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  1. CupidsBow

    General Skating Chat

    I'm not so worried about GOE because Nathan should struggle to get above a 3 and shouldn't get close to a 5 without some kind of miracle and even if he did get 4s on his jumps...he can't in his steps and spins. Besides, he's only capable of hitting those high GOEs on maybe 1 or 2 elements. Shoma is in the same boat GOE wise but he can get high GOE on his steps and spins and earns decent PCS. Nathan receives good PCS and is bound to get heaps of bonuses if he lands enough quads but he's never going to score on par with Yuzu unless the judges just give up even attempting to seem credible. Average skate vs Average skate, Yuzuru should outscore in GOE. Best vs Best....sorry but no one should come close.
  2. CupidsBow

    [2018] CS Lombardia Trophy (12.09-16.09)

    Hmmm as a Shoma fan I am at least mollified that he is likely to want to develop the program despite the rather wild scores here. He knows when he's being overscored. He's said he wasn't satisfied with the performance and there's a lot to work on so.... Good points from this performance: His 4F looks like it's improved a bit. Maybe a little less pre-rotation. It's certainly not noticeable in real time, though I did look in slow motion and it's still not great with a bit too much rotation done on the ice and that weird thing he does where his striking foot goes down sideways instead of straight down. I hope he keeps working on his jumps. He's never going to have textbook jumps but less messy would be nice. His toe-loops looks much better, though, because he used to be pretty messy on that too. His landings look more stable. You can tell he's trying to improve. I do not think he should have gotten above +3 GOE but...sigh. 'it's a guideline not a rule' apparently (what is the point then, honestly) As the program is, I dunno about his scores for TR in particular, and SS in relation to that. There is practically no transitions at the beginning of the program and little/no 1-foot skating between elements like...at all, he also skates at a flat speed throughout instead if showing variation to match the music so... his SS and TR should be lower, maybe Co too, performance wise he's done better at ice shows so, in short, his PCS here were too high to a point where it's kind unfair to him because, like last season, he's going to struggle to meet or improve on those scores elsewhere in the season. I really wish Lombardia would....not inflate scores like this for the skater(s) that are pulling a lot of the crowd. And I hope everyone remembers this is a fault with the judges at the event and the ISU not really caring about judging standards being consistent across events, not a fault with Shoma himself. I maybe would have scored him around 96~97 with most of his PCS between 8.25 and 9 and all his max GOE at 3 for pretty much every element. Anyway, I hope between the end of this competition and SC Shoma and Mihoko work on getting some transitions in his programs and less reliance on crossovers and maybe actually get some steps being into his 4F and 4T3T...
  3. CupidsBow

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I agree, with a change in mindset I think Yuzuru will be much stronger At the very least, strong in a different way, since he's always been strong. More finding that he can succeed without that feeling of being backed into a corner and that his true best can be found when he is skating with joy and passion, not out of desperation.
  4. CupidsBow

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I think Yuzuru is kind of keeping himself free of any kind of commitment. He will 'probably' be retired in 5 years, he doesn't know if he will do Beijing, when asked how long he will continue to skate for he doesn't know or his answers are vague. Because if he says 4 more years and go to Beijing...he can't skate free of pressure and expectation, he's got to do everything he can between now and Beijing to make sure he can go and win, and has to skate with that goal in mind. [I think] he wants some time without that pressure and to be able to decide when the time comes - which is sensible. As fans we should just take everything season by season and stop worrying so much about the future. Again...this season hasn't even started for him yet can we just enjoy this season without constantly talking about whether or not he will retire. He's likely just not wanting to make any promises because he can't know how his health will hold up. I personally have a strong feeling he will have fun for 2 seasons, reassess in 2020 and if he is still in good health and in a good position to win another Olympics, he'll go for a 3rd and 4th season. I can't really imagine him going for that 3rd season and not going for Beijing tbh. I have had the feeling that Yuzuru was feeling a sense of rebirth since he debuted Haru yo koi. I know some people got a different, more ominous feeling from it, but I felt like it was a celebration of a fresh, happy new chapter in his competitive career. He's allowing himself to skate for pleasure and compete for his own joy and satisfaction again. This is a good thing and I'm excited to see it
  5. CupidsBow

