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  1. Now I'm almost regretting it!! hahaha sounds like it will be a lot of fun in C4!!!
  2. Hi! I'm so sorry!! already someone contacted me!!!! I'm selling it because by chance I could buy a ticket in B3 row 5... (asked for help as well here in the thread)....
  3. Hi guys, I'm selling a silver seat: SELL: All event Ticket GP Rostelecom (16-18/11/2018) SILVER SEAT: Section C4, Row 2, seat 5 Original price: 15 750 RUB (about 205 euros). Selling for 190 euros Please DM me if interested
  4. Yuzu_legend

    [Tv Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KANAZAWA

    First I thought at 8:00?? But it’s not... I already started fujitv...so maybe 8:30? ETA: it just started!
  5. guys, what would you take: C4 row 2 or B3 row 5??? @Lunna and @Mastyaeva B3 row 5 should be front row???
  6. Yuzu_legend

    [Tv Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KANAZAWA

    good morning guys! is anybody going to rabbit it?
  7. I just booked my flight and now I have to apply for the visa... Guys, if someone hears that section C1-C3 is on sale, could you please drop a short message in this thread?
  8. Silly me, I thought the stress was over but it’s definitely not so bad now...hahaha... I still would love to grab a golden one but can also live very well with section C4. Btw anyone else in C4?
  9. But not yet C2, C3 or A1, A4, right? ETA: @traveltoomuch A4 was also available??? Oh noooo
  10. They released the gold ones?????!!!!!!!!!