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  1. This is totally off topic and probably far fetched, but I wonder if the American comedian Kevin Hart, or his wife, is a fan of Japanese skating: they named their newborn daughter Kaori Mai. I know it's coincidence, but I thought that was cute.
  2. Agreed. In any other season i could see that they might be afraid of losing ground to other teams either at home or internationally..... but, realistically, this year is a weird, potential wash out. I doubt anyone is gaining or losing much based on this year.
  3. Ladies are on now. I just tuned in myself because I"m also watching French Open tennis.... so much to do today... even F1....
  4. I was away for a few days so I only caught up now... I don't know why I am surprised at the ladies' scoring. I think I thought Plush might have a tad more sway than he actually does... so the Eteri bonus still applies. Looking forward to the long programs with interest...
  5. I sincerely hope that enough of your fellow Americans see him for what he is and vote to make a difference... if he stays in, I really fear for everyone, everywhere... and if he loses I fear what havoc he will wreak in the months before he is supposed to leave office...
  6. DT continues to live down to people's expectations. Just when you think there could be a chance for him to change his tune, even just a tiny bit, he stays true to his narcissistic self. That display on the White House stairs last night was something you'd expect from some dictator, wanting to create his own reality to project to his people. I think that's why he loves dictators so much, he wishes he could be one. The signs are all there.
  7. So Trump is leaving the hospital... telling everyone that they should not be afraid of Covid. Great. He gets the best treatment you could possibly get (some of it isn't even approved yet for the public and is still experimental) and is able to leave hospital and then downplays the threat of it. Nice slap in the face to all those Americans who have died who weren't able to get his *probably only person in the world* level of intervention, and those who barely have any health coverage at all thanks to his efforts...
  8. Happiest to see Mai. Such a gutsy girl and competitor, despite her waif like appearance. I wish her the very best. And lovely dress too...
  9. So nice to see Mai !!! Still frail looking, but I thought she did so well considering her health, time off the ice and not competing. She was happy.
  10. Feel badly for all the people around him who have been exposed to it, either by him or by whoever gave it to him, because of his politicizing the use of masks or, in his case, non usage of masks... I hope, as I hope for everyone who gets covid, that they make full recoveries. I listened to the radio this morning and they were speculating if he was even ill, talking about the October Surprise that often occurs in election year. His capacity for constantly lying makes people actually go there. My first thought was that he would either brag about how easily he beat it, a
  11. We use seatbelts, traffic signals, non slip shoes even... how a mask Is different confuses me... It Is so simple....
  12. Grrrr... and now the numbers are starting to rise again in so many places... which we all expected, of course.... Ontario alone today reached 700 new cases, mostly around Toronto... I know, it's mainly young people for now, and the newer cases don't seem to be as bad (with lower virus load from wearing masks among the theories for why this is so), which is a good thing... but aside from the obvious *health is no.1 priority* statement, and purely from an *I miss figure skating and esp. Yuzu* perspective, it seems it will take forever for any skaters to return to Canada for training.
  13. It depends on who is telling the story!
  14. Lol. Russia brings the drama... and Plush certainly knows how to play *the game* now that he has high profile stars, by doing interviews, posting pictures as a coach etc.. getting himself publicity so that everyone knows he's coaching more hands on now and so he becomes more high profile as a coach etc.., lol. The rest of the world may have put many competitions etc., on hold, but Russia keeps us entertained off the ice!
  15. Lol. I just got home from work and saw how many pages had been added to the Russia thread and knew something big went down... they always bring the drama! I, for one, am relieved for Brian. I didn't think it was a good idea in the beginning for TCC to take Med. I didn't think she was as capable of being *molded* into a new skater as other skaters have been and she needed so much attention. I wasn't really seeing things improve either. I am sure its a difficult thing for Med, but the pandemic and border closures are the reality. The border with the US closed until at le
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