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  1. Yes, Steve!! 1B views is close! Dynamite 1B is even closer! almost 999M!
  2. JK: I miss Army ... We miss you, too, JK ... Btw, cute beanie
  3. I really hope they will stop dieting. They look skinny especially Jimin and JHope.
  4. Run BTS! ep. 136! https://www.vlive.tv/post/1-22113145 ... sigh ... still without Yoongi ...
  5. Yay, subs for the vlive!! Thanks, @barbara! They made the live in the new building and they looked super impressed about their new office. Nice to know that they now have their own dance practice room and the other facilities they need, exclusively for them and they are happy with it. Nice, Bang PD, very nice. ETA. This was so much fun! V-Sope unit was quite talkative and Suga's shoulder is almost healed. Sweet.
  6. I have to admit that I love Hobi's new grey hair!!! JK's hair is silver now and V, Suga and Jin are looking so cute with their longer hair! They all look so cool! I couldn't pay attention at what they were saying bc I was checking they new looks! And omg, things are getting really serious! HYBE is on high horses! They bought Ithaca! This is kinda big! Let's see if Grammy will continue to ignore BTS like they did until now.
  7. https://www.vlive.tv/post/1-22199282 V, Suga and JHope went on vlive today! Tea time with Army! No subs yet, but wow!!
  8. OMG!! Guys!! We have news! Jose Ochoa, who's a hardcore Army just posted this video on YT!!!! Looks like we'll have a BTS comeback in May!!!! MV, new album and V's mixtape !!! also Deleted scenes for RoB ep.9!
  9. Tonight Show was just before the concert iirc. Late September and the concert was on 10/11 of October.
  10. Behind the scene for the last year Jimmy Fallon Show. Super cool.
  11. That building is huge! I'm sure that there is more then one gym around. The dance practice rooms are very big (I already saw a clip with Enhypen boys practicing in the new rooms) and the city view is amazing. That location must've cost a fortune.
  12. In Bucharest we have the British variant playing around ... the intensive care is at it's limit in almost all the Covid hospitals ... yeah, it's not really good ... and we have a bunch of crazy ppl manifesting in the University Plaza, without wearing masks and screaming "The Pandemic has to go" ... madness ...
  13. The Film Out MV explained by the Army XCeleste and how this could be related with the storyline. There are lots of details that I didn't noticed before and XCeleste who's a hardcore Army specialized in the BU explained and connected. Very interesting video.
  14. lol Billboard reported abt Jhope's 1st of April red hair prank.
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