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  1. This Sailor Moon Ice Show sounds really exciting! I was a big fan of the series myself. Sorry, I don't know where else to post about this topic, but since others are already talking about it here, thought I'd post here. I did a bit of googling and found the Prism on Ice page. https://prettyguardians.com/contents/297565 Satton as Sailor Mercury! And so many well-known skaters too! In addition to that, I'm extra excited about ANZA as special cast! ANZA is the vocalist of the metal band Head Phones President. She was the first Sailor Moon actress of the Sailor Moon Musicals back in 1993!
  2. he did say after Nats that he would rearrange his SP music by 4CC, didn't he? Don't tell me this was what he meant by that
  3. Happy Birthday, Yuzu! May you always be happy, and have a free skate you can be proud of today!
  4. I haven't been actively posting on the forum for a long time (well, I guess I have never been), so I'm not sure if anyone here still remembers me I was one of the lucky few who managed to purchase tickets in the foreign sale for NHK Trophy 2017. I was really overjoyed because there were so few who succeeded. In addition to that, it was the Olympic season, so I really wanted to be able to see him live. I guess all of us know how it turned out after that, so I never got the chance to see Yuzu. Thankfully, he won the Olympics as my biggest worry then wasn't being unable to see him but his Olympic chances I wasn't able to attend any other live competition after that because of distance and timing. Now that Yuzu is again competing at NHK, I decided to try my luck by applying for the lottery, expecting to lose as the chance of winning is really slim. However, fate decided that I would get another chance. I won 2 tickets for A stand on the day of FS. After several days of panicking and scrambling to get things booked, I can finally let it sink in that I am getting the chance to have my dream of seeing Yuzu live come true. Please, let me see him this time!
  5. Thoughts: Please behave IN COMP, Lady Loop! Lady Salchow is going to get a real talking to from Yuzu when they get back. Who is better at back counter 3A than SE 3A? Yep, only 1 alien. Can Yuzu change that SE into twizzle, please? Yuzu loses to Kevin in PCS?
  6. Happy Birthday, Yuzu! Wishing you all the happiness and the best of health always. May that right ankle have a smooth and quick recovery
  7. How cruel it is for a figure skater to have his right leg stabbed, and Denis even received several more deep wounds. To think he just posted a story on Instagram about an hour before the incident. Life is so fleeting. May he be in a more wonderful place.
  8. So shocking to have opened the forum and read this. Rest in peace, Denis. Condolences to his family and friends.
  9. Shinya said Yuzu took part in arranging this version of Haru yo, Koi with him I think from this we can be pretty sure the program is here to stay for the season since Yuzu put in extra attention to its detail. Actually he called Yuzu Yuzu-chan twice before the final thank you part, so I'm pretty sure he intended to say Yuzu-chan but probably said it too quickly that it sounded like Yu-chan. (Actually it sounds like Yuz-chan to me too)
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