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  1. I would just ride this escalator up and down all day long. This is the true stairway to heaven.
  2. I have to admit I still watch Yuzu's 2012 WC performance of Romeo&Juliet on a regular basis just to get a dose of pure, raw and natural passion.
  3. I keep on discovering amazing new Yuzu fanartists. He is such an inspiration.
  4. I'm always amazed by how rich Yuzu's seasons are. There's always so much content and so many precious big and little moments to treasure.
  5. I've been fantasizing for a while about Yuzu wearing his hair LGC/Origin style while wearing a suit. I think Yuzu would look hot as hell with his hair slicked back when he's wearing a suit. I hope that one day this will become reality. I recently found someone on Tumblr who had the same thought and this is the result. https://yuzulovesjavi.tumblr.com/post/184843206457/heres-a-manip-of-yuzu-on-someone-elses-body
  6. Sorry guys, this is a bit embarassing... How do I post a photo here (uploading it from my computer)?
  7. That boy is a true genius when it comes to the creation of suspense, excitement and anticipation. He sure knows how to keep us in suspense until the last minute and only relieve it when we were ready to give up on the idea of him doing ice shows this year. We're like putty in his hands... and willingly so. How utterly boring life would be without him!
  8. Interview with Brian about working on skating skills. I wish more skaters would do work on their basics... and more coaches would put emphasis on improving basic skating skills.
  9. Maybe TCC should hire this feline as their new assistant coach?
  10. Hahaha! I wouldn't even be surprised if Yuzu would be carried into the next gala or ice show like this.
  11. Oh, I just noticed at the end that Pooh is watching! How cute! What a lovely performance! I hope Yuzu will come across this. I'm sure he'd be delighted about it.
  12. Yuzu's looking great! Happy and radiant. His hair looks amazing! So full, smooth and shiny. And talking about being an immortal elf, he looks no more than two years or so older than Alysa Liu!
  13. Thank Yuzu there was another Fanyu at Hongkong airport with enough time to take pics.
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