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  1. xeyra

    Team Russia

    There's a translation here:
  2. xeyra

    General Yuzuru Chat

    He hasn't done a FS layout with a combo in the first half in years, it's not now he's starting, apparently.
  3. xeyra

    When will Yuzu land 4A

    Seeing the relative state of Dmitriev's 4A attempts, I could see Keegan probably getting the 4A faster than Dmitriev even if the only attempts of his we've seen have been on an harness. However, Dmitriev has all the time and opportunity in the world to train it, while Yuzuru and Keegan actually have to concentrate on not killing themselves and medaling at their competitions.
  4. xeyra

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I like the new default so much I removed my own avatar so I'd get this one.
  5. xeyra

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Oh, they're European, they don't count.
  6. xeyra


    I don't think we're going to see IB into 3A again. Remember he's doing a combo there now, not a single 3A. I think the structure of the second half has been modified enough that certain details can't be repeated (IB is now part of the choreo sequence instead of a jump entry, for example).
  7. xeyra


    BTW I think the sit twizzles were eliminated because he's now doing a 4S instead of a 4T before the spin and I think that's a quad that takes longer to set up. That or he just needs to conserve energy and the sit twizzles are too stamina consuming at that point. It's going to be my most lamented loss if he doesn't find a way to bring them back, though.
  8. xeyra


    I think he specifically mentioned in an interview this hydroblade hand movement that he didn't get to do at Helsinki while talking about the little details he'd incorporated in the FS that paid homage to Plushenko'd own Nijinsky program.
  9. Somewhere around Skate Canada I forgot to give predictions so now I'm out of the game but I wish I was suffering with my failed predictions with you all.
  10. Speaking of Boyang, he hasn't really been to a GPF the two times he medaled at Worlds so he's going through his usual pattern. I love his SP this season.
  11. I love this music for Yuzuru but I do agree he needs more sharpness in his upper body movements to make it work better. More stamina and time should hopefully help bring the program bit by bit closer to its full potential
  12. I meant for his first GP progression. Of course I hope he gets lots of 300s this season but I was referring to the scores of his first GPs in that list.
  13. Next season can we expect a 300 then? It's on an upwards climb!