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  1. Share yours and others creation :-) Please put the proper credit including the original source link. Thanks
  2. The purpose of this thread is to collect important news and media updates related to Yuzuru Hanyu that are posted in the General Yuzuru Chat (and sometimes on various Event threads) starting with August 2017. This will help in making it easier to catch up with Yuzuru news and the (hands down) busiest thread of Planet Hanyu. We want to keep things organized so only assigned Administrators and Members will update this thread.
  3. a couple of weeks ago on youtube comments section someone asked about 4A and I wrote a huge text about it and I decided to share it here too because I don't feel like its fully correct. I did a lot of research to understand it correctly but im neither a jump specialist nor a long-time skating follower so if there are any skating-fan/nerd/geek is here and correct me then I would very appreciate it. here is the text's slightly organized version. I'll explain as I understand it, please correct me if I'm wrong. For example, yuzuru's 3A jump is higher than the other skaters (that is, when we consider that we place the vertices of the parabola formed by the jump on the coordinate plane, the apex of yuzu's jump is higher), which means that yuzu needs more height to make 3.5 turns. other skaters can complete these 3.5 turns lower than him.(Yuzuru=70cm, others avg=58-60cm) it means his body rotates a bit slowly in the air than other skaters, so he needs more height and, accordingly, more time to stay in the air to complete the same number of rotations. (airtime varies depending on the speed of the toe pick of the skates blade when it comes out of contact with the ice and the weight of the skater and also of course if the jump is edge or toe but for now we are focusing only on the axel jump which is the edge jump) the reason he needs more height than the other skaters is because other skaters just getting speed and just jump it casually but yuzuru doesnt do that because he find this as a ''regular skate'' he want that beauty that elegance and that recklessness in his skate and this is what we call the skate of only hanyu can do. so sake of the achieve that he does his jumps directly with back counter (as you probably know they call it ''out of nowhere'') and most of the time with difficult transitions on the entrance for exists generally do twizziles or complicated step sequences. and all of this makes harder to jump because he doesnt gain his speed directly. but still this doesn't change the stats. Of course, the same is valid for his 4A jump. Since he couldn't complete the number of turns fast enough in the air (4.5 turns), he tries to go up even more. (the vertex logic of the parabola I just mentioned.) Going higher means doing the jump faster. but this time, even though he completed his turns on the way up and did not have any problem, he would hit the ice faster as he would gain much more acceleration when going down, and he could not fully complete his remaining rotations while coming down (which is why his jumps were never considered full rotation, always a quarter or half turn was considered less). Because of this extreme speed from the acceleration, he cannot control all this speed with one foot and this causing him to either hurt his ankle much more or land the jump with both feet. The speed that he suddenly starts to gain after reaching the highest point already breaks the parallelism of yuzuru's axis when he started to jump. If the angle between your body's axis with the ice when you start and the angle your body makes with the ice during the descent phase is almost the same then you can successfully land the jump. About these two similar angles, I mean the first angle is an acute angle, then if you lose balance or focus while completing rotations, your body will break that curve of axis parallel to the first position. physics only allows you to lower it until the final angle is 90 degrees. If the second angle is a wide angle, you will fall clearly or you will save the situation by making a spread eagle or crossing to other foot, but the GOE you will receive will be minus. however, the jumps of ilia malinin are not like this. Ilia reaches the peak quickly, and when he reaches it, he has already completed most of the rotations. At the same time, since he can rotate his body faster, he does not need more speed than he can control like yuzuru and he can land cleanly. I mean of course his 4A jumps are higher than Yuzuru (someone mentioned its 84cm not quite sure though) but he has more stable body control than Yuzuru and he can make balance. but despite all this, I was amazed at how yuzu could improve the jump so much. He said he did 5T and 5S with harness to simulate that amount of rotation in his head and wanted to experience that feeling. It's amazing that he was able to improve such a difficult jump so much at an age that is considered "old" for figure skating. I'm sure he could have landed the jump much more easily if he had taken this risk when he was younger. Speaking of preparation, contrary to what I mentioned above, yuzu this time put aside the artistic side (what im trying to say is he tried it without difficult transitions etc) and focused only on successfully landing the jump as the first priority, which is a very logical choice. In other words, we can say that the necessary preparations to gain speed are almost the same. As for the technical part, yuzuru didnt do the prerotations (i mean he didnt want to do it, didn’t want to decrease his quality of his jumps and wanted to land it beatufily.) thats why he struggled too much. about the technique they use is of course very different, yuzuru uses the jumping technique of ghishlain briand (which I think is a great technique that allows you to make complete textbook jumps in a long term), and at the same time, he added small differences to the take off when he was training in sendai on his own during the quarantine period. Ilia's take off technique is slighty different, but unfortunately I don't know which coach he is working with. At the same time, ilia can rotate his upper body faster than yuzu, which is the most important difference between them. I attribute the reason for this difference to body condition. and that is the age gap between them. which is 10 years difference and it is a huge diffrence for figure skating. some resources that I used: 3A's height, speed and distance comparisons https://eksiup.com/p/r5509827c64f this includes great images about the axis and body angle that i mentioned
  4. Here ya go, @Anya: (Whooops! I just realized I forgot to do the captions below and next to the images. But the images do kind of speak for themselves so...forgive me, yeah? m(_ _)m)
  5. Since we're all feeling, to put it mildly, a bit shell-shocked after Yuzu's rollercoaster Rostelecom experience, and to take our minds off just how very upsetting it is that he's injured yet again, I thought it might be nice to take some time and think about all the things Yuzu has been the catalyst for in our lives, and share them here. Being his fan has taken satellites around the world and sparked friendships we would never have had otherwise, for example. So, what's your 'Without Yuzu, I'd Never Have..' thing? It can be silly or serious or sweet or surprising, or all 4. Whatever you feel like sharing. I'll go first: Without Yuzu, I'd never have learned to recognize the Japanese national anthem from the first three notes.
