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Found 97 results

  1. Planet Hanyu Staff

    General Yuzuru Chat

    羽生 結弦 (Hiragana: はにゅう ゆづる Romaji: Hanyuu Yuzuru) Yuzuru Hanyu is the 2018 and 2014 Olympic champion, 2017 and 2014 World champion, the 2013–2016 GPF champion, the 2015–2016 World silver medalist, a three-time Four Continents silver medalist (2011, 2013, 2017), the 2010 World Junior champion, the 2009–2010 Junior GPF champion, and the 2012-2015 Japanese national champion. He has broken 12 world records in his career. He was the first man to reach the 100-point barrier in the short program, the 200-point barrier in the free skate, and the 300-point barrier in the combined total. He holds the world records for the short program (112.72- 2017 SCACI), long program (223.20 - 2017 Worlds), and combined total (330.43 - 2015 GPF). Yuzuru Hanyu was the youngest man to win an Olympic title since 1948, the first man to win back to back Olympic gold medals since 1952 and broke the record for the largest margin between first and second place (37.48 points) at the 2015 GPF. He is also the first man to land a quadruple loop in competition (2016 Autumn Classic) as well as on the Grand Prix circuit (2016 NHK Trophy). COMPETITION RESULTS *please click on the competition score for protocol details, click on the placement of performance video link Season 2017-18 JSF profile / ISU bio / Olympic profile Competition SP FS Total XXIII Olympic Winter Games 111.68 (1) 206.17 (2) 317.85 (1) 2017 GP NHK Trophy WD WD WD 2017 GP Rostelecom Cup 94.85 (2) 195.92 ( 1) 290.77 (2) 2017 SCACI 112.72 (1) 155.52 (5) 268.24 (2) Season 2016-17 JSF profile / ISU bio Competition SP FS Total 2017 World Team Trophy 83.51 (x) 200.49 (x) N/A 2017 World Championships 98.39 (x) 223.20 (x) 321.59 (1) 2017 Four Continents Championships 97.04 (x) 206.67 (x) 303.71 (2) 2016 Grand Prix Final 106.53 (x) 187.37 (x) 293.90 (1) 2016 GP NHK Trophy 103.89 (x) 197.58 (x) 301.47 (1) 2016 GP Skate Canada 79.65 (4) 183.41 (x) 263.06 (2) 2016 SCACI 88.30 (x) 172.27 (x) 260.57 (1) Season 2015-16 JSF profile / ISU bio Competition SP FS Total 2016 World Championships 110.56 (x) 184.61 (x) 295.17 (2) 2015 Japan National Championships 102.63 (1) 183.73 (x) 286.36 (1) 2015 Grand Prix Final 110.95 ( ) 219.48 (x) 330.43 (1) 2015 GP NHK Trophy 106.33 (x) 216.07 (x) 322.40 (1) 2015 GP Skate Canada 73.25 (x) 186.29 (x) 259.54 (2) 2015 SCACI 93.14 (x) 184.05 (x) 277.19 (1) Season 2014-15 JSF profile / ISU bio Competition SP FS Total 2015 World Team Trophy 96.27 (x) 192.31 (x) N/A 2015 World Championships 95.20 (1) 175.88 (3) 271.08 (2) 2014 Japan National Championships 94.36 (1) 192.50 (1) 286.86 (1) 2014 Grand Prix Final 94.08 (1) 194.08 (1) 288.16 (1) 2014 GP NHK Trophy 78.01 (x) 151.79 (x) 229.80 (4) 2014 GP Cup of China 82.95 (x) 154.60 (x) 237.55 (2) Season 2013-14 JSF profile / ISU bio