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  1. Same. With my eyesight I need a watch that has easy-to-see digits, so even tho it is so pretty, I still have to nope out
  2. I don't know if Yuzu and Shinya-san would keep the piece as is or they would put a little twist on it. I hope it is the latter. I love, love, love what they did to Haru yo, koi so I have high hope for this collaboration as well.
  3. Oh sure, that is even better LoL. I don't really need FS to continue existing the way it is now. I only need Hanyu skating.
  4. To be honest, I don't mind. It is going to be a huge fest of inflation anyway.
  5. All of them are too much for me TBH. I would want him to go the Ballade route with the costume, striking that gorgeous balance between simplicity and intricate details. Perhaps also find that sweet spot that makes striking red goes well with blue or indigo?
  6. Off topic and cross thread a bit, but Japan will not allow foreigners to enter starting mid night on the 30th, so Brian and Ghisland might not go to Japan and meet Yuzu at JNats if the order is not lifted and Yuzu is still going, correct?
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