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  1. The H&L rice field survived the typhoon. May the people who were affected stay safe and have a fast recovery.
  2. Delicious looking Yuzu-inspired dishes and drinks... ETA: Why am I not surprised that these specials that are available at ToshI's exhibition are all Yuzu-related?
  3. OMG! YES! I just hope that Europe will be covered by that, but I do think so. And it will be free! I actually expected that there would be a paid streaming service. Thank you for the news! I was checking any news on broadcasting just a few hours ago and there was still nothing. I was starting to panic just a little bit because the GPs are starting in three days. And Skate Canada in ten days... I hope that they also broadcast practices! Please also broadcast practices!!!
  4. Runrun's version of what the entire outfit might look like. It actually doesn't look bad. Perfect for a fairytale from Arabian Nights with Prince Yuzu. But Runrun's chibis look cute in anything...
  5. Shun is such a talented and promising young skater. I look forward to what he will show us in the future.
  6. Focus on his beautiful face, girl! Yuzu is so beautiful that even when he's wearing that green thingy he makes you forget he's wearing that.
  7. Source Yuzu looks so cute and adorable! This healed my trauma from seeing the green-thingy-that-shall-not-be-mentioned.
  8. It's great that Yuzu puts so much thought into how to support his body in the best way possible for those incredible athletic feats. I have a feeling he's much more mature now and is very well aware of the risks. He's working slowly and steadily toward long-term results. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that everything works out for him.
  9. Thank you! This is very enlightening and entertaining. And provides more nosebleed material.
  10. Source These new clips made me absolutely speechless... and the translation adds more nosebleed inducing material. I can't stop looking at Yuzu showing off his newly gained muscles.
  11. When did he do that?!? Is there a video?!? I mean, obviously not the showering, but the showing off his abs part?
  12. From the Citizen China website. The Chinese text means: "The world moves because of you." This is something that all Fanyus can relate to. This is absolutely gorgeous! The marketing people at Citizen have also realized that if you wanna see Yuzu in a costume, then just use pics from his performances.
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