Competition SP FS Total 2014 World Championships 91.24 (x) 191.35 (x) 282.59 (1) 2014 Winter Olympics 101.45 (x) 178.64 (x) 280.09 (1) 2014 Winter Olympics (team event) 97.98 (x) N/A N/A 2013 Japan National Championships 103.10 (x) 194.70 (x) 297.80 (1) 2013 Grand Prix Final 99.84 (x) 193.41 (x) 293.25 (1) 2013 GP Trophee Eric Bompard 95.37 (x) 168.22 (x) 263.59 (2) 2013 GP Skate Canada 80.40 (x) 154.40 (x) 234.80 (2) 2013 Finlandia Trophy 84.66 (x) 180.93 (x) 265.59 (1) Season 2012-13 JSF profile / ISU bio Competition SP FS Total 2013 World Championships 75.94 (x) 169.05 (x) 244.99 (4) 2013 Four Continents Championships 87.65 (x) 158.73 (x) 246.38 (2) 2012 Japan National Championships 97.68 (x) 187.55 (x) 285.23 (1) 2012 Grand Prix Final 87.17 (x) 177.12 (x) 264.29 (2) 2012 GP NHK Trophy 95.32 (x) 165.71 (x) 261.03 (1) 2012 GP Skate America 95.07 (x) 148.67 (x) 243.74 (2) 2012 Finlandia Trophy 75.57 (x) 172.56 (x) 248.13 (1) Season 2011-12 JSF profile / ISU bio Competition SP FS Total 2012 World Championships 77.07 (x) 173.99 (x) 251.06 (3) 2011 Japan National Championships 74.32 (x) 167.59 (1) 241.91 (3) 2011 Grand Prix Final 79.33 (x) 166.49 (x) 245.82 (4) 2011 GP Rostelecom Cup 82.78 (x) 158.88 (x) 241.66 (1) 2011 GP Cup of China 81.37 (x) 145.16 (x) 226.53 (4) 2011 Tohoku-Hokkaido Regional 88.06 (1) 150.77 (1) 238.83 (1) 2011 Nebelhorn Trophy 75.26 (x) 151.00 (x) 226.26 (1) Season 2010-11 JSF profile / ISU bio Competition SP FS Total 2011 Four Continents Championships 76.43 (x) 151.58 (x) 228.01 (2) 2011 Japan National Championships 78.94 (2) 141.12 (x) 220.06 (4) 2010 GP Cup of Russia 70.24 (6) 132.42 (x) 202.66 (7) 2010 Eastern Japan Sectional 77.25 (1) 163.47 (1) 240.72 (1) 2010 GP NHK Trophy 69.31 (5) 138.41 (4) 207.72 (4) Novice and Junior Competitions Bio by: yuzuangel Competition Results by: dasani REMINDER This thread is for everything and all things Yuzuru Hanyu! Please keep things at least tangentially related to Yuzuru. If you would like to talk about other skaters, feel free to do so in Igloo World. Posts about general skating or multiple skaters go into Knickknacks. And anything else goes in Space Junk! Feel free to start new threads any time. Thank you for keeping our planet organized
  2. Since the general thread is moving like it's on steroids (which is fabulous, do carry on please, no doping tests present here), it is easy to get all the skating talk lost, including any and all information that we might receive, that others may want to catch up on quickly. So. Skating talk only please. -Layout talk -Practices talk -Competition discussion -you get the drift and I'm lazy. Skating info only please. Current status as of 01.06.2017 - currently back in Toronto - will attend all FaOI shows - 2017/18 SP - Chopin 3.0 - 2017/18 FS - SEIMEI 2.0 (I will update the bare bones of this as things move, otherwise go dig)
  3. Alia Jackson


