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  1. Team China

    Maybe he just got some inspiration from this:
  2. Skating on the Planet

    I will once I manage to get it on camera, I just fail whenever I try to record Though to be fair most attempts are still failing because I'm still too scared, and even the "successful" attempts are more hops than jumps haha. Can't be more terrible than my practice session this morning, tripped while trying to lean more into my forward crossovers and landed on my knees I'm sure you'll be fine
  3. Skating on the Planet

    Thank you! Yeah, I'm so excited!!! I'll definitely do that, it's very encouraging to see the progress, and sometimes I really need the reminder. Hopefully I can get it stable enough in time for the competition. If not, it's not a big deal, since I'm doing the artistic one anyway, but it'd be a nice touch.
  4. Skating on the Planet

    Yeah, I've been trying to do that. I'm about to leave for the rink, and I'm determined to get it this morning! I just have to force myself. Easier said that done Oh, no! Hopefully that doesn't happen to me! Though I'm probably not going to wear a dress, since I'm skating to Queen haha. That's probably the competition I'm entering! It's an ISI competition. I think it happens once a year. EDIT: I got it!!! Well. Sort of. From a standstill... It's a work in progress. But it's something!
  5. Skating on the Planet

    I started on Waltz jumps today! By which I mean, my coach is finally teaching them to me, but I'm much too scared to actually try I'll try again tomorrow. I know I can do it, I'm just scared, for completely irrational reasons. We're going to work on a program for a small competition in June It's just for fun, and I'm only in the Adult Freestyle 1 category (which is why she's making me learn the Waltz), but I'm really excited! I already picked the music: I Want To Break Free. Because... Freddie Mercury
  6. Skating on the Planet

    Yeah, my coach said that too. She says she wishes those existed when she was a kid because she still has scars from breaking in skates. Not exactly encouraging Good to hear! I'm super excited about the blades! The blades on the Artiste are so flat, so I'm hoping these will make learning spins easier. Ahhh, so excited!
  7. Skating on the Planet

    I'm at a skate shop, and yes, my skates were completely wrong for me We're going with the Riedell Bronze Star with Coronation Ace blades. Apparently, my ankles are much too thin for Edea and Jackson. My wallet is not happy. Though this is admittedly much, much cheaper than the guitar I'm getting soon, so I shouldn't complain... Should get the skates next week (they didn't have the right width in stock)
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    As long as he stays far away from this year's 4CC monstrosity
  9. Skating on the Planet

    Totally NOT the reason most of my skating clothes are UA.
  10. Skating on the Planet

    You're not a beginner, though. Probably not a good idea to give those to someone on day one. A lot of people at the rink have them, many of them adults doing singles and doubles, so it's probably not that big a deal. I'd get them, but eh, I spend way too much money on skating already, and I actually am a beginner
  11. Skating on the Planet

    I don't think it's bad advice at all. I think for adults it's hard to actually overboot unless you have a very low pain tolerance. What might be more of a problem is the blade, since a blade that is too advanced might go too fast for a beginner to control.
  12. Skating on the Planet

    Honestly, you could probably start with the Freestyles. Just today I heard a coach say that to an adult beginner who was on her first lesson. People talk a lot about overbooting, but this is more applicable to children than adults because they're likely to outgrow them before they even break them in. And adults need more support anyway, since on average we weigh more than children. Overbooting might've been an issue if you'd started with a boot rated for triples, but the Freestyle is only up to an Axel, so you should be fine. A lot of the beginner skaters I know use them, and they're doing just fine. The one problem with getting your first pair, though, is that you won't know what they should feel like. This happened to me. The tech guy wasn't great, and he just asked me if I was comfortable, which resulted in me getting a boot that was too big, and not suited for my feet shape. And now I have all sorts of issues because my heel keeps going up and the ankle isn't offering enough support, causing me to pronate (my right foot is especially bad). I just realized that this week, and it's why my outside edge was basically impossible to get. I need to show my coach, now that I know the specific issues, but I'm pretty sure she'll agree to me buying new boots, which I'll probably do tomorrow... Hopefully you can get a good tech person so you can avoid all of this... And ask a coach, but don't let the tech person convince you to get a lower level boot. A lot of them do that. Say that you want something that'll last up to an Axel.
  13. Skating on the Planet

    If you're sure you're going to stick with it, get your own as soon as possible. Rental skates are always inconsistent in quality, they're usually not very firm, and the blades aren't sharpened as often as they should be. If you can't get your own for now, see if you can at least make sure you always get the same pair of rentals (ask the rink staff if they can do this). This way your feet won't have to readjust to every pair you try.
  14. Skating on the Planet

    The glides that veer to the left, are those on your right foot? If so, what you're probably doing is leaning a little bit into your inside edge. It's a bit hard to tell what you're doing wrong without more details, but a few things come to mind: - How are you starting the glide? From stroking? If so, have you tried doing [swizzles -> two foot glide -> lift one foot] instead? Sometimes stroking makes it a little harder for beginners because if you don't do a strong push, there's not enough force/speed to actually glide. - When you're gliding on two feet, bring them closer together. I see a lot of beginners doing two foot glides with their feet too far apart, forming a slight /\ with their legs, so when they lift one foot from the ice, they can't balance because the skating foot is not in line with their center of gravity. I think right now the best thing you can do is just practice a lot, work on the swizzles and stroking so you can get enough speed for the glide. I'm quite far from mastering a one foot skating, though This is the kind of thing that is measured in progress. Like, every week I can hold my edges a little bit longer, or, I'll learn a new kind of turn. But to answer your question, to get beginner level one-foot glides (on a flat, and for short distances), maybe 2-3 weeks. They weren't particularly great, though, my posture was awful. Now it's less awful. But the gliding improved haha.
  15. Random Thought Theater

    Guys, I'm dying My parents are watching FS worlds, which for some reason is on TV right now. My mom's texts: "Oh my god, it's a massacre" "One of them got a Darth Vader plushie! But the poor baby fell down 4 times" "The best one was Tomono" *On a certain skater* "fast, but no grace or style. He seems kind of arrogant" My dad's text: "I bet they went partying the night before" I can't