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  1. Exactly, we'll be watching Yuzu's performances
  2. I bet they have tons of footage hoarded!!!
  3. God, how I miss him!! When will we be able to wacht him skate again...
  4. Dear fellow satellites!! Don’t miss our own Party!!!
  5. I'm soo looking forward to the next week and what we can achieve And TSL is def. not worth of my time Yeah...I should go to sleep...I'm feeling a little bit dramatique...
  6. Absolutely! To me the message is clear and I hope he knows we know as well!
  7. Tweet: "We are a few days away from the infamous Awards, so we request to join the initiative of NOT SEIING IT, commenting on it, sharing it etc. Let's not be part of the lack of respect towards fans and especially our favourite skater." Statement: "As fans of figure skating, we hope that this great sport is recognised and reaches more people as a fair and beautiful discipline. The only award that skaters deserve is a fair trial in the competition without bias and favoritism. In recent years, this sport has been tainted by the incompetence, bad faith and preferences of the institution, which are far from the main values and good performance of skaters. Seeing the lack of respect towards athletes, fans and other people who love figure skating, we appeal to your personal criteria and suggest not to watch the Awards broadcast and not share anything related to it. Let's recognise and honour all skaters, that's the best prize for them!" Disclaimer: I'm not a professional translator!!
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