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  1. Welcome to US Nationals, the competition where everything's made up and the points don't matter. (It's better not to think about J3 giving Jason and Vincent the same mark in skating skills. Bad for the blood pressure, that.)
  2. I got my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday and the only thing this time around is a sore arm and some mild body aches. Every time I have a twinge in my arm, I'm honestly just thankful for it, because it means I'm having an immune reaction. @barbara I do share your worries that people in the US will have a hard time getting their second dose of the vaccine on time when more doses are released immediately. Hopefully there will be a more concerted federal coordination effort shortly. (In about, oh, eight days or so...)
  3. The algorithm actually got him right in LMEY and guessed older on one of the H&E photos? Has that ever happened before? (Also, this same app usually thinks I'm a man in his 40s, so... )
  4. Hey, sometimes pancakes turn out like this... ...and sometimes they turn out like this. Yuzu just made a stack of near-perfect "first pancakes" this season.
  5. Yuzu, you can't make me cry at my desk at work like that! (Seriously. We haven't been hit all that hard yet here, but... from the bottom of my health care worker heart, thank you.)
  6. Aww, looks like we’ve got a little clockwise spinner on our hands. I’m with them... I have accepted my fate that I need to start saving now for planes and hotels in case I can get tickets...
  7. Was it Continues with Wings where Yuzu accidentally used “ore” in the middle of an audience talk, caught himself, and changed to “boku”? I think I remember something like that happening once. I won’t pretend to understand the system of which pronouns to choose for yourself in Japanese and when, but I did find that particular moment interesting from a linguistic perspective. (Also interesting: that selfie is very different from the one Yuzu took with Camden at SCI 2019.)
  8. “Who cares about the landing on the Salchow when Yuzu’s wearing leather pants?” Indeed.
  9. Good for you! I studied Japanese on and off when I was younger, but watching Yuzu has given me the motivation to really work hard and study consistently. It’s so rewarding to be able to understand bits and pieces of Japanese footage. Understanding Yuzu himself is still beyond me, though - he talks so fast and uses such complex sentence structures that I still get completely lost. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but we do have a Japanese study group thread on here, too.
  10. Okay, here's the rule they're citing from the tech panel handbook: "Spin in one position with change of foot: less than 2 revolutions in a basic position on one foot If a spin in one position with change of foot is executed with a basic position with not less than 2 revolutions on one foot only and no basic position with not less than 2 revolutions on the other foot, it will receive: In Short Program “no value“. In Free Skating it will be marked with sign “V”." So the claim is that Yuzu didn't hit 2 consecutive revolutions in a basic position after the chang
  11. This is next-level trolling on his part. Just when you think it couldn't be done.
  12. His skating drew me in, but stuff like this is why I would ride into battle for that man.
  13. What magic did Yuzu work on his hair to get it from completely sprayed down LGC style for the opening to natural by the time he skated?
  14. The winners at competitions in Japan usually get an encore performance at the gala.
  15. LGC hair??? Just when I thought it was bound to be a more lyrical program...
  16. He doesn't want to tell us anything early this season, does he?
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