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  1. Honestly, the lineup in all three events is solid. I'm a little surprised that Jason isn't going, because TCC seems to be using this as their usual warmup for the season. Maybe the thought was to send him elsewhere to hopefully pick up a few more points for world standings? He'd be competing against Yuzu here but has a good chance at winning against most of the men's field at another event. Of course that's just pure speculation.
  2. Quints? Also, a friend of a friend's daughter did a summer training camp at TCC. She got to skate with Yuzu and took a selfie with him. I don't know that I've ever been this jealous of a kid before!
  3. So now the problem with Yuzu not doing media day is I suddenly care a LOT more about going to practices. It was one thing to fly in on Thursday and risk missing his first practice (assuming the schedule looks like last season's?) when we were going to find out about programs ahead of time. Now, though... my poor partner at work's face when I asked him to switch yet another call day so I could fly in a day earlier. The things I do for Yuzu...
  4. That’s crazy that he can’t get ice time at Brown, so he’s commuting to Boston to train. It’s all taken up by hockey. You’d think he’d have a little more pull. Figure skating doesn’t get much respect as a sport in the US, sure, but it’s still surprising that the reigning Worlds bronze medalist can’t get ice time where he lives.
  5. This American doctor also uses "but how will I pay for tickets to see Yuzu" as motivation to push through the burnout. (Although being on OB call during every single one of Yuzu's comps last season was.... not ideal, to say the least.) The Hanyu fan in me is just glad he's better after his surgery. The surgeon in me, though, is vaguely horrified at the idea of having a patient take out their own stitches and do strenuous exercise before they're cleared. I'm feeling second-hand anxiety for his doctors just reading about it. Honestly, Yuzu, you know good and well you use your abs to jump quads.
  6. I’m interested in sightseeing (schedule permitting)!
  7. I can only think of one bad skin day (relatively speaking, this is Yuzu after all) he’s ever had, though... NHK 2017 practice. So maybe it’s actually true for him?
  8. Shoma and Sasha SBS cantilevers
  9. Same. My coworkers are starting to think the number of trips I have planned to Canada in the next few months might be a little excessive... (Well, except for the coworker that was properly appreciative of the PPOS when I got a little tipsy on a recent ladies' night out and showed Yuzu pics off to the group. She gets it.)
  10. I just impulse bought SC tickets after seeing Yuzu's going there. It was insane how fast the seats were selling, I tried three times to pick a seat and each time it was already sold by the time I hit the button. I finally ended up telling the system to give me something and now have crappy seats - now I have to see if I can actually get time off work to go.
  11. I just bought SC tickets after seeing the lineup. It took three tries - every time it would say my selected seat was sold out. I ended up just telling the system to give me an available seat because every time I tried to buy the best one I could find it was already gone before the page reloaded. Insane! Now to see if I can actually get time off work..........
  12. I legitimately like the hair, but I think we’ve already established that I have questionable fashion sense (I mean, I also liked Trusova’s costumes last season) soooooo... Edit: upon review of the gif version, we’ve gone from “yes” to “ummmm....”
  13. If that’s a flip, it’s a 4Fe. Looks like a pretty clear outside edge to me. (Also looks like it might be a 4Fe< but hard to tell exactly, looks like it’s about a quarter short.) Maybe start with the 4Lz next season and add in 4F once you’ve tamed it more, Yuzu. Edit: with my limited Japanese skills, I can tell you the caption talks about a quad jump but doesn’t say what it is. I think I see “Toyama” somewhere in there too.
  14. “Skaters/Couples who have placed 1 – 6 in each of the 4 disciplines (Men, Ladies, Pair Skating, Ice Dance) at the ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2019 will be considered to be Seeded Skaters/Couples and will be assigned, by draw, to skate in two events.” Am I reading this right? Did they change how they assign GP events to the top 6? Instead of 1-3 not meeting and 4-6 not meeting, skaters choosing, and feds playing politics, it looks like they’re just drawing two events for each of the top 6. Of course, who knows what happens behind closed doors at the ISU.
  15. The men's victory ceremony is at 5:45? Yikes. That's later than I thought it would be and a lot later than it was last year. I was planning to take the last flight home at 9:00 as I have to be at work at 7 AM on Sunday! I may end up having to fly in so that I can miss as little work as possible, rent a car, and drive the 7 hours back instead. Arranging that could be... interesting... (Can you even drive a rental across the border???) Sounds like from people's previous experiences that 3 hours may not be enough time to get to the airport and catch my flight, especially because I'm flying internationally... No way on earth am I missing live Yuzu podium shenanigans though, I'll stay up all night driving before that happens.
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