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  1. Google translate: The Citizen directly-managed store at Shanghai Ochi Plaza has Hanyu's handwritten "Soujou" on the window!
  2. Our monthly crumb!!! Thank you Yuzu!!!! Maybe we will get some more from Waseda and Citizen?! ETA: ok, no second group then no chance for Waseda anymore... 😂
  3. Thank you all for joining the Party! It's always so nice to watch together and enjoy Yuzu's otherworldly performances!!! To see how he keeps improving, pushing and going beyond expectations is really unique. We are very lucky to be able to witness his greatness and a real privilege and honour to support him. Special thanks to our MVS (most valuable satellite!! ) @Wyell for the beautiful video!!
  4. Don’t forget to join the YuzuSkatingParty!!
  5. This is so cute, I had to ask my good friend to translate it!! So here we go: 1. Origin shows off, “Doesn’t this sparkly mirror look gorgeous?” Otonal says, “Looks nice!” 3. Otonal glares at Haru and mutters, “Haru-Chan...” 4. Haru-Chan says, “Is this no good? 💗” Otonal replies, “NO- it makes me feel so restless- can you undo it please!”
  6. I’m willing to watch it, even if only for to hear his name being mentioned!!! 😭😭😭 Yuzu, we miss you and the white wall so much, give us our monthly crumb...we are begging you!!!!
  7. The Hanyuten Shrine posted this: 💜💜💜
  8. I hope he’s having a nice day!!!
  9. Just last weekend we had another one, but to answer your question yes, we are planning more and I love your idea!!!
  10. Ahh nothing can ruin my excellent mood after rewatching Olys Seimei and the most gorgeous smile in the universe!!
  11. Aww joined just in time to enjoy Satoko
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