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  1. I legitimately like the hair, but I think we’ve already established that I have questionable fashion sense (I mean, I also liked Trusova’s costumes last season) soooooo... Edit: upon review of the gif version, we’ve gone from “yes” to “ummmm....”
  2. If that’s a flip, it’s a 4Fe. Looks like a pretty clear outside edge to me. (Also looks like it might be a 4Fe< but hard to tell exactly, looks like it’s about a quarter short.) Maybe start with the 4Lz next season and add in 4F once you’ve tamed it more, Yuzu. Edit: with my limited Japanese skills, I can tell you the caption talks about a quad jump but doesn’t say what it is. I think I see “Toyama” somewhere in there too.
  3. “Skaters/Couples who have placed 1 – 6 in each of the 4 disciplines (Men, Ladies, Pair Skating, Ice Dance) at the ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2019 will be considered to be Seeded Skaters/Couples and will be assigned, by draw, to skate in two events.” Am I reading this right? Did they change how they assign GP events to the top 6? Instead of 1-3 not meeting and 4-6 not meeting, skaters choosing, and feds playing politics, it looks like they’re just drawing two events for each of the top 6. Of course, who knows what happens behind closed doors at the ISU.
  4. The men's victory ceremony is at 5:45? Yikes. That's later than I thought it would be and a lot later than it was last year. I was planning to take the last flight home at 9:00 as I have to be at work at 7 AM on Sunday! I may end up having to fly in so that I can miss as little work as possible, rent a car, and drive the 7 hours back instead. Arranging that could be... interesting... (Can you even drive a rental across the border???) Sounds like from people's previous experiences that 3 hours may not be enough time to get to the airport and catch my flight, especially because I'm flying internationally... No way on earth am I missing live Yuzu podium shenanigans though, I'll stay up all night driving before that happens.
  5. So if we're satellites of Planet Hanyu, is a jump that nobody's quite certain how to identify a UFO? It works nicely with the space theme.
  6. I actually believed him at worlds when he said that - it was one thing to be muttering about jumping lutzes and flips and Axels immediately after Nathan got his scores. It was quite another for him to be at the press conference laying out the plan for the season. He's just making faster progress than any of us expected...
  7. I had a sneaky suspicion he'd try 4F sometime soon after landing the 4Lz... just not at, you know, the very next show.
  8. Double three sounds more like a flip than a Lutz typically. I am equally scared and excited.
  9. Is anyone here planning to take the JLPT in December? I'm trying to decide what level to register for. I'm pretty sure I could walk in and pass N5 today. So that's a sure bet, but there are 5.5 months to go, so I think I might shoot for N4 as a difficult but achievable target by the end of the year. It's not like anyone's going to be that excited by an N5 or N4 certificate on my resume, so who cares if I pass? It's more of a benchmark for progress at this level anyway. Conveniently, the December date is the weekend between NHK and the GPF, so no worries about getting too distracted by skating during the test!
  10. Voronov just keeps getting left off of things - how seriously are these categories taken? He qualified for the GPF last season but is still only on the reserve team?
  11. Haru yo koi or Semei Otanal or origin Hope and Legacy or requiem of heaven and earth crystal memories or Masquerade Phantom of the Opera/Otonal HyK/Origin Notte Stellata/Requiem Masquerade/LGC Chopin/R&J (either versions) CM/Change Seimei/H&l PW/Etude
  12. But isn't a costume violation just a 1 point deduction? Balance that against the points gained from landing a 4A and it might be worth it. I mean, for point values only, of course. And for the historic impact. I promise I have no ulterior motives whatsoever in suggesting he try it. Do it for the points, Yuzu...
  13. Honestly. I still can't quite believe that Yuzuru Hanyu, who is notoriously private and whose wilding days were assumed to be behind him, was just like "yup, gonna just take my shirt off in public, but no cameras allowed soooooooo..." Trollzuru indeed. Not fair, Yuzu. I WANT TO SEE TOO.
  14. Well, that's certainly a step up from starting to change in public view. I don't know if I've ever been so sad that something happened at closed practice, though. You know we're never getting pictures.
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