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  1. Someone on Weverse did a close examination of the Butter promo photos and found a tiny Instagram logo on their treasure map... the plot thickens... This is so fun.
  2. Truly, I'm looking forward to TXT finally being able to tour because at least it will be possible to get those tickets...
  3. Yeah, but do you notice that Bieber is? Now that'll be one for the ages - try to picture Biebs and Seventeen doing a duet... Ah, poor Guinness World Records...they had a rough day: https://twitter.com/GWR/status/1467801797221834757?s=20
  4. Ugh, AI translation sucks so bad. I stand by my comment though. The more bored they get, the more interesting things will be.
  5. Happy Birthday, Yuzuru! May this year bring you everything you need and nothing you don't, and the inspiration to tell the difference. Can't wait to see you skate again, whenever that may be.
  6. No, let them all get bored out of their gourds...it'll be chaos by the end of the week!
  7. So RM just posted that he was 'bored' on his new Insta all of a minute ago. He didn't last long, did he? But you know what, I think that's good that he's bored. Boredom, strangely enough, is a proven wellspring of creativity. I hope he gets good and bored on his holiday.
  8. The posts don't disappear, unless tgey're using Instagram stories, but I agree with you that its a stupid platform in many ways. Also agree with you about that particular language issue. It's just too sensitive. Also, what kind of behaviour is pushing someone down the stairs and punching them, when you're a guest in their home, over a word they may or may not have said? Geez.
  9. Beginning to think the only reason theybtook the break was so as to better fluster ARMY full time
  10. Someone absolutely needs to give Yuzu this idea, because he'll go one further and find two utterly inwilling collaborators and lure them into doing it with him anyway... Actually, don't you think Super Tuna has the Shibutanis written all over it? I could totally see them hamming it up.
  11. Was it? I thought it was announced as cancelled.
  12. A bit? it's way more than a bit! And then the guy has the nerve to go on Weverse and complain about 'scary' suggestions showing up in his Recommended list...what did he think the Insta algorithms were going to do? Like IstG, he's a natural blonde somewhere down in the core of his brain....
  13. Super Tuna is only a minute long though. Way easier to re-watch multiple times.
  14. Neither will we. It got cancelled b/c of omicron.
  15. Tbh, I'm expecting to see a lot of vlives because of this. Even though they don't have to do them. ARMY is definitely their boredom breaker
  16. This sounds so good! And these guys and their so-called vacations...like what the heck with the Instas, boys, vacation is for staying quiet...I bet the only thing they're 'on vacation' from is having an official BTS schedule. At least Suga understands the assignment and went golfing...
  17. Some posts have a little 'see translation' at the bottom that you can click, some don't...
  18. Joon is the biggest savage . He knows everything ARMY gets up to on social media and isn't shy to let us know he knows...
  19. To put it fishing terms, it's like he forgot to bait the rod but a big one lept over the side of the boat and landed in his lap anyway
  20. You notice that they put the youngest, handsomest guy in front? I'm dying. And I'm not ready for all 7 of them to be joking around on Insta all day...I need time to get some work done, geez. Here I was thinking I'd get a break to focus on skating for a bit while they were on holidays...
  21. It's really interesting, and the music makes me picture a completely different type of movement than that in Otonal. Rondo seems expressly designed for the kind of light, quick foot movements that were really popular in fs in the 90s, but done in a prancier, almost kitten like fashion. To put it bluntly, when I hear Rondo, the image that comes into my head is a playful, cute, whimsical kitty Zuru.
  22. wow. considering how young and inexperienced some of the skaters are in this competition, that has to be painful for Nam Good to see Gogolev back with Lee Barkell. Even though Raf is a good coach in many ways, the move to California always seemed to me like a bad idea for Stephen.
  23. Maybe the others still have work to do in LA? Or maybe they're hedging their bets about the quarantine? As far as I know, the SK government has only imposed this quarantine requirement as a temporary measure for people arriving in the next two weeks, until they know more about omicron. No need for the whole group to quarantine if they can find a way to avoid it. JK probably doesn't want to be away from Bam too long, and apparently Jin's brother's wife is just about to have a baby, so I can see why they would be in a hurry to get home and through quarantine. And where JK goes, so does Jimin, it seems I stand by my (now removed) comment that the 3 rapper/producers and Tae must still have business in LA.
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