    Share yours and others creation :-) Please put the proper credit including the original source link. Thanks :pbow:
  4. robin

    Yuzuru News and Updates

    The purpose of this thread is to collect important news and media updates related to Yuzuru Hanyu that are posted in the General Yuzuru Chat (and sometimes on various Event threads) starting with August 2017. This will help in making it easier to catch up with Yuzuru news and the (hands down) busiest thread of Planet Hanyu. We want to keep things organized so only assigned Administrators and Members will update this thread.
  5. Floria

    Daily Yuzuru Videos thread

    Post and discuss old and new videos Old but gold:
  6. Since we're all feeling, to put it mildly, a bit shell-shocked after Yuzu's rollercoaster Rostelecom experience, and to take our minds off just how very upsetting it is that he's injured yet again, I thought it might be nice to take some time and think about all the things Yuzu has been the catalyst for in our lives, and share them here. Being his fan has taken satellites around the world and sparked friendships we would never have had otherwise, for example. So, what's your 'Without Yuzu, I'd Never Have..' thing? It can be silly or serious or sweet or surprising, or all 4. Whatever you feel like sharing. I'll go first: Without Yuzu, I'd never have learned to recognize the Japanese national anthem from the first three notes.
  7. cherry

    The Meme Thread

    This is a thread dedicated to our meme lord. "On Planet Hanyu, we don't use emoticons, we use Yuzuticons" Here's the meme album, feel free to use them here: I will update the album with more memes soon! Share yours! :s_drinks P.S. None of the images/gifs belong to me
  8. Hydroblade

    Daily Yuzuru Photos thread

    Post pics, discuss, gush over our Space Kitty :)
  9. Hola, and welcome in this forum! This is the place for people all over the world to freely gather, talk, or discuss anything about Yuzuru Hanyu, or figure skating in general. ------------------------------------------------------------------ There are several simple rules that I ask you to follow to maintain peace here: 1. Always use ENGLISH so other people can understand you. 2. Do NOT use PROFANITIES. 3. Respect each other. ------------------------------------------------------------------ For now, those are the rules applied here, but changes can be added anytime. To start off, let's introduce ourselves! You can use this form below. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Nickname: Nationality: How long you have been a fan: ------------------------------------------------------------------ I'll begin. Nickname: Gita Nationality: Indonesia How long you have been a fan: Figure skating has always interested since I was young, but I've begun to religiously follow it since the airing of anime "Yuri!!! on Ice" back in 2016. That led me to the discovery of Yuzuru Hanyu, and the rest is history. NOW, IT'S YOUR TURN!
  10. robin

    Planet Streaming Parties

    Let's bring them back to counter-act the withdrawal syndromes! Here a list of our previous party threads for those who are new to the planet and this concept: LWOFYPP (fave programs) 09/10 10/11 11/12 12/13 13/14 14/15 15/16 16/17 Exhibitions On this thread: Happy Sappy So we were thinking of doing a favorite prgrams streaming party first and then doing a few more season streaming parties in random order. (I am craving the 11/12 season personally!!) @cirelle suggested WR programs which I think could very well be incorporated in to a fave programs streaming party.
  11. Among us I have seen long-time fans that follow Yuzu since junior days, as well as new ones who joined the ride after the historical free skate at Helsinki. So it makes me curious: When did everyone discover our favorite guy? (To avoid confusion for the polling, I'd like to define "discovered" as "became a fan," instead of "heard of/saw him for the first time.") And for the "how" part, please comment to share your experience of falling for →! How did you come across him and his performances? What was the first program that you watched/that made you hooked? How did you find your way to the fan community?
  12. I believe that fan made videos deserve a separate thread. This is my playlist 1) Yuzuru Hanyu - 羽生結弦 - Heart Of Courage by Duc Khung 2) Yuzuru Hanyu (Hall of Fame) by sylbester Yuzuru Hanyu (Hall of Fame) by 小小玟 3) 羽生結弦~YUDZ you rock! by Sugar Autumn 4) 羽生結弦~live hard die harder by Sugar Autumn
  13. boredjodyc

    Yuzu gif thread...?

    Hi everyone I'm new here and can't find a thread for posting my yuzu gifs... And thanks to encouragement from @SparkleSalad & @kaeryth, I'll spam my gifs here. As an idiom said in where I come from, ("throwing a brick out so as to invite jade in") I plan to repost some of my twitter gifs (I'm boredjdc on twitter) here and hope some master gif makers would add their creations! First, two gifs I haven't posted elsewhere before~ 1. NHK H&L ending always made one melt. Camera work was GOE +3. 2. Believe EX deserves more love. It's a crime that there're only two performances recorded??????? (I don't mind if my gifs are reposted with proper credit! I spent time on making gifs because I can't draw or edit well but I have to let out my love for Yuzu's skating via some creative activities lol Would be happy if people like them enough to share them :3)
  14. Hydroblade

    Translation Requests

    Hello! This thread is request translations for tweets, articles, videos and other stuff that you might find Provide a link, video, or clear photo or scan of the source and remember that translators do this for free! Thank you
  15. Hydroblade

