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  1. So I was watching a little of TSL today and Yuzu was mentioned in conjunction with Chen's 4a attempt. According to them, they have seen the video of Nathan's attempt and while URed (4.25), it looked close (closer than Yuzu's GPF 19 attempts). In terms of Yuzu they hear he limits his time on ice to preserve his body but think that's a good thing that athletes can last long enough to know their bodies and drive their own ship. It's time stamped @37 mins: So the race is on!
  2. The quarantine ARMY in me appreciates this.
  3. And his wife, Rita Wilson. They are in Australia right now. It's been a busy few hours!
  4. I am sad but extremely relieved at the same time. I would not have been enjoying myself while be being wrought with worry that I could catch something and/or bring something back to my loved ones or colleagues. Honestly I'd been questioning if I was just going to eat the cost because the thought was making me so unhappy. Honestly I'm sure hearing about the NBA cancellations, Tom Hanks testing positive, and then flight bans from Europe would have put me over the top. I just hated that the ISU was going to leave it up to me instead of doing the right, ethical thing. 20,000 people from all over
  5. Yes! It was insane how much colder it got when you got to Pyeongchang vs. Gangneung. I remember we had to take the train to PC and then wait for the shuttles headed to medals plaza. That's where it was cooold. And then as the sun set it got even colder!! And then traffic SUCKED trying to get us there but I remember not totally freaking out because if we were stuck in it, they were too. And the ceremony was delayed a touch because of the traffic I remember.
  6. This was a day where I learned for a fact that being in a complete state of euphoria allows you to endure things you would otherwise find torturous. I remember heading toward the medals plaza from Gangneung Ice Arena and saying "What a glorious day!" It wasn't that glorious, we were freezing our asses off! And it was a TREK to get from the arena to the plaza, but @kiches, myself, and others were in full YOLO mode and just so darn happy that we did it with a smile. I remember my fingers should have been freezing when I was trying to film the medal ceremony, but I was just too happy to feel
  7. Gosh the memories. I can't believe I've been stanning Yuzuru for over 6 years!
  8. He's really selling it! Makes me think he'd be an amazing coach some day. Imagine the pep talks! Sounds like he said something along the lines of "Strongest Japan, each and everyone one of you turn the pressure into strength, everybody as one, do your best, Japan."
  9. Happy New Year! So I'm watching the new Netflix series spinning out and I noticed the opening scene, they are totally filming at the rink for ACI in Oakville. I know that stupid hockey glass obstructing my view of Yuzu from anywhere , among other things!!But of course, a sectionals will never be that crowded.
  10. Since they reposted for the holidays, so will I. Yuzu soundbite, yay! And Happy Holidays, everyone!
  11. Or he could stop giving them nuggets of gossip in the first place. What does he even get out of this?
  12. Brian and Tracy may possibly be there for Jason and Cha anyway, so maybe Yuzu should take advantage of it...
  13. I just worry that if he wins he'll be subjected to the 4CC curse. No one that wins that goes on to win worlds.
  14. You forgot a 4th one. Consistency. If you keep skating relatively clean your score will keep rising (SC vs NHK's SP crap notwithstanding). Look at Kostornaia just this season. Med past seasons, Zag in Olympic season. Yuzu has to deliver when it matters and do it all the time. 2 clean back to back programs are now a must and as much as I love him, we have to reach back to GPF 2015 for that. It's a tall order, but if anybody CAN ultimately do it, it's him.
  15. It's okay during the program and K&C, but then at the end they showed Yuzu as Nate was getting his scores and so I got that. I recommend you put it on mute, but Johnny is still Team Yuzu (for the moment).
  16. Happy Birthday to the one and only!!! The happiness you have given millions through your incredible gift is immeasurable! Wishing you health, happiness, and victory always!
  17. No, but I mean it's a lot to keep track of. Not like he mentioned Rika, who I'm sure he knows trains the sal, or Tursy who did it last season.
  18. They said nice things about him actually. Before Yuzu skated Terry said we're looking at someone considered by many to be the greatest of all time. I'll record it with my phone and post it. On the flip side I haven't heard CBC's thoughts, ROFL.
  19. Were they worth any ranking points though?
  20. And infrastructure is better too than Japan with their over crowded rinks. I'll always wonder what the potential for Satoko's jumps could have been if she was able to jump clockwise, her natural inclination. But in Japan it was too dangerous to allow it.
  21. I mean, you can't beat the convenience unless you decided to have the comp at TCC . And Brian loves to bring the whole gang. Easy ISU points.
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