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  1. guitarist

    Skating on the Planet

    Most of the skates I tried on left a rather big gap at the heel, including the Edea ones. My ankles are very thin, but my foot itself is more normal-sized... The skate tech recommend Riedells, which we ordered in split widths. I think once you start buying higher level skates the other brands start to offer more customization options, though. The ones I got were Riedell Bronze Star, which I think can be used for beginning doubles (not that I'll ever get there). Jacksons and Edeas at that level didn't offer the same width options He also did tell me that Edeas simply don't last as long. Wish I'd tried Risport, though, they look nice.
  2. guitarist

    Skating on the Planet

    Can you ask coaches and other skaters about good skate techs? My coach told me to get fitted by a particular tech because most of her skaters have had good experiences with him, for example. Ah, that's what I was aiming for, but it turns out Edea isn't really right for my feet... It was a pity because I wanted to avoid the break-in period.
  3. guitarist

    Remembering Denis Ten

    That wasn't my twitter post, I'm not organizing it, but I'm going today. I can go again on Monday
  4. guitarist

    Remembering Denis Ten

    I'm also going to this later today, so anyone who wants me to add a message just PM me.
  5. guitarist

    Remembering Denis Ten

    Oh god, this is heartbreaking. He was so young. How the hell does this happen? This world is horrible. Can we add a black ribbon or something to the forum banner? Edit: oh, cleared my cache. Thanks for the gesture, admins.
  6. guitarist

    History of Yuzu's 4axel talk

    That's what I thought, too. Especially now that we got videos of successful attempts in a harness and people trying it in competition. RIP Brian's hair...
  7. guitarist

    Random Thought Theater

    I'm so amused right now. I just got the little 3/4-year old boy next to me on the bus completely hooked watching Yuzu. I don't think he'd ever seen skating, but he was watching so attentively and went "woow" a few times. He watched the entirety of LGC, Olympics Chopin & Seimei, and Requiem. It was adorable, hopefully his mom plays some skating videos for him or something, he seemed to enjoy it
  8. guitarist

    Skating on the Planet

    Yeah, partial tear in 2 ligaments... I have to wear a brace, and I have a follow-up in two weeks, but he said probably no skating in 4 weeks Hmmm, I've only directly worked with 2, but I've seen a lot of the others during freestyles. I don't know their names, but let me get a friend to take a picture of the board with all their pictures and I'll get back to you. Are you going to be in the city?
  9. I'd love to! I was there once when I was in middle school, but I honestly can't remember much about it. I'd definitely like to explore a bit!
  10. guitarist

    2018/19 Coaching changes

    Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Jason, Boyang, and Evgenia at TCC has made me way too happy for words I'm really happy for Jason. Maybe he'll finally get the 4T and stabilize his 3A. He has so much potential. I hope it works out for all of them! As for worries about the team getting too big, I'm not really worried, myself. Brian knows what he's doing. The TCC team is big, and they've been at it for a long time. I don't think, even for a second, that they would've taken more skaters they can handle.
  11. guitarist

    Random Thought Theater

    Thank you! I've played Minuet in G before, so perhaps I'm not that much of a beginner. I tend to get bored if there's no challenge involved. But you're right, music from anime would be fun. The one Kimi no na wa arrangement I like (it's for Zen Zen Zense) is too hard for me, but maybe I could play something from Cardcaptor Sakura.
  12. guitarist

    Random Thought Theater

    So on the topic of piano, any suggestions for beginner pieces? I always try pieces that are way too advanced for me and I'm able to play them, but they sound like crap. Something around the level of Mozart's Sonata 16, but slower, since it's speed, not coordination, I have trouble with. I'm ok with sight-reading, I find it easier than sight-reading for guitar (which I'm a disaster at ). Would appreciate suggestions because I'm going insane here, sprained my ankle on Saturday, and I still can't walk on it, so I'm stuck in my apartment for the next few days I'm rarely here, so even though it's only day 3, I'm already rather irritated. Figured at least I'd (finally) get some piano practice done.
  13. guitarist

    Skating on the Planet

    Dammit. Sprained my left ankle today (not while skating). I don't know how bad it is, I need to get it checked out tomorrow, but it's quite swollen and I can't walk on it It sucks, though, Chelsea Piers has an annual summer competition next weekend, and I was going to enter It's definitely not happening because I do my spiral and shoot the duck on my left foot. Ugh.
  14. guitarist

    General Skating Chat

    Layback into haircutter into Biellman is possible, but I'm not sure he's that flexible. His Biellman tends to lose a lot of speed, and if he's going to add more difficult positions to the spin, he'll probably need to work on it for a while. Depending on how long it takes, it might not be worth it. I'm not too knowledgeable on spin technique, though, so take this with a grain of salt.