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  1. PhD is by far the more academically rigorous degree on this side of the Atlantic as well (and this is coming from a fellow medical doc). I'm not entirely sure how the Japanese system works, but I suspect that's true worldwide. There's no doubt in my mind that if Yuzu wanted to attain his PhD, he absolutely could. He's both very intelligent and capable of laser-focused intensity towards whatever he chooses to excel in. That's a recipe for success.
  2. TV Asahi, please, the North American fanyus need to sleep 😴
  3. Just popping in to say... Final Fantasy X??? I love that game and it warms my heart to see that Yuzu does, too. Like, I love it to the point that I have all the Celestial Weapons. Yes, even Tidus and Lulu's. (And if you've played that game, you know how much time it takes for those two...) So. Yes. I have spent more of my life than I care to think about listening to that OST. I actually thought about skating to it... now I really wish I had!
  4. I got an email with a tentative order confirmation, and a receipt. After my goods had actually been purchased, I got another update email. I'd definitely contact them.
  5. I just got confirmation from WorldShopping that all of my items (black hoodie and T-shirt, pink tumbler, LMEY acrylic figure) were successfully purchased. I bought that many items thinking something would probably sell out, but this way I'd probably get something. Oops! (...I'm not actually sorry.)
  6. Did anyone else just exceed their budget for Prologue merch, or was that just me? Also... Yuzu's taking questions for a Q&A time!
  7. Kao!!! It’s mathematically possible that two silvers doesn’t make the GPF but very unlikely. We shall see!
  8. Would that have been ending on a high today?
  9. So this American pair skated to Seimei a few seasons back, with all the pieces in the same order as the OG Seimei, and absolutely butchered the music cuts. I’ve held a completely irrational grudge against them ever since.
  10. She started with an absolutely stunning 3T+3T and then just fell apart. Three falls.
  11. I’ve never seen Ava Marie before, but there’s a really lovely delayed rotation on her flip and lutz.
  12. All I can do is laugh. Literally that was my reaction to K/F winning - uncontrollable laughter. How ridiculous.
  13. Joined! I did the math (surprise, surprise) and at 9.7K likes on a member-only post, at 70% of a USD $10 subscription... Yuzu's making at least $68000 per month. Happy to pay it. It's still much cheaper than what I was paying to go all over the world in the hopes of watching him skate. (And goodness knows he wasn't getting 70% of what I was paying to the ISU!)
  14. In Max's defense... looks like he was hoping for exactly the response he got.
  15. Biellmann spin? I might have shrieked a little. My cats were concerned.
  16. ...does this mean I finally have to make a Twitter account?
  17. ...oh dear, I need to go wipe my post history.
  18. It's both, I guess? There are pants involved, but the designer calls it a "unisex dress" on his IG. Haute couture is meant to be experimental. I love that someone finally convinced Yuzu to do a photo shoot in it.
  19. A glimpse of Yuzu..... aaaaand then more commercials.
  20. It definitely is - it would be in his eyes if he didn't have it styled to the side.
  21. Anyone on here planning to take the JLPT? I've signed up for the N4 this year. I'm sort of worried about the listening part, though...
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