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  1. Proof that Yuzu doesn't really use them KOSE lotions I watched the video of Aragaki Yui guessing it too, and she got them right easily, and with confidence!
  2. Tbh from the looks of it, IMO Yuzu looks like he's skating very "his own way" throughout FaOI. We all know he listens to J-Pop / J-Rock a lot of the time, so I'm not surprised if he's always wanted to skate to something like that, and the only time he can is, well, here. All this time, he's been choosing his EXs based on the earthquake theme, competition programs with classical music and so on like he's shouldering a heavy responsibility. I'm pleased that he's able to have a little fun here, just doing what he himself likes.
  3. The best thing about ice shows is how happy and free Yuzu is, every time. It seems like he is able to let his inner soul run free and wild without the constraints of competition, it's really wonderful.
  4. First of all, Happy 5th Anniversary to Planet Hanyu!!! Time flies indeed. How can it already be 5 years??? alright, let's get down to business. 1. When did you become a fan of Yuzu? In the early part of the 2016/2017 season, probably around Oct 2016. It was after ACI 2016 and before the GP series. At that time, I didn't how to watch competitions live, but I did follow the results of competitions that Yuzu competed at. By the time GPF 2016 rolled around, I was cheering for him with all my might Always love the LGC at GPF 2016 with the cheeky grin after landing the 4Lo. The first time I streamed a competition live was 4CC 2017. After that, during Worlds 2017, I was so nervous for him that I thought about him competing all day and night. I was really worried after the SP, but the FS was the best gift ever. 2. When and why did you sign up for Planet Hanyu? In June 2017. Although I was already a Yuzu fan before the creation of the Planet and I knew about its existence, I'm more of the passive kind of fan. Still, it seemed really fun here that I gave in and signed up after about a month. 3. Did you make any irl friends through Planet Hanyu? Ehh... if you mean friends who keep in touch, then I guess probably not, but please refer to question 5 for more. 4. Have you participated in any group projects on Planet Hanyu? Yes! I participated in the paper swan project back in the 2017/2018 season. We wanted to bring swans to every Yuzu comp that season. I attended NHK 2017 (yes, THAT competition), so I brought swans from PH there. It was my first live competition attendance, so while I was disappointed that I couldn't watch Yuzu live and worried the entire day, I still enjoyed the competition, gave out some swans to some other Japanese fans, and met some Japanese satellites there. 5. Did you attend any meetups with other satellites at competitions? Yes, as mentioned in the previous question, I met with @sweetwater and another Japanese satellite at NHK 2017. When I attended NHK 2019, I met up with @sweetwater again! It was a really warm experience, and I hope to meet her again if I have the chance to attend another competition live. 6. What do you like the most about this forum? The general friendly and welcoming atmosphere here. The panicking over a Yuzu sighting is the most fun. There is also a wealth of Yuzu-related stuff here, a treasure trove basically. 7. Would you like to participate in the giveaway? Yes, please! Thank you very much!
  5. New video from the Olympic channel. This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  6. Wow, it's really no exaggeration that Yuzu is single-handedly supporting JSF. Not only FS, but speed skating and short track too Everyone should show immense respect to him, tbh.
  7. Yuzu be like, "Uwahhhhh, so much bling bling! I want my own costume with lights too! Gotta tell Satomi that..."
  8. I love that little picture of Yuzu hugging Bing Dwen Dwen. Just gotta show that scene, right!
  9. I think the second 'Hana' was Yuzu singing. If so, it does sound pretty flat But I still find it endearing. I might be wrong though.
  10. Sorry if already posted, but no harm watching another time, right? His movements are so sharp! More than at competitions, I feel. I don't know if it's because he's less tired since it's not at the end of a full FS, or because of how much the black UA enhances his lines, but... sigh
  11. Okay, idk why but I legit thought that Yuzu brought like 20 CDs of his music to the Olympics to skate to Jk, it's because ISU still behaves like it's the dinosaur age.
  12. Ah, I just remembered that after Kamila's skate, when they panned over to the green room, Sasha wasn't there and Anna looked emotionless while Kaori was looking at Anna to see her reaction at being Olympic champion. Probably Sasha was very upset already.
  13. TBH, while I can't say I like Anna's skating, and everyone in her team is probably suspect, I have to say I'm really impressed with how she always brings it together at comps. Like, how??? Her practices were so bad. OGM though... Yay to Kaori for a bronze medal!!! She gets her podium moment too! Kamila... well... have to say I do feel bad for her.
  14. That's exactly what I thought when her score came out. Why should she do a 3A then?
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