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  1. What would the FaOI experience be without the excitement of the live tweets, the translation of the live tweets, all the speculations around what Yuzu's costumes really look like and what moves he really made during his performances, and the imaginations of everybody running wild? And then the first trickle of pics and short video clips from news broadcasts come in, the anticipation grows even more... and then, finally, we can see and enjoy the entire show! All that is a part of the whole experience package.
  2. The way Yuzu moves across the ice is spellbinding!
  3. Aaah! This Kiss&Cry edition is so amazing! The pics and posters are beautiful! And these are the postcard books for Yuzu's FS and SP.
  4. Pooh speaking with the voice of Yuzu. So cute and funny!
  5. Thank you very much! Indeed! Just seeing Yuzu enjoy himself and doing what he loves the most on the ice is already the greatest pleasure for us. He creates the most amazing masterpieces and performances by being himself and expressing his heart and soul. Source: poohzuru I just want Yuzu to be happy. I hope he can find happiness regardless of results, medals, and other people's judgement.
  6. I totally agree. When I saw Yuzu at the Beijing Olympics, he looked tense, stressed, and anxious to me. I think he put too much pressure on himself. He probably felt the weight of the world on his shoulders and thought that he had the responsibility and duty to win a third Olympic gold not only for himself, but also for his country and his fans. Perhaps he feared that he would lose the love and support of his fans if he doesn't win. If there is one thing that the Olympics have shown, it is that Yuzu is loved more than ever. Not only have his fans not abandoned him, they love him more than ever. In addition, he has even won many, many more fans and admirers. He was the talk of town, the greatest star of the Olympics by far despite not winning a medal. As an ambitious athlete, it might have been Yuzu's greatest fear to fail on the greatest stage. In the end, he did indeed fail at winning a medal, but he carried himself with such grace and integrity, stayed true to himself, and showed so much passion and courage, that he remained the victor without winning a medal. Yuzu looks so relieved and at ease in the new videos. I hope he has found happiness for himself. I'm sure he has found his utter love and joy for skating again. It's so obvious to see in the practices he did after the competition was over at the Olympics. What he put on the ice was pure magic flowing straight from his heart and soul. He was finally free from the enormous pressure of having to win gold. I hope the experiences at the Olympics have shown Yuzu that his value as a person and athlete is absolutely not diminished in any way by not winning a medal. His heartfelt, emotional performances touched people's hearts and souls. His story is such an inspiration. Yuzu didn't win an Olympic medal, but he won the hearts of many, many people. He gives people joy, light, and hope. This is the greatest victory of all.
  7. OMG! I had no idea that this is what the inside of the pleats of Yuzu's PW costume looks like! The attention to detail on this! He really is on his own level of extra, Planet Hanyu level extra.
  8. It's so good to get some Yuzu crumbs again! He has expensive taste. He should wear stylish jackets more often. This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  9. I didn't know that Yuzu and ToshI already stood on the stage together back then and that Yuzu was actually one of the judges of a singing contest.
  10. Yuzu was truly the number one star of the Beijing Olympics. And he's beloved and popular and has won many new fans and admirers way beyond just a few weeks of Olympic Games. This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  11. Wow! This costume is gorgeous! Just imagine Yuzu really wearing something like this!
  12. Wow! The Seimei tote bag from Yuzu's exhibition has such a beautiful lining! I want it too! Yuzu making his way to his stage like a rockstar.
  13. Yuzu's full Beijing Olympics SP run-through. It's absolutely beautiful!
  14. Short video with English subtitles. Yuzu wasn't kidding when he said he loves gyoza. These must be really delicious for him to eat them at every meal. I love gyoza too, but eating them every day might get a bit boring for me. [NEWS]
  15. Thank you for the summary! I wish Ajinomoto was also available here. Their food looks absolutely delicious and it's probably healthy and nutritionally balanced too. I love Gyoza and other forms of dumplings, so I totally understand Yuzu's love for Gyoza. But unfortunately, I haven't been able to find good ones here.
  16. Even the police learn English with Yuzu. Beijing Olympics gala practice. [NEWS]
  17. Oops, Anni already posted what I wanted to post.
  18. Yuzu is always a researcher and diligent student. He really does everything like a GOAT. I wonder if he also did research on how to cook the most delicious gyoza.
  19. This is such a beautiful thread, especially if you like ballet and ballet-related things.
  20. This is why Yuzu's performance of Tenchi at the Olympics is such a masterpiece despite the falls. If you ask me, the falls even added to the story Yuzu wanted to convey and show him as a warrior who never falters and perseveres with courage in the face of obstacles and setbacks. [NEWS]
  21. Yuzu talking about his 4A entry and take-off in Ice Jewels. I think Yuzu's epiphany to return to his roots and his Axel entry as a novice was truly a game changer. That's why I believe he'll continue pursuing the 4A if his health allows it. He was so close in Beijing. But no matter what he should decide to do, I will always support him. I just want him to follow his heart and do whatever makes him happy and content. [NEWS]
  22. I'm so grateful that I found Planet Hanyu! I'm having such a wonderful time here. Thank you so much to the administrators for creating and maintaining this great forum and thank you to all members for contributing to this amazing community! 1. When did you become a fan of Yuzu? I first became a fan of Yuzu during Sochi Olympics. I've been watching figure skating on an on-off basis since I was a kid and Yuzu simply blew my mind when I first saw his performance of Parisienne Walkways. I had never seen someone who could move and skate like that. I had never imagined that someone could move and skate like that. He looked unreal. From then on, I watched every competition of him that I could. But it wasn't until I saw his Worlds 2017 performance of Hope&Legacy that I completely lost my heart to him. That performance touched me deeply on a soul and spiritual level like nothing had ever before. For months, I watched it multiple times a day every day. I still watch it from time to time whenever I feel like my soul needs nourishment and comfort. 2. When and why did you sign up for Planet Hanyu? I first followed Yuzu related stuff on Tumblr. I signed up for an account and started to post a lot of stuff, but it wasn't until mid 2018 that I learned about Planet Hanyu. I first lurked around for a bit and signed up in August 2018. I'm so glad that I did. Unfortunately, I didn't know about the Planet during Pyeongchang Olympics and had to watch it all by myself in the middle of the night. It's so much more fun to be able to share the Yuzu experience together with so many kind people. 3. Did you make any irl friends through Planet Hanyu? Through the Planet, I met a couple of great people that I'm still in contact with. 4. Have you participated in any group projects on Planet Hanyu? Yes, Yuzu birthday projects. 5. Did you attend any meetups with other satellites at competitions? Yes, I met other satellites at GPF 2019 in Torino. I hope I'll be able to go to more competitions together with other satellites. 6. What do you like the most about this forum? There are many things I like about this forum. One of the best things is being able to share my love and passion for Yuzu and his wonderful skating with so many like-minded people. Another thing that I really like is being able to stay up-to-date about Yuzu-related news. 7. Would you like to participate in the giveaway? Yes, absolutely! Thank you for your generosity!
  23. Gosh, this is so painful to read. I watched his practice live. That was such a devastating experience. But Yuzu is such a fighter! He is such an inspiration! No wonder he won the hearts of so many new fans after Beijing Olympics and remained the biggest star without winning a medal. This is the kind of spirit and courage that touches and moves people. This is the stuff of legends. I think if Yuzu's health permits it, he will continue on his quest for landing the 4A, not just land it, but land it his way. I believe we will still get to see much more even better and more amazing skating by him. [NEWS]
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