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  1. CupidsBow

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I do kinda wish he'd have an official site like Shoma does? Where he/his team could post a message every few months, maybe a couple of photos now and again when he feels like. No comments to deal with, everything under his control, free to abandon and pick up whenever he feels...
  2. CupidsBow

    MADs: Fan-made Videos

    I made a MAD hahaha video editing isn't really my thing but I tried! I also added subtitles for the lyrics because I thought the lyrics really suited Yuzuru.
  3. CupidsBow

    General Yuzuru Chat

    ngh the article is dumb the only bright side is that it basically concludes there is nothing to any speculation about evgenia and yuzuru but its so unnecessary.... and the photos make me uncomfortable. the whole aspect of discussing how far he lives from the club etc also makes me uncomfortable. Like stalking. Toronto is supposed to be a safe place where he can train in peace and I wish thirsty tabloids trying to pull a dispatch on him would not disturb that peace. He has the open training session to allow journalists to get photos of him arriving etc. we do not need photographers creeping on the tcc parking lot to get photos uninvited. Like...i was an idol fansite, i had strict rules with myself to only go to take photos at places the idol was really 'working' or being an idol and i was supposed to be there; at broadcast stations, at concerts and festivals, at airport when they were flying to or from a schedule (some idols don't like this, some idols are fine; I had the idol tell me his flights or have his manager tell me flight times so I knew it was okay) I would never take photos at the practice buildings, at salons or in private time because I was not supposed to be at those places and it was not my place to be there. Yuzuru is not an idol. The only time he should be being photographed is at skating events, open sessions he's invited journalists to, and photoshoots for endorsements. His training time is not the time or place to be harassing him. He should not have tabloids enquiring about where he lives etc. It's an invasion of privacy and frankly, nothing of value will ever be obtained by this because his daily life, including whether or not he dates, has nothing to do with his role in the public eye and he chooses not to share such parts of his personal life for a reason. Just because he is a public figure does not mean his rights to privacy should not be respected. I hope tcc/jsf/whoever can do something to prevent such things from continuing. As much as I like seeing new photos of him and like when he is active, I do not want his private time to train and live his life infringed upon. (he looks really good tho. looks like he's gained muscle in his chest especially)
  4. CupidsBow

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I contributed me 'baby tries to draw/use watercolours oh wait what is shading' mishaps lmao this is, by far, my worst
  5. CupidsBow

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I'd love for him to do more rockstar vibe type programs. LGC really proved he could pull it off while still being really true to himself and his style and he made it look so fun. More fun programs would be nice.
  6. CupidsBow

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Ultimately this will be where his muscle gains have come from
  7. CupidsBow

    General Yuzuru Chat

    The problem with the 4lz is mostly the counter rotation. The entry curve is in the opposite direction to body rotation and the exit curve which is why landing it might be rough. But tbh he got injured because he skated with a fever.
  8. CupidsBow

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Haha yeah, all the ones credited to Georgina Bright are mine that I either sent to him or he took from my twitter thread I have a few of Shoma too and a few of Keiji but mostly I was focused on Yuzuru and Shoma: they're in this thread if you want to look As for 4A...it depends on how much he was working on it, and the condition of his ankle but I'm putting my money on 4T, 4S, 4Lo this season, either 4Lz or 4A the season after.
  9. CupidsBow

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I told him he could go through my photos from PC and he is seemingly just reposting all of them lmao
  10. CupidsBow

    General Yuzuru Chat

    he just was aiming for 'Yuzu means friend' which is still not an amazing sentence but I do like the accidental self drag
  11. CupidsBow

    General Yuzuru Chat

    On your 'alpha male' discussion: this got brought to my curious cat kinda out of context so my opinion has been stated there but I thought I'd come to read the actual discussion. Just to be clear, having a difference of opinion isn't a personal attack and phrasing things differently doesn't mean I think you are wrong. but those of you using the term alpha male should know that 1) Human beings as animals, while having similar social hierarchies, do not actually have alphas and such as in the animal kingdom these are often biological and in human societies, those at the top of the hierarchy tend to earn in via non-biological methods. 2) there is a negative connotation as alpha/beta language got co-opted by anti-feminists/misogynists/neo-nazis/incels aka all the neckbeards on reddit and 4chan. Again, in humans there is not a biological alpha or otherwise. This sort of language is typically used my men who think women should be biologically obligated to submit to their wants. Also, to those guys, Yuzuru would never be accepted as an alpha to them. Because he's not some guy that is desperately trying to prove he's a real man all the time. What you are saying is fine but in English the language you used is an issue because....language is fluid and meanings change and to people in the western world at the very least, the use of 'alpha male' is very tightly connected to the Elliot Rodger types of the world. Sorry if you had all moved on lmao just thought I'd explain why some people had an issue with what you were saying.
  12. There's a new Podcast that is lead by fans for news, updates and discussions about figure skating! In The Loop will post every 2 weeks, the first episode is available where the hosts discuss accessibility in the sport, Evgenia Medvedeva moving to TCC, Dancing with the Stars and New Programs. Check it out their twitter: First Episode on Soundcloud: On on Youtube: And a full transcript is available on Tumblr!
  13. CupidsBow

    General Yuzuru Chat

    He's just polite and conscientious. I always found it really odd that anyone criticised him for it or found it that strange of a behaviour...
  14. CupidsBow

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I dont think hed do POTO again, not straight after olympics anyway. hes too superstitious
  15. CupidsBow

    Guess the New Programs! (and win nothing if you do)

    SP - Probably something Jazzy and fun - FS - ?????? Ex - Something rock and fun! (Let Go or afraid to be cool by Miyavi would be rad)