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  1. OMG And this is why he posted this! lol Tae is something else.
  2. Hybe slayed. I just wish TxT would've won more...
  3. 💜💜💜 We love you, too, Jimin!! Congrats!!! 💜💜💜
  4. JK is flying again ... from ITC INT airport I guess to the States. There are sereval live stream on YT already happening ... he just came back from Japan ... busy busy boy
  5. They are returning to SK ... so nobody will attend MAMA ...
  6. eh I was hoping he will join Jikook for MAMA ...
  7. omg far like Tokyo? and ofc, a member was on the chat Hobiiiii and ofc Tae looks freaking amazing as always
  8. Hobi did the same to get use to it ...
  9. Noooo!!! Is he already leaving???? 😢😢😢
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