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  1. The Vlive has subs now. And they re uploaded the deleted ones, too. yay
  2. Sigh ... why is that this f ppl can't just let them be ... why ... stupid idiots ...
  3. OMG! Look at this guys!!!! Look at that place!!!!
  4. Guys, looks like My Universe will have a MV soon!!! Niceeee!!!
  5. Awww, the hanboks were so pretty and they looked lovely!!! I'm gonna watch the new vlive now! So much content!!! I almost can't keep up !!!
  6. WTF??? What is wrong with this guy??? Do your homework, b***h I'm so sick and tired of these ppl calling us 15 yo's ... I hope BTS never attends his effing show again ... I wonder why they deleted the vlive ... I missed it ...
  7. Sounds so so good! I can't wait for Friday! No 1 will be theirs one more time! It's no doubt!
  8. German news! Spanish news! Russian news. Croatia Peru. They are literally all over the world! Amazing!
  9. They look awesome! Love the outfits!!! Jimin looks amazing these days!
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