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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    Thanksss a lot, I was searching the planet but couldn't find the thread, sowwy
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    Hi guys, is there any link to watch yuzu's sp and fs from NBC and CBC? Thank you so much.
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    not everyone have a lot of time to check all the threads (for example I only check this thread for updates) so thanks for bringing it here.
  4. Team Japan

    Please tell me, which skaters who also move the blade like him? Why can't they learn the jump with the right technique? If they can't land it, then they haven't learned it right, try again and again and again. Don't use some trick.
  5. Team Japan

    Can this move by uno and the team be considered as cheating? Rent the competition rink? Seriously? Does he not have some confidence in himself and his skating that he and the team need to use some trick to win? (like moving the blade off from the center so he can jump the quad lmao ridiculous).
  6. General Yuzuru chat

    But he usually did the competition back to back when NHK Trophy was the last gp series before gpf, no? I keep thinking what if nhk schedule didn't change, then Brian could be with Yuzu >.<
  7. is there any b-competition or challenger competition before japan nats and olympic? can he go there for warming up to get used to a competition because now he doesn't have gpf..
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    Can someone explain about this exhibition please? Like where it is and what is it about? I think I miss the info. Thanks.
  9. General Yuzuru chat

    (OOT) oh this version is much slower than G's ^^ although I like Gackt's version more (even more than the vocaloid version) this version is also great ^^
  10. General Yuzuru chat

    He could skate to nokia ringtone and will still love it
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    is that Patrick who jump 4T (?) with Yuzu side by side?
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    a few pages back people were wondering what is his blood type? in the bio it's B and I really really really want to see Yuzu skates to One Ok Rock's Be the Light because the background of the song is so Yuzu