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  1. This is something I have been thinking the whole night about...do I really want to buy those tickets?! Wouldn’t it be much more appropriate to donate the same amount of money to a charity project in Sendai?!! and then my heart just fears it might be the last Worlds with Yuzu and I hate the organizers because they fully know it!!! I guess the upper ones in the venue are going to be sold as individual event later and the grey ones down, close to the ice are reserved?!! Or do you think they will release some of them in a second wave? This is so frustrating...
  2. Join us at the "2020 World Figure Skating Championships" thread in our disappointment...the prices are just insane... It will be a bloodbath for tickets in Torino now that the prices for Montreal have been published...RIP us!!!
  3. Let's wait for their prices....what I already know with certainty, is that getting tickets for Torino is going to be a real bloodbath now that the prices for Montreal are out
  4. You can see the distribution here: https://montreal2020.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/WSC-PRICE-MAP-DRAFT-APRIL-28_for-website.pdf 100L-200L looks more like "1level/2level" to me? They are definitely betting on Yuzu fans...
  5. Well it’s 4:10 am and I really have to get some sleep now... but it has been a million times worth to wait and be able to see Yuzu!!! Always fun with you guys!!!!
  6. He is so happy, I want to see him this happy forever!!!!!!!! THANK YOU YUZU!!!!!!
  7. Ahhh....SEIMEI!!!!!! We knew it!!!!! Congratulations dear Yuzu!!!!
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