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Poll - Favorite Costume!!!

Your Favorite Costume(s) from Yuzu - Choose up to 5!  

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I think I'm the only one who like POTO 1.0 costume @_@ I really want to see more of it, the detail on the black part is too die for and the waist part enhances his slim figure, love it so much, too bad I only saw it once.

I loved it since the first time I saw it but my problem is that one: we only saw it once :cry: and you know the painful memories related to it...

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And my five votes goes to:

1. Etude - amazing shades of blue that goes perfectly with his skin complexion

2. Hope and Legacy - it's Etude little brother

3. LGC purple version - obvious reasons :laugh:

4. SEIMEI - his most serious costum so in character with the music

5. Swan - he look like an agel wearing this :love:

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Lets Go Crazy - White Version


Hope & Legacy



Yuzu looks good in anything!


I also like this:




Ah Mission Impossible! If there were one slot available for junior costumes I'd list it! My favorite junior costume from him :love:

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I voted only four because I couldn't make up my mind for the fifth :roll:

I chose Etude because BluFlames is unforgettable, POTO2 because it makes Yuzuru look...sexy, more grown up then his previous outfits :drool:, LGC purple because the song is extra, the program is extra and that costume is so extra, too :devil:

Wait, I can't remember the fourth :shock:


EDIT how could I forget Chopin??? I love both versions, but I picked Chopin 1 because I just love all that soft soft flowing quality (his sleeves! :love: )

The fifth spot for me is for Seimei-Hana ni nare(the sleeves!)-Notte Stellata-H&L-POTO1-RJ1. I like the asymmetric sleeves of his NDP costume a lot too (maybe I have a thing for sleeves? :s_scratchhead ). Even if some costume make me :omg: they are always beautifully suited to the programs Yuzuru skates, they are part of his aesthetics, so I can't really hate them. :space:

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Woah I'm surprised about Seimei being the No.1.!

I love the costume but it's not amongst my top favourites, but what does it make to you so special?

For me it's special because it's the most japanese looking of all the costumes he's ever worn. It's also unique in a way that it doesn't resemble any other costume of his or anyone that I've seen.

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Woah I'm surprised about Seimei being the No.1.!

I love the costume but it's not amongst my top favourites, but what does it make to you so special?


I think the programme itself was just so iconic and memorable that people tend to like everything about it, including the costume. But don't get me wrong, the costume itself is really nice and unique, so there's that too! Personally it's also not my absolute favourite, but I could understand why it's so popular among fans

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I must confess I'm little stupid and sometimes read too fast - so at first I voted for one costume and only after read that I could vote for 5 :rofl2: But Etude is still my fave so don't regret it :devil:

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