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  1. Yuzuru Hanyu whomst? All jokes aside, it's just so heartwarming to know that Sendai is always super protective of Yuzu
  2. That seems to be the song in question, yes, altho, as you have pointed out, it may be different ver, say, a cover or live record. As for Yuzu, I guess the answer would be because he is a music nerd
  3. Decoded! Fanyus really are something. It is apparently this song: Edit: If Fanyus are something then Yuzu is that something's overlord. Usually it takes little time for fans to find out his music (SP, FP, EX, or songs he lip-syncs to). This year, tho, it took so long to figure out his competitive music and it needed confirmation from the overlord himself.
  4. Yes, I have heard about it and I know that the measures introduced to the speed skating event were quite different. While It is proof that they can do sth right, the ISU can't provide at least the same protocols to the FS world championships in Stockholm. I feel legit concerned if the situation gets worse and the measures are not tightened.
  5. https://www.ft.com/content/ccb52f41-72f1-4883-861d-f59745e25e7d Sweden may tighten COVID measures due to fear of a third wave. And why is Worlds still a thing, pray tell?
  6. Don’t know why she wants to be lowkey now. She wasn’t at all when she went to Switzerland and Italy and all the ice shows in Japan. Plus, words got thru Jack abt her training in the US some times ago. Well, her choice, and she has all the means to do it.
  7. She said she would keep both programs, no? Maybe a new EX, or most likely she went there to train the jumps.
  8. Is the deleted tweet about Rika's training at Colorado Spring, and from the same training center? Probably it was considered a leak (but then photos with the Komatsubaras are fine, so I don't know). She probably wants to keep her trips lowkey. Oh well...
  9. "Documentary" by Sashida Fumiya-san. A song inspired by Yuzu This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  10. True, but IMO in theory, 1) even if she doesn't have her triples, she can still do doubles 2) her SS, while lacking, can still be worked on if she really focuses on it. 3) With the right choreo I think she can still hide her issues. Whether she can have the right choreos tho is anyone's guess, because she will most likely have Danill's choreos most of the time Back to competition IMO is what out of the questions for her, but if she can stay pro, it'll be great. She is an engaging performer.
  11. Spins seem to be the only thing good left in Alina’s skating
  12. Finally, he is no longer a student Also, big yes to the new final sentence!
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