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  1. Ah, thank you, the closeup does show the leaning outside better than the picture in its fullness. It's Schrodinger's quad: was it a Lutz or a Lip, who knows!? 😅
  2. The photo I'm talking about being the magazine composite of the jump posted in the previous page. If there was another photo, then I missed it!
  3. How can you even see an outside edge with that angle? It looks flat to me from here, because the angle of the photo doesn't really show me much.
  4. A person goes away for a few days and when they come back, the forum talk has veered into Elven languages.
  5. That is from @Specs at GS and @Henni147 already posted about it in the previous page.
  6. I... don't see any issue with what she said, at all? Come on, it's just reaching in this case. Give me real shade a la 'needs to work on his crossrolls' or something.
  7. See twitter thread for more. Also, @Yatagarasu, where art thou!? Yuzuru has an 'homage' to you in his Origin costume.
  8. Yuzuru was interviewed by "Shinken zemi", a correspondence education system using postal/parcel delivery service. @yude at GS translated it and you can find it here https://www.goldenskate.com/forum/showthread.php?74832-Yuzuru-Hanyu-2018-2019&p=2286858&viewfull=1#post2286858
  9. We don't know the rules so for all she knew she could film that snippet.
  10. He was obviously stroking slowly and carefully, testing the ice and the feel on his ankle, so if anyone looks at this video and decides to think 'ah, he was lying to skip Nationals!' then they're just dumb and I couldn't care less about their narratives. This is obviously part of on-ice rehab. By the way, he was also back to the ice last December after his injury but the pain continued so he apparently didn't go back on ice after that until early January.
  11. BTW, just to see the difference between a 4T2T and a 4T3T, Shoma's best score for his 4T2T in the SP was still lower than a base value 4T3T, hence why I chose to do 4T3T at 0 GOE than 4T2T at its best GOE, which is basically what he's landed so far in his SP, when he doesn't +COMBO it.
  12. Yeah, I used only the best GOE across competitions per segment, so even if Shoma's best 4F score was in his FS, I only used his best GOE for the 4F in his SPs for that segment. Since both segments are different beasts, I like to differentiate. I also tend to choose GOE only for jumps done in the second half only from that second half, even when they've been done them in previous layouts in the first half, but I fudged it a bit with Yuzu's 4T because his only solo second half 4T was an underrotated mess and I didn't have any other values to go off on. I'm finishing off the ladies, just want to add in two junior girls in the mix first.
  13. I don't know if this has been posted yet but there's a cool write up by Max Aaron about Yuzuru in the Dominant 20 ESPN ranking in the print version of the magazine. Credit to shiroKJ at GS
  14. Did this for the top 3 men, will so for some ladies too.
  15. Is there speculation whether this was an imposed change by Team China or a choice?
  16. It's not confirmed by JSF yet, only speculation given the time frame of his recovery. Either way, I don't think it'll be a surprise if he WDs from Nationals. He doesn't have time to prepare for it even if his rehab goes well. And we really don't need him hurrying up practice.
  17. It was TSL and I despise them for it. Saying this was 'a blessing in disguise' to prevent him from peaking at GPF reveals a lack of sensitivity and empathy. Not, it really wasn't a blessing in disguise. Getting injured is never a blessing. Peaking at GPF is NOT worse than 3 weeks rest and a month of rehab and a busted ankle that may never recover fully.
  18. @Rainbow, thank you so much for these translations!
  19. OT: There's a site that awards 'Oscars' to footballers for their 'acting' on the field but I can't find the link now.
  20. These are different issues altogether, though. Football has degenerated into a who whines or fakes the most on the field fest, yes, but that is different from what Jack implies about athletes who beg off competing at the 'slightest' hint of an injury and how back then men were more 'manly' and 'tough' and competed with injuries because otherwise was 'weak'.
  21. Warning for toxic masculinity and author asshole-ish-ness. As much as I admire Yuzuru and understand his choice to skate at Rostelecom and think him courageous, skating while injured is NOT something to be encouraged and Jack is out there basically calling everyone a coward for not doing so because men should be manly tough men and brave through pain...
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