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  1. liv

    Team Canada

    So, if I understand correctly, many of Gabby's problems are due to post concussion syndrome.... It must have been terrifying for everyone when she said she couldn't see and then passed out etc... ( I"ve had that vision issue myself after a head injury, very scary) So glad that help was found and she's on the way back.
  2. liv

    General Yuzuru Chat

    My thoughts exactly!! From the first few minutes you could tell he's actually a real brat (which is fine, my nickname is *brat,* said with affection, lol)!! Haha, Brian do you have a six pack... he must like six packs... i remember seeing him with some girls ( actresses for a lotte interview?) and he was talking about 6 packs with them too...
  3. liv

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I love both programs this year... but his sp is close to perfection already... just his little imperfect combo landing... so I could see another sp from him next year and be happy. The more programs he does the better. Compared to many people he's done relatively few sps... PW x2, Chopinx3 and LGC... 3 short programs from 2012 until now... just not enough!!!! And I think his short programs are stellar. His free programs are good, but the short programs are outstanding. For me Yuzu and Jeff are a perfect combo... As for Origin... I love that costume sooo much. He got away from flowing frippery to something structured, shapely, and crisp (and dangerous)... love it. And as for the program, yup, i'm in love with it too. That and Seimei are my kind of free programs... and, yes, if keeping it means it is easier for him to incorporate Nessie into the season, then I'm all for it. My one issue would be if the next year was his last... I'd rather he end with a program that was entirely his rather than a tribute to Plush. I would love Yuzu to return to a more rock-ish theme again... we've had so much piano from him....
  4. liv

    General Yuzuru Chat

    So yuzu confirms he is staying next year... no surprise to me. I had a strong feeling he would as soon as he revealed his programs way back in the summer. I didn't think he would end using tribute music. Just not fitting for the swan's swan song. Hmmm... World's in Montreal is becoming a goal... for me. I truly understand the desire to take video when presented with such an opportunity, i would too, but it is the decision to put it online that baffles me.
  5. liv

    [2018] Other Federations

    Lol. I think after this season Canada will be giving up a spot or two for the rest of the world to play with! We really do NOT need a 3rd spot and really only 2 if Kaetlyn comes back... Go Jun!! I hope Junlieeeettt goes well...
  6. liv

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I"ve always believed he does more than he reveals, and that's smart. I think he probably has a quiet life, but not quite like it sounds. I also think he is sensitive about what some people have said in the past about his having left Japan to train overseas ( I don't remember exactly what, just that there was some negativity), so he might not want to make much of living abroad. He is always thinking about other people, so that kind of sensitivity wouldn't surprise me. Those are some beautiful pictures in that Inside Skating article !!!
  7. liv

    Traveling Satellites

    Good idea!! I know I'd ask questions around here... but unfortunately i"m not going anywhere, lol!!
  8. liv

    Other Sports

    So strange... I watched ski jumping in the 80s and early 90s and Finland was always on top... sports go through cycles, but still, so unusual for me to see since I haven't watched in years... but anyway, congrats on a great achievement!!!!!
  9. liv

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Silly me. Even though I saw the pics a couple of hours ago , I am still irrationally happy. Positively giddy, lol. It's been waaaay too long since well, everything. Yuzu, javi, them together , at tcc... etc.. Everyone safe in the nest.
  10. liv

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I am sure both Brian and Tracy are as happy to have their boys all together as we are... but Yuzu looks the happiest with that big scrunchy face grin, lol. Thanks to Tracy for knowing what the fans want and giving it to us Edit: *the boys* no matter who goes to TCC, *the boys* will always refer to Yuzu and Javi, the 2 who together raised the skating game and conquered the world.
  11. liv

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Happy New Year to everyone!! It's still hours away from me yet, but I'll probably fall asleep before it happens, lol!! I had a funny moment today. I was teaching one of my stretching classes, the first after the Christmas break and one client was saying " I can't! I can't!" and I automatically replied " Yes, you can!" and she said "NO!" In that moment I was totally reminded me of that famous clip of Yuzu doing his exercise class where he was talking back to the instructor and she was saying " yes, you can!" It hit me that I was replying the exact same way. The class was wondering why I started laughing after that exchange, lol!! Made my day... although my client wasn't a teenage figure skater, lol!!
  12. liv

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I always hear "I'm back!" Not *come back* when he speaks after his sp.... it's more *um back* which is *I'm back* ... just sayin'
  13. liv

    General Yuzuru Chat

    2018. Quite the mix of emotions. Some very low lows, but some momentous highs... and a perfect record in competition, despite everything!!! A year to remember.
  14. liv

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I was also wondering when this was filmed, and where. If it was recent, is he in Japan? That would be nice for the holiday considering he wasn't home last year.