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  1. My dad (who knows nothing about skating) just texted me that he's watching the ladies FS on TV and is asking me about all the technical stuff he's seeing. So now I have Nats pulled up on my phone at work, because I do love some father-daughter bonding, even though I'm having to watch out of the corner of my eye. Thanks, NBC, for actually airing something live.
  2. Men’s SP is on my mobile app, but not the desktop site. This has been crazy so far. I still can’t quite believe the men’s SP results.
  3. I think just dropping BQ5 is fair if the wording is confusing. Well. Men have already completely destroyed my predictions. I don’t think anyone saw that coming, so I guess we’re all in trouble there.
  4. No, she wants me to do prebronze and bronze moves before we start working on freestyle. The patterns are fine, I can do them with a reasonable amount of speed and power, and my coach says I'll pass. The only problem is that the forward circle eight confuses me on the waltz eight and so occasionally for the second pattern of the waltz eight I step onto a LFI instead of an RFO...
  5. My coach, introducing me to some of her other students: "This is river. She's testing pre-bronze and bronze moves in March." My face: Somehow I've missed the memo until now that I'm doing bronze MITF as well. I should probably start practicing those patterns more, then.
  6. I'm watching with one of my friends who is not a skating fan. Needless to say, she's getting a crash course in figure skating from my commentary as well. She started seeing a few pairs elements in the show and was impressed, so I made her watch S/H's free from Worlds as an example of what pairs skating can really look like. Her mind was BLOWN. She literally screamed at their twist lift. I'll have her watching FS by the end of the season yet. Her exact quote at the throw 3S: "He just yeeted her like... twenty feet! That's insane!"
  7. @yuzuangel I can see the new posts! In celebration of us being back online, have a behind the scenes photo from the new Lotte photoshoot.
  8. I’d forgotten that Sofia skated to this version of Roxanne until now...
  9. Youtube suggested this video to me today. The world's tiniest Hanyu fan is a nice counterbalance to all of the nonsense going on in the skating world right now.
  10. People were saying Yuzu is Santa, and now JW is giving us the pics to prove it.
  11. I thought I heard Shoma, Yuzu, Yuma for 4CC. I could be wrong, my Japanese is not great.
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