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Poll - Favorite Costume!!!

Your Favorite Costume(s) from Yuzu - Choose up to 5!  

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5 options is much better than 2! I still had to leave out POTO 1.0 amd R&J1.


1. Etude - perfection

2. Requiem - perfection

3. Notte Stellata - almost perfection

4. R&J2 - I could improve a few things, but awesome anyways

5. LGC purple - for the sheer audacity and throwback factor (it was hard to pick it over white though)


6. POTO 1.0 - just so Yuzu

7 R&J1 - perfect for the program and very Yuzu style, I lived ghe criss-crossong jeweled belts across his chest

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Felt relieved here to read "choose up to 5", but ended up only being able to pick up to four :rofl2:

Noticing anew I really like almost all of those too much already and picking a final one would probably only be a random gamble of the moment, so left it like that.


But I have to admit Hope and Legacy as well as Seimei costume would not let me question them. Also can't argue with people saying White Legend one looks like a chicken tossed into liquid asphalt, but I somehow liked it from the start. (woohoo for 2 votes I guess)

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Ended up picking only four despite liking his other costumes too (I mean we're talking about Yuzuru here... I'm pretty sure he could pull off anything)


But my picks are

H&L: the blings, the colour gradient

Notte Stellata: loving the rhinestone detailing and the deep 'v'

Etude: love the different coloured sleeves and the gradient

The Final Time Traveller: really like the detailing on this one

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I can't believe I had a hard time narrowing it down to five... I guess his costumes really have grown on me after all :laugh: tbh I'm fully expecting to hate his costumes at the beginning of next season and be all :love: about them by the end of it.


I voted:

Chopin no.2 - I had to leave out no.1 but both are the absolute best he's had. Perfectly suited to the music and the colors are amazing.

Seimei - unusual silhouette, great detailing, again, perfectly suited for the program.

Hana ni nare - the sleeves! the flowers! he looks like a prince in this.

H&L - the gradient and the sparkles are to die for.

LGC (purple) - I love this, I love Extra costumes so much and you have to go all the way if you're skating to Prince.

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It's so hard for me to choose because I love almost all his costumes, but I chose Etude :love: Seimei, R&J 1.0 and Chopin 1.0, everything looks good on him thanks to his slim bodyline, so envious :smile:

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My votes


Etude - look at how beautiful he is! who else can wear this? And I love the gradient


(source: unknown, got it from here )


H&L - it somehow reminds me of etude, and yes I love the colour scheme


Chopin 2.0 - It's simple but elegant and classy. I love the golden details - gold matches yuzu ;)


R&J 1.0


Hana ni Nare

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I chose:


- Notte Stellata: I love that deep V at the back and those feathery details on his hands and arms. He really looks like a beautiful swan who spreads his wings in it.

- Chopin first version: I've always prefered the first version of this costume. The darker blue looks more elegant and I prefer the simplicity of it over the golden sides of the second version. And my favourite version of this programme is the one he did at the GPF 14. Seeing him smiling and soaring on the ice after that terrible incident a few month before has always been very moving to me.

- R&J2: I love that costume. The first time I've seen Yuzu was in that costume at Sochi. I immediately thought that this skater must be special because few people would be able to pull out such an outfit and look absolutely regal in it. I love the mix between feminine and masculine and the gradient between black and white.

- Hana ni nare: Such a beautiful outfit that matches the song so well. I love the kimono sleeves and the colours.

- And finally I do agree with cherry on the Etude costume which I chose as well. I love the blue wave he embodies with it. Actually I've always been a bit disappointed with the H&L costume because it was a less good version of the Etude one to me (I'm not so fond of the green colour, although I ended up getting used to it).


My votes


Etude - look at how beautiful he is! who else can wear this? And I love the gradient


(source: unknown, got it from here )


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OMG have I just voted R&J 2.0? Johnny Weir will be proud of me. :rofl2:

Others: Let's go Crazy 1 AND 2 :love: :love: :love: and of course Hana ni Nare; the costume has the sweetness of a cherry blossom.

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Puniyo said:
chiraya said:
I think I'm the only one who like POTO 1.0 costume @_@ I really want to see more of it, the detail on the black part is too die for and the waist part enhances his slim figure, love it so much, too bad I only saw it once.


I like that costume too, especially the red accents. I actually like it more than the second version.


I like all his costumes to be honest. Some might be harder to digest at first, but I grow fond of all of them. Each one has a purpose or a story behind it that makes it special. BUT my favorite of all times is Chopin1. It's simple, not need to go overboard with details and so princely and ethereal :love: :love: :love:


Yup, i really love the brocade detail on the arm part, when I saw he changed the costume in nhk I was like 'nuuuu' .. I also vote for Chopin 1.0, he looked so serene in that costume colour :love:

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