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  1. omg he was so nervous ... Army and Jimin being there really helped him a lot. Can't wait for his MAMA performance!
  2. It's just Hobi so I guess it will be something JitB related. In 5 days.
  3. Omg! We must not miss Hobi's MAMA performance!!! Looks like they prepared something big!
  4. The 95 bros! I wonder what is this? I saw RM and Suga, too! Interesting.
  5. Can't wait! We must stream and show Indigo Army's love!
  6. Yes, it's not so hard to do your homework and your job right ... MFs...
  7. Well done, TJ fans! Watch and learn, everybody else.
  8. Ugh, why the heck did media go and expose Jin's training base location ... they must know that there will be ppl roaming around the base to catch a glimpse of Jin ... as if this was even possible ... and is indeed dangerous ... sigh .... why are they so stupid ... what if he gets bullied over this ... idiots ugh
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