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  1. I refuse to acknowledge that I just saw this.
  2. But he's Nathan's coach. Sounds to me like a lame excuse from someone who's trying to escape his own responsibility.
  3. If this should really happen, then I'm sure Yuzu'll want to win the gold medal. Source
  4. As long as it's not something like 4am... Who am I kidding, it's not like I've never gotten up at 4am to watch Yuzu... do something... or stayed up all night until 8am (twice) to watch him in PyeongChang...
  5. LOL! If that's the case then Brian must've also been practicing meditation, Tai Chi or something. He seems to be more chill than he used to be. I think the poor man's just resigned to his fate. After all these years as Yuzu's coach, there's probably nothing that can still faze Brian.
  6. After what happened at Worlds 2019, Yuzu decided he needs more quads to win competitions. Furthermore, I think it might have actually become a point of pride and a personal ambition of his to become the first person to land all six quads successfully in competition. We're in for a wild ride next season... Skating gods, please protect our adorable sunshine boy!
  7. Thank you so much for your report! You're so good at conveying your impressions and emotions! Your words make me feel like I was there myself. I can vividly see it all in my mind's eye. I cannot wait to see all the footage. I want a broadcast of the entire show right now!!!
  8. It's really hard to believe that just a few months ago many people thought that he wouldn't be doing ice shows this year in order to recover fully... or that if he does do ice shows then without jumps CiONTU style... In the end, I wouldn't even have been that shoked if he'd attempted (or even landed!) The Monster at the last Toyama show. Yuzu certainly never fails to surprise, delight, shock and amaze us again and again. How utterly boring and dull life would be without him!
  9. Try to look at it this way. Because of the droughts in between all the excitement, we cherish and enjoy it even more when we get new pics, videos, programs, performances or any snippets from Yuzu. The rarer the flower, the more appreciated it is. And Yuzu for sure knows this all too well.
  10. If someone would set up something like a Yuzu broadcasting package including all his competitions, gala exhibitions and ice shows, I'd totally pay for it!
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