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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I currently have some merch that I perchased a while ago that I am selling. Some items include bearbricks, the memorial stamp sets, prologue, gift, etc. feel free to reach out if you have a specific item you're looking for.
  2. I saw people suggest a costume poll in the costume thread, and since I have a thing for polling I'll start this one! And don't panic fellow decidophobics! We'll have up to 5 options for each this time. Though I suspect some of you might still end up suffering from hand-wringing choice phobia disorder like me... well we've tried :) (I listed all of Yuzu's competition & exhibition costumes (and the different versions) from senior years, though left out Vertigo for there's too many versions, Zigeunerweisen and ice shows for there's no room left )
  3. Post pics, discuss, gush over our Space Kitty :)
  4. Hello to all Yuzu fans out there! Just want to start a simple polling of what is your favourite program of Yuzu? (Simply your feeling and impression, no need to relate to technical skills, scores...) Can be FS, SP or EX! (Not all programs he has performed are included though) 2 votes per person For me will be hope and legacy now since this program represents Yuzuru himself. Before 2017 my favourite prpgram was always Phantom of the Opera. Both are really beautiful programs, and the fact that Phantom of the Opera hadn't been cleaned in that whole season was really sad to me :cry:
  5. Guys, I made a tier list of all the costumes Yuzuru has worn throughout his senior competitive career. S CATEGORY: Pyeongchang Seimei, Origin 2.0, Origin 1.0, Hope and Legacy, Pyeonchang Chopin, Etude, Semei 4.0 and Otonal 1.0 A CATEGORY: White Legend, Ten to Chi to, Chopin 5.0, Rondo, POTO 1.0, Parisienne Walkways 1.0 and 2.0, Otonal 2.0, Let's Go Crazy 2.0 and Let Me Entertain You 1.0 B CATEGORY: Zigeunerweisen, Seimei 1.0, Romeo and Juliet, POTO 2.0, Notre Dame, Let's Go Crazy 1.0, Let Me Entertain You 2.0, Seimei 2.0 and Chopin 2.0 C CATEGORY: Romeo Juliet, Chopin 1.0 and Chopin 3.0 This is my personal opinion. So don't misunderstand anything, please. And do share your opinions and thoughts too and if you would change anything.
  6. Post and discuss old and new videos Old but gold:
  7. Among us I have seen long-time fans that follow Yuzu since junior days, as well as new ones who joined the ride after the historical free skate at Helsinki. So it makes me curious: When did everyone discover our favorite guy? (To avoid confusion for the polling, I'd like to define "discovered" as "became a fan," instead of "heard of/saw him for the first time.") And for the "how" part, please comment to share your experience of falling for →! How did you come across him and his performances? What was the first program that you watched/that made you hooked? How did you find your way to the fan community?
  8. Hi everyone I'm new here and can't find a thread for posting my yuzu gifs... And thanks to encouragement from @SparkleSalad & @kaeryth, I'll spam my gifs here. As an idiom said in where I come from, ("throwing a brick out so as to invite jade in") I plan to repost some of my twitter gifs (I'm boredjdc on twitter) here and hope some master gif makers would add their creations! First, two gifs I haven't posted elsewhere before~ 1. NHK H&L ending always made one melt. Camera work was GOE +3. 2. Believe EX deserves more love. It's a crime that there're only two performances recorded??????? (I don't mind if my gifs are reposted with proper credit! I spent time on making gifs because I can't draw or edit well but I have to let out my love for Yuzu's skating via some creative activities lol Would be happy if people like them enough to share them :3)
  9. until
    This is the event of the TV Broadcast of 24H TV on NTV. The discussion thread can be found here. Pre-show from 15.30 JST, 24H TV begins at 18.30 and Yuzuru's part will around 20.30.
  10. Hi there, this is a place where we can put memes, videos, fanart or GIFs and talk about the most amazing skater Yuzuru Hanyu Rules 1. No dissing other people 2. No inappropriate content 3. all images, videos, GIFs, memes, fanart MUST be credited Thank you
  11. Hi everyone! I'm new to Yuzu,I love him soo much but I don't know his famous shows(I mean ice skating shows English isn't my native :,)) so you can say interesting things about him or his performances, please free to comment!🤗💞💞💞
  12. So during my quests to learn more about Yuzu, and figure skating in general, it's been inevitable to learn about other skaters in the process. During my time looking through what was going on at Sochi I learned that there was this huge rivalry between Yuzu and Patrick, I even read somewhere that Patrick said he hated Yuzu and said things like he'd "let Yuzu win the GPF of that year" (not sure if that's true or not). But I'm seeing that there was this huge deal with Patrick and Yuzu that I'm not too familiar with, can someone explain to me what that rivalry was like and why it was so intense?
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