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  1. Correction! There's still one episode of Run to go! Next week, but it will be aired on YT! And we'll get to see the presents that were blurred in last episode!
  2. Guys, McDonalds released something like a schedule for their colab with BTS! We're gonna have a busy summer! Nice!
  3. https://www.vlive.tv/post/0-22738487 New RunBTS!!! Next episode will air on 15th of June ...
  4. Very interesting concept trailer! TxT boys are great dancers as well!
  5. OMFG!!!!!!! First teaser photo is out!!!!! Look at Jimin!!! and Hobi!!! and all of theeeemmmm!!!!! https://twitter.com/BIGHIT_MUSIC/status/1391407618673975300?s=20
  6. Tuesday we'll have a new episode - 142! A treat, isn't it?? ___ And, guys, tomorrow, 10th of May, starts the voting for BBMAs!!!! Don't forget to vote vote vote! The boys deserve to win that award!!! And for the MTV Movie Award too!!! Fighting!!!!
  7. This chapter was kinda hard to watch indeed ... I mean, where the heck is Jin fat??? Jin, Tae and JHope were always the thinnest from the group imo and they still had to diet ...wtf
  8. Also, RunBTS! ep.141 is out, too! Posted on YT! Just watched it. And if you're still not in love with them this will be the last drop. lool
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