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  1. This would be nice to add to Yuzuru's icons SOURCE
  2. In my mind I was ready to see Nathan win but I didn't expect to see yuzu like this, is heartbreaking. I can say that I like skating but I have always been more like a sporadic fan until Yuzu's appeared at the Olympics of 2014. Whatever he decides I will support him and with pleasure I will go with him. The world of skating will never change the corruption is very deep, without Yuzu, the pleasure of seeing it would vanish.
  3. It sad me that Yuzu's role models don't share the same sportsmanship, dignity, respect, humility, humanity that himself represents, well we know now why he's is the GOAT anyway.
  4. The eyes don't lie This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  5. He looks like a Vermeer's painting. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!!
  6. Wow too many information to process, the more important thing is to see a healthy Yuzu, his lower body has left me , the gym was strong in this quarantine.
  7. And the world once again shows us how hypocritical and convincing they are. First they use Hanyu for views and likes for their account and then this
  8. I really love Masquerate I would have liked more for the SP
  9. I made the gifs the video is from here [SOURCE]
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