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  1. OMG, Yuzu is so precious! Well, nowadays, this is exactly how many younger skaters feel around Yuzu. I hope that he got a chance to talk to her at another occasion.
  2. Axel with Wings uploaded the behind the scenes of Yuzu's Lotte CM with English subs!
  3. Hahaha! Javi facepalming so hard! That was probably his reaction to something ridiculous that Yuzu said or did.
  4. Legendary, iconic moments! The looks of triumph on his face!
  5. I don't remember which interview this is from. I only have the screenshot. Maybe someone else on the Planet knows?
  6. Apparently Yuzu's Lotte CM was filmed at ice rink Sendai. And of course the date of the release of the CM had to be the anniversary of the reopening of the ice rink.
  7. Not just in Japan - in the entire world. Yuzu's silhouette is probably the most recognizable one on this planet. The way he looks and moves - even just as a silhouette - is absolutely unique and impossible to mistake.
  8. There is now also a version with English subs! Thank you, Axel with Wings!
  9. Such a beautiful CM. Its beauty is truly worthy of Yuzu's gorgeous, otherwordly skating and movements. And the narration is so inspirational and poetic.
  10. Yes, that's what I noticed too. I was already impressed by how good his English has become when he did his interview with CBC. I think Yuzu's English has improved even more. I'm sure he's been practicing and working a lot on his English skills. He's probably been taking lessons with private tutors and such. Finally, Yuzu's intelligence, eloquence and ability to formulate and express deep and complex ideas have also become obvious when he speaks English. Trust Yuzu to become the best at everything he does! And the way he looked! OMG! Being the king he is, he actually made the effort to dress up and style his hair nicely. Yuzu looked absolutely gorgeous! He's becoming more and more beautiful. And I wanna say thank you so much to all of you who organized this Yuzu skating party! It was a blast!
  11. Pretty soon, Yuzu will be able to found his own international figure skating federation with more sponsors and far more supporters than the ISU. Sponsors know where the money lies. They also know who brings in the fans and their money. Just imagine this, an international federation just for figure skating that promotes and supports the sport as well as athletes equally. A figure skating federation that has absolute integrity, fairness, accountability and transparency as its fundamental principles. What a dream come true!
  12. Yuzu looking dashing in a tuxedo... about to receive the Golden Pooh Award!
  13. Cherry Blossom Fairy saying thank you in the sweetest way.
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