    Costumes talk

    I'm trying to estabilish threads for the topics that made up the natural life cycle of the previous... Hanyu fans gathering iteration So.... Talk about costumes! Your favorite ones, the ones you hate, the ones you'd like to see... :)
  16. Bilge

    Hope and Legacy

    Since today is the anniversary of Yuzu winning his 2nd World title i wanted to start this thread Hope and Legacy a.k.a. the best free skate ever (until he skate a better one ) which he became the first and remains the only male skater in history to score above 220 points. Edit: Since yt deleted the legendary video with more than 3M views, here is the back up one
  17. Which US-President once called Katarina Witt a "fridge" after realizing that she is not interested in him? Ronald Reagan Bill Clinton Donald Trump Barrack Obama Who is the designer of a watch named "Spin Master"? Evgeni Plushenko Stephane Lambiel Evan Lysacek Daisuke Takahashi Which woman was once a vice world champion at a men's competition? Katarina Witt Madge Syers Trixi Schuba Alexandra Trusova Which car manufacturer is sponsoring Shoma Uno? Fiat BMW Toyota Honda Which figure skater was once accused of stealing a car? Yuzuru Hanyu Shoma Uno Boyang Jin Andrei Lutai Which world champion lost one of his his gold medals in a car theft? Elvis Stojko Brian Joubert Alexei Jagudin Todd Eldredge What was Tonya Harding doing on a professional level after her figure skating career? Bobsledding Boxing Bowling Biathlon Who became the employer of the former "Quad King" Timothy Goebel? Google Amazon Microsoft Apple Which comic character was impersonated by Philippe Candeloro at the WC of 1996? Asterix Obelix Lucky Luke Spirou Which movie from the early 80s showed Denise Biellmann as an actress? The Bushido Blade Piratensender Powerplay Excalibur Raiders of the Lost Ark What kind of pets are owned by Boyang Jin? Honey Bears White Tigers Verreaux's Sifakas Reptiles What were figure skating women required to wear in the early days? Hats Handbags Umbrellas Cones of shame Which World Champion wrote a book named "Morphologische Studien über Borkenkäfer"? Willy Böckl Gilbert Fuchs Fritz Kachler Jan Hoffmann Who was singing "Sag es mir"? Javier Fernandez Manfred Schnelldorfer Emmerich Danzer Yuzuru Hanyu What kind of beverage is advertised by Patrick Chan? Wheat Beer Raspberry Juice Lemonade Riesling What is Stephane Lambiel called by his fans? The Stallion Captain Zebra Chief Crazy Horse Donkey King What is Ivan Righini's nickname? Gypsy King The Duke Ivan the Terrible Allgäu Boy Which Non-European skater used to be an European Champion? Brian Orser Brian Boitano Jeffrey Buttle Dick Button
  18. sallycinnamon

    [Streaming Party] Happy Birthday, Yuzuru!

    We'll celebrate Yuzu's birthday with lots of videos from from his junior years to this season! Streaming link: https://www.rabb.it/sallycinnamon
  19. credit @xeyra thank you for lending me this banner Hello!! This is thread about Yuzuru Hanyu's magazine and book appearance (as cover and non-cover)!! For recommendation and review ,please visit here << Any random talk about magazine and book are welcomed lol Thread Index Magazine and Book List 2007-2010 2011-2012 2013 2014 2015 part1 // part2 // part3 2016 part 1 // part 2 2017 part 1 // part 2 Non-Japanese Print
  20. 4Nessie

