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  1. Hey, I know it's the second entries that count for you - I just didn't want to delete anything for now in case anyone changes their mind again or any other unforseen weirdness happens that means we might need the old answers - once the round is closed, I'll sort through all the answers at once and change everything accordingly
  2. Hey everyone - if you want to chance predictions, there's 3 possibilities to do that: 1.) Just write me a PM with the specific change (probably the biggest example now: Ice Dance team X/Y instead of Chock/Bates for GPF) 2.) You can write the same change down here in this thread (just tag me please if you do) 3.) Fill out the form again - regarding that, I'll update the forms to take out skaters that WD and add in those that have 2 assignments now, so check if you maybe want to change something there too! Changes in Ladies: Out of at least one GP and therefor not able to get to the GPF: Gabby Daleman, Elena Radionova, Karen Chen, Dabin Choi. Assigned to a 2nd event and therefor now possible for GPF: Mae Meite, Eunsoo Lim, Starr Andrews, Angela Wang Other then that, Chock/Bates WD from Helsinki and can't make the GPF anymore.
  3. You can enter your picks until the event starts I just wanted to have the answers so far posted in case some posters forget their answers and want to look them up again ^^
  4. Hey everyone - as promised before, here are links to sheets containing everybodies answers for our 2 rounds so far: Warm Up Round Skate America As I said before, there are some entries without a name to them - I know the first nameless one in the SA round is robin, but otherwise, I have no idea who these tips belong to. If any of you are realizing you forgot your name, please let me know, otherwise I can't count your entries ^^"
  5. There is only one nameless submission as of now, so I know which is yours, no need to do it again ^^
  6. Ah don't worry - I think I did best in Ice Dance last season, the discipline I know by far the least about and went with a lot of wild guessing "xD Btw I just checked if there were already responses - and for the Warm-Up round I have a response without a name to it. Would whoever that was please let me know, so we don't end up having homeless points?
  7. In the GP series and in regards to qualifying for the GP Final - yes. That's the points the skaters get ^^ Would be uselessly high numbers for us though
  8. Joey

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Hey guys, I just wanted to drop in to let everyone know that we have a GP prediction game - if you want to participate, just hop over to this thread: You know how it is, the more the merrier, so we'd be happy if you gave it a look!
  9. And to kick it off, we have two rounds for the first week - an overall "Warm Up round" to predict the GP finalists + some questions regarding the whole GP series, and the specific quiz for Skate America: Warm-Up: https://goo.gl/forms/gJcbAGALRhzt8txx2 Skate America: https://goo.gl/forms/8buWJCvfUAE1eS662 You can submit your answers until the first event of Skate America starts. If anything is unclear, don't hesitate to ask ^_^
  10. Hello fellow satellites, hobby prophets, fortune tellers in training and oracles to be – returning ones from last season and new ones alike! I hope you all brought your tea leaves, dice and randomizers, as it is time for a new round of our Planet Hanyu Grand Prix Prediction Game! The rules are rather simple: 1.) Participate 2.) Have fun That is to say, things are basically going to stay pretty much the same as last year! (For those who want to check back with those rules again or didn’t participate, here is the link to the old thread - other then that, don't be afraid to ask if anything is unclear). A few additional points: You can not edit your answers, so if you want to change something about your predictions you have 3 possibilities: - Fill out the form again - Write me a PM and tell me what you want changed - Write your changes down here in the thread (please tag me if you do so I don’t overlook it) If you guys want to, I’ll create spreadsheets with the answers I have up until that point regularly in the days leading up to the GP, so you can check what you answered and can also look through the answers of the other participants. Also, I wanted to make some changes regarding the scoring: Any questions? If not, enough blabbering, and on to the predicting! Links so far:
