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Poll - Favorite Costume!!!

Your Favorite Costume(s) from Yuzu - Choose up to 5!  

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My favorite Yuzu costume - the 2nd Phantom of  the Opera.  It shows Yuzu's V-shaped torso marvelously and is really in the spirit of the program.  After that Masquerade, but maybe because the program itself is so great, even better than POTO.

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POTO 2.0 (how wonderful to see it again in GIFT and SOI - on multiple occasions!) - I agree with Micaelis - it  suited Yuzuru's shape so much and had that sense of drama needed for the character. The gold collar, the cuffs.... There is that wonderful photo of him from the back just walking with his skates on away from the camera....

Origin 1.0 was of the same calibre - suited Yuzuru's beautiful shape, esp from the back, the feathers, the black & gold - such drama!!

Well lots of his costumes are dramatic unsurprisingly, so it is always hard to choose!

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