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  1. True. My mom has an actual phobia of putting her head underwater, but twenty-something years ago she could pretty much organize a swim meet in her sleep.
  2. Oh, Americans looooove the 6.0 system. And the overwhelming public perception of figure skating here is still that of the ice princess. I'm always bemused by articles in the US press bemoaning our lack of success at the top levels of figure skating, even though the reigning World champion in men's singles is American, and we have one of the deepest dance fields in the world. Nope, if we don't have a skater on the ladies' podium, then the US isn't competitive in skating. Yes, we need far more diversity, not just on the ice, but on judging panels and in the ranks of the governing bod
  3. Oh boy. Apparently Seiko Hashimoto is in line to possibly lead the Tokyo Olympics organizing committee... https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/feb/17/tokyo-2020-japan-olympics-minister-seiko-hashimoto-in-line-to-lead-committee
  4. It’s an old picture according to the caption - but I’ve never seen it before.
  5. Shoitirou Tuzuki is Kunrei-shiki romanization, with the exception of how the long vowels are handled. It's not wrong, it's just a different system than most English speakers are used to seeing. Also, no worries everyone - ゆづる actually is still written Yuzuru in Kunrei-shiki, the づ doesn't make it Yuduru. Although an older form of romanization that Kunrei-shiki is based on, Nihon-shiki, actually would have you spell it that way...
  6. Utterly bizarre that management is getting their vaccines while they’ve been put on hold for frontline staff, but also completely unsurprising. How infuriating.
  7. Glad to hear you got your vaccine! Your ninja skills are proving useful yet again.
  8. Welcome to US Nationals, the competition where everything's made up and the points don't matter. (It's better not to think about J3 giving Jason and Vincent the same mark in skating skills. Bad for the blood pressure, that.)
  9. I got my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday and the only thing this time around is a sore arm and some mild body aches. Every time I have a twinge in my arm, I'm honestly just thankful for it, because it means I'm having an immune reaction. @barbara I do share your worries that people in the US will have a hard time getting their second dose of the vaccine on time when more doses are released immediately. Hopefully there will be a more concerted federal coordination effort shortly. (In about, oh, eight days or so...)
  10. The algorithm actually got him right in LMEY and guessed older on one of the H&E photos? Has that ever happened before? (Also, this same app usually thinks I'm a man in his 40s, so... )
  11. Hey, sometimes pancakes turn out like this... ...and sometimes they turn out like this. Yuzu just made a stack of near-perfect "first pancakes" this season.
  12. Yuzu, you can't make me cry at my desk at work like that! (Seriously. We haven't been hit all that hard yet here, but... from the bottom of my health care worker heart, thank you.)
  13. Aww, looks like we’ve got a little clockwise spinner on our hands. I’m with them... I have accepted my fate that I need to start saving now for planes and hotels in case I can get tickets...
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