  11. Thank you very much (And yes, the badge system would be fun ^^) So, to give you an update: I've switched to google forms (thank you again Neenah for suggesting it!), but not much will change in how you have to use it. I have the first ones nearly ready, but the last weekend came with the incredible combination of a.) me getting sick and b.) my old PC dying on friday. And I didn't want to try finish those forms via phone since it felt like potential disaster. So with my first day back at work and in proximitiy of my work PC, I'll finish things up today/tomorrow and then start the new round of prediction games ^_^
  12. Haven't used google forms before I think, but I'll check it out. Thanks for the suggestion ^^
  13. Hey guys! I'm sorry I had a bit of a FS break over the summer, which included being non-existent on most internet platforms. But since people still want to, I'd definitely be in for another round of prediction games this season and I'm fine with organizing them again too Here's one important note though: I don't really want to use the same side I used before again, for the simple reason that the use isn't free and I'd have to pay. So I'd rather move it to google spreadsheets that have to be filled out or the answers being posted here in the thread. If anyone wants to throw ideas in or wants to help organizing that would be cool too, just let me know. Otherwise, I would just keep thanigs pretty much the same way they were last season ^_^
  14. And on to the promised last part - the winner of our ISU Championships prediction round (including Europeans, 4CC, Olys & WC). 1. and winner of the Gold medal: golden - 154 2. and winner of the Silver medal: LadyLou - 151 3. and winner of the Bronze medal: crazykuroneko - 148 4. Neenah - 145 5. ralucutzagy, Sayu93 - 144 6. xeyra - 142 7. Kelly - 139 8. axelnojutsu, Sombreuil - 138 9. Xen - 137 10. Sammie - 131 11. Lil Sailor - 120 12. moni, Joey - 118 13. yuzupon - 115 14. Fay, YT - 114 15. novana - 113 16. Kaeryth - 112 17. cirelle - 109 18. Yatagarasu - 102 19. nuitsuki - 93 20. Murieleirum - 91 21. Lily - 81 22. MajaHled - 41 23. OhYuzu - 31 24. singcarcom - 23 25. DaPurpleDino - 11 26. saltysalty - 5 Looking at the single disciplines~ Men: 1. Sayu93 - 28 2. LadyLou - 26 3. Kaeryth - 25 4. crazykuroneko, moni, xeyra - 24 5. Joey - 22 6. golden, Sombreuil, Yatagarasu, yuzupon - 21 7. Kelly, Murieleirum, Neenah, novana - 20 8. ralucutzagy, Sammie, YT - 19 9. axelnojutsu, Xen - 18 10. LilSailor - 17 Ladies: 1. golden - 46 2. ralucutzagy - 44 3. Kelly, Neenah - 42 4. Xen, YT - 39 5. Sammie - 38 6. crazykuroneko, yuzupon - 37 7. LadyLou, xeyra - 36 8. Sayu - 35 9. axelnojutsu, Yatagarasu - 34 10. Lil Sailor, Sombreuil, Joey - 33 Pairs: 1. crazykuroneko, LadyLou - 39 2. Sammie, YT - 36 3. Neenah - 35 4. xeyra - 34 5. Sayu, Xen - 32 6. axelnojutsu - 31 7. golden, ralucutzagy - 29 8. Sombreuil - 28 9. cirelle, Kaeryth, Lil Sailor - 27 10. novana - 26 Dance: 1. golden, Sombreuil - 40 2. axelnojutsu - 39 3. Fay, LadyLou, ralucutzagy, Xen - 37 4. Kelly, Sayu93 - 36 5. Neenah - 33 6. crazykuroneko, Lil Sailor, xeyra - 32 7. nuitsuki - 30 8. cirelle - 29 9. moni - 28 10. Sammie, Lily - 27 As always, congratulations to all our winners! I hope everybody had fun and thank you for participating ^_^ In case you want to check anything in more detail, here is the spreadsheet again. If anything is unclear or there are mistakes, please don't hesitate to ask/tell me!
  15. Ask me, I made it, asked you to post and... my brain went "lalalala~"