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  1. I was paying through the nose to keep my cable so that I could watch figure skating on tv... but now I"m thinking ditch the cable and upgrade my internet... I"m hopeful that CBC doesn't cut a deal so that I can get the youtube channel... we already know we'll get skate canada on tv here... the only thing is, I feel badly for some older or less tech savvy viewers who just like to watch it on tv. now it will not be easy for them to access and they might not be bothered to ask someone to show them how to get to youtube...
  2. I"m deliberately not watching their programs so that I only see them once the GP series starts. From what I read it sounds like they've become quite pretentious and I want to see the programs a bit more polished before I form an opinion.
  3. She is so much better than what she's being given... but it seems if you're with Eteri, you get Daniil too and he's not really evolving as a choreographer.... too bad for her.
  4. Missed this... seems like alena and liza skated well. Gabby... well, first pancake right? I hope she is happy skating again because then everything will grow from that.... I would love that for her.
  5. Yay! for Kostornaia and her 3A. My favourite overall package of the 4A, for sure... and favourite Russian female skater, bar none.
  6. I think she could get silver if she skates clean. She hasn't done herself favours with that program, though. You have to be SWR if you want to get marks for programs that aren't as good as they could be. In my head I already see all 4 of Eteri's girls being in the GPF... the last 2 spots are up for grabs.
  7. Oh dear. I am getting older and grumpier by the day in this early skating season... After watching the lovely 3A by Akatieva.... yes, great for her, finally we see one of the young ones have good enough technique to get a 3A... It seems every week another little girl lands a quad, or 4... I know i"m supposed to be impressed by all these pre pubescent girls getting quads and 3As.. but I find I am not as impressed as I should be. I"ll be more impressed when these young girls keep those jumps once they're fully grown.... and when they have skating skills to match those quads.
  8. Figure skating isn't that popular in the US anymore, but I think it has more to do with that country not having a top female skater for so many years. I think figure skating popularity in the US has always rested heavily on the female figure skaters. They beyond adored Michelle Kwan...she still walks on water, even after all these years and any tour she was on was pretty much sold out. I think after she left is when the down turn began...there was no one like her anymore, with big charisma, always gave a performance, and was usually tough under pressure... people turned away from the sport and now it's been so long that it's no longer something people pay attention to. Alysa Liu... well, if she continues to improve then that might go a way towards bringing back some of the public. I think we'll continue to see a definite push for her from judges...
  9. I think they skate quite big... which I was surprised about last year considering they wre coming from juniors...
  10. Mai... I was deading that news since it is only weeks away. I wonder if her whole year is now done.... and this after she was so happy to have choreo by lori nichol etc.. just like Mao. I dread the thought that she might even be forced to quit entirely.... with her disease you never know. My hope is that she can recover and have another Cinderella like year one day...
  11. Oh no! My favourite Japanese lady... things must be bad if she won't even appear there... i just hope she can get healthy again...
  12. Oh dear. So now (potentially) it is much loved Nobu and well supported and successful coach Hamada.. Guess we wait and see if more will be revealed. I know she has a reputation, but .... just, wow.
  13. What a big old mess. Poor Nobu. I always thought (not having any insight etc into JSF politics or J society in general) that Nobu was well liked and respected since he seems to be everywhere on tv as a commentator/in shows etc.. I guess that doesn't matter if you are not one of the chosen favourites. I hope he finds welcome somewhere for his talents and skills, immune to behind the scenes machinations. I"m glad we have an English message, then it's out there for the rest of us to read and interpret on our own. I agree, that was smart on his part. This sort of thing makes me glad Yuzu has found a bat cave on the other side of the ocean in order to retreat when needed.
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