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  1. He looks like a Vermeer's painting. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!!
  2. Wow too many information to process, the more important thing is to see a healthy Yuzu, his lower body has left me , the gym was strong in this quarantine.
  3. And the world once again shows us how hypocritical and convincing they are. First they use Hanyu for views and likes for their account and then this
  4. I really love Masquerate I would have liked more for the SP
  5. I made the gifs the video is from here [SOURCE]
  6. A little late, but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! And thank you so much to everyone that make this forum to be afloat and cozy. SOURCE
  7. OMG I'm in shock, so young. Reast in Peace.
  8. I now that Seime is the most important program for Yuzu but Romeo&Juliet1.0 always will be my favorite so... EDIT: is very competitive.
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