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  1. Hey guys! I'm sorry for the long delay, but I had a busy week at work and wanted to post the whole results of GPF, Warm-Up round and overall together - so it took a while. Results are under spoiler tags because of length ^^ GPF results: Warm-Up Round results: OVERALL RESULTS: As always, congrats to all the winners, thank you all for playing and I hope you had fun! If you want to check all the results in more detailed, the sheet is here. If you find any miscalculations then please let me know and I'll check as soon as possible
  2. Hey everyone, here are the results from the prediction game round for the last "regular" GP, IDF: We start off with not-so-great results in Men (Boyang DD=), with nobody getting more then half of the available points. All of airi, crazykuroneko, Giudita, Joey, Kelly, Neenah, ralucutzagy, river, Sammie and Sukigirl got 4 points. It looks similar in ladies (Evgenia DD=), but with less people getting the highest point total of 4 here: kaeryth, LadyLou, OldCatLady, Paskud, Ren and Tee. Pairs discipline had one satellite with the completely right podium - Xen (so 8 points). And Ice Dance proved to be the safest discipline again (mostly, at least), with quite a few members getting the podium correct: airi, Anna, cirelle, crazykuroneko, LadyLou, lily, MajaHled, Misaela, Murieleirum, Neenah, OldCatLady, Rainna and sallycinnamon. Regarding the bonus questions, I guess I have to accept that I'm just pciking the wrong ones "xD, as the highest number achieved was 4, by symphony40 (out of max 7 available ones). The right answers to the bonus questions were... Will we see at least one case of 2 skaters being seperated by less then 0.1 points? Yes we did, for example in the Mens SP, where Boyang placed over Keiji by 0.06. Which discipline will include the most falls? We all, 100% and without exception, said Mens. And we were all wrong - the ladies 'beat' the men 8 to 7. (Pairs had 5 falls, ID 1). Regarding the single disciplines, which podium finishers will have more jumping passes suuccessfully completed? It was the Men, beating the ladies out 22 to 20. And symphony40 was the only member to predict that, with everyone else expecting the ladies to take it. (I guess overall, the men kind of gave us the middle finger for our lacking trust this weekend =P) And last, in which discipline will we see a new highest score for the GP? Ice Dance, and only that one. Overall, the winners from this last weekend are: 1.) OldCatLady - 22 points 2.) crazykuroneko - 20 3.) airi, LadyLou - 19 4.) lily, Neenah, river -18 5.) cirelle, Fay, Joey, sallycinnamon 17 As always, congrats to all the most-points-getters on here! PS: Spreadsheets are here: Points PH prediction game, IDF responses PPS: The next and last round of questions will come out next week, as I'd rather wait with putting it up for reasons you're probably all well aware of ^^"
  3. Hey dear satelites, numbers for the CoR are finished and here. Looking at the single disciplines: Highest number of points in Men was 4, achieved by golden, kaeryth, MagicFS, MajaHled, Sayu93, symphony40 and TeaFrida. Ladies had the same max points of 4, but in that case even more members got it - beki, crazykuroneko, golden, Jinxxoo, kaeryth, novana, OldCatLady, Paskud, ralucutzagy, Sammie and Tee. Pairs proved to be a better discipline, with airi, Anna, cirelle, crazykuroneko, Joey, kaeryth, LadyLou, MagicFS, MajaHled, Smultron and Sukigirl all getting the podium right and therefor full 8 points. And Anna, beki, crazykuroneko, Ren, Smultron and TeaFrida all got Ice Dance completely right. The bonus questions have two winners - lilsailor & lily with 5 points. Regarding the answers to the bonus questions: 1.) Reagdring Yuzus jumps, he got the following: highest GOE on a quad; highest GOE on a 3A. He didn't land all his 3As, an edge call free flip or carrot freedom. 2.) Who would fall more on side by side jumps in Pairs? The ladies did, 2 to 0. 3.) Which winner had the biggest difference between TES and PCS? It was Stepanova/Bukin (Men: 1,96; Ladies: 1,47; Pairs: 6,97; ID: 10,61) 4.) Would the ladies or men get more level 4 step sequences in the SPs? It was a tie with 3x Lv 4 each. Overall, the CoR winners are... 1.) Anna & crazykuroneko - 25 2.) kaeryth & Smultron - 24 3.) LadyLou, MajaHled & Ren - 21 4.) airi, beki & MagicFS - 20 5.) Neenah & Rainna - 19 As always, congratulations to the winners and best of luck to everyone for the next round! PS: Spreadsheet with the points overview is still here!
  4. I'm gonna leave out the "He'll land every type of quad (4Lo, 4S, 4T) at least once" completely - no points or negative points no matter what you answered, because he simply didn't inlcude the 4Lo while I specifically mentioned it in the question. The rest counts just as it normally would
  5. It should normally not do that, as it's on "everyone can see as long as they have the link"... X_x I edited the link and now I hope you can get access like before. (Maybe it was different this time because I did it via phone and not PC, but I actually did the same as always so no idea what I did there... )
  6. Geeeez, I completely forgot to put up spreadsheets with all your answers this week I guess the moral of the story is do not trust me with anything in times of Mr. Hanyu withdrawel after prolonged times of exposure And I guess that goes for many of us, because we kind of, ehm, majorily... we kind of collectively blew it this round But let's go through it one step at a time... winners in the single disciplines: Men - axelnojutsu won with 8 points! Nobody else got higher then 4 points after her. Ladies - Kelly & Sammie both got the podium completely correct and 8 points each. Pairs - lilsailor with 8 points. Dance - still the best discipline even without P/C, with crazykuroneko, golden, ralucutzagy and sallycinnamon all getting the max 8 points. Bonus - Giudita, Jinxxoo and Tee got the highest scores with 7 out of 10 possible points. Answers to the bonus questions: 1.) regarding Rikas & Lizas 3As, the following statements are true: Rika landed more clean 3As (2 to 1), Rika got the highest GOE (3.09 to 2.06 from Liza), at least one of them had a higher LP BV then 1 guy on the podium (although barely, Rikas BV beats Matteos by 0.75 points!) and we'll see at least one +5 (we saw 2, from J7 for both of Rikas LP 3As) 2.) More edge calls on flips or lutzes? Lutzes, with 17 to 0! 3.) In which discipline will SP and LP top 3 be the same? In none. 4.) Will we get a fall-free podium outside of Ice Dance? Nope, we didn't. (And to point out for the first time how amazing this round was - we got an average of 3.25 out of 10 points for the bonus questions "xD I'm very sorry for such mean questions ) Overall, the winners of the NHK round are: 1.) Sammie -24 2.) ralucutzagy, sallycinnamon - 23 3.) airi, golden, lily - 21 4.) axelnojutsu, lilsailor - 20 5.) Giudita, Kelly, Sombreuil - 19 Congrats to all the winners! Links: NHK Trophy responses Prediction Game Points
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