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  1. guitarist

    Junior Skaters of 2018/19 season

    LOL I don't love GS, but I just read this comment on there: "Also, on the lighter side, if someone else withdraws, that means we can get Kirill in the Final and conclusively prove that he and Stephen are different people." They really do look alike...
  2. guitarist

    [2018] GP NHK Trophy - Men SP & FS

    That sucks. But seriously, someone needs to teach him a little bit about PR. Every time he doesn't do well, he goes to social media to explain why, or even to blame it on the judging. Whether it's true or not, it just makes it look like he's making up excuses. However crappy the situation is, he's not doing himself any favors by doing this every time. He's young, but his team should know better...
  3. guitarist

    [2018] GP NHK Trophy - Men SP & FS

    What an event. For the 17382935th time this season, I find myself saying "Did not see that coming." So much for all my predictions But I'll take this over the neverending injury fest that was last season...
  4. guitarist

    [2018] GP Helsinki - Gala

    Agreed. It might not have been very "memorable" after You Wish You Had Our Abs, but it was so expressive and beautiful. I don't love the music, but I think it's a great program for him.
  5. guitarist

    [2018] GP Helsinki - Gala

    My god, what a gala the surprises never end!
  6. guitarist

    [2018] GP Helsinki - Gala

    Am I hallucinating from lack of sleep...?
  7. guitarist

    [2018] GP Helsinki Men Free Skating

    I just realized Jun Hwan has medaled at every competition he's been in this year. Wow. Brian, what do you feed these children?
  8. guitarist

    [2018] GP Helsinki Men Free Skating

    He didn't! http://www.isuresults.com/results/season1819/gpfin2018/gpfin2018_Men_FS_Scores.pdf
  9. guitarist

    [2018] GP Helsinki Men Free Skating

    41.06, funnily enough, 2nd was also Brezina.
  10. guitarist

    [2018] GP Helsinki Men Free Skating

    I was about to comment on that. Loooool.
  11. guitarist

    [2018] GP Helsinki Men Free Skating

    Considering 2 of the main contenders just bombed their way out he might actually have a shot...
  12. guitarist

    [2018] GP Helsinki - Men Short Program

    Yeah, I actually thought he was going to get negative GOE for it, with that landing. This was me when the GOE showed up: Which I mean, don't get me wrong, he gets underscored so often I'm ok with it, but wow, it was bizarre!
  13. I'm sorry for your loss. Sending you hugs and best wishes. You always have our support here at PH