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Poll - Favorite Costume!!!

Your Favorite Costume(s) from Yuzu - Choose up to 5!  

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I saw people suggest a costume poll in the costume thread, and since I have a thing for polling I'll start this one!


And don't panic fellow decidophobics! We'll have up to 5 options for each this time. :space: Though I suspect some of you might still end up suffering from hand-wringing choice phobia disorder like me... :acceptable: well we've tried :)


(I listed all of Yuzu's competition & exhibition costumes (and the different versions) from senior years, though left out Vertigo for there's too many versions, Zigeunerweisen and ice shows for there's no room left :cry: )

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It's hard to pick just five - I had to leave out POTO2, which I really, really like, and the sparkly lettuce Requiem, and Hana ni Nare...

I must admit, Purple Pants of Sin were an immediate pick.

It's also interesting how I either love or really dislike his costumes, no inbetween.

Also, 7 out of 20 are either mostly blue or at least have huge parts of blue (both versions of Chopin, POTO2, PW2, FTT(2), Etude, Hana ni Nare). Various shades of blue.

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I went for Notte Stellata, both Chopin costumes, Seimei and the 2nd POTO but RJ1, H&L and Requiem are also favourites of mine.

I think his Chopin costumes are probably the closest to a standard/classic costume (as in, other skaters would wear something like it) Yuzu gets but he pulls them off in a special way, both are really pretty and well suited for the program, though I do think the gold accents improved to costume a lot.

Seimei and POTO2 (& RJ1) were perfect for the programs' character.

I like the ornateness of Notte and Requiem and just the fact that I cannot imagine anyone else wearing anything like it without them looking stupid while Yuzu just looks stunning in them.

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If Chopin hadn't been divided in two, which I understand since they're really different costumes in a way, I'd have have voted for purple LGC too, but as it was, I had to make a very hard decision. But consider my sixth vote for LGC. Because, goddammit, those pants. :s_whiteflag

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Had to vote for my R&J 2 costume lol :love: :hachimaki: I like all his costumes, he's always well dressed and presented/packaged to go along with his programs. :goe: and who doesn't like purple LGC costume which gave so many wonderful pics :rofl2:

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For me I have to include PotO 2 and Chopin 1 because they were the ones from my first season watching. I loved the collar on PotO 2, and the black wrist ruffle and gloves and the heavy gold braid trimming. Then both R&Js - loved the design,colours,sparkly bands, colour - everything about no1. I know the majority hate the 'boobskirt' - I didn't mind it and I loved the black & white, the lace, the jewelled edges, etc. Finally Seimei- I wouldn't have known where to begin trying to approximate that cumbersome antique costume into a skating costume and think they did a great job on it. :bow:

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Finally, the real important question :grin:


And really, despite having 5 options, I still had trouble choosing! At the end, I went with: Etude and Hope & Legacy for the beautiful colours and my love for ombre, Seimei because I think it's really special, Final Time Traveler because it's on of these costumes other men would look horrible in, but Yuzu is the prettiest little Elsa anyone could imagine :grin: and then I had to choose between white pants and purple pants and decided to go with white... may the pruple pants and all it's devotees forgive me :s_whiteflag

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I think I'm the only one who like POTO 1.0 costume @_@ I really want to see more of it, the detail on the black part is too die for and the waist part enhances his slim figure, love it so much, too bad I only saw it once.

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chiraya said:
I think I'm the only one who like POTO 1.0 costume @_@ I really want to see more of it, the detail on the black part is too die for and the waist part enhances his slim figure, love it so much, too bad I only saw it once.


I like that costume too, especially the red accents. I actually like it more than the second version.


I like all his costumes to be honest. Some might be harder to digest at first, but I grow fond of all of them. Each one has a purpose or a story behind it that makes it special. BUT my favorite of all times is Chopin1. It's simple, not need to go overboard with details and so princely and ethereal :love::love::love:

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The poll I've been waiting for! :goe:

My Top 5:

1) Seimei - so Japanese and absolutely perfect for the program and the character.

2) Chopin 2.0. - I'm very fond of this costume, it reminds me of a beautiful sky on a partly cloudy summer day...

3) LGC (white edition) - because reasons ;)

4) The Final Time Traveler - I cannot explain exactly why I like this costume, I just do.

5) Parisienne Walkways 1.0 - black, simple, cool.

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