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  1. Orser must have done something right with Yuzu, or Yuzu would not have remained in Toronto for so many years... only going home because of the pandemic. So, yes, trust Yuzu.
  2. I read in an article earlier today that Canada is one of the few countries where all 3 of the major variants (UK, SAfrican, Brazilian) are becoming significant at the same time. The article made it sound like the world will be very interested in this as we'll be a testing ground to see which of the "Big 3," as i"ll call them, becomes dominant among them. And, we're so happy to provide this. It will also be possible to get some better data on how well the vaccines stack up against the variants since they haven't got much data out of Brazil etc.. and we can find out how many people can get rein
  3. As soon as I heard Carol say she didn't care what it was about, I knew the knives would be out for her because people would take it too literally. To many it sounded as if she really didn't care what it was about... when in reality she means it's so beautiful to watch that she didn't need to know what it was about to appreciate its beauty anyway. It was beautiful no matter what. This was actually a compliment. I"m sure if she knew what this program was about she never would have said that.
  4. I"m surprised at how many people are surprised that Yuzu is going to WTT. I really didn't expect otherwise. While they may not support him much, JSF knows he is their cash cow. And he may really want to skate that free program much better too...
  5. I really want him to land that 4A. Go for it, Yuzu. Try it wherever and whenever you can, big comps or small, because you've achieved everything and more... anyone who was ever a skater, or follows skating (heck, even Lady Gaga!) knows the significance of landing that jump. Records are meant to broken, but the first 4A... that's something else.
  6. So, it sounds as if he's admitting the asthma attack and I, for one, am glad he did so. While it is very true to form to not make excuses for mistakes, his willingness to admit it this time, and still perform well enough for a bronze medal, is surely inspiration for little kids who might have the same issue... just as speaking to that athlete with asthma when he was a child, helped him. There is no shame in having a health condition that complicates matters, and he manages it... but sometimes it cannot be managed. Edit: And as for going back to Canada, I thought that once he got us
  7. Yuzu is the same. He often skates better when his back is against the wall.
  8. I've thought so for a while. Only something major like that will elevate him above nathan and his lutz/flips. I think if he'd performed here like at Nats he would have won this... Yuzu is perfectly capable of 213 in the long program with his content.
  9. What a time for his bread and butter jumps to escape him.. those axels were MIA today in a big way. And friend 4S, what happened to you? I have to say that looking at him at the beginning pose I didn't feel he had it in him, he looked tired (and his hair looked big time wrong, just sayin'), so hopefully this motivates for next year..
  10. Ok, Yuma. This is where you learn to deal with pressure... and I"m so glad he's skating between Nathan and Yuzu!!
  11. Perfect skate from Nathan... good job and respect after a less than good short. They'll give him all the candies now.
  12. Beautiful program from Kolyada, but not as perfect as we've seen it. I sincerely hope he keeps this for next year, it belongs in the Olympics, and perfect it will make a big impact.
  13. Yay for keegan!!!! usually he has quite a few bobbles, but this was much better and I'm so glad. I'm sure he'll be top 10 and get 2 spots for canada again!! I was wondering what the shiny stuff on his ankles was... didn't realize it was duct tape until now, lol!
  14. If Jason would be able to bring the 4S and an additional 4T to the skates next year, they might appreciate him more. It's always quads, quads, quads.
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