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  1. I would LOVE Masquerade but voted for CM...because that costume didn't look to be only for FAoI...If the keeps HYK I would also feel very happy!!
  2. Hmmmm... I joined just in time to watch Liza. I hope Gabby can come back strong for the FS!
  3. oh noooooo..... poor Misha!!! I hope he can recover well and take all the necessary time to get healed! I will miss him a lot this season!
  4. Oh come on, I'm out for a day...and come back to see THIS?!! HOW COULD THEY!!!! If anybody finds the recipe, please let me know!! lol... It has to be photoshop!!! and now I'm going to watch some beautiful Origin 2. pics to clear my eyes!!
  5. oh no...I already have to leave...why did I accept to have dinner with this friends who live like 1:30 hour away from me?! Well, have fun guys!!!
  6. I know I'm biased but I keep seeing masquerade costumes everywhere!!
  7. lol, why is everyone getting veggie-plushies? Is there any meaning I'm not getting?
  8. I won't be able to watch the whole FS ladies, only the first three or four groups
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