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  1. This will be ISU's decision...I'm not sure if we'll get to know before they release the tickets tbh. All we can do now is to ask about it. There is so much uncertainty...
  2. Hi everyone! If anybody is interested in buying all event tickets, please dm. We are a group of satellites and we might buy all event tickets as a group depending on the price.
  3. Hi and welcome to Planet Hanyu!!!
  4. JOIN US!!!! And don't forget to comment in the chat to participate in the giveaways!!
  5. Let's continue the party this Saturday!!!
  6. Join us again this Saturday!!!
  7. Sportstv from Turkey Low-key wishing for more followers on Twitter...
  8. Dear fellow satellites Today I received some pictures from a good friend in Japan who visited an Irene shop in Kanagawa and I want to share them with you!! The board explains about the Great East Japan Earthquake and how the Irene charity goods are being sold to raise funds for reconstruction efforts. Yuzu's writing says: "Everyone, please cooperate! Let's move forwards together!" They also have these on display, what a treasures!!! If you are wondering where to find it, this is their address: Atelier Shop F 3rd Floor, 2-17-27 Mizonokuchi, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 213-0001 They have been extremely kind and gave us permission to post here the pictures and their address. So if by any chance the persons in charge of the shop see this post, we thank you all for your great efforts and work! From my side, also warm regards and best wishes from Switzerland!! P.S. Please also check the hashtag #CongratsYuzu
  9. You thought we were done with giveaways? Not yet, join us!!!
  11. Join us today dear fellow satellites!!! Let's celebrate Yuzu and spread the love and good vibes!!!!
  12. Join us today dear fellow satellites!!! Let's celebrate Yuzu and spread the love and good vibes!!!!
  13. Exactly, we'll be watching Yuzu's performances
  14. I bet they have tons of footage hoarded!!!
  15. God, how I miss him!! When will we be able to wacht him skate again...
  16. Dear fellow satellites!! Don’t miss our own Party!!!
  17. I'm soo looking forward to the next week and what we can achieve And TSL is def. not worth of my time Yeah...I should go to sleep...I'm feeling a little bit dramatique...
  18. Just in case anyone needs it!!
  19. Absolutely! To me the message is clear and I hope he knows we know as well!
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