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  1. That's incredible! But now it's really become your pet butterfly. I hope you can still enjoy its company for a couple more days.
  2. Yuzu once said... Sooo cute and totally iconic!
  3. It's still amazing that a butterfly flew into your bedroom and decided to stay. Yes, I'm afraid butterflies only have a short life span.
  4. Really? You have a pet butterfly? That's amazing! How did it get into your bedroom?
  5. Haru-chan, Ori-chan, Oto-chan and Pooh sharing a bed. And Haru-chan dreams of being crowded by team Cricket in a subway. So cute!
  6. Wow! This is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for this wonderful project, @Henni147! And also a big thank you to everyone else who contributed. Yuzu has already said so many wise and encouraging things. This is a great place to go to whenever I need some inspiration.
  7. Wow! This is a whole new level of marketing! A date with Yuzu? Every Fanyu's fantasy come true.
  8. That boy is his own sport! Maybe this is Sponichi's not so subtle way of saying that Yuzu is figure skating.
  9. Yuzu tucking his hair behind his ears is so endearing and cute.
  10. last year.... this year.... Pooh is all of us.
  11. Yuzuuu... miss you... Take good care of yourself! Be healthy and happy!
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