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  1. I landed a loop! Although looking at the takeoff and landing tracings, it travelled about 6 inches... or 15 cm for those of you who use metric. More of a loop hop than a loop jump, really. Also, my coach may have discovered the depths of my Yuzu obsession tonight - I was talking to another skater while waiting on the Zamboni and she rather loudly pointed out that the home screen of my phone is a picture I took at ACI. My coach overheard and (correctly) assumed that her skater who started in 2018, has Yuzu as her phone's background, and is going to ACI, SCI, and Worlds this season just miiiiight be a fanyu.
  2. I definitely would have had an easier time with musculoskeletal anatomy in med school if this particular study method had been available then.
  3. Thanks for setting this up, @Old Cat Lady! It was fun last season seeing how bad my predictions always were. 1. List the top 3 of each discipline. (+ extra in case someone withdraws) Men Ladies Pairs Dance Bonus Questions 2. In ladies, will there be more clean (positive GOE) 3 axels or quads? 3. Who will have the highest PCS before factoring? 4. Who will receive the highest GOE on a single element? 5. In ice dance, will anyone who was not top 3 after the rhythm dance end up with a medal? 6. Which disciplines will have a new season’s best? Grand Prix Finals Qualification - to be scored after NHK https://www.isu.org/figure-skating/events/grand-prix-of-figure-skating 1.Who will qualify for the finals. *Optional - list alternates in case of withdrawal 2.Who will be the top qualifier in each discipline? If there is a tie in points for placement, I will use highest total score as a tie breaker. 3. Which disciplines will have a new world record by the end of the series?
  4. Sadly, no. All we have is the magazine article talking about it. https://tadakixd.tumblr.com/post/170868143805/kateigaho-snippets-the-natural-side-of-yuzuru
  5. Well, this is the same man who once showed up to a photoshoot, took a shower, and then showed off his abs to the photographers before they started shooting. Guess we shouldn't be too surprised this is what he did once he got some upper body muscle definition...
  6. YESSSS. I forgot about Finlandia (in-laws are visiting) until just before Alena skated - checked the scores and put on the livestream to catch that. I am so happy she's doing this well at the senior level so far. Those 3As looked solid, hopefully they're here to stay. I honestly teared up a bit. Alena's my favorite ladies skater and it's just such a relief to see that she's not getting lost in the pack. As much as I wasn't sure about using this program competitively, it really does look like she loves the program, especially after the cut to Supermassive Black Hole.
  7. Clean first senior skate for Kostornaia - although I'm a little surprised she isn't going for 3A in the SP as well. I hope she adds it in - she'll need the tech boost to have a shot at making it out of the bloodbath that is the Russian senior ladies field this year. She's my favorite currently competing ladies skater and I'm so worried she'll get lost in the shuffle.
  8. A few scary landings for Shoma. (And that was a +2T combo if I'm not mistaken? I'm guessing it'll turn into a +3T as the season goes on.) But that program is a LOT of fun to watch, and the landings should improve with time. Not used to seeing him alone in the K&C though...
  9. Trying to watch when I get a break at work. Of course, the first thing I see when I tune in is Guarino Sabate's program which is making me miss Yuzu.
  10. Sadly, the new costumes (lest we forget the pink old lady pajamas) have made me think even White Xylitol wasn't that bad... Maybe that was the idea all along...?
  11. The neck is definitely Yuzu's as well. Unfortunately I think the hands are his too, so even though the whole thing just looks off, I think it's actually him and not a bad Photoshop job. If they'd had the top even close to fitting it wouldn't look quite as weird, but since there's no taper to The Waist my brain just doesn't want to accept that it's Yuzu. But to know for sure, I'd have to spend more time looking at that picture, and that's not something I particularly want to do. Congratulations Lotte, you've managed to come up with a picture of Yuzu I don't want to stare at. Pretty sure that's a first. All I can say is that I hope he's being compensated extremely well to appear in that outfit in public.
  12. The more I think about this, the angrier I get. So people like me who were in the presale asking for the best seats possible got P2 seats where we didn’t get to choose a section. I assumed they’d just sold out all P1 seats at that point... only to have more P1 seats go on sale later that day. Now there are P1 single-events for sale after they specifically told us that wouldn’t be the case. Honestly, I can totally afford to pay even more for better seats now, but I’m refusing on principle. I now feel like I was lied to at every point in this process. Skate Canada gets no more of my money for this event.
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