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  1. Thank you so much for sharing!! 🤗🥰 It made my day!
  2. For those curious about how it looks irl, I ordered a sample and it arrived today! I'm happy with how it turned out!
  3. We can check If not, I'll come back to you after GPF!
  4. For Worlds, it'll probably make more sense to use a NA vendor. Gotta check if anybody is willing to organise that because I won't be attending Worlds. 🤔 Maybe somebody from Russia who's going to GPF can get one back and mail it to you?
  5. Hey all, We would like to produce a tote bag with the design to bring to GPF! Here's what it would look like (mock-up only!): Due to logistical reasons, it is currently only planned for people who will be attending GPF in Torino. If there are people who would like to have one at Worlds, that will have to be organised separately. If you are attending GPF but not in the group chat, please contact @Yuzu_legend to be included, as you will need access to the Excel sheet to sign up for the bag. The price per unit is dependent on how many we order, but
  6. We have to first check with the photographer whether they would be comfortable with us using the photo as such. If they say yes, I'll make you a mock-up so you can see what it looks like on a tote.
  7. When I was making it I thought Sendai, Japan + (rest of) Japan, but maybe you're right that it's redundant.
  8. Hello! I'm back with another update to the design: this time 94 countries in one banner! (You can tell I got a little carried away) I tried a version keeping the blue but it just doesn't look complementary to the red. I haven't proofread the country names so apologies if I misspelled anything. If somebody doesn't see their country on the design, please let me know. Thank you @Yuzu_legend, @yuzuonice, @Veveco and @sallycinnamon for your help!
  9. To proceed, I need a little bit of help from you guys 🙏: 1) Which countries should I include? Is there a list/PH data somewhere? 2) It turns out looking for a photo of the Otonal 2.0 costume in that same pose is nigh impossible!! Does anybody have one saved?? If not, we can use the current one as it really does fit very nicely – in which case I have a favour to ask. I managed to track down the photographer (who also happens to be a fanyu, so who knows, she might be here): https://twitter.com/bassssclef Can anybody with a Twitter account please contact her
  10. Thank you!! I agree with this tbh, it's meant to be a community project after all. If people are interested in having the first design for their personal use, I'd be happy to provide it! But if we are proceeding with this particular design with this particular project, I'd opt for the 'safer' text version.
  11. I gave it another try and used country names. It works, actually (with a lot of optimisation needed, of course). Thoughts?
  12. Hey guys! The wonderful @Yuzu_legend recommended I check out this thread as I'm currently helping out with designing materials to bring to Torino. I had an idea that I thought might fit this project: I thought it would be cool (and sends a nice message) if different flags come together and form a circle in the middle, with Yuzu as the hero image – doubling as the flag of Japan. Please keep in mind that it's only a (really really) rough draft and I didn't have time to search for an Otonal 2.0 picture of the same pose. The flags here a
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