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I couldn't write anything coherent yesterday even if I tried. Like many of you I'm feeling a swirl of emotions but I just really wanted to thank you all for this space. It's been an honor to follow Yuzuru the competitive figure skater together, and while I'm sad too I look forward to this new chapter of Yuzuru and to enjoy it with all of you as well.

I know yuzuru said he didn't want his fans to say thank you or thank you for your hard work but still I wanna thank him in general for everything he gave me these past eight years as a fan. He is such an inspiration for me and many others and I truly don't have enough words to thank him, ever since I stumbled with his performance at the team event in Sochi I've learnt so much from him and his skating has given me so much joy and precious memories that I'll always hold dear in my heart.

I'm already crying again writing this but he and his skating means so much to me :crybaby:

To finish I just wish for Yuzu may this new chapter bring him deep joy and happiness :YuzuPoohLove:

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6 hours ago, CiONTUw4A said:



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I didn't appreciate Belinda adding the second tweet....just no need, and it sort of undermines the sweetness of the first imo...

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When I woke up to the News, I was surprisingly calm, like I had rehearsed it for a million times.

Then I felt extremely happy for Yuzu. Every journey comes to an end. There was never gonna be a prefect timing, but the time he made the decision, it was right. From now on we can really enjoy the FREE skating from Yuzuru Hanyu. Hope it won't be a long waiting for us.

Now it finally hit me. Realizing the fact that I no longer need to check the GP assignment and plan my vacation days based on Yuzu's competition schedule. Likely won't stay up till 3 or wake up at 5 to watch skating live. I would certainly miss spending nights and nights chatting with friends on his program layout, calculating the base value, observing the improvement on his skills, worrying whether the style and vision of his new program would be appreciated by judges (all D**D  to me as far as I'm concerned), cursing ISU and JSF LOL.

I logged on here and saw my avatar, I burst in tears. 2013 GPF, the face he made after his long program, right before his very first GPF crown. Glory days never fade away:YuzuPoohSad:



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9 минут назад, Murieleirum сказал:

Who's still crying w/ me? Show of hands??

I cried yesterday. And today I just couldn't because have to collect all news and translate... I'm translating right now too. But... I just get little rest and emotions just drop like waterfall. So I'm crying right now too...

Everyone said very beautiful and emotional words for him... I don't know how to do it properly and all my support for all time was hard working with news and translation... quick proper translation into russian. But when I will find my words for Hanyu, I hope that I can bring (bring?) them right. :softYuzu:

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Ah you all wrote too much, but I understand. I will read you all after posting this.


I'm happy he isn't competing anymore, and I'm pretty sure we have the same thought about why. I'm happy to see a lot of comments saying that they are happy he is out of JSF and ISU control now and that the mental abuse is over.


I know I said selfishly that I wanted him to compete in Milan but only because I could watch him live. But at the end of the day, after what I've learned and witnessed those past two years, I am happy he chooses to follow his ideals and heart.


I do hope that whatever he is going to do will be broadcast somewhere. Because that is the only drawback of not competing. While he was competing all the world could watch him because that competition was broadcast somewhere so all of us could watch him. With show skating... that is a bit more difficult (yes I'm looking at you Kobe) and we still don't know whether he will participate in shows around the world or not.


A new chapter is beginning. One I am happy to be part of.


(and secretly waiting for ISU begging him to come back and him going heeheeheee been there done that, no thanks)


Now little by little I'm going to read all your thoughts.


Forgot to say, it is okay to be sad that he is not competing anymore, it is okay to cry or feeling disappointed so please do that if you need to. Yuzu said that crying is good so expressing all your feelings is right and don't feel discouraged by others. Just keep supporting him in this new chapter of his life.

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