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  1. I don't know about other Asian countries, but in China, the number 4 has been historically considered to be an unlucky number because its pronunciation in Chinese (si) is similar to the Chinese word for death or die. But in recent years, a kind of rehabilitation has started with people declaring it an auspicious number because the English pronunciation four bears a resemblance to the Chinese word for fortune or luck (fu). In this sense, we should maybe start calling the 4CC "Fortune CC".
  2. But, wait! I thought PyeongChang Olympics is a movie! You wanna seriously tell me that this far-fetched story about a gorgeous, incredibly talented young figure skater - already an Olympic Champion - who gets injured just a few months before the Olympics, withdraws from all competitions, undergoes rehab and disappears off the surface of the earth, only to descend down to Planet Earth and sweep a monumental victory, is actually real? Come on!!!
  3. Fresh yuzu isn't even available here! I think yuzu (the fruit) is generally not well known in Europe? I didn't even know this fruit exists before becoming a fan of Yuzu (the unikittycorn). I have to admit the black hole actually makes me focus on my work. No more convenient excuses. I already managed to do a considerable chunk of work since FaOI was over. I hope to get some more serious work done before the season starts. I guess Yuzu with Adam Rippon hair wouldn't look bad. But it wouldn't be one of the most flattering looks he could get. One of the super powers of Yuzu is that the boy really knows what suits him and what doesn't.
  4. Well, considering how much he sweats during his performances, his hairdo has to be waterproof.
  5. Yuzu is gorgeous. Period. He looks amazing with any hairstyle. Except that weird hairdo in that Samurai movie.
  6. This is so cute! Kitty chair socks!
  7. Yuzurella

    Fan project

    OMG! This is absolutely incredible! It's wonderful! I don't know what to say... This must've been sooo much work to put it all together. And it's obvious you put so much love, care and thought into it. It's AMAZING!!! Did you actually draw the little comic figure yourself? It's so cute! I love all the different poses and costumes! I'm certain Yuzu will absolutely love this fanbook when he gets it. This is such a good representation of our love and gratitude for him. Thank you sooo much for making this!!!
  8. I think they look good! Especially the second one where it's possible to add your name. Regarding embedding images, I think it depends on the link? Usually when I add a link, it automatically gets embedded. But with some links it doesn't work.
  9. That would definitely be a problem. And as @Moria Polonius pointed out, you might not be allowed to take them into the plane as hand luggage. I have a suggestion that's not as nearly as sophisticated, but more convenient and cheaper. How about we get a nice design and then make it into a downloadable JPEG or PDF file that everybody can download and print out at home?
  10. I'd say binoculars are a good idea. I brought mine with me to my first competition in Helsinki and they were definitely helpful to see skaters up close when they were relatively still, e.g. taking a break during a practice session, in the kiss&cry etc. And they were really helpful to see Yuzu's face in detail.
  11. One thing you should consider regarding single event tickets is that there are only 6 skaters participating in each event in a GPF. That means that each event will be very short, around an hour each for short and free program. The other issue is that the men's event has short program on Dec. 5th and free on Dec. 7th. And if you want to see the gala, then you have to stay in Torino for the full 4 days anyway, because the gala is on Dec. 8th. In this case, you should also consider your travelling and accomodation cost. It's very difficult to say whether there will still be any good seats left for the single event tickets, since the sale doesn't start until October 3rd. But all the tickets that aren't sold as all event tickets go into the single sale, so you might get lucky. I know that the tickets are really expensive and making it difficult for many people to see the GPF. I hope you can make it to the GPF! Good luck!
  12. OMG! I just saw that you made a huge collection of ice shows available for us! That's amazing! You totally rock!!! Thank you so much!
  13. If the system doesn't take your addresses and you didn't type in unusual characters, signs or something, then you could maybe do the following if you want to get e-tickets. You could use a short form of your addresses, instead of the full thing. Maybe that's the problem. But that of course might only work if you want to get e-tickets. Then the address doesn't really matter so much. It obviously doesn't work if you want the tickets delivered to your home address... Good luck! ETA: I just saw that you made it. Well done!
  14. Unfortunately - in fact, fortunately for my wallet - none of the products Yuzu advertises are available here. My wallet is really grateful for that, but I really wish I could get my hands on those beautiful clear files of his... But I did go to the Helsinki GP last year just to see him, even though Helsinki was never on my radar as a travel destination. And I'm about to spend more than the amount of my monthly rent for a ticket to the GPF in Torino. Okay, I guess my wallet isn't that grateful after all...
  15. It would be great if we could open a sleep savings account that we could use to save and withdraw sleep when we need it!
  16. No problem. I saw that there will be a Kobe broadcast on August 13th. They probably mixed up the month.
  17. Thank you so much! I didn't know this! I will go to a wedding tomorrow, but I might catch the first hour or so of the broadcast.
  18. And the crazy, out-of-control hair is also spot on! It's amazing what Yuzu fans come up with and how talented and creative they are!
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