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46 minutes ago, shina07 said:

I can’t even focus at work today. Thank goodness I’m about to go home and hope that I’m home by the time his presscon starts so I can cry about it in private lol. Hugs to all of you right now! 



And my work is just beginning. I wonder how to focus on it.
OMG few more minutes left, my pulse is rising.:10636614:

Even if we life in different countries, today we are not alone.:grouphug:



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4 minutes ago, IceWings said:

Some more live streams

I wish we had so much choice for competitions as we have today for Yuzu's announcement!!

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Okay, well... it's been a pleasure watching Yuzu for the last four years with all of you. No matter what happens in the next few minutes, we're all supporting Yuzu together.


I'm glad to have you all here with me, though.


Edit: grabbed my Pooh bear that was supposed to be a WC 2020 tossie but ended up being clutched during the 2022 OWG. It just feels right.

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2 minutes ago, yumeaki said:

Well the good news is we will see Yuzu soon! in 5 min!

Right? We thought we'd had to wait at least a month! This is GOOD! (ovrehyped to hide nerves)

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