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    Team Japan

  2. ralucutzagy

    Random Thought Theater

    Hang in there, my dear, hang in there! You're gonna look nice and slim in summer! Think like this!
  3. ralucutzagy

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Yeah, the PPoS tends to have that kind of effect on fans, especially the new ones! haha just jk @Freyuru, welcome to the planet and my guess is maybe Notte Stellata?
  4. ralucutzagy

    K-drama & co

    Just started The Fiery Priest too! The guy is hot hot hot! lol
  5. ralucutzagy

    K-drama & co

    The Crowned Clown, Item and Tower of Babel are very interesting, too! Give it a try if you have the time!
  6. ralucutzagy

    [TV Broadcast] Laureus World Sports Awards 2019

    Woah, Nadia!!!! I was sure that they will give it to Biles ... eh See you, guys ...