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  1. Yes! The details are beautiful! What's better than a starry sky and a Yuzu face moon to represent a watch called Yuzuru. Naturally, the Yuzuru watch is targeted at ladies. I can easily imagine tons of Yuzu lady fans loosening their wallets. I might be one of them. Rest in peace, wallet.
  2. This is probably the best version that I've seen of this iconic pic. Yuzu is the cutest and most mischievous little bull ever. Source
  3. Yes, Max Ambesi is the ultimate honorary member of Planet Hanyu. And he speaks the truth!
  4. OMG! Holy sh..! This is absolutely amazing! The last time I saw a move like this was when Simone Biles was doing it. But she wasn't wearing blades...
  5. Yuzurella

    Fan project

    Thank you so much again for putting this wonderful fanbook together, @Veveco! It's obvious how much time, effort and love you put into this project. This is such a good representation of the love and admiration we fans from all over the world have for Yuzu. I'm sure he will be super happy and thrilled when he receives it! It shows him how much he is loved and treasured. He will definitely draw strength from this precious book. Thank you so much for writing this beautiful letter, @Henni147! You chose just the right words to convey our love and support for Yuzu. You have such gorgeous handwriting! I wish I could write like this! And the letter paper is just adorable!
  6. I've been dreaming of this since I first saw this MAD. It would be absolutely epic!
  7. I don't know if this has been posted yet. It's so interesting what Mika Ninagawa says about Yuzu. I'm not surprised to hear that Yuzu has good acting skills. He definitely poses like a pro.
  8. There's a wax statue of Yuzu now. And it will be exhibited to celebrate the opening of Legoland Ninjaworld in Nagoya. The organizers couldn't have found a more fitting person than the master ninja himself to celebrate the start of something called Ninjaworld.
  9. H&L-chan is fortunately included. He even makes two appearances on the DVD, NHK Trophy 2016 and World Championships 2017. But poor LGC-chan was left out. H&L-chan is consoling LGC-chan and telling him to be brave.
  10. Time of Evolution. All these cute little chibis of Yuzu's programs are also excitedly waiting for the new DVD.
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