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  1. Yuzu's dedication and attention to detail is unmatched.
  2. I'm sooo happy!!! Another highlight to look forward to during this long drought.
  3. Such a great skate from Boyang filled with so much fun and joy! I really, really hope that he'll get back his ease and joy for skating very soon. He has so much potential and I wish for him to be able to fulfil that potential.
  4. Yuzu's performance of H&L at the WC 2017 is for me personally the best free skate of all time. It's not just a figure skating performance, it's a meditation of beauty and the divine, a transcendental spiritual journey. After I first watched it on April 1, 2017, I watched it at least once every single day for many months. Every time I watch H&L, it gives me so much joy and happiness and brightens my life. It soothes my soul, calms my mind and reminds me that miracles still happen in this world. I'm blessed that I get to watch Yuzu's performances. I'm so grateful that I get to see Yuzu and enjoy what he gives to us.
  5. Jason is such a beautiful and artistic skater. That was a joy to watch!
  6. A piece of Yuzu's practice. I cannot wait for H&L! My tear ducts are ready.
  7. That was such a great performance from Javi! I'm getting sentimental and am missing the good old times. Figure skating was so much more interesting, exciting, fun and unpredictable than it is now.
  8. Super performance! So powerful, energetic and fun. Too bad about the combo. But it still looked amazing. LGC is such a fantastic program.
  9. Aaah! Finally found this thread. I'm quite excited because back in 2017 I couldn't watch the live coverage. I can pretend that I'm watching this for the first time.
  10. Just some random Yuzu thing. Seriously, how the hell is he so strong? He must have a core of steel.
  11. I think this edit is just perfect because Yuzu is such a great creator of art. He's a master of bringing forth his ideas and thoughts into the world. I just watched the Skate Forward videos and I have to say that my mind is absolutely blown. I could only guess what he'd do for this series and knew that he'd surprise and delight us. To be honest, even just a couple of nice words from him would've made me happy. But what he put into the world exceeded all expectations I had. Yuzu has already shown to us time after time that he's basically the very definition of the word extra, someone who always goes the extra mile and creates masterpiece after masterpiece. Yet these videos have proven that even he can go one step further still. Yuzu must've put so much time, energy and thought into creating all this. All the meticulous planning and perfect execution, the set-up, the ideas, the editing, all of these are the result of a genius mind, a brave soul and a diligent body. Whenever I think I could not possibly be more impressed by Yuzu, he proves me wrong and goes one little step or even one huge leap further. Because of this, I'm confident that he will keep on competing and gracing us with his beauty, creativity, ideas and his heart and soul. I can feel that he has so much more to give and share with the world. I feel blessed and lucky to be able to live in the era of Yuzuru Hanyu and I look forward to all the art and beauty he comes up with in the future.
  12. The boy's getting really jacked...
  13. Wow! Yuzu's English has improved so much! Skating truly is his life. He was born to skate. It's his purpose and he's simply the best there is. And how is it possible that he keeps becoming more and more beautiful and adorable?!?
  14. Yuzu's spirit is so admirable! His way of overcoming every obstacle and doing his thing despite his fear is absolutely inspirational.
  15. They actually did the subtitles in new Seimei's neon green.
  16. Just imagine him doing that with all his Olympic, Worlds and GPF gold medals! (But that would probably be too hard on his poor neck... )
  17. Hahaha! Yuzu throwing the koala like the baseball pro that he is!
  18. The people at Citizen truly love our feather-born super boy.
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