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  1. Danibellerika

    General Yuzuru Chat

    LOL the last one is funny. It says to search for Ghislain.
  2. Danibellerika

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Okay, that was a dose of adorable that I just wasn't ready for.
  3. Danibellerika

    General Yuzuru Chat

    @kiches and I are still going. We're just making it more of a sightseeing trip as we won't be as diligent about attending the practices which typically cuts a lot into that time. Vancouver's a beautiful city with a lot to do, so I'll look forward to the distraction. What a shot! Also that little girl's face in the back ! She made sure not to miss her chance the next day. Yeah I too just chalked it up to Yuzu's English not necessarily being the best and it's not Plushy's native language either (he sounds around upper intermediate himself), so I can see signals getting crossed. But as someone that lived through the bitter rivalry of Plushy and Yags, I am pleasantly floored that Yuzu is able to bring them together in a sense. I welcome the mutual fanboying .
  4. Danibellerika

    [2018] GP Rostelecom Cup - Men Free Skating

    I've said it a million times already but being a Yuzu fan is literally strapping yourself into a roller coaster. You can't control when or where it ends, and you can't get off because feelings aren't as simple as a switch. The highs are so damn high, but the lows are oh so low. I would say overall it's the most rewarding being his fan. I don't think I could have been happier for that PC win if I were as big of a fan of anyone else, but that was after a lot of despair because of NHK. I am handling it better this time around, but what a bummer. I just hope this means we'll be in for a huge high later (at Worlds please?). Can't say he hasn't made all the beyond necessary sacrifices to the skate gods.
  5. Danibellerika

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I have a friend who has a friend that's from Japan (though she hasn't lived there in years and isn't into figure skating). After Yuzu won I was explaining to him how I doubt there is a Japanese person alive that doesn't know who he is. He claimed his friend probably didn't know. Of course a couple of days later he came back and said that she indeed DID know who he was . Can't underestimate that Yuzu is the pride of a nation! Thank you for sharing. My mom recently went to Autumn Classic this year and it was her first skating competition. She knows I'm an avid Yuzu fan and really supports it, so I try to cherish those bonding experiences. She likes him too and really enjoyed watching all the anticipation and excitement around him, and seeing how happy his skating makes people. Let's just continue to enjoy his gift because life is too short. I know what you mean about making it a private thing. People know I love skating and they know I am a fan of Yuzu, but I get the feeling it comes off a little differently than people that love a sports team just as avidly. For me it's the same. Like NFL fans have their jerseys, they paint their bodies in colors and cheer belligerently in the cold. I have my Pooh ears and just want to do my own thing.
  6. Danibellerika

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I can't even count all of the clear files and swag I've picked up at skating comps. The fans are amazingly generous.
  7. Danibellerika

    Grand Prix Helsinki Tickets Market

    Helping a friend. They have Helsinki tickets: Cat-1: section A1 row 11 (multiple ) & Bronze: section B4 row 9 (multiple). Looking for $100 each.
  8. Loved him at ACI!! He is a lot of fun to watch and really stands out among the other skaters. I spoke with him later when he was walking around and told him how much I enjoyed watching him and he just lit up! He was like "Really?! Oh, thank you!!" Really sweet. I think he should believe in himself a little more!
  9. Danibellerika

    Team Japan

    I noticed her double axel is better but everything else looks too shaky for me to tell very well for now. It would have been nice if she could have jumped her natural direction all along so she wouldn't have to deal with this stuff now, but we can't turn back time. Get well soon, Wakababy!!
  10. Danibellerika

    Team Japan

    Love her skating to pieces (and Shoma's too) but unless either of them is planning to move to Toronto and Chicago full time, it just seems like you're trying to put a band-aid on a compound fracture. A couple weeks away from home here and there to work on "jumps"...I don't really buy the effectiveness. I think that type of thing needs to be your everyday if (and it's a big if) there's going to be any real hope at all.
  11. Danibellerika

    Random Thought Theater

    Meeee! We should meet up!
  12. Danibellerika

    [2018] CS ACI Men - Free Skating

    Yes . No way I can miss the chance to see our guy when he's only 90 minutes away by plane! Hope to have a review and some video up soon.