    Favorite Yuzuru moments

    What is your favorite Yuzuru moment? I hope this thread will be an appropriate topic for Planet Hanyu forum. It is quite simple. I am wondering, which moment in Yuzu's skating career is the most important one, interesting or your favorite? For me, it was this:
  21. What Russian fans think about Yuzuru Hanyu Yuzuru Hanyu is finally coming to Moscow after a long gap - he last was in the Cup of Russia in 2011, he won and that was his first gold medal in the senior circuit. A Russian fan collected many gushy thoughts, ideas and opinions about our favourite skater to give the world the idea Russian fans can compete with the rest of the world in their love for Yuzu. The post is long, rambly, sometimes not very comprehensible, but I hope you enjoy it! The original can be found here. https://www.sports.ru/tribuna/blogs/figureskatersconfessions/1297168.html Today we’ll speak about the Japanese skater Yuzuru Hanyu. AKA the genius, king, shaman, extraterrestrial… and all other descriptions which are applied to this personality. The athlete is hugely popular not only with the Japanese but also with fans from other countries. In this blog, I collected scores of opinions about him which Russian fans left in different social media platforms. This year Yuzuru Hanyu himself is coming to Russia to Rostelecom Cup! This news was the cause of rapturous joy among Russian fans who started discussing excitedly where to get tickets. Well, Hanyu, we’ll welcome you with joy – but let’s not scare him away with excessive love! I haven’t learnt to be eloquent when writing so I’ll get down to business at once. Some of you may look at Yuzuru differently, some of you may discover new aspects of him, some of you will rave about him, and some will be jealous at him getting so much love (get out of here and don’t spoil it for others!) I wish all the others to have a good read. The text will be long. “Yuzuru’s skating, his look and his manners are inimitable, his courage and will to win make you want to achieve the same and his words make you stop and ponder. He’s not just an amazing athlete, he’s also a warrior, a philosopher capable of seeing and understanding the hidden essence of things. I’m incredibly happy to love such an athlete as Yuzuru, to take every battle of his as my own, to lose and win triumphantly along with him, to feel the way his fiery heart beats with every bit of my being” “Has there ever been a skater so adored, so deeply loved and so superb as Yuzuru? His magic is not just down to his huge talent and his masterful skating, but to some calm, deep radiance emanating from him which wraps you up softly and makes you trust him infinitely – he’s the one we’ve been looking for. A human being with a huge heart - he gives to us most generously the best he has in him. His words are wisdom, his skating is beauty and he himself is strength. He’s been the joy of the recent years and the source of inspiration for me. Seeing his skates, I feel like giving a foolish oath to him… I won’t give up, I’ll pray and root for him, and my belief in him is boundless” “There was one young man who helped me fall in love with figure skating – Yuzuru Hanyu. I first saw him when I was 9. Since then 7 years have passed. I grew up in that time and I understood one thing: Yuzuru is an incredible human being”. “You’ve got to emulate him, you’ve got to admire him. He’s a one off. I’m happy to be living during his era” Photograph published on December 7th, 2015: 21 years ago, the world became a bit more perfect, it gained in beauty, warmth, love and light The following three opinions were expressed after Boston WC 2016: “My figure skating world is Yuzu. The most captivating, most tender and recklessly courageous skater. The fire burning in his heart has captured so many people already. His loss at the world championship has in fact been a blessing in disguise. There are wins leading to a dead end, and there are losses opening new paths. Fate is indomitable in teaching him and preparing him for the most important test of his life. Time will pass and he’ll see that the boulder which blocked his way now wasn’t an obstacle, but it was a step for him to get even higher, to the pinnacle of pinnacles”. “There are things in this world you can’t measure in medals. They have different measurements. The love of the whole world, light and warmth emanating from this young man, the magical poignant beauty of his skating. All right, he lost this time, he got the silver medal. But can that make my heart stop beating so furiously every time you step out on the ice?” “Yuzuru, I promised at the start of the season that you’d be No.1 for me always no matter whether you are on the top of the podium or come among the last in the list of the competitors. Well, there. I won’t go back on my promise. You’re still the best and most favourite, a ray of light and a skating genius”. “I