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Poll - Favorite Costume!!!

Your Favorite Costume(s) from Yuzu - Choose up to 5!  

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Woah I'm surprised about Seimei being the No.1.!

I love the costume but it's not amongst my top favourites, but what does it make to you so special?


I think the programme itself was just so iconic and memorable that people tend to like everything about it, including the costume. But don't get me wrong, the costume itself is really nice and unique, so there's that too! Personally it's also not my absolute favourite, but I could understand why it's so popular among fans


I voted Seimei, but not just because of the program, which is indeed iconic. Not only Seimei costume fits him well (no surprises here), it's also stronly themed and therefore different from his other costumes.

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It was so-o difficult to choose! I seem to like all his costumes. Like, really all of them...

Maybe because he just looks gorgeous in everything) Even in not-so-fitted suits at banquets)

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I agree that Seimei costume fits him very well and that it is completely different from any other costumes he wore in his career. I liked that it went together so well with the music and the theme too. The only thing why it didn't make into the Top 5 for me is that the light colour of the costume doesn't look that good from afar.

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Good idea to give 5 votes, but still it's hard to vote and leave some out, I love ALL his costumes...


But I think Notte Stellata will always have a most special place in my heart. I was at Skate Canada at the Gala practice session where he first revealed it and I literally gasped when I saw it. When I arrived at the practice the skaters were rehearsing the finale and Yuzu was wearing his practice jacket. He kept it on the whole time, which is unusual, so I thought maybe he just came for the finale and would not be showing his new EX number (I think word had just come out that day about the music he was skating to, so I was sorta expecting a swan-ish costume), especially when he left the ice with the jacket still on. So I kinda lost interest and stopped paying attention for a few minutes. Then I looked up, and he was skating RIGHT toward me in THAT costume!!! It's like I heard a bell ring in my heart...and it took me awhile to figure out why I reacted so strongly.

It goes back to Johnny Weir and his Fallen Angel from Vancouver, and that skate (and Johnny) is a big part of what brought me back to the figure skating world, after an absence of many years. Well, Yuzu's swan seems to me to be an homage to Johnny, especially since the music is from Johnny's iconic 2006 Swan program as well.

Another thing that was very memorable about that practice session- when Yuzu started to skate, all the others out on the ice stopped skating and went to one end to sit and watch. Multiple world champions were there- Duhamel/Radford, Medvedeva, Virtue/Moir- but HE was the only one they stopped to watch... #Respect


Johnny's Fallen Angel

https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=ht ... mrc&uact=8

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I was so happy to check the forum today and see another poll!! Kudos! :yay:

I'm mostly a silent lurker here since I'm still new to FS and Yuzu and trying to catch up on the forum chat everyday is almost like a mental workout...so I like to contribute something here by voting. I love polls and seeing the results. :s_yes


My top 5 in no particular order:

1. Let go crazy! purple pants - The purpleness took a while for me to get used to but I love the full on rock star look and it's a sign of Yuzu's maturity and masculinity. He is no longer a cute kid in my eyes.

2. Chopin 2.0 - He looks like a noble prince with a strong charismatic presence on ice. I like the complexity and details--a nice contrast to the simple piano classic.

3. Seimei - Very unique and Japanese. The details and colors are amazing.

4. Notte Stella- The feathers and blings and Yuzu wears it so well.

5. H & L - It so delicate and the color gradient is beautiful.


I like others too like Photo 2.0, Hana ni nare, and Let go crazy white pants.

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Woah I'm surprised about Seimei being the No.1.!

I love the costume but it's not amongst my top favourites, but what does it make to you so special?


It was such a good design from the point of view of getting across the idea of the Abe no Seimei characters antique costume, which was very bulky and cumbersome - somehow they managed to distil it down to a skating costume.

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My votes:


Seimei :love:

POTO 2.0


R&J 1.0

Ballade 1.0


But it was really hard to choose only 5. How is that possible that even when I couldn't stand some of his his costumes at the start, in the end I love them all? :rofl2:

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I like to see him with traditional clothes so Hana ni Nare and Seimei are ones of my favorites. (I hope for this Olympic season we have something like that).


The first Etude was so clasic, masculine with a feminine touch. And of course I can't resist the back of Notte Stella :love:


I wish some day to see him again with leather/latex pants. :embSwan:


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To me the favourite costume would always be Phantom of the Opera 1. This is a costume that I have seen for unknown times but still "wow" at it every time I see it. The unique design and colours apart from "traditional" phantom costumes, the red especially brings out the essence and spirit of Yuzuru's phantom.


Another point to add is, according to Yuzuru, the first costume of Parisienne Walkways is green instead of black.

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(I can't find the source... please tell me if you about it)


This might not be one of his most loved costumes and it's definitely not on my podium but I really liked the details on his waistline that extended to his legs and the different colored gloves ^^

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My votes: Hope e Legacy, Hana ni nare, Chopin 2, Seimei, Poto 2. Some thoughts about the costumes: I do not much like costumes that almost looks only white seem a little boring, but Notte Stellata had so many stones and feathers that I like the costume, I like the NDP but the cross is debatable, I like the RJ2 but the boobskirt is debatable, I like the colors of the White Legend costume and Chopin costume 2 is perfect for Chopin 2 and Chopin costume 1 is perfect for Chopin 1.

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