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  1. Really? How on earth was that allowed???
  2. They're screening at the door each day, right? Hopefully it's not anything serious...
  3. Je Suis Malade is a choice this season.
  4. Savosin looks down when he jumps - does he always do that or is he just having some early-season nerves making him look tentative? Also, I'd take the illusion spin out if I were him. It's not dramatic enough to get much of an effect, and he travels when he does it, so it's going to hurt his GOE.
  5. For the men, I won't complain about costumes as long as it doesn't look like they stopped by the business casual section on the way to the rink.
  6. Even with the fall on the twizzles, I still liked that a lot. (But Experience gets me every time, so maybe I'm just biased?)
  7. Of course I forgot about test skates and made plans during the ladies' SP. Hopefully they leave the video up long enough to watch this afternoon.
  8. You know that solo 3Lz is going to become Misha's gorgeous 4Lz once he has more time on the ice. So good to have him back.
  9. Misha's back. I missed him so much.
  10. Love them. P/C with two new programs this season? I can see why H/D changed their RD with the judges not living their packaging last season, but I’m surprised P/C aren’t keeping Fame!
  11. Yes - I’ve missed watching live skating so much! Between this and Russian test skates we’ve actually got quite a bit to watch this weekend.
  12. I got Stephane’s cat program. I’d just managed to forget it existed, too... “Italian Yuzuru”... well, how else is Yuzu supposed to be the first skater to win everything, including both 4CC and Euros? Pretending he’s Italian is as good of a plan as any other, I suppose.
  13. It's so true, though! That's what makes it particularly annoying that anyone thinks Yuzu's not being humble enough by acknowledging that he draws fans to competitions. I remember the week or so before Worlds, when everyone was debating whether or not it was worth the risk to travel during a pandemic just to see Yuzuru. Personally, I knew it was probably a bad idea, but then Ballade and Seimei and the potential for a quadruple Axel were all there and I was going to grit my teeth and go, even though it was terrifying. So he's not wrong at all that his fans will reluctantly throw caution to the wind just to watch him.
  14. I don't think he's affiliated with JSF, he works in the casino industry. Yuzu has his fair share of antis on Twitter. Best not to engage, in my opinion. Not worth the effort. And if JSF is angry about Yuzu's entirely sensible and well-thought out decision, well... he's never been their favorite. What else is new?
  15. I’m Ballade. I’ll take it.
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