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  1. Those strong girls in Vancouver, Joannie... Mao.
  2. Ontario had its coldest April ever (or close to it, I think), so I think that has played a huge part... and May hasn't been much better. We even had snow this week, so that encourages staying home and doesnt foster much dissent. I read that people are kind of nervous to leave their homes, even if allowed.... but when it hits 20C I think that goes away quickly. The pandemic will be a major topic of study for decades. Not only health and medicine related (and the sciences involved), but for psychology, sociology, economics... the list goes on. I wonder what hindsight will be on 2020...
  3. Am I the only one who thinks the smile of Sasha's dog in that group photo is the absolute best one of the bunch?
  4. So, it looks like Ontario is beginning their first stage of recovery on Tuesday. In the list released today, our premiere has allowed sports that require physical distancing like golf, tennis, and figure skating, to begin (they were all specifically mentioned). Hopefully this means good things for TCC and other figure skating clubs. He said that they will be watching numbers carefully and will shut down again quickly if there are any increases. This weekend is a holiday weekend in Canada, Victoria Day. It was supposed to be beautiful and sunny and my worry was that people might try to flout the rules a bit... but instead nature has provided the barrier to any of that. It will be rainy, almost all the time... hopefully this means more people keeping to themselves and keeping those infection rates down....
  5. @river Lol.. Yes, the test was quite invasive.. but it was my ears that ended up hurting for the rest of the day. My coworker said his nose hurt for a few hours. I think when they go *hunting* it depends on who is doing your test. Where we work, the staff went to public health to get tested and most of us reported feeling like our brains, eyes, or nose had been *violated.* But a friend of mine who works at another home said that paramedics came in to do the staff/residents there and she said it wasn't at all like I described. She said it was just up the nose a bit and swirled around for a second and then out. I swear I counted 10 seconds or so as my nurse twirled that swab around and my fists were clenched... In these times it is best to stay home if you have even mild symptoms. Crazy, I know, when normal practice is get your butt to work unless you are basically unable to get up out of bed. I never want to be responsible for an outbreak that could cost lives. Years ago I went to work one day with mild symptoms that got worse that night... and that week most clients I had worked with got sick. I felt horrible, knowing that i had caused it.... but at least it proved to be nothing fatal. I learned my lesson. It seems that more things are opening up.. not like normal, obviously, but at least things are starting to open and there is a hope for businesses to at least make some money/people can go to work.... Hope everyone stays well!
  6. I haven't heard ANY talk of them opening the borders to anyone. The idea hasn't even been brought up by the press or anyone else... at least in public. Just thinking about how closely tied together the US/Canada are, in most times they'd open the borders to them first, like a North American bubble (currently just essential supplies etc., can cross). However, with the virus still running wild down there I can't see how that would happen any time soon. I'd much rather see visitors from NZ, Australia etc., who are doing rather well, before those from the US. For the skaters who stayed where they train, ie Satoko, some of the dancers in Montreal, they may have the advantage... and others will just get on the ice whenever/wherever they can and do what they can with input from afar. The next year will be very interesting... if we even have one....
  7. Memory lane. Shae and Vic were always emphasizing their hydroblading moves. At the time I thought it was cool but thought they milked them way too much and overdid it in every program. I think the fluff pieces on Canadian tv about it annoyed me so much that I went firmly into the Anisina/Peizerat corner when it was between the 2 for medals. I would have appreciated it more at the time if it wasn't stuffed down my throat constantly. But, it is a cool move/technique and I will forever associate it with Shae/Vic although Yuzu has brought it back to popularity.
  8. Trust the Russians to bring some drama to the figure skating world... even if there is currently no skating going on and there is no timetable for it to return!! That 1 of the 3A is leaving is no surprise, I really believed one of them was going to bolt sooner rather than later... but for me that it is Trusova is a bit of a surprise... just because I thought Kostornaia might be the one who would want better choreography after that disaster of a long from last season... and she's capable of much more than Daniil can deliver. BUT, given Trusova's troubles last year compared to the other two this doesn't surprise me either. I hope it works out for her because although her skating skills leave much to be desired, her tenacity and competitive drive really demand my attention. I just like her for HER, rather than for her skating.
  9. I'd like to think we all complied thoroughly with the safety protocols and continue to do so. Now that we all tested negative some people are starting to question how long we have to continue following all the protocols because it is becoming tiring... but testing negative means you were negative on that day, at that time, and it could change once you go food shopping or don't quite reach that one spot on your thumb while washing hands after filling your car with gas etc.. When we are discussing things I always remind them that we are *so far so good,* but we just have to keep being good a little bit longer. It's not that hard a thing to do especially when you look at what could potentially happen if you don't. But, I guess people hear phrases like *we could be doing this for another 2 years* and it becomes frustrating.
  10. I had the joy of experiencing my first Covid19 testing the other day. It was definitely *an experience!* They go up so high with that swab that I felt like they cleaned out my sinuses and were heading to my brain. And then my ears hurt all day afterwards. Because I work in Long Term Care, which is where the majority of deaths have occurred in Ontario, it was determined by the province that all workers in the Home be tested and so we all had to go to public health for our tests and submit happily to those tests....or not, LOL!! We got news today that very single one of us tested negative which would explain why we've had no cases in our Home. They are in the middle of testing every single one of our Home's residents now. Some have submitted easily and others have put up quite the fight, lol!! But, so far, so good!
  11. I really don't think cultural barriers in this case should be an excuse for not showing compliance with requests to stay in one spot/restricting movement. In most countries, including Canada where she was before heading to Japan, there were requests/restrictions on movement and for people to stay home and only go out for necessities. Wrt the language barrier, there are also English versions of the Japanese news online so that was available to her/her team. And really, just knowing about the virus and how it was spreading worldwide, one should not need to be told to stay put. So many countries worldwide were requesting this...it's a global pandemic! Restricting movement is just common sense... however, as we know, common sense isn't that common. I understand the desire to find ice when few rinks are open, but other skaters are restricting movement and staying home/finding training alternatives, so it just looks bad. I hope she understands the reasons why she is receiving criticism and that it isn't because people just want to pick on her. YOu have to understand to learn and then move on.
  12. Flaunting your ability to act the tourist during a pandemic...and disregarding advice set by local government at this time... not impressive. I would be frowning upon anyone doing this, but even more so at a tourist who is a guest in the country, showing no respect. If it wasnt Med, I suspect less polite terms would be used.
  13. Happy Birthday, everyone!! And, THANKYOU.
  14. She is always trying for good PR in Japan, but this failed, imho.
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