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  1. Some of the people in my class were messing around with moves after our lesson last week. Someone mentioned an Ina Bauer and said she couldn't do it. So I gave it a try and managed a tiny, back leg not very far back at all, definitely no layback Ina Bauer! One of the coaches saw it and said all of my Hanyu watching is paying off (Also, toe loops are evil. Evil, I tell you. The human body is not meant to move that way.)
  2. I just checked the FaOI website. He's not listed as a skater - the price has gone that high just based on the hopes that he won't be able to stay away from Sendai.
  3. Well, Rika didn't waste any time proving a lot of us wrong about there not being a new WR this comp...
  4. Nam and Samarin both Zayak with their FS PPC. Nam has 3 4S listed and Samarin has 3 3T listed. Um... let's hope they YOLO those layouts in competition. Also, Shoma abandoned Stairway...
  5. Wait, I didn't even check in here because I assumed I'd just completely bombed this round. I got silver? Really? Huh. I feel like @Old Cat Lady and I are in really good company here...
  6. 1. List the top 3 combined totals for men Chen Uno Zhou 2. List the top 3 combined totals for ladies Kihira Sakamoto Tuktamysheva 3. Which country's teams will be the gold, silver, and bronze medalists? USA Russia Japan 4. List the top 3 combined totals for pairs James/Cipres Zabiiako/Enbert Della Monica/Guarise 5. List the top 3 combined totals for dance Papadakis/Cizeron Hubbell/Donohue Sinitsina/Katsalapov 6. Who will earn the most points on each team Russia - Zabiiako/Enbert USA - Chen Japan - Sakamoto France - Papadakis/Cizeron Italy - Della Monica/Guarise Canada - Moore-Towers/Marinaro 7. Who will receive the highest raw GOE for a jump? Chen 8. Highest raw GOE on a non-jump element? Papadakis/Cizeron 9. Highest raw PCS score? Papadakis/Cizeron 10. Whose total score will improve the most from worlds? Kihira 11. In which disciplines will there be a new world record? None 12. Which country's teams will have no falls or pops of greater than 1 rotation? None 13. Any singles skaters with all +GOE and Level 4s during the competition? Yes
  7. I think you could get your SP BV higher by doing 4Lz, 3A // 4A+3Lz for the jumps. You'd get the 4A bonus in the back half. On a slow day at work, I came up with the equally silly and implausible FS layout of 3Lz, 3F, 3A, 4T // 4A+4S+4F, 4A+4Lo, 3A+4Lz, ChSq1, StSq4, FCCoSp4, FCSp4, CCoSp4 which ends up with the same BV (same jumps, same highest BV in the combo, just a different order). I think that's the highest you can push it until the ISU assigns quint jumps point values. It ends up with a max score of 271.22 (assuming all +5 GOEs and 100 PCS and that my math is right). I'm curious to see if anyone can come up with a higher scoring layout. Yuzu, if you're lurking - this is purely a theoretical discussion, I don't want to see any clockwise rotated quads or back-half 4A combos from you next season.
  8. Well, there is a tango in Moulin Rouge. Not really the tango I want to see Yuzu skate, but if it gets him to finally do one...
  9. Two Moulin Rouges already, plus the rhythm dance next season is musicals, so you KNOW there'll be more to come.
  10. Never fails to make me laugh a little... Yuzu, taking pictures with women: manner hands Yuzu, taking pictures with men: lifts and one very low tango hold As in so many other situations, he's a study in contrasts.
  11. I love the idea of something personalized from the Planet! There are 5000+ of us now, so if even a small percentage of us contribute we can come up with something pretty impressive. Although I agree with @rockstaryuzu. We'll have to be careful with our comments that we choose. I've made too many comments on here talking about my fondness for LGC hair and the trashbag pants that I'm not sure Yuzu himself would want to read...
  12. He’s a considerate man who knows half of his fans would keel over dead at the sight.
  13. Spirals from the men YESSS. Did not know Yuzu had a Biellmann spiral, but not surprised.
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