can’t put it in words what I feel when Hanyu’s on the ice. I don’t just get emotional, I’m so nervous as if my own fate were at stake. I tremble all over. But I never turn aside or close my eyes. Every single moment I’m mentally there, with him, I can hear the beating of his warm heart. Win, Yuzuru!” «There are good skaters, and there are phenomenal ones, one-offs who send shivers down your spine and make you teary. Yuzuru. You can’t compare him to anyone. A slender Japanese boy with a tender smile on those baby lips… and heaps of talent. I don’t think there will be another skater like this”. “If at the Olympic Games Yuzu was a young, not fully mature boy with a crazy potential, now he’s a young man who shows us the real flight of his full-grown talent without fear, without boundaries. It would be impossible to skate as poignantly and soulfully as he does so that your breath is taken away for joy, if he didn’t have that blinding light in his own heart. He’s just the most wonderful and beloved figure skater of our times”. “I admire Yuzuru’s ability to pull himself together at a decisive moment, to switch on his explosive willpower and to make that spurt, that super-effort. Now he’s also got that serene strong core which shows in his calm self-control as he does what he has to do. I find his stubborn and steely resolution of character surprisingly reassuring and soothing – I no longer fear for him. If he chose a goal and started his way towards it, we understand it instinctively – he’s sure to achieve it”. “I realised not so long ago that this sweet Japanese guy has become part of my life, and perhaps, he can’t conceive how much joy he brings to people. His joy is my joy, his wins are my wins, his pain of losses is just as painful to me. He’s the man who can evoke tenderness and admiration in my heart. Be happy, dear Yuzuru”. “I can’t quite explain what’s so special in him, but I feel something angelic about him. He emanates such a lot of warmth and softness, but at the same time you can feel some inner toughness and a spark of playful joy in his look. Knowing that there’s such a fine young man living makes my day bright”. “This skater is quite incredible. The embodiment of modesty, sincerity, generosity, unbelievable work ethic and huge musicality. He’s a dancer on the ice, I’ll insist on using these words, his moves and the way he feels music is beyond comprehension. When you watch his skates, you forget everything – the only things left in the world are the music and his skating”. “When I have a streak of bad luck in my life, when I face some problems, when I get into arguments with my family, I just switch on Yuzuru’s interviews and his skates and I forget all my troubles. In comparison with what he had to deal with, my problems seem petty. Thank you, Yuzuru, for just being there”. This opinion was expressed after 2017 World Championship “Now I’m feeling so elated and euphoric that I can’t find words to describe my feelings. I just want to bow to Yuzuru, who’s made me so happy and who’s regained his world title. I’ve always believed in him! And there he is, once again the untouchable, ethereal and magical Japanese god”. This confession was made at the end of the 2015-2016 season. But now Hanyu has brought the program for the Olympic season! The writer must be happy: “I’ll miss Yuzuru’s Chopin. It was a very special program for me. Yuzu’s Chopin is unforgettable, unearthly and ethereal as a vision, as if a creature with a beautiful mind decided to show the hidden loveliness of his world. While he’s so light and ethereal, he’s also seamlessly natural and masterfully precise. That’s the way the Olympic champion skates getting stronger and stronger with every performance”. This confession is quite recent: “Fantastic! I love Chopin! I started liking Hanyu with this program! He really started to skate differently. Previously he was a gentle and delicate boy, but now it’s manly, mature and profound skating! I admire his perfectionism – to skate a program of such difficulty in a show! This first struck me as special at a gala in the 2015-2016 season. He’s a one-off. I wish him health, that’s what matters most. He’s got the rest in spades!” “Prince’s LGC turned out to be spectacular, but obstinate. It’s OK. I’ll never forgive the judges for the combination in his SP at the WC. But he introduced 4Lo and won the WC. I want to say so much, but I won’t manage it in one post only… I’ve been rooting for Yuzu since his junior years, and not since his last junior season either. He’s not perfect, but he’s all my nerves and pain, my wings, my joy and exaltation. He’s my genius and my most favourite athlete. He’s the embodiment of the figure skating, creating music with his blades. His ideas always reach out to perfection. I just want him to be happy”. “I never thought I’d cry seeing an athlete, a musician, a dancer who just does what they love doing. But