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  1. In some good news, my state is now saying they expect to have the first few doses of COVID-19 vaccine available next month. Health care workers are the first ones prioritized to get the vaccine where I live, so hopefully two months from now I'll have finished the vaccine series. My parents will be in the next group after mine (although they live far away), then my husband is probably in the third group to get it. Of course, the responsible thing to do until vaccination is more widespread is still to wear a mask and socially distance - 94-95% effective isn't the same thing as 100%, but still. I
  2. And then the gala is on the 20th - that's a lot of time to ask off from work. Hopefully we can all travel by then, and we can get tickets!
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHAwXS9LSqZ/?igshid=pqee3cyeg1nf Instagram’s not embedding for me either - but Fear/Gibson are dressed (and skating) as Yuzu and Pooh for Halloween.
  4. Last season at Skate America. He popped a solo 4T to a 2T, and tried a 4T+1Eu+3F that he popped to a +2F. He’s always a bit messy at the beginning of the season.
  5. This is completely normal for early-season Nathan. He always starts with fewer quads and adds more in as the season progresses (and removes transitions, unfortunately). His 4S and 3A are two of his less stable jumps as well. He actually scored almost the exact same as his two GP events last season - 299.90 at SkAm and 297.16 at IdF. The men have their own thread, by the way: men's thread
  6. Well, that started well... See that choreo sequence though? That's why I'm a Camden fan. That's why everyone should be a Camden fan. (Also. Camden, honey. Your spins.)
  7. He WHAT. Although the lyrics aren't exactly wrong...
  8. That was... literally Seimei with awkward music cuts to make it fit the SP length. The sections were in the exact same order. Normally I don't mind using the same music, but Yuzu put so much work into Seimei that it rubs me the wrong way when skaters don't do something to make it their own music. It feels a bit like plagiarism tbh.
  9. Hold up. Chan/Howe are skating to the Onmyoji soundtrack? Uh... you guys sure you want to draw that comparison? (So that'll be three minutes I'll just be moping about missing Yuzu, probably...)
  10. Well, that should get him a higher score? So.... yay...?
  11. Now to go back and rewatch Nate now that I'm not nervous he's going to get handed a WR at what's basically Nats. He was good but not that good. The first half still feels empty. @bubzsy no worries, Yuzu's WR is 111.82. He got close, but not quite there.
  12. He's always been a bit inconsistent. Hopefully it's just the time off the ice. Keegan. KEEGAN. His skating skills are so good and then he catches an edge on the step sequence and almost goes down. I'm assuming that 3Lz is supposed to turn into a 4Lz by the end of the season?
  13. SIGH. It's ok Camden bby I still love you. Being a Camden fan is definitely a rollercoaster of emotions.
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