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  1. According to auto-translate, he, his spouse, and their families have been harassed so much that they are getting divorced because of it.
  2. I don't think I've ever hoped auto-translate is wrong more in my life, but unfortunately I can read Japanese well enough to understand "rikon". What is wrong with people???
  3. https://twitter.com/kose_sekkisei/status/1693790109655781673?s=46&t=JvHx39iMQDxI-4R65Cl3Jg Branching out from skincare to makeup? Be still, my beating heart…
  4. Of all the boneheaded business decisions they could have made... well, I'm glad I didn't buy a copy yet.
  5. Exactly. His marriage may have surprised us, but it didn’t surprise him. He knows how we get over things like the AERA photoshoot, knew he was getting married, and did the photoshoot anyway. Presumably he wouldn’t have done it if he minded us looking…
  6. I doubt it. Speaking from personal experience, it’s entirely possible to feel lonely and be married at the same time. Marriage isn’t a path to being happy all the time. In his professional life, Yuzu still deals with pressure (both self-imposed and external) unlike what anyone else has to cope with. That’s incredibly isolating. Being married gives him one more person in his support structure, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to ultimately handle that himself.
  7. Oh, I gave up on trying to protect my wallet from the Hanyuconomy a long time ago.
  8. Why don't we just let Yuzu himself tell us who his spouse is, if at some point he so chooses, and not spread rumors? He's always made it very clear his private life is just that, private, and that he doesn't want the media or his fans prying.
  9. One of my coworkers already told me she's watching GIFT this weekend - she said there's no way she's passing it up after hearing me talk about Yuzu nonstop for years.
  10. Thank you to whoever snuck a picture of the Glamorous Sky costume on their phone. (Darn you, Niigata and your not filming FaOI!) Super blurry, and a huge picture, so it's under a spoiler tab so as not to clog up the entire thread. Also... I may have a weakness for Yuzu in hats. So someone may need to come check on me once we get footage...
  11. It’s from WC 2019. You can find the video under the “Me or You” highlight on the ISU Figure Skating IG account.
  12. Oh, have fun! I'll try not to be too jealous of you. I wear layers when I go to a figure skating competition or ice show. Usually a long-sleeved shirt where I can push up the sleeves if necessary, then a zip-up sweater (pullovers are hard because you won't have a lot of room to move your arms if you want to take it off), then a jacket I'd wear on a warmer winter day. For pants, I have a pair of fleece-lined sweatpants that usually do fine. Wool socks are a must, my feet always get cold. I always forget to bring gloves but if the rink is really cold, they would be nice. I usually leave all of those layers on unless Yuzu's on the ice. My heart rate always goes up and I end up needing to take some layers off when he skates. If anyone here went to Notte Stellata or FaOI Sendai 2019, they might be a good resource for what that arena specifically is like.
  13. He's old enough to know better, that's for sure. I was cautiously optimistic to see where his skating went - his components really did improve quite a bit between when I saw him at WC22 and SkAm22, enough to make me think he might have actually meant it when he said he wanted to work on those and become the complete package. But between the homophobia (and the non-apology apology) and the unprovoked jab at Yuzu, I'm done with him.
  14. Dr. Pepper??? I thought that was mostly a southern US thing!
  15. Ooh, I have a trip to Boston planned next weekend. I should swing by the MFA! Because, well... if Yuzu isn't fine art, what is?
  16. I owe Yuzu an apology for dragging his singing skills all this time. He didn't sound bad at all singing along to Suiheisen.
  17. That's incredible! I know you've done so much work that has been publically recognized already, but having YUZURU HIMSELF notice and feature something you've spent so much time on... I can't even imagine.
  18. On rewatch of LMEY (because you all know I did) I noticed one of the light projections said Las Vegas. Of course this is just feeding my delusion that he's going to have a world tour with North American stops...
  19. I adore LMEY. Regardless of which costume it’s skated in. I am so glad it finally got the crowd reaction it deserved. (And the, er… choreographic commitment it deserved. You all know what I mean.)
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