today I just happened to switch on Match TV with the broadcast of 2017 Figure Skating World Championship, and when I saw this extraterrestrial skating to a gorgeous tune in his FP, I just sat still and I cried. Never before had anything evoked such emotions in me. I hadn’t known anything, anything at all about figure skating then, but I sat there and I understood that this was beautiful, this was just unbeatable, it was beyond comprehension. Thank you, Yuzuru, for making me fall in love with figure skating, for this most beautiful and stunning sport. I learnt so many new and exciting things, I watched so many performances and I don’t understand how I could have lived without that beauty, power and will before that”. “Yuzuru, if you only knew how happy you make me when I see your beautiful skates and your heartfelt smile. You’re like a bright ray of sunshine shining through all the shadows to brighten our souls with its warmth and kindness”. At the end of the 2014-2015 season “You all were witness to how hard the season was for him. There were many falls, many failures. But he was still strong enough to fight and to how he’s ready to fight to the end. He’s got a true warrior’s spirit inside him, he always strives for big wins. I believe in him, I believe he’ll show us many stunning skates. He’ll show us his inner spirit is stronger and it’ll allow him to overcome his shortcomings. Yuzuru is a wind which can be weak, but it can also get so strong as to blow away all the obstacles on his way.” And now for the dessert! This fan’s enthusiastic (and indignant - Fay) emotions after the free skate at the 2017 WC: “Where did they overscore Yuzuru in that free skate, which was skated according to the plan for the first time, without any changes in the layout, without recalculating on the fly? Not a single +3GOE for all the pristinely clean jumps with no mistakes, with all the transitions intact. How to jump high and fly to the sky after he failed his combination in the SP and he was 11 points behind the leader and after he’d been consistently underscored throughout the season? Who could have imagined when they were predicting him to come first that he’d do it this way? That he’d wrench it out of his competitors’ hands – desperately, stubbornly, putting there all he had? This guy who’s too sensitive, too emotional, too easily upset by his failures, too hard-working and still doubting his own abilities to do what he can do. That’s the panther who never had your bloody ballet classes. He’s no longer that delicate and frail, he’s a mature young man. Why do you dislike him so much? Why? Where’s that bias line which makes you think it should be Javier or at least Shoma winning? That’s what you read between the lines – ‘was it him who won once again’? You mean he shouldn’t have? He should have just given up? You’ve picked the wrong man. Are you tired of him? You’re tired of the fact he was capable of pushing aside all his doubts and fears while skating first in his final flight – and he was able to land clean jumps. And set a world record despite the smallish GOE. They were small because he’d never been clean during this season, and now he was the first to skate in this sharks’ tank. He was the first, so he couldn’t count on +3GOE which he would have received if he had skated among the last three or last two. <…> Shoma got +16GOE for his FP. That’s no joke – both Yuzuru and Javier could only dream about such GOE once. Boyang got +15 and he deserved them. Yuzuru got more – for his clean skate with high-quality jumps and high-quality everything. But he could have received more if he had skated among the last three, but he had to be kept down for the five coming competitors. I can’t convey how angry it makes me. Thank this man for showing you what excellence is and for leading the other men there too. No one would have tried all those quads if they didn’t want to overtake him” Some first emotional outbursts at learning the results of GP placements: Yuzu at CoR!!!! My jaw has fallen down onto the floor (literally, I’ve fallen down and never got up)!!! Both him and Zhenya!!!! I’m screaming at the top of my voice in my flat!!!! I’ve scared the cat!!!! I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it!!!! Yuzu at CoR!!!!! Whaaaaaaaat? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! TEACH ME TO BREATHE AGAIN Yuzu at CoR! This is what happiness look like!!!! I can’t believe it! Yuzuru’s coming to Moscow!!!! I’m happy!! Thank you for reading all this to the end, if any of you survived that long J I love this genius, I love him – and that’s that. And I’m not alone. Let’s wish him luck in the next season! Thanks for the materials: https://vk.com/figureskatingconfessions https://vk.com/figureskating_love https://vk.com/hanyu_yuzuru https://vk.com/wbitm http://sendme-serenity.livejournal.com/805942.html https://vk.com/fsassociation
  22. Hydroblade

