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  1. No reason to be embarrassed, at least not in my opinion. I mean, looking for support - for want of a better word - is a good and proactive thing and people are the same offline or on, so why not turn to those online if those off can't or won't provide it? At least my opinion. ^^; 😅
  2. Yuzu sorbet, I am totally addicted to Yuzu sorbet in summer!!! And it nicely fits the occasion, too, I'd say. And I'll send a thought to the 浅草観音 on your behalf, if you don't mind; that has often worked for me.
  3. I hope you can do it again and that you continue to get better. Sadly I can't celebrate physically with you either, but mentally I'd love to join the party. 🎉🎊🎏
  4. Really random, after I started to give duolingo a try in the hope of reviving what rudimentary Spanish I once knew and hopefully proceed beyond that, at some time I realized that I was hungry often after the exercises, though of course no physical exercise is involved. It took having to explain something about duoling in English to figure out it was saying "I am" in Spanish that made me hungry. Because, it seems, in the English network part of my brain: Yo soy > soy sauce > food...
  5. I simply ignore official statements on height in particular, because in several decades of working in a job in which I frequently get shanghai'd as impromptu interpreter for all kinds of people, Japanese and overseas, who's height is a matter of public record, I find the records at odds with personal experience. As in, I know how tall I am and of course I can tell how much taller someone standing by my side is...
  6. Okay, a bit of other Yuzu news - though from earlier this year, I`m not precisely sure when as it's not dated - that came via a link from a friend, Icerink Sendai put a statement on their website thanking him for his donations of the royalties from Aoi Honoo and Aoi Honoo II, to a total amount of 25,312,775 Yen (approx. 225,285$ or 194,910€ by today's exchange rates). For me that's amazing amount of money earned from books that never were mass market. Of course Yuzu also is amazing for doing that in the first place.
  7. Thank you, you are amazing. And tiff is actually better quality, but just now, I'm temporarily away from home, but of course want the poster ASAP, so I have to find a print shop in a city I am not familiar with. Theoretically I am all in favour of the virtue of 我慢 - something like patience - but there are times when patience has to take a backseat, too.
  8. Just sent me all your pics of Yuzu wearing anything Japanese and I shall happily provide the proper naming info!
  9. Thank you all for the information, and @Lunna for the scan! (Now I have to find a print shop that can handle .tiff)
  10. Please pardon the correction, but it's a kimono, not a hakama - hakama is leg wear. (Though I wouldn't mind a picture of him only in hakama,either.)
  11. Because it suits his personality and his inclinations? Since in many ways he's really very traditionally Japanese.
  12. I quite like it... And I guess you don't know where it is from, either, then?
  13. I just came across this online, where it sadly wasn't attributed. I already asked a friend who probably has seen 99% of all Yuzu pics existing, but she couldn't recall having seen it, either. So as I don't have time for research just now, the question here: does anyone know where this is from? I guess I am hoping this is something new, because... well, just because.
  14. Thank you very much! Ichiro of course was to be expected, but it's really amazing that Yuzu follows immediately after, given that even if relatively popular, even in Japan it's still a minor sport.
  15. That song gives me paranoia... (I've heard it played way too often as BGM etc) ^^; Please don't apologise, talking/writing in a foreign language one always makes mistakes at first. And thank you always for your interesting links, I never have the time to go look for myself. Would it be too much to ask to please add links to the sources?
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