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  1. Hey, a picture of putin would do the job and get the point across! :rofl2:
  2. The girl's got her exams soon - she clearly needs a break before that! The fact that she's still juggling between school and skating, and has already dominated the field in absolute power for 2 whole seasons ever since she turned senior is mind-boggling :bow: :bow: this girl has the spirit of a winner :bow:
  3. :s_dunno I mean, how else do they expect non-Japanese fans to show our support, really? By waving our flags but put "BUT I AM SUPPORTING YUZURU HANYU" on it? :eh: I once saw a banner saying "fly yuzu" and sth to that effect but has a red maple leaf on the side that shows its maker is obviously canadian. quite clever actually. I think there should be more international banners like this :space:
  4. Yet another reason for us non-Japanese fans to grumble... That one can like a skater not from their own country.. such revolutionary thoughts! It's just too advanced for the brains of some people..
  5. I admire your honesty! And I must admit that it does make for very entertaining gossip - harmless ones of course! (I hope)
  6. Lol mishin is so hot and cold Hahaha omg Ikr :rofl2: :rofl2: Last time I checked he was still making funny remarks about yuzu & 4Lo (though it could have just been him being senile and forgetting yuzu's WRs in 2015), and now he's already praising yuzu again?? :rofl2: :rofl2: Make up your damn mind you senile old man! (lol jk )
  7. maybe every person involved has already spent so much time and effort on its smaller details that when the final product is assembled and revealed, no one dares to speak up a word that could potentially scratch the whole thing and they'll have to start all over :rofl2: :rofl2:
  8. Shizuka's makeup and costume really make her stand out like the queen and 'Cool Beauty' that she is :goe: I love Kanako's attire too, it's young and vibrant and also very beautiful :love:
  9. that cat is a blessed cat :bow: :bow: it even looks like it's aware of that fact :rofl2:
  10. He should probably ask Javi on this :smile: As far as I know, he's allergic but still manages to keep a cat. that's.. kinda impressive and actually really sweet :bow: think about it, his love for the animal is so large that he managed to find a way to be with it even when it hurts him physically :bow: mad respect!
  11. urgh yeah it's such a dilemma for me to think about too. our boy just has so many odds stacked against him :cry:
  12. Uhm, remember Candy Flick, anyone..? :embSwan: :xD: I love that frog creature and how cute it looks crunching on the lollipop :embSwan:
  13. It was truly nightmares material :ohno: I'm really curious who in his team actually thought it was a good idea in the first place? Like, who could look at it and not be induced to horror and nightmares? :s_crazy:
  14. ie. small, cute animals he could snuggle into between his hands or laps :space: this mental image doesn't seem bad at all :pbow:
  15. so they are strict about costume violation but not edge call :coffee: :rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2:
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