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  1. SOLD - GPF All-Event Section 108, Row 11, Seat 2 $275 CAD (originally $300 with the processing fees) Got a different ticket, so selling my original one.
  2. So anyone still looking for lodging? I see hotels and airbnbs are mostly gone by now... I wasn't sure I was going, but I've decided that "eh, what the hell", so now I'm screwed
  3. guitarist

    [2018] JGP Richmond (12.09 - 15.09)

    Agreed, that was very fun to watch!
  4. guitarist

    [2018] JGP Richmond (12.09 - 15.09)

    Holy crap, that was a huge 3A. No wonder he fell. That looked quite painful
  5. guitarist

    [2018] JGP Richmond (12.09 - 15.09)

    Woah, nice Biellmann.
  6. Ouch. Not his day, huh? And too bad about Jimmy Ma's 4T. I like him, I kinda root for him because apparently sometimes he trains at my rink. A friend saw him doing the 4T a couple of weeks ago. I've never seen him, though...
  7. I forgot this was going on. Nam is leading!
  8. guitarist

    [2018] JGP Richmond (12.09 - 15.09)

    Aw, what a cute reaction, he's adorable!
  9. guitarist

    [2018] JGP Richmond (12.09 - 15.09)

    That was awesome! Loved his energy! What a fun program!
  10. guitarist

    [2018] JGP Richmond (12.09 - 15.09)

    LOL "except for how to get off the ice." I love Ted.
  11. guitarist

    [2018] JGP Richmond (12.09 - 15.09)

    Wow, I really liked that, so much fun! That's how you skate to guitar music, Shoma, take note...
  12. guitarist

    [2018] CS Lombardia Trophy (12.09-16.09)

    Uhhh what the hell was that music? It has no power... Usually, guitar is just not a very powerful instrument on its own... And I was wondering whether the video was out of sync because none of his movements matched the music. Ugh. I love Shoma, he's adorable, but I just don't get this short...
  13. guitarist

    Skating on the Planet

    Resist the temptation! Embarrassing story about how I sprained my ankle a couple of months ago... I was watching LGC while going down the stairs holding a heavy backpack and my phone on one hand and a guitar on the other. Needless to say, it didn't end well and I learned my lesson. Damn that beautiful back counter 3A.