  6. I believe that fan made videos deserve a separate thread. This is my playlist 1) Yuzuru Hanyu - 羽生結弦 - Heart Of Courage by Duc Khung 2) Yuzuru Hanyu (Hall of Fame) by sylbester Yuzuru Hanyu (Hall of Fame) by 小小玟 3) 羽生結弦~YUDZ you rock! by Sugar Autumn 4) 羽生結弦~live hard die harder by Sugar Autumn
  7. I saw people suggest a costume poll in the costume thread, and since I have a thing for polling I'll start this one! And don't panic fellow decidophobics! We'll have up to 5 options for each this time. Though I suspect some of you might still end up suffering from hand-wringing choice phobia disorder like me... well we've tried :) (I listed all of Yuzu's competition & exhibition costumes (and the different versions) from senior years, though left out Vertigo for there's too many versions, Zigeunerweisen and ice shows for there's no room left )
  8. Post pics, discuss, gush over our Space Kitty :)
  9. This is a thread dedicated to our meme lord. "On Planet Hanyu, we don't use emoticons, we use Yuzuticons" Here's the meme album, feel free to use them here: I will update the album with more memes soon! Share yours! :s_drinks P.S. None of the images/gifs belong to me
  10. Hello to all Yuzu fans out there! Just want to start a simple polling of what is your favourite program of Yuzu? (Simply your feeling and impression, no need to relate to technical skills, scores...) Can be FS, SP or EX! (Not all programs he has performed are included though) 2 votes per person For me will be hope and legacy now since this program represents Yuzuru himself. Before 2017 my favourite prpgram was always Phantom of the Opera. Both are really beautiful programs, and the fact that Phantom of the Opera hadn't been cleaned in that whole season was really sad to me :cry:
  11. Since the general thread is moving like it's on steroids (which is fabulous, do carry on please, no doping tests present here), it is easy to get all the skating talk lost, including any and all information that we might receive, that others may want to catch up on quickly. So. Skating talk only please. -Layout talk -Practices talk -Competition discussion -you get the drift and I'm lazy. Skating info only please.
  12. Hi everyone, recently I had the fortune to talk to Edvin Marton, the composer of 'Art on Ice' and 'Magic Stradivarius', the two songs of Origin. He kindly answered my questions about the creation of these songs (well, mainly about 'Art on Ice'), his friendship with Plushenko, Kings on Ice & ice shows, and then I asked some questions about Yuzu, too. He was there at last year's Rostelecom Cup to cheer for Yuzu and that was also the first time they met. He talked about Yuzu very nicely and there was a warmth in his voice, I don't even know how many times he mentioned that Yuzu was fantasic and that he is a genius. I hope you'll all enjoy this short interview cr [x] * * * Q: Evgeni Plushenko skated to your pieces of music, Art on Ice, Magic Stradivarius and King of the Forest for his Tribute to Nijinsky program in the 2003/2004 season. These songs were released on your second album, Strings ’N Beats. How did you compose them and why were these songs chosen for the Nijinsky program? Edvin Marton: One of the organizers, Reto Caviezel, and the producer of the Art on Ice Show, Oliver Höner invited me to the show in 2003. Höner himself was a skater and he is the artistic director of the show. At that time, Art on Ice was the most spectacular show in Europe and Höner invited to me to write the opening for it. And then I wrote Art on Ice, which later was released on my second album as well. When I performed at the show, Plushenko also skated there, and we became friends after that. He told me that he liked my songs so he asked me to give him one of my albums. Art on Ice was in February, which was before the end of the figure skating season. Shortly after the season ended he contacted me that he’d like to skate to my songs the next season, and then this became the Tribute to Nijinsky program. Q: Did you help Plushenko with music editing? EM: Yes, first him and his team cut a version and they asked me to refine it. So, yes, in the end I helped him. Q: You’ve been friends with Evgeni for many years. Please, tell me a bit more about your friendship with him. EM: As I mentioned before we’ve been friends since his Tribute to Nijinsky program. I had been studying in Russia for 8 years so I can speak Russian very well too but at the end music brought us together and we started working together then. I’ve been working as a producer as well, and after a while, I started thinking about doing a new show. Art on Ice has a bigger budget and it is a more expensive show, so I talked to Ari Zakarian and Evgeni about the possibility of a new show which would be less expensive. Ari is a former skater himself, he has lots of experience, and he works as an agent in the world of figure skating, which means that without him it isn’t really possible to organize a show. So that's how we made Kings on Ice. Q: Plushenko ended his competitive career