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  1. The crowd starts cheering and Yuzu looks around to see what they’re cheering about. Silly boy, they’re cheering for you. Surely someone has a flag for Kevin?
  2. Well, at least Chris remembered Yuzu’s birthday. Of course Yuzu’s frustrated with silver, but he’s done so much else today. Clean 4Lz, five clean quads. I hope he focuses on that.
  3. OT: senior men’s ceremony will be on the junior men’s livestream. And while you’re there, make sure you go back and watch Shun if you haven’t already. He was incredible.
  4. The noodly boy from Sendai skating to R&J won. Ha, all I caught of Shun’s answer pre-translation was “embarrassed” and “panda”.
  5. 93 seems okay to me - he looked really focused on getting his jumps in, less connected to the program than usual.
  6. You expect him to start knowing things now?
  7. Cake? Boy just did five quads, let his stomach settle.
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