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  1. Is Nats OC different from ISU OC? They're usually just a formality and no competing skaters actually participate in them. Which is why I am not expecting Yuzu (or anybody else tbh) to attend it at all. 🤔 Do I need to tune in after all?
  2. There's a separate meet-up thread: @Yuzu_legend can add you there in case she's not monitoring this thread.
  3. Thanks Yuzu... 😒😫 the relief was short-lived and we're back on the Anxiety Express.
  4. Yuzu doesn't look too kuyashii actually! That alone is cause for celebration. See you guys at Torino!
  5. The audience bopping along with their flags to the beat. I love Japan.
  6. This music has a very anime final episode vibes? I dig it.
  7. The moment the audience urged him on by shouting his name he knew what's up. Smart boy – must've been on his mind too. 😆
  8. Kosto def checked if it was the right colour this time. 😂
  9. Watch them hand out the wrong medals again this time (pls).
  10. He's SO self-conscious about the wreath LOL keeps glancing at the jumbotron.
  11. LMAO does he have a phobia about things messing up his hair? Too funny.
  12. To be honest he just wears his emotions on his sleeves. He cries when he bombs. He cries when he skates cleans. He just... cries a lot. And that's okay! I find it endearing and refreshing.
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