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  1. Abt Yoongi's recovery ... it was to be expected that he wouldn't be yet at 100%... he had a torn ligament surgery after all and if I think about some athletes I know who suffered the same surgery they took about 6 months off before start training again. There are almost 4 months since Yoongi's surgery and he's still recovering ... I only hope that he don't overwork himself and listen to his therapists advices. In a more happier note, from what I heard on some YT Army accounts looks like their new comeback will be somewhere in April, they didn't said if it's a new album or just a new MV b
  2. It's new. It's dated today. He trended on twitter like crazy today.
  3. They trended everywhere with this Unplugged! And from what I've seen on twitter looks like Coldplay are very strict and selective with their music. Not everybody is aloud to cover or use their songs.
  4. OMG! Totally my thoughts about both!!!! They killed Fix you and JK looks gorgeous!
  5. JK, OMG, chill, will you??? Blue hair ... rip me he looks like an anime character ...
  6. Wow! Just woke up and watched the Unplugged! On MTV YT channel there's Telepathy, Blue&Grey and Life goes on! It was amazing ! Happy to see Yoongi performing with them. It was too short... https://www.youtube.com/c/MTV/videos I didn't knew I need Fix you played by BTS in my life! Wonderful! (The YT one was blocked so I found it on DM) MTV UK uploaded it, too! On a shallow note: They look stunning and expensive af lol rocking those Thom Browne and Gucci outfits!
  7. https://www.vlive.tv/post/0-21425619 Run BTS! ep.130. Tennis again and there's Yoongi!
  8. They look great. Love Jimin's sweater! and look like JK did smt with his hair again.
  9. JK is an adrenaline lover. In BV4 (New Zeeland) they did bungee jumping and he threw himself head down in a ravine! Suga, who didn't want to jump (maybe bc of his shoulder issue) said smt like : you, guys, are really crazy! lol JK is fearless.
  10. Damn it! The guys are live again! And I didn't know!!! https://www.vlive.tv/post/1-21427550 This is for their BE Essential drop.
  11. All the boys congratulated Jhope on twitter for his B-day! JK even made him a nice drawing!
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