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  1. Gravity is sad because Yuzu is completely ignoring it. Poor gravity...
  2. Happy Cat Day! These fanarts are so cute!
  3. This is so beautiful! Yuzu's costumes are as beautiful and glittery as precious stones.
  4. Happy second Olympic gold medal anniversary! Enjoy this super cute fanart! Yuzu Pooh is literally being held by and holding Yuzu... who is holding a Pooh holding a Yuzu. I'm so grateful that I discovered Yuzu. He has brought so much beauty and wonder to my life and made it so much richer.
  5. This is sooo adorable! Such a sweet surprise for Yuzu.
  6. Happy Sochi Olympic gold medal anniversary! I'm sending love and positive energy to all the people in the region affected by the earthquake yesterday. I hope Yuzu and his family are well and healthy and that everybody's staying safe!
  7. Let's celebrate Yuzu's Super Slam anniversary!
  8. In the last couple of weeks, I've been watching basically every single one of Yuzu's programs and performances for the 689th or something time. I've now also started to run through all his ice shows again. Is that a symptom of the so-called "dry cactus syndrome" also known as the "missing Yuzu syndrome"?
  9. I wouldn't put it past Yuzu to attempt a triple Axel on those things.
  10. How Yuzu should go to the World Championships. But seriously now, no matter how much I would love to see Yuzu skating again, I wish they would cancel Worlds. It's really too risky considering the present situation.
  11. Awww... this is so cute! Their interactions are adorable. Yuzu is so good with kids.
  12. Just look at this sweet, happy boy! These pics are like a serotonin boost to me.
  13. Yuzu is a masterful artist and his performances are masterpieces of art. This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
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