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  1. My Spotify Wrapped 2021 came out... and turns out the song I listened to the most was LMEY.
  2. I'd hope he can get a comp in before Nationals, even if it's just something like a Senior B. As for watered-down content, yeah, he's done it before when injured. But not medaling? No offense to the other skaters there, but this isn't a championship. I'd be shocked if a clean Yuzu with easier tech content didn't still win in that field.
  3. The issue with doing a quint isn’t that it would have to be announced ahead of time - remember Javi’s last Euros where he didn’t submit any planned program content ahead of time? The problem is that there is no base value assigned to quint jumps in the current judging system, so there’s just no way to assign one a score. IIRC, Shoma said once in an interview that the ISU said they’d consider assigning values for quints if someone sent them a video of a clean one done off harness.
  4. White and gold makes me think of the Xylitol commercials.
  5. I'm a little surprised he mentioned the 4F in an interview. Seems like the sort of thing he would do to just casually put it in his PPC one day and watch us all lose our minds trying to figure out if it was a typo or not. As for costuming - either dark red or black. Or I riot. (Who am I kidding. In Satomi we trust. He'll look great.)
  6. 4F??? I was mentally prepared for talk of a 4A. Not a 4F.
  7. So Shae-Lynn helped with the SP, too? Has that ever happened before?
  8. Ah, so his plans to keep his programs secret until the last minute were foiled again? Interesting choice. I wonder how it fits with "something only he can do." Will be looking forward to seeing it, whenever that may be!
  9. No offense, but we've had so many rumors... what's your source?
  10. Go to your settings and then the page for "ignored users." Put the username you want to ignore in the box that pops up.
  11. The block feature is a wonderful thing sometimes.
  12. Hopefully he's just learned to be careful with that ankle and it's not too bad this time. Rest up and get well soon, Yuzu. We're with you no matter what.
  13. I cannot deal with this level of anxiety this early in the morning. I mean, we all knew he was going to put it in a competitive program eventually, but still.
  14. Are those pajama pants? My first thought was scrub pants because of the color but the cut is all wrong and there's no drawstring. (And also why would Yuzu have scrubs?) Or has Yuzu started getting fancier with his off-ice sartorial choices - we wouldn't be fashion twins with all-black sweats/long sleeve shirt combos if we were on the same flight again?
  15. For any non-European satellites going, you need to apply for a French COVID pass ahead of time. I'll post the link below - I know someone who went to France for 5 weeks but didn't realize she needed to do this, and ended up having to test every 3 days even though she had a US vaccine card with her. https://www.demarches-simplifiees.fr/commencer/passe-sanitaire-etrangers?locale=en
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