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  1. I just want to thank you all for your help! Data collection is finally finished and now getting on with the writing, which is not fun :/ Thanks again <3
  2. I hope I'll get male participants from another platform, but then even in my own program we are mostly girls, so gender bias must be mentioned haha!
  3. Glad to know you have found it to be fun! If you want to know more about the research, feel free to PM me Thank you for your help! Thank you! Thank you! And Wally makes a guest appearance
  4. Thank you! A lot of people actually find this experiment to be quite boring haha! If you would like to know what I'm researching and the aim of the experiment, you can PM me
  5. Thank you! I can share more about the rationale behind it once I finish collecting data, or you could PM me Thank you both!
  6. The trend in this world cup is apparently to score during the additional time...
  7. Dear all, as a university student, I need your help with my master’s dissertation. My study involves visual search and how people describe objects, and should take around 20 to 30 minutes depending on how much you write. There is no specific requisite for participants (only above 18 years old) so I would love you to complete the experiment of the following link (all instructions are there). There is no harm associated with it and it's for educational purposes only. All data will be anonymous as well. Your help is very much appreciated. Feel free to PM me if you would like to know more.
  8. Oh I haven't had the chance yet to check her FS this season but I'll definitely do it soon. She might be a little rough on the edges but she does have charisma on the ice and that sensitiveness that you have mentioned in your comment. Both her programs this season also show a good contrast and The Mission (I still call it Nella Fantasia) is one of my favorite music pieces ever! Also, her costumes and image is always spot on
  9. Oh thanks for the suggestion! I'm completely smitten by her vocals. I'll check more of her songs tomorrow
  10. I was watching the 24hrTV with Yuzu this year and realized I had the same type of inhaler as he does.
  11. I'll remember to do this when mine starts... haha! More to the list: (maybe she doesn't like thrown twists? ) Source: both are from Dailymail
  12. Yes, that's Roni. Effie has dark fur (they call it a calico cat).
  13. There's nothing more entertaining and de-stressing for a break between classes than 'aesthetic' jumping faces LOL
  14. This thread is pure gold (my brother suddenly came in worried that I was feeling sick or something because I was laughing so much )
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