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  1. For IG users, more giveaways!!! Follow and share it
  2. This post has been tagged by Yuzu_legend as [NEWS].
  3. How lovely, Sendai being the best again! Moppysound also tweeting about Prologue! ETA: This post has been tagged by Yuzu_legend as [NEWS].
  4. Do not miss this opportunity! We are gifting a complete set of Prologue clear files! 💙
  5. Welcome back dear Fay! You’ve been dearly missed!
  6. Dear Geo, thank you so much for sharing such precious memories, a fanyu dream indeed! I’m extremely happy to know you got to meet Yuzu and could watch him practice!! I hope in the future there will be the chance for you and your wife (and Jason too 😁) to see Yuzu at a show again!
  7. Good morning and yay we got confirmation about the channel!! I’m so happy we don’t have to guess anymore!
  8. Alright everyone, it's time for me to go to bed but before, I'll unhide the previous posts because the vids are still up and public ...so I'm going to ask you all for help: If something happens in the next hours and the YT account gets deleted, blocked, etc. people who posted should please hide the content again... I hope we'll have certainty soon! and good night! ETA: Good morning and happy confirmation that the channel is official! 🥰
  9. That's exactly what has us all hanging in the air...till now Yuzu has always communicated everything via his official channels, and also crossposted information. BUT the content in that channel can only be original right?...But why would he just upload a video without announcing it like he did for all other videos? Maybe the schedule was messed somehow...
  10. Yes, the material has to be from Asahi. Lol now I’m suddenly dreaming about live streaming… if eventually it is an official channel…
  11. This would definitely be the best outcome!
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