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  1. guitarist

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I'm glad my mom likes Yuzu. I even showed her my other favorites (like Jason) and she said she still liked Yuzu's style better. Then today I showed her the gif of him helping the mascot at the gala and she said he's so cute and wants one "just like him." Ah, don't we all, mom, don't we all...
  2. Nathan did deserve to win, but considering his "skating skills" now match Yuzu's, according to the judges, I guess the only way quality skating will win is if there's a 4A. I guess this is the last time I watch a competition. In the future I will only watch programs of skaters I like after it's over.
  3. Unfortunately, I have a skating lesson on Sunday, so that won't be me Don't skate while hungover, it's a bad idea. Totally not speaking from experience there.
  4. I admire her. She's far braver and stronger than a 19-year-old should have to be. I don't think her skating is the best, but she puts her heart into it. In general, I think she's adorable and a very nice kid. Is it wrong to like her for that? Liking a skater does not mean you agree with the scores or even like all aspects of their skating. Nor do I see the problem in liking skaters for different reasons. My favorite from junior men is Koshiro Shimada, who is not really a polished skater in any way, at least not yet, but he's a ray of sunshine. He sometimes gets the Stephane boost. Should I dislike him for that? In any case, I really don't understand what liking Yuzu has anything to do with it
  5. Even in practice videos it looks like a glorified triple to me...
  6. Oh, you mean in general, thought it was about Alina. Yeaaaaah, glad I didn't watch live... This sport just keeps pissing me off Kaori
  7. Why, what happened? No streams work on my phone
  8. I'm embarrassed to say that's exactly where my mind went
  9. I have a very bad feeling about this.
  10. Ugh. I'm so done with this sport.
  11. How does he bounce up like that?
  12. That's what I've been thinking. Selective UR calls aside, this season has benefitted good skaters with less quads a lot more than previous seasons.
  13. Exactly what I was thinking. I won't even be mad if that happens