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  1. Is the digital download from itunes, or from Weverse? It'll only show up on itunes if you bought it there. And there are 10 songs on the album, so maybe it downloads as 10 individual files? I have no answer for the first question.
  2. A thread of English translations of the lyrics for Indigo:
  3. when you consider that it's basically just 6 or 7 of us for the entire thread...wow
  4. It's so annoying -Weverse won't show me the first one, just gives me a black screen. Indigo feels like a late-night phone call from a friend who just needs to unburden themselves about their life for a bit. Very intimate tbh. I think shows a lot of trust towards the fans for him to release this kind of album.
  5. Oh no! Poor cat 😢. Where I live, roadkill is fairly common, mostly squirrels, raccoons, or skunks, but it never gets any easier to see the poor things. What a terrible way to start the day. 😔
  6. Hi guys, I've been a bit distracted...was Yuzu skating Prologue just now, or is that tomorrow? And is there going to be a broadcast?
  7. I got the notification of the release late...maybe that's a factor. That 200 person show Joon's doing for ARMY on the 8th is going to be incredible.
  8. Same! I have a feeling it's going to be in my playlists for a very long time. There's something about it that cuts right to the heart. At the same time, it feels like Namjoon is sharing his whole heart with us - it's a very intimate and vulnerable piece of art. I have been up all night, listening to the album, watching Joon's live etc. Not sorry, but wow I'm tired
  9. ....because they're warm and Tae is like a cat, he needs the warmest spot in every room?
  10. I have Koya. I use him as a phone support if I'm watching videos in bed.
  11. I originally wanted JJ (don't laugh!) but the proxy service I used to get it could only find Viktor for me, so Viktor it is. I honestly never thought I'd use it, but it turned out to make sleeping on my side way more comfortable so now I use it all the time
  12. Still $220 cheaper than Global. Thing is, I already have a Yuri On Ice body pillow (that takes up a ton of real estate in my bed) so I can't justify buying another one...
  13. And he started a drinking show instead! Give it time and his buttons will vanish too, I feel certain. @Old Cat Lady You absolutely could. Global shipping on the body pillow is $264 and change. And for the regular doll, $99. I think I'm happy with my keychain. The other thing I'd get is the sweatsuit, but the hoodie is already sold out again. Edited to add: I keep vacillating....want to get more stuff, don't want to spend the $$$...argh so much temptation
  14. Sharing this thread because it's so funny. I think I agree with the ones who're saying that Bangtan's buttons are the only thing that actually took a hiatus this summer
  15. Let's not forget that they all got COVID, some of them for (I think) the second time. That would f**k up anybody's year but especially a singer's. *** Did all of you catch the very deep and formal bow Hobi gave Yuna Kim as he approached the stage to accept the award from her? He didn't do that with the other presenters. She really is Queen Yuna.
  16. Ack! I forgot the Jin merch drop was coming and nearly missed it. By the time I got the notification, the Wootteo doll and the sweatsuit were already gone The body pillow vanished not long after. it's all really cute and nice stuff and I wanted everything. But I bought the keyring. Shipping on the dish set was $70!!
  17. That's probably why it's fun. Conviviality rather than actual drunkenness. Very cute. Him and Jimin, but especially him. Although the other day I found myself wondering how a guy like Namjoon, who has basically been a manager/executive since his mid-teens, is going to handle being back at the bottom of the heap as an enlisted man.
  18. It's just dumb. Engenes who think Sunghoon is better than Yuzu as a skater and that he's more famous now. *eyeroll*
  19. Never thought I'd see a Toronto Blue Jays cap in any BTS content! That must be Paul Blanco. https://instagram.com/stories/rkive/2980787890039000761?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=YmRhOGE0MWQ=
  20. That looks like so much fun! I don't think I'll be able to go though. Too close to Christmas and I'll probably be busy...
  21. Can you believe Mai won both her GPs? I'm so pleased for her.
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