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  1. We made quite a few for GPF last time actually, so I'm quite confident the banners will make its way to Rostelecom somehow! I think @Yuzu_legend has a HUGE one that we can give to the staff too to hang in the venue.
  2. There are direct flights from Frankfurt or Berlin to Moscow, so you can try to make a connection there.
  3. You do not necessarily need the tourist voucher from the hotel. You can apply for one through sites such as waytorussia.net or visatoruss.com from anywhere. They cost anywhere from 10 to 30 euros.
  4. Apparently not, as there is now a separate practice ticket for the 25th due to be on sale: https://www.parter.ru/en/artist/isu-rostelecom-cup/#calendar-start=2021-11
  5. I have one single seat in C3 Row 14 Seat 1 to resell at retail price (140 euros). If anyone is interested, please DM me! Sold
  6. You can check for yourself on the individual event tickets page: https://www.ticketmaster.fr/en/manifestation/championnat-du-monde-ticket/idmanif/508022 There is a seat plan showing what is still available. I’m afraid nobody really knows if further tickets will be released. We only know that, on the Long sides, no other sectors apart from F7 were being sold when sales started.
  7. It is listed but not together with the programmes since it includes multiple practices. Check below it under “PACK SEMAINE”: Le package comprend - Une place pour chaque journée de compétition et accès à tous les entrainements.
  8. I’ll share some of my experiences here in case someone finds it useful. I got tickets for F7 when they were available. Notably, throughout the whole day we didn’t see any other Gold seats become available on the Long side apart from F7. I am really sceptical that the rest is really already sold out, so I am guessing they are probably reserved for tour groups or something — which may become available later on. The ticketing system is a little archaic/quirky. If you are buying single tickets: It won’t let you pick a seat if you will leave a single seat b
  9. All-event tickets were sold back in NHK 2019. Apparently not for this year. The site for it is actually still live, so you can check it out if you're curious: https://nhk-trophy2019.jp/ Like you said, even though the site does not explicitly say that foreigners are not allowed, tickets still cannot be purchased abroad. To make an eplus.jp account to enter the lottery, you need to have a Japanese mobile number, address, and credit card. Effectively, we're screwed. Good luck to those lucky enough to enter, though! 頑張れ!
  10. Hana ni Nare 4K no-commentary version is up!
  11. Thank you! Probably tomorrow as the audio needs some extra work cleaning up (plus I've been distracted watching WL on a loop since finishing it...).
  12. I uploaded a non-commentary edited 4K version of White Legend here! This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
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