at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi. Are you following the sport, and do you talk about figure skating with Evgeni? EM: Of course, I’m following it and we talk about it, too. We talk about it particularly when we organize a Kings on Ice show, because then we invite many skaters, and then I read about them, whether they’re still active or they’re already retired etc. Q: Yuzuru Hanyu won the Olympic gold medal in Sochi, and four years later, he became the first skater after 66 years who defended his Olympic gold medal. It is a huge achievement. After the Olympic Games, he decided to skate to Art on Ice and Magic Stradivarius in his free skate as a tribute to his favourite skater, Plushenko, and he named his program ’Origin’. How did you react about his music choices? EM: I was very happy about his decision. I think it is fantastic that such a genius like him chose my music and that he skates to these pieces. It made me feel really happy. Q: Did you help him editing the original tracks? EM: No, him and his team edited the music. They asked me to do it on their own and I said of course, they can do however they prefer to do it. There are musicians who don’t really like if any notes are changed in their songs, but I’m flexible when it comes to it. Let them soar and spread their wings! I give them freedom and to me, the most important is if they feel fine. In this sense, I don’t like restrictions. Q: Last year you were there at the Rostelecom Cup in the middle of November, when Yuzuru won the competition. EM: Yes, I was there in Moscow at the competition. I had a concert two weeks later, which I promoted in the television – I asked the TV to arrange it the same weekend as the competition so that I could go to the Grand Prix as well. Q: On the morning of the free skate, Yuzuru injured his ankle when he fell from a quadruple jump, and he only had a couple of hours to completely change the layout of the skate. Did you see him skate for the first time, and how did you like the program? EM: Yes, it was the first time seeing him skate live. Because of the injury, the situation at the competition was unusal, and it’s difficult to judge how he’d have skated without this, he’d have skated more effortlessly. He’s very professional and a genius but even for him this situation was really difficult. Q: After the competition you met him and did you talk to him, too? EM: Yes, we met after the competition and he invited me to Japan, to an ice show. Now everyone is focusing on the World Championships, but let’s see what happens after that – I’d like to go there if we can manage it. Ice shows in Japan are a bit different than for example, Russia or other shows in Europe. In Russia, there are the skaters of course but the focus is also on the musicians and sometimes there are other forms of arts, too, like ballet. In Japan the focus is more on skating. So it’d be nice to go there and play for Japanese audience. Q: Since the Rostelecom Cup Yuzuru couldn’t skate at any competition, but he’ll return at the World Championships soon. EM: I think he’ll be absolutely ready for the World Championships. [smiles] Q: Would you ever like to write a piece of music for one of Yuzuru’s programs if there was a request for it? EM: Yes, of course. Music is my life, and it is very important to me if I can write new music for skaters. Q: What are your plans for 2019? EM: My latest album was released not so long ago, it’s my first album that includes only my own songs. The arrangements and harmonies are different on this album which I like. I’ve just had a concert in St. Petersburg, and later this year I will have concerts in Bucharest, in Baku and then in Vienna with the Strauss orchestra in October. In December, we’re also going to have a Kings on Ice show in Cluj Napoca (Romania) with Evgeni and we’ll try to invite big skaters to the show. Q: Thank you very much for the interview! EM: Thank you. * * *
  13. credit @xeyra thank you for lending me this banner Hello!! This is thread about Yuzuru Hanyu's magazine and book appearance (as cover and non-cover)!! For recommendation and review ,please visit here << Any random talk about magazine and book are welcomed lol Thread Index Magazine and Book List 2007-2010 2011-2012 2013 2014 2015 part1 // part2 // part3 2016 part 1 // part 2 2017 part 1 // part 2 Non-Japanese Print
  14. Hello! This thread is request translations for tweets, articles, videos and other stuff that you might find Provide a link, video, or clear photo or scan of the source and remember that translators do this for free! Thank you
  15. This is Yuzuru's first public practice session which will be streamed on his YouTube channel on 10 August 2022 12PM JST. Event page (time in your local time) Link for Streaming: Yuzuru's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChXVX37lFVqMfYWNsDvqhdQ
  16. until
    TV Broadcast of 「フィギペディア」 [This is a TV Broadcast by CS Asahi. The discussion thread is here] Figurepedia A no cut broadcast with backstage footage of World Team Trophy.
