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  1. It's not. I spent way too long looking at the hand that isn't wearing a glove to make sure it wasn't. FYI, the squeaky thing is an Otamatone.
  2. I downloaded the app on my phone to try to make Squeakade during some downtime at work. Unfortunately, it's been ten years since I played the piano and now I'm pecking at a virtual keyboard with headphones on. Yuzu would be horrified. Nothing cute about the number of mistakes I'm making over here. Also it's kind of hard to explain what I'm doing to my coworkers. (Although it's not as hard to explain as Squeakade at the Olympics would be.)
  3. Nobody show him the squeaky toy thing version of SEIMEI. The man's an audiophile, I'm sure he'd just think "I did not have 32 different versions of my music cut for this." ...also yes, the cacti are clearly withering.
  4. I still switch 読む and 飲む when I’m reading and not paying enough attention for some reason. They don’t even look alike…
  5. Some of these choices are impossible... 1. Ten to Chi to or SEIMEI? 2. Let Me Entertain You or Let's Go Crazy? 3. Masquerade or Phantom of the Opera? (Glove throwing. I rest my case.) 4. Pieces of a dream (from FaOI2018) or Blinding Light (from SOI2021)? 5. Origin 1.0 costume or Origin 2.0 costume? (This is actually my favorite thing that anyone has ever worn, in any setting. The jacket came off and screaming ensued. Pictures don't do it justice.) 6. Otonal 1.0 costume or Otonal 2.0 costume? 7. SEIMEI 2017-2018 costume or SEIMEI 2020 costume? 8.
  6. The most recent data I can find on transmission of COVID within the family is around a 4-45% transmission rate depending on which study you look at. Probably the best data is somewhere around 20-30%, compared to around 10-15% if the contact was someone outside the household. Those studies were done before the emergence of the more infectious strains, though, so definitely best to be cautious as the numbers would probably be worse now in an unvaccinated population. Certainly she needs to mask up and try to maintain her distance during lessons unless everyone involved is fully vaccinated. I don'
  7. I laughed a bit too hard when I saw the top reply was Blinding Lights. Send her something like HYK, people!
  8. Well, two points of data isn’t really very much to go on. We’re going to need him to do LGC again. For science.
  9. I haven’t quite forgiven them for Dory. “Like a prince” and all.
  10. Origin 2.0 was also sort of see-through. Now I’m just worried that, like Origin, pictures won’t do the translucency of the white polo justice...
  11. Oh come on. You can’t just say things like that and not give us pics...
  12. Oh man. The implications here just set in... "I was so happy for Meagan but quickly realized I was going to need to come up with a Plan B because our professional partnership was no longer sustainable." Maybe I'm just extra touchy about this one as both a woman in her thirties and an obstetrician, but... yikes. Meagan gets pregnant and her partner's reaction is to start hunting for a new partner without even having the decency to discuss things with her first? To see if she has any interest in skating professionally after the baby's born? Which, clearly, she did, since they were pl
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/CN8jqa5hRRa/?igshid=1vdazexclhw62 Eric’s statement is on the last two slides. Looks like even from his side of the story, he didn’t tell Meagan about partnering with Vanessa until after it was a done deal. That’s low. Between how Eric treated Meagan and how Vanessa skated with Cipres even after the abuse allegations broke... yeah, I’m not gonna be able to support these two at all, even though I love their skating.
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