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  1. What did I just see?!? 😨 I went to Torino all calm and relaxed and looking forward to a chillaxed comp accompanied by a huge birthday party for Yuzu. Now I need therapy... Yuzu, please stay healthy! PLEASE STAY HEALTHY!!!!!!
  2. And I'm already in Milan but won't make it in time to Torino for the practice. But I will get to see Yuzu tomorrow!
  3. I still can't believe that people are talking about "The Untamed" here. I absolutely love this drama. I'm totally obsessed. I've actually been dreaming about Yuzu skating to some of the drama's music in an ex program... it would suit him so well...
  4. I just finished watching men's free. Most of all I'm so happy that Yuzu blasted through both his GPs perfectly healthy and unscathed. Him delivering four absolutely outstanding performances and winning with huge margins is of course a juicy and yummy cherry on top. It's simply outstanding how Yuzu keeps delivering at such a high level with such consistency. And that quick thinking today! Oh, my! He totally kept his cool and whipped out a changed layout to get as many points as posible after that popped 4T. This is so admirable! I feel truly privileged to watch him skate and create his magic on ice. I'm grateful to be his fan. I'm grateful to live in the era of Yuzuru Hanyu. I'm grateful that I discovered Yuzu, for he has enriched my life in so many ways and brought so much beauty, passion and excitement to me. Thank you, Yuzu!
  5. Another absolutely magnificent performance! Yuzu keeps delivering! He keeps getting better and better. I don't know what to say. He's just on a completely different level. I have the feeling he's more confident, secure, stronger and more consistent than ever. In Yuzu I trust.
  6. Since my chillaxed and calm state of mind worked so well for Skate Canada, I shall from now on always strive to stay in a zen zone and trust that Yuzu will be guarded by angels and carried by winged Poohs.
  7. OMG! This is absolutely incredible! The Untamed is my favorite drama of all time and I've been obsessed with it since I started watching it. I've been dreaming about Yuzu doing an ex program to the instrumental flute version of WangXian which is absolutely beautiful. And the light blue coloring of Lan Wangji's costume would be so perfect for Yuzu.
  8. I just watched men's short program and I couldn't believe my eyes! If anyone would've told me that Han Yan would be in the lead after the SP, I would've thought they're crazy! I'm really happy for Han Yan, he delivered a great performance and I'm glad he's back. It's so good to see him perform so well after things were so tough for him for such a long time. But seriously, he was basically the only one among the guys today who skated a clean program! What's going on with men's skating?
  9. I just finished watching the men's free and what can I say. It was heartbreaking to see Shoma like this. I felt sooo bad for him when he was sitting in that K&C all by himself and crying. I really hope there was someone who gave him a big hug afterwards. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he can find a suitable coach soon who can really help him in this situation. You can read my mind, @Henni147. That's exactly what I was thinking after witnessing those painful moments. After Shoma's performance, I thought about how he won an Olympic silver medal not even two years ago and then I also had to think about Boyang and how he's been struggling since the last Olympics. To think that Boyang won a Worlds bronze medal twice... In the light of the current situation, it's even more remarkable how Yuzu has managed to stay on top for so many years. This is his tenth!!! season, guys! Not only is he still around and competing but he keeps getting better and better. And he does that in a sport in which most athletes only have very short careers and can count themselves lucky to have 3 or 4 good seasons. I really cannot put my admiration for Yuzu in words. What he's achieved, what he's still achieving, is nothing short of miraculous.
  10. Oh, no! Poor Shoma! It's so sad how he sits there all by himself. Please get yourself a coach!
  11. Yuzu getting his pep talk from Pooh before the gala. Sooo cute!!!
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