  17. Let's compile any and all translations/information about Yuzu's thesis so we have a common thread to refer to... Direct link to thesis (abstract is in english): https://waseda.repo.nii.ac.jp/index.php?action=repository_view_main_item_detail&item_id=64787&item_no=1&page_id=13&block_id=21 Partial translation by Axel with Wings https://axelwithwings.com/2021/07/31/eng-translation-a-feasibility-study-on-utilization-in-figure-skating-by-a-wireless-inertia-sensor-motion-capture-system-yuzuru-hanyu-20210318/#more-561 A tweet thread summarizing Yuzu's research. Thread Translation of the Departmental Bulletin Paper, Waseda Journal of Human Sciences (67 tweets + 1 reply at the 19th tweet) An article in an academic journal which summarizes the first part of his thesis. Thread Translation of the abstract. Thread Thread Another translation compilation: A video talking about his thesis [TW: NHK '17 photo]: A tweet thread translating Yuzu's interview with Professor Nishimura
  18. until
    Join our #YuzuSkatingParty the next two Sundays (23&30.01) at 3pm CET! To get ourselves ready for Beijing Olympics, we'll be playing documentaries, interviews and of course Yuzuru's performances from his #RoadToGold in Sochi and Pyeongchang! https://www.twitch.tv/planethanyu https://planethanyu.com/tv/
  19. until
    Join our #YuzuSkatingParty the next two Sundays (23&30.01) at 3pm CET! To get ourselves ready for Beijing Olympics, we'll be playing documentaries, interviews and of course Yuzuru's performances from his #RoadToGold in Sochi and Pyeongchang! https://www.twitch.tv/planethanyu https://planethanyu.com/tv/
  20. Hi everyone! You know the times when words fail to describe Yuzuru's skating, right? At that point, some creative commentators save us with their funny and interesting comments. This is a thread for those that you can't forget. I want to start this with my favourite Johnny Weir comments. Also feel free to add the ones you liked "It looked like water...suspended in soup." "... when he put forth what was the fourth highest score in a short program ever, you know who owns the top 3?" "Yuzuru Hanyu?" "He does." "agile like a freshly born kitten" "Liquid silk on ice."
  21. Dear fellow satellites and friends Yuzu’s Birthday is approaching and we would like to start preparing the celebration! This year we have planned two parts: 1) 24h "Happy birthday wishes event" and giveaways Starting at 0:00am JST on the 7th of December (Beware: 4pm CET, 6th of December), you have 24 hours to participate in the #BdayWishesForYuzu event via: Planet Hanyu by posting your wish in this special thread (maximal text length: 100 words). It would be nice if you could include a photo, video or fanart too, however it's not mandatory. OR E-mail by sending us a birthday wish for Yuzu on [email protected] including a photo, video or fanart to go with it. OR Twitter by tweeting with your wish and a photo, video or gif; using the hashtag #BdayWishesForYuzu AND tag @theplanethanyu Please refrain from reposting fanart and fan photography if not yours! GIVEAWAYS: If you'd like to enter the giveaway, please add 🎁🍄 emojis at the end of your wish! 2) Special YuzuSkatingParty On Sunday 12th of December at 23:00 pm JST (3pm CET) we’ll be back with a special edition of our YuzuSkatingParty to celebrate Yuzu’s birthday. We'll enjoy his performances, show a selection of the received wishes during the 24h #BdayWishesForYuzu period and announce the giveaway winners! Join us via twitch.tv/planethanyu or planethanyu.com/tv We are also looking for help for our team! If you have edit skills, please send a dm! Let’s get our wishes ready and celebrate Yuzu’s birthday together! YuzuSkatingParty team
  22. Join our special birthday edition of #YuzuSkatingParty this Sunday, Dec 12! 📅11pm JST/3pm CET 🌐twitch.tv/planethanyu 📺planethanyu.com/tv
  23. Happy Birthday, Yuzu!
  24. I'm trying to estabilish threads for the topics that made up the natural life cycle of the previous... Hanyu fans gathering iteration So.... Talk about costumes! Your favorite ones, the ones you hate, the ones you'd like to see... :)
  25. Post and discuss old and new videos Old but gold:
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