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  1. Oddly enough the sal-toe is more clearly a toe in person? It’s still not great, but I can actually see a pick where I’ve never seen one before watching a livestream.
  2. Well, that’s a relief from Roman! Yes, the screaming when he landed the 3T was me. Sorry not sorry.
  3. I think there are more people here for pairs than there were for the women.
  4. My coach started me on brackets today. Apparently they weren’t bad for a first try! The exit edges are a bit flat but my coach said that’s normal at first, and we’ll work on getting them correct. Of course, I won’t have any chance to practice them for three weeks because of Worlds. There are worse problems to have, I guess.
  5. Okay, with two weeks until the start of Worlds we should probably start up the group chat like we usually have. Can everyone who is going reply to this post and I'll start the group? I know @Muralla17, @rockstaryuzu, and @LizLemon are all going. Anyone else?
  6. Yes, but... sometimes the designers of the FaOI costumes leave Yuzu's top just a bit too short. So they're okay in my book.
  7. When we asked the Chinese fanyus to take care of him, they took the assignment seriously.
  8. (Translation: "please eat me.")
  9. Twitter often thinks Yuzu is sensitive content...
  10. Plus, if you buy Charlène's tickets, you sit by me for both pairs events. I'm nice. Think of it as a bonus.
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