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  1. guitarist

    Skating on the Planet

    I think some coaches are hesitant to adjust blades until they're sure it's an issue and that it's the last resort. Strength does play into it, as does technique. For example, I read on another forum that dropping your hip (free leg) can also pull you to the inside edge. If the skate techs aren't that knowledgeable, talk to a podiatrist or orthopedist, if you can find one who's worked with figure skaters. They might be able to do the insoles.
  2. guitarist

    Skating on the Planet

    Yeah, @shanshani I'd recommend this, or talk to coaches, skate techs, and/or a podiatrist about insoles. I have issues with overpronation, especially on my right foot (easily noticeable because both on skates and sneakers, the tongue always shifts to one side after a few min of walking/skating). It got much better after a coach adjusted it! (Also, yuzuangel, if you're in the city, ask one of the coaches, Ken, to do it. And if you need your blades sharpened, he's your guy. Probably the best in the city)
  3. SELLING 4CC TICKETS - MEN'S SP, MEN'S FS, GALA My friend and I decided to go for the GPF, so we're no longer going to this. I have 2 tickets for each event, would rather sell them either in pairs or a set of 3: SP - section 211, row L, seats 5 and 6 ($130 for both, paid $162) FS - section 211, row M, seats 5 and 6 ($180 for both, paid $224) Gala - section 211, row L, seats 6 and 7 ($130 for both, paid $162) All prices in USD. Willing to negotiate. Let me know if you're interested/know someone else who is. I'll probably start posting this on other sites in a few days, but I'd rather try here first.
  4. guitarist

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Oh, Italy!!! Awesome. I've been wanting to go ever since I took Italian in college. Should be fun! I should probably start looking at hotels now, though...
  5. Wow, well done Koshiro! He fought for it! I think this should be enough to get him the Junior Worlds spot.
  6. He's the most likely bet, I think, since he has bronze from JGPF.
  7. I think Koshiro's problem is more that he's not used to being so tall yet, and that he needs to bulk up a little. He's so skinny! Once he has more muscle I think he'll be fine.
  8. And of course the stream dies right before Koshiro, the one I woke up to watch I saw him pop the 4T, any other details? Please
  9. Anyone have a stream? live.qq is behind by a min or so Also lol, first time actually watching Daisuke's FS this season. He really likes Rachmaninoff, doesn't he...
  10. guitarist

    Random Thought Theater

    Good job!!! I'm still so amused (and low-key jealous ) that he was so ridiculously good for his second time skating
  11. guitarist

    Team Korea

    Crazy to think that it'd be his second
  12. Too bad about Tomoki, but the crowd loved his Russian split! People even cheered during the replay!