    [2018] Continues~with Wings~

    Continues~with Wings~ To commemorate Yuzu's second OGM, he will lead a special ice show, "Continues~with Wings~". The skaters participating there are people who have inspired him. Dates (listed on your local time) Participating Skaters Yuzuru Hanyu Evgeni Plushenko Jeffrey Buttle Shae-Lynn Bourne Johnny Weir Yuko Kavaguti/Alexander Smirnov Takahito Mura Minoru Sano *This show (April 15,2018) will be broadcast on TV Asahi Channel 2, here is the streaming party thread: Resources Media Links Post
  23. Channel for EngSub Video - JpnSub Video : Yuzu Fairy Channel: DM Channel: https://www.dailymotion.com/user/yuzu-fairy/1 YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU9rYg ... 4abBMRIZQw Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user63667430 BBI/Ao Channel: YT Channels: https://www.youtube.com/user/ao4266 DM Channels: https://www.dailymotion.com/Aoyuzu Ngoc Anh Dang Channel: YT Channels: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyITsv ... W9G_UPbH_g YHworldTMP Channel: YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW30hH ... h_YibRdlxA Monidi Channel: YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyhWsu ... h1lbvqunaA yuzurugonow Channel: YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/yuzurugonow/videos hyunsifs88 Channel (Yuzu, Evgenia, Shoma, Javi) Channel: YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/maknaelover88/videos magnes1410 Channel: YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/magnes1410/videos Momo Matsumoto Channel: Yuzuru Hanyu after Sochi Olympic interview (eng sub) : Yuzuru hanyu, daisuke takahashi interview (Eng sub): Monica Wong Channel: YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMxUbX ... cfKAhWL32A YuzuruHanyuVietnamese : [ENGSUB] Yuzuru HANYU SP 4CC Taipei 2011 vn In Channel (several German commentary here): German ESP Worlds 2016 Gala Yuzuru Hanyu ( with English/Japanese subtitles) Sochi FS Y.Hanyu SwissTV Commentary (German) - Japanese subtitle: Duc Khung Channel: Yuzru Hanyu - 2013 GPF SP Russian commentary (English sub) Yuzuru Hanyu - LP GPF 2014 - Germany Commentary (English Sub) Yuzuru Hanyu - LP GPF 2014 Italian commentary (English sub) Yuzuru Hanyu - LP 2012 WC Italian Commentary (English sub) Yuzuru Hanyu - LP 2012 WC Russian Commentary (English sub) Yuzuru Hanyu - LP 2014 World Russian commentary (English sub) Yuzuru Hanyu - SP World 2015 Russian commentary (English sub) Yuzuru Hanyu - Hana wa Saku (Vietsub - English sub) plumplumi channel: GPF 2016 Yuzuru Hanyu Exhibition - french commentary (english subtitles) Figure Skating 2014: [Eng Sub][日本語字幕] タラソワ氏が羽生結弦へ送った感謝のメッセージ - Tatiana Tarasova commented about Yuzuru Hanyu crystal22 Channel: [ENG SUB] Kanako cheers for Yuzu at JWC2010 SP yuzuru-hanyu-translation-video (nonchan1023) website/channel: https://yuzuru-hanyu-translations.weebl ... ideos.html ElenaC Channel: DM Channel : https://www.dailymotion.com/elechicca Spirit of Athlete I - When Yuzu Goes to Canada [Engsub] Jinno Dai Channel: DM Channel: https://www.dailymotion.com/trang-hunh-th-thuy Yuzuru Hanyu subbed Channel: DM Channel: https://www.dailymotion.com/yuzusub Moni Channel (Eng sub -Czech Commentary) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyhWsu ... h1lbvqunaA Cefy Chokoreeto Youtube Channel (Esp & Eng sub): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIjzlTU0JeSHa7Ekwj_g5AA/videos (Sub Eng/Esp) Yuzuru Hanyu. Blood donation campaign CM + making off (Sub Eng/Esp) Yuzuru Hanyu. Skaters rivality and motivation p1: Patrick Chan
  24. Hi everyone! You know the times when words fail to describe Yuzuru's skating, right? At that point, some creative commentators save us with their funny and interesting comments. This is a thread for those that you can't forget. I want to start this with my favourite Johnny Weir comments. Also feel free to add the ones you liked "It looked like water...suspended in soup." "... when he put forth what was the fourth highest score in a short program ever, you know who owns the top 3?" "Yuzuru Hanyu?" "He does." "agile like a freshly born kitten" "Liquid silk on ice."
  25. Kind of rough around the edges, since I dont see any real point in polishing it but here, took a shot at it: