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  1. Russia, Russia, Russia.... Sorry to hear about your friend, I hope he gets better. And hope you get rid of your illness quickly and recover fully as soon as possible. I guess in the situation there it's just best to hope that if people get it then they get mild cases without too many issues in their lungs and hearts later on... that's what I'm afraid of, potential heart problems later on. My coworker got it in the spring and was hospitalized for a week and now she's having heart issues... and she's under 50. I"m scheduled for my second Pfizer shot on Tuesday
  2. Oh no! @FayI'm happy to hear that you're recovering, but I"m sorry you got it in the first place! I'm glad you didn't have severe symptoms... but, wow, smelling different things when you know what things should smell like must be very odd. It must have been scary at first to get the diagnosis... my friend said when she saw the results online she panicked! She was actually pretty sick too.
  3. Exactly. I hope that it isn't true, but after decades of watching this sport, cynicism about judging just comes naturally. I have no doubt he'd land on the podium, but it's whether they'd give him gold again that I wonder about... because as we've seen, GOE and PCS can be used just like the second mark used to be in the 6.0 system. But, that's something to worry about for the future. We've seen a Yuzu this season who looks fabulous and confident and totally capable and deserving of winning Oly gold again. And right now, I want to just absorb that over and over etc...
  4. I prefer LIAB for Jason too, but the skating is great. Many times during Nathan's skate I just wanted to push him to go faster. Tara and Johnny are typical US commentators and the judges are typical too. When he landed his quads I was thinking, oh, kind of slow and landing a bit forward... and then they gushed how perfect it was.. and these huge GOE scores would show up in the technical box!! I really hope one of the other guys who can do a beautiful 4lutz properly (boyang, yuzu, hopefully kolyada) is able to land it perfectly in the next competition they all enter... j
  5. Take that extra rotation on the flip and lutz away, and Jason is just the better skater on every other element. No one skates like him. I thought it was nice how in the KissnCry they showed Brian behind Jason on one of those screens, giving him kudos for his performance. Nice touch.
  6. I'd read that after the 2nd shot was when people seemed to have some issues. Glad to hear, @river that you felt fairly ok afterwards. And, yup, it means it's working. I've had to educate so many people about that! I get my 2nd shot 2 weeks from today. Tomorrow is a big day at my Long Term Care facility... it's resident vaccination day! They're bringing in the vaccine and everyone is getting their shot, en masse. They're starting early in the morning and going straight until they're finished. Exciting times! Just a few more weeks and everyone will be as protected as they can possibl
  7. I think I watched a different program than many people. I found this H/E program to actually be more interesting and full choreographically than his previous programs (other than Origin which was packed like sardines with stuff). Neither Seimei nor H/L were any more intricate than this one... but that's just my observation.
  8. I got my Pfizer shot yesterday. It went well, although my deltoid is sore... but comparable to a flu shot if your nurse is a little rough, lol! Our local hospital was very efficient and organized with their vaccine delivery. We were all quite impressed. My LTC home has been in outbreak since before Christmas, with 3 positive staff tests, although they all turned out to be false positives. However, even 1 positive test (in either staff or resident) is considered an outbreak. It's a bit misleading when they talk about all the Homes in outbreak. In Ontario they said that o
  9. I always understood it to be 3 revs as well...and then it made sense to me watching the replays... but 2 revs? Ok, then that's nitpicking... but at least he'll always remember this and it won't happen again at a more important time.
  10. Nice to see Yuzu so giddy here. I think he was very happy to compete, how he competed, and seeing his skating friends again. Everyone feels happy finally getting together after this year of isolation etc.. And bringing joy/light to the audience is always a priority.
  11. It would be interesting to know Satoko's plans re: returning to Toronto. Canada has closed its borders but many people come and go all the time. If she is allowed to go back without much difficulty (earlier in the summer there was uncertainty about entry) then the possibility exists for Yuzu to do the same should he so wish. At this time of heightened alert because of the new variants currently spreading it might not be something he'd want to risk now, and with winter it's projected to get worse, but just knowing admission is possible would be something worth knowing. Even though Ontario has j
  12. Oh gosh. I thought Storm WAS last year's program. Obviously I didn't find it memorable either.
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