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  1. And I find this hilarious because when I first read your post I thought, what the heck is A Star is Born? Lol. Like I haven't heard that frickin' music for forever this past year... and yet, whish!!!! already out of my head, lol. It hasn't been played as much the last few weeks so I guess my mind was taking a break from it until the figure skating season begins....
  2. I looked it up... it has dustin hoffman, alan rickman... under what rock was my head when this came out? Esp with such a memorable premise... Sounds perfect for a young teenager to skate to (not! )... but this camp has also had some other questionable choices for young girls...
  3. I have never heard of that movie (but I dont see that many anyway)... so figure skating opens my ears once again... and, well, at least it isn't a warhorse!!
  4. It is a vicious circle. We hear he has to be either off the ice for 2-3 months/or needs rehab for 2-3 months, and then we see him skating/jumping after only a short time... and then we find out he hasn't completely healed... and then he has to take more time off... the only time he really took time off from shows was after his foot injury in 2016. I was really hoping he'd skip it all this summer, to be honest. But, he is who he is so all I can do is smile/shake my head, hope he enjoys himself and that it all works out best for him in the end... and of course I"ll be watching, as much a fan as ever, eager for every little thing :)
  5. Yes, he was there. Lots of people have trained there over the years. I think Liz Manley is the skating director there right now... I think we saw this year that Stephen left Brian to work with Lee more this season because Brian had to spend more time with Med since she was having trouble coping with the independent style of training... at least that's what I got from interviews with Brian... so now we'll have to see what happens with Stephen... could be that this is a good time to make a change. Sometimes you just need a change if you have been in the same place since you were a wee kiddo.
  6. I read a rumour that Lee has taken a job at the Granite Club, another very old private club in Toronto... interesting. They probably want to rebuild their skating program too, so if true, then his skaters will probably go with him... I wonder about Stephen...there are rumours on TSL that he's going to Raf... very interesting. I actually think that's a good move, if true. Anyway, if all this is true then there might be some openings at TCC for some new students....
  7. Oh, wow, about Barkell.... unexpected... I wonder where he is going... is he staying in the GTA (greater toronto area)... or going far away?
  8. Sendai planning was probably in the works before Yuzu's injury... perhaps no announcement is him torn between needing to rest but wanting to perform in his home city... either way, great for Sendai to have FaOI come since it seems they rarely get shows/skating of this level to go there.
  9. Didnt he do talk shows between each stop last year? Is there only 1 this year?
  10. The music where the Night King is approaching Bran is called the Night King, so if that's the music you liked then that's what she's using... I loved that part and yes, I am already a fan no matter what!!
  11. Watched episode 3 of Game of Thrones... totally mesmerized.... and that music as the Night King heads towards Bran... awesome stuff.. hopefully someone skates to it someday ... dramatic, nuanced, building to the end... love it. I am in love with that show and the music is brilliant. I don't get HBO so I watched clips on YT at 4am just before I got up for work.... couldn't focus all day... and now I"m exhausted and want to go to bed but I have to finish my taxes by midnight tomorrow.... and pay them!! mOre chocolate and cherrry coke on tap....
  12. Haha... that's what gave him the *edge* tee hee. i remember reading Yuzu saying after his first competition with Patrick *years ago* that he was following behind him on the ice at practice and he just could not skate like Patrick could, something about how he used the edges and knees. He said he could do it for a short time, but couldn't do it for longer. Say what you will about Patrick, but how he touches the blades to the ice is just one of a kind... or, at least, it's not something you see anymore since the focus is different now and really you don't have many who can teach it... which is why I always hope Patrick does end up coaching young ones one day, to pass on that secret/skill... Well, Med probably learned a lot this tour if she did notice the skills of the *old timers* ... all 3 of those men are world champions and known for their feet....
  13. I am looking forward to the next season for T/M... I haven't loved everything marina has done over the years, but she certainly worked wonders with G/G, D/W and early versions of V/M. I hope she can bring out the best in a team that has all the talent you could ever want, but lacks engaging packaging...
  14. I was thinking the same thing about Brian. In shorts!!
  15. I don't drink coffee... iced or otherwise... and now those iced capps are 2.70 where I live!!! My addiction hurts my waste and wallet. And I think cutting myself off would save me at the most $500/year... nice, but not exactly enough to finance any competition. Travel to Kelowna is way expensive (might as well go to europe), and while Montreal is close, tickets are too expensive. For me it has to be ACI all the way.
  16. Lol. Giving up Tim Horton's, even for a worthy cause, seems next to impossible... they"re on every single street corner enticing me with those iced capps....
  17. Gabby!!... it looks like she's been to the wars!! What a year she has had. Time to say goodbye to this horrid season, take a good rest, and press the reset button. I hope her concussion symptoms aren't too severe and that, in particular, the post concussion mental issues don't come back. I had post concussion syndrome myself, and your brain plays evil games with you as they did with her last fall... so I hope that experience will help her through this latest one. I am definitely behind her for the next season.
  18. Lol. I missed this and Toronto time was perfect for watching live and that never happens when skating things happen in Japan!!! Darn!! Too distracted watching hockey playoffs... but the boy looks good, happy and healthy, well dressed... what more can we ask for in April??!!! I mean reasonably, lol.
  19. I would like Yuzu to minimize his use of signature moves as well, but didn't he say he includes them because people expect them in Hanyu programs? I would at least mix them up in terms of placement so we don't always see an ina bauer towards the end in the choreo seq etc.. I mean, we always know what is coming. Or even do the bauer without the layback... I actually preferred Javi's use of the ina bauer one season. He can't be uber creative when he has to use certain elements *because he always has*.... I loved ACI Origin because he used some leaps which then got dropped later... I don't mean to pick on this move, but it is one definite sig move we all know... As for music... he needs a cool, sophisticated kind of sp this year... very smooth. He has to change it up a bit. Personally, I really dislike most jazz music, but something in that vein would be suitable.... And Jeff for choreo, all the way. This is a match made in heaven, in my mind. My favourite Yuzu programs are usually his shorts. think he should ask Jeff to find the music... For free program, it will probably be nothing too risky.... and I actually have no ideas at present....just wish the choreo is a little different/ less predictable than his other free programs.
  20. Med chose Exogenesis? Oh geez. I love that music, but for her skating abilities? I will only say that she needs to take a lot of Tracy's classes this summer... but I wait to be pleasantly surprised, hopefully.
  21. Just more reason for me to dislike Plush. I am not a fan of his (sorry Yuzu) and reading his comments only reinforces that opinion. Someone with his level of influence shouldn't publicly label someone, especially when they are young and vulnerable... even if it is well known how emotional she is. So many coaches/countries would love to have a talent like her and would work to find a way to bring out her best and give her confidence... but if you're really busy and have your own stuff going on, I guess the patience and nurturing isn't there...
  22. My heart hurts about Notre Dame... I am not religious, but the architecture, windows, statues, symbolism, history, etc..... the poor grand old dame!!! Watching it on tv, oy, it really resonates with me.... I was so happy to hear that they saved the bell towers too.... we need quasimodo to have his towers....
  23. He said she was an emotional wreck? I hope he meant it differently than that because that is a nasty description.... but typical drama from the country that always brings that drama!! Poor girl.
  24. I read that Mai Mihara's free program will be done by Lori Nichol... Lori can be hit or miss too, I think, but at least it's not David Wilson!!
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