    General Yuzuru Chat

    On Yuzuru's English: I'd say he's maybe intermediate level since he has a fair grasp on sentence construction and a decent variety of vocabulary including technical terms within his field but also some beyond-the-basic words for general, everyday use. He does make some grammatical errors or lose a word or struggle to communicate exactly what he's thinking, so he is not fluent, but with some studying or things like watching tv with the purpose of developing his English, he could get there. His pronunciation is good though not always totally clear, clear enough that it's not a problem though. I do get the impression that the English he has is the English he's picked up through immersion more than actively studying. If he does study English, I'd hazard a guess that he maybe doesn't study often or particularly seriously and, of course, lapses to Japanese whenever he can (which is totally natural). His casual speaking skills are likely fine but, naturally, when stressed or tired or distracted he is more likely to make errors and he seems unconfident when speaking in public - which makes sense because his public speaking is usually to media where it's more important that his thoughts are communicated as accurately as possible. He does seem to have good listening skills though because he shows understanding for questions asked in English as press cons before the translator has even started and waits to answer out of courtesy. Since I don't think he studies much my guess is that his listening and speaking skills are far ahead of his writing and reading though you never know because most find writing easier than speaking. I find people really exaggerate both his ability or lack of ability when it comes to English, thinking he's either more fluent than he lets on or completely unable to communicate. The truth is, I think, in the middle. His skills are fair and about as much as he needs to comfortably get through his daily life.
  6. CupidsBow

    Media Day 2018

    haha it was from 2010. no worries.
  7. CupidsBow

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I was watching a ballet video earlier and the dancer said 'am I an athlete? I think yes, but the athleticism is a means to an end for the artistic image' and to a degree, it reminded me of Yuzuru but his view is less that athleticism is a means to an end so much as the athletics, technical and artistic are all totally interwoven. If you're missing one aspect, everything else suffers. though I suppose the same is true in ballet
  8. CupidsBow

    General Yuzuru Chat

    he's said he wants to get a +5 on his 4A we.......still have a 2 season minimum. We'll see after that. Hopefully, this season is really fun and inspiring for him
  9. CupidsBow

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Yuzu, if you're here, I love you and I am very happy you are going to focus on enjoying skating. Nothing is more wonderful than watching you skate something with total abandon and untethered joy.
  10. CupidsBow

    General Yuzuru Chat

    oh, as much as i dont like plush, he will be overjoyed and first in line to say yuzu did it better
  11. CupidsBow

    Media Day 2018

    hmmm same because I get more of a feeling from him where he's entering a new era of his skating career when he prioritises his enjoyment of the sport without excessively pressuring himself for results (though I do think the results will come just because his enjoyment of skating is tied to progress and his ideal skating is perfectly balanced between technical elements and performance components with high quality in everything lmao. So long as he is healthy and skates well the results will come) I think this is a really good thing! Releasing himself from that pressure is likely why he's not pushing himself to reintegrate the lutz and the flip yet while he still feels some discomfort jumping them, even if there is no pain. Prioritising his enjoyment also seems to prioritise his health. It makes me very optimistic for this new chapter in his competitive career.
  12. CupidsBow

    Media Day 2018

    Given that the IB and Hydroblade are in transitions, I'm putting my money on the ChSq being a 6.0 style step sequence. Different to Plushenko's but that kind of energy and none of the limitations of current stsq rules.
  13. CupidsBow

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Now I really want Yuzuru to skate to this classic bop
  14. CupidsBow

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I do kinda wish he'd have an official site like Shoma does? Where he/his team could post a message every few months, maybe a couple of photos now and again when he feels like. No comments to deal with, everything under his control, free to abandon and pick up whenever he feels...
  15. CupidsBow

    MADs: Fan-made Videos

    I made a MAD hahaha video editing isn't really my thing but I tried! I also added subtitles for the lyrics because I thought the lyrics really suited Yuzuru.