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  1. Nishikawa started also it’s online campaign… no clear files this time at the store… 💔💔💔
  2. Today on Every in Japan. They show Yuzu’s fall during practices, so please be aware of it before clicking on it!
  3. 💕💕💕 This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  4. and hello white wall, we've missed you dearly!!! Also Yuzu's fresh haircut...
  5. Yuzu crumbs!!!! 🥰🥰🥰 This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  6. My pleasure!!! And yeah, it was an adventure that required a lot of trust but the people who joined were incredible and eventually we got our tickets and the amazing possibility to watch Yuzu live!!💖💖💖
  7. 🙈 I wish I was Japanese and could understand what Yuzu says and not just nod along in awe without understanding anything! 😂. No (sorry to disappoint you☹️!), I live in Europe and that’s why I could go with the train. The Yuzu-Pooh was a gift from a Japanese satellite and it’s one of my most treasured belongings! 💖💖💖 And yes, the Salon de The is indeed “The La Luce” if you get the chance to go to Montpellier you definitely have to go and tell her you are from Planet Hanyu! 💖 She remember us very well!
  8. Sharing with you some of my experiences! (Sorry I’m too lazy to copy paste everything here so I hope you don’t mind reading in Twitter! 🙈).
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