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  1. I hope we have start orders by the time I get up in 8 hours. I need to plan my totally disorganized sleep schedule. By mistake I did a dry run today ( meaning I napped when I came home from work)...but I need to sleep longer, waking up closer to 11 pm Toronto time, so I can stay up when I need to... there is a sale on chocolate at my grocery store (how fortuitous!) so after work I have to stock up.... I made sure not to mention figure skating at work so no one will think 2x when I get *sick* later this week
  2. My guess, joking, of course: Yuzu talks about six packs (poor Brian, lol) , so now all the girls want to show off their 6 packs...
  3. the plane arrived at 6:40 Japan time (flight tracker info again), so it makes sense if no one has seen him yet... takes a while to get through, right? and Edit: It was AC01... number 1, naturally...
  4. Lol. Good morning! I figured there would be no yuzu news and I was correct.... guess the kid took the Sunday flight after all? Likes to make an entrance, I guess. If on that flight they should land soon... by the time I get to work we should know. Well, if anyone knows how to deal with time diff between Toronto and Japan, it is him.
  5. If you go to the flight tracking site, flight ACA001, toronto to haneda, will arrive 6:18 pm Japan time.... it left over an hour and a half late... it is cool, you can actually see on radar exactly where that flight is geographically. I love going to that site. You can see any plane, anywhere in the world and find out the plane type, destination etc.. the nerd in me likes it!! Ok, it is my bed time... hope to see some actual news when I get up... I swear, he has to already be in Japan.... practicing quietly somewhere with pooh and brian...
  6. Jason was at the airport on Saturday morning, early, like didn't he post his video before 8am? and the direct flight to Japan from Toronto was scheduled for 2:30pm... if he missed that flight, lol... maybe he was flying to somewhere in the States first and then going from there? And remember, if Yuzu and Brian left today (Sunday, Toronto time), then they won't arrive until after 6pm Monday, Japan time... at least according to flight tracker... yes, I have time on my hands today, lol!! But really, would Yuzu arrive so late? I figure he must be there somewhere already... Or, there is something like the Bermuda triangle between NA and Asia and the 3 of them think they have arrived and are participating in a totally parallel universe... I can't explain the other Japanese, lol!! Unless Shoma fell asleep... or got eaten by a giant broccoli...
  7. liv

    General Yuzuru Chat

    And they both have glasses.... although we see Yuzu far too seldom in them...
  8. Flights from Toronto go to Haneda... lol, they chose the wrong airport. And the flight of the day hasn't left Toronto yet (around 2:30pm it leaves)... but I also think he must be in Japan already too.
  9. That would be waaay too much pink. My teeth would hurt.
  10. Years ago at competitions nobody cared when you arrived at the airport... now it is the expected, done thing and people wait for arrival pics. Seeing the skaters arrive means it is happening!!!
  11. liv

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Lol. I expected to see photos of his arrival when I woke up... guess he wasnt on the only flight leaving Toronto for Tokyo yesterday... or if he was they got him out secretly. Or he got there earlier this week. Good job, yuzu. his ability to hide upon arrival in Japan is great. Hmmm... some celebrities get whisked out side doors, wonder if he gets that there too... makes sense.
  12. liv

    General Yuzuru Chat

    My guess isthat he has either already flown and landed ( yesterday or before), or they are currently in the air.... which would get him there late Sunday afternoon Japan time. If he left earlier then, well done Yuzu, for avoiding detection upon arrival....if he is on the flight right now, well, we will know in a few hours.
  13. liv

    Random Thought Theater

    So sorry you're having a rough time. Only a few days now... maybe even hours before we see or hear something from himself....
  14. Maybe he is confident but doesn't want to say it in public?? Some people might find that it creates more pressure to announce such things, and prefer to just keep expectations quiet.
  15. And this time he couldn't just get into a car with strangers and drive there, lol!