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  1. My zipper gets stuck all the time but I know half a dozen ways of unsticking it, none of which involve asking my friend's significant other to zip me up. I mean, whoever said "Better than unzipping!" has a point, but still!
  2. Of this list, I've read The Little Prince, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and Kafka. I'd say that I have some catching up to do, but I'm not that motivated. Interesting that Joon's read Somerset Maughan though. And that the only biography on the shelf is Steve Jobs. I'd argue that Jobs is a fine example of what to do as a visionary and what NOT to do as a leader. Wonder if Joon has read Wilde. Seems like it would be in his wheelhouse, based on this.
  3. The parka one is triggering my inner Yoongi: if they can't zip uo their own parka, are they even an adult? And they don't deserve to go outside in winter .
  4. This is one of those 'context is everything' things. It's definitely possible to steal cake flirtatiously. 'Here, I don't want it, you can have mine' is not flirtatious though
  5. It must be a photo transfer. Apparently you can get them done for your own nails, too. One of the YouTubers I used to watch got all the BTS members put on her nails once for a vlog - but I can't find the video back now. Jk is the classic possessive bf. I could never date him longterm, he'd drive me bonkers with that nonsense. I was reading about the perilla leaf thing and the idea is, sometimes the perilla leaves stick together so separating just one for yourself with only chopsticks can be a challenge. Sometimes you need someone to help you by holding the pile down with their chopsticks while you peel one off the pile. So that's what they're talking about - are you ok with your bf doing that for another woman. Perilla leafs aside, it's actually a discussion about what are the little behavioural danger signs in a relationship, and what constitutes cheating, and how far do you trust someone? Me, i'd be okay-ish with perilla leaves, but let's say my bf starting stealing a forkful of cake from some other girl's plate...that'd be a 'no' from me. He can have my cake, or none at all.
  6. I did, only to realize he's wearing extra layers...
  7. https://twitter.com/Marianne_Draws/status/1526638687512997888?s=20&t=8sCRme8Bdn0bMkofQR9UTg
  8. These look great! I think my favorite ones so far are your RJ faces, where you put his expression on the plain white b.g., the smaller black logos on the purple-white ombre, and the Cooky ones where you've included the ears/whole head in the design. I love the metallic lavender just as a colour. Looks great. My absolute favorite of those is Koya losing his ears and falling out of frame. So cute. You do a really good RJ though. You seem to have a feel for him. How many are you planning to make? This looks like a lot.
  9. About Insight: i think that you have to book your ticket in advance, which you can do if you go to Weverse Shop and sign in to HYBE Insight. Better do it now to be sure you can get the day you want. And yeah, it's sad that they pulled Top Social Artist, because it was literally the only award that directly measured how well an artist or group connects with their audience. I saw pics and video of the BBMA auditorium - half empty. I know! That mullet is criminal! Yup. I finally gave the whole album a thorough listen -and it rocks! But back in those days, people weren't coordinating mass buying online the same way they do now. And there wasn't any way to capture a buyer's identity at point-of-sale. IMO part of the reason they track like that now, is simply because they can
  10. I think Dazed Korea is the YouTube channel? But that's definitely this product that they're advertising: https://www.dior.com/en_ca/products/beauty-Y0133009-dior-addict-stellar-gloss-balm-lip-gloss-plumping-shine-24h-hydration*
  11. I'll lend it to you when done. A small reflection on their ages when they started: Yes, they were very young. But the skaters we follow start their international competitive careers at those ages or even younger. And as another example, I started university at 17 and graduated at 20 - all while working 30 hours a week as a lifeguard and swimming instructor. Yes, in some ways, I was a 'baby', and needed way more guidance than I received. And I dare say it was the same for Yuzu, or for BTS. But on the other hand, I was capable of doing it and didn't think anything of it...and that's probably the case for Bangtan too. And it's probably a big part of why they're so mature and capable now. Chronological age has nothing to do whatsoever with mental capacity or emotional maturity.
  12. I agree completely! I would also add that I hope Yuzu realizes now that it's enough, for his fans, just for him to be himself on the ice and to show his own point of view.
  13. It's the book. I bought the English version from Weverse. I'm glad I did.
  14. I started reading the Notes for The Most Beautiful Moment In Life. Has anyone else read it yet? Talk about a tearjerker...the BU boys live positively Dickensian lives. It's like something out of Oliver Twist. It's a quick read. I'm already about halfway through. And while I'm not going to spoil anything in case you haven't read it yet, I think I've figured out what Seokjin has to do to save the others and move forward.
  15. Completely unrelated to BTS, but I could use your input: Anyone got a good suggestion for antivirus software? I currently use Kasperskyy but I just recently learned that the company is closely tied to the Russian government, so I need to switch. I'm looking for a software company that doesn't have a bunch of political motivations or strings tied to the service they give...ideas? Links? I appreciate the help
  16. But what could he be doing for BBMAs? BTS isn't going. Is Songdeuk nominated for any award himself?
  17. Has anyone else noticed that Yuzu is looking particularly great in these most recent photos of him? I've been comparing them to photos from before Olympics this year, and it really looks to me like a bunch of stress and strain dropped from his face once he landed the 4A...makes me wonder just exactly how much pressure he was putting on himself to try and get that jump done. Or am I imagining things?
  18. Yeah, I wonder where he's off to. He just got back.
  19. Another cat scratch? Is it the ones at the Humane Society? They scratch you a lot... I need to update my playlists as well. I watched some of the TXT comeback stuff and it's pretty good. Was reading MOA Twitter this morning and apparently they organized a surprised mini fan meet for all the MOA who came to their music show pre-recording at oh-my-God-it's-early hours...and gave them coffee and cookies! The cookies were done up and iced to look like the album logo and the lightstick. Really cute!
  20. Can't blame Hobi, really. Even the champagne he was drinking in the post-Grammys vlive was making him red-faced and tipsy...and I bet he oy had one or two glasses. Lightweight is an understatement.
  21. On the videos - yes. @Faithyu is still off roaming sunny shores far away and it would only be you & me watching anyway.
  22. These two posts have serious Bangtan energy...did you ladies borrow any braincells from Jin and JK, by chance? Also, about ordering from Amazon: the sale only counts for charts in your country if you order direct from Amazon (i.e. "sold by Amazon"). Third party sales ("sold by X") are not counted, even if ordered from Amazon
  23. Found more baby Bangtan! https://twitter.com/lsgrlr/status/1524226130575646720?s=20&t=S3uCUn9MdVHCXUY0wGhcGg
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