to the forum?!
  6. Yeah...I'll give it a try as well!! night guys, today has been an extremely emotional day!
  7. I'm still watching that gorgeous and mesmerizing 4lz and Yuzu's interview in a loop...I'm SO NOT ready for Toyama!!!
  8. thank you skating gods, let him be always this happy!!!!
  9. Are you still watching on faeline’s rabbitstream? I can’t open it now but it did work earlier...
  10. And now the show is over?! Arghhhhh
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