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  1. They said nice things about him actually. Before Yuzu skated Terry said we're looking at someone considered by many to be the greatest of all time. I'll record it with my phone and post it. On the flip side I haven't heard CBC's thoughts, ROFL.
  2. And infrastructure is better too than Japan with their over crowded rinks. I'll always wonder what the potential for Satoko's jumps could have been if she was able to jump clockwise, her natural inclination. But in Japan it was too dangerous to allow it.
  3. I mean, you can't beat the convenience unless you decided to have the comp at TCC . And Brian loves to bring the whole gang. Easy ISU points.
  4. Raf called it psychological warfare. And now we have JSF with their crap because they have no backbone. As if it's the first time their biggest star has performed there and as if they shouldn't have been completely ready for what they were going to get...which wasn't even as big as it COULD have been!
  5. Raf does like his skating. 2015 GPF when he scored 330 he was on the icenetwork podcast singing his praises and felt honored to be there in person for it. Why wouldn't he like Hanyu's skating? What's not to like if you're a Raf, especially with his tireless work ethic and technical brilliance when at its best? As for his other comments, he did say something similar about Ashley Wagner and her transition scores. Pretty much that she gets points for them anyway, so why even bother adding them. Don't hate the player, hate the game. Also, I am noticing a lot of Nathan (and Raf) discussion here. Unless it directly ties in to Yuzu, please move that discussion to the Team USA thread:
  6. Browning, Kwan, and Mao fans probably have a different opinion (because they have no choice). But Iosing a worlds doesn't seem to be nearly as emotionally scarring for these athletes as losing an Olympics seems.
  7. But why would they risk her long term development when she is at a rink where she's making good progress, and yet has to return to it to train with the same person being accused of bullying her. She could get her name out there by simply skating well too as Korea is receptive to that.
  8. And it didn't take TMZ long... https://www.tmz.com/2019/03/21/u-s-figure-skater-accused-of-slashing-korean-rival/?fbclid=IwAR3zyFHwn6GbWbTpw3J5Rqo9V9NjKJ_yYLy8jXPSAM4noDEXnhjiHGAkoLE
  9. You know looking back at these PC photos and memories, it's kind of amazing how Yuzu managed to make his defense look...not THAT hard. Only the best can make something so difficult look so effortless.
  10. People say the same thing about figure skating tbh...Especially those who might have been voting. I had a feeling it'd be either Vonn or Woods.
  11. Except the 8 quads he did at last year's Worlds? I'd give the guy more credit than that. He is now more experienced than he was then as well. We just need to wait and see, folks.
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