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  1. Are there Fanyus from Malaysia here? You might win some Yuzu goods! [NEWS]
  2. OMG! You and your friends actually made a real video game!!! That's absolutely amazing! I watched the trailer and it looks so good! I love that game Yuzu always moves like a typical figure skater. And the part about petting the little bear is so cute! You've done an outstanding job! Congrats!
  3. ANA also wishes Yuzu Happy Birthday! [NEWS]
  4. More beautiful birthday wishes for Yuzu! It makes me so happy to see all these messages of love for him.
  5. CFanyus celebrated Yuzu's birthday in style!
  6. There are so many wonderful birthday wishes and so much love for Yuzu pouring in from all over the world. I hope he sees some of these messages and they warm his heart and give him comfort.
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