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  1. MADs: Fan-made Videos

    This one I really love - it takes Yuzu's and commentators's impactful quotes, and makes such a grand and touching narrative out of them.
  2. Shoma was carried on someone's back?? I hope they're just being cautious... I think I read this morning somewhere that Kobayashi-san said he was fine despite pain from boots?
  3. I have the same feelings regarding broadcast and watching live, and my theory is that when sitting in the arena you have a sense of reality, that real people are working hard to get their things done, while through a broadcast it just feels more like uncontrollable fate or doom... Also, the real-time hustle and bustle provides a healthy distraction. (btw, we have the exact same fs babies! Sending a big mental hug
  4. Late to the thread, but still, can't wait for worlds to start! Guess with all my favs out, it'll be a different kind of excitement for me. While last year I watched with chocolate and a bit of alchohol, this year I'll have chips and soda lol. For the men's event, I just hope Boyang continues his streak of doing well at worlds, with whatever position on the podium. Between Nathan and Shoma, I'd probably want Nathan to win. To be honest, I'm not ready for a new world champion with jumping technique flaws that I'm hoping the new rules will acknowledge. But well, the practices notes seem to bode differently... As for JPN men's spots, I actually don't worry about that at all. Like JSF's Kobayashi-san said, "we've relied on Hanyu-senshu for so long, it's now time for the younger skaters to shoulder their responsibilities." Also to be realistic, it's basically Keiji fighting for his own spot next year. Neither Shoma nor Yuzu, or anyone else, will be affected. As for the other 3 disciplines, I hope to seemy favorite programs skated beautifully - La Terre Vue du Ciel, Moonlight Sonata, and 007. 3 spots for JPN ladies pleeeeeeeeeease!!! And Wakababy change back to your old 007 costume pleeeeeease! That one was gorgeous while the new one is .
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    Oops, I have been away for some time so help me please - why are we seeing different page numbers? I'm on page 3003 rn. Also, Happy 3000 Pages for you guys seeing it! Have a beautiful 3A for celebration! (source - made by me)
  6. General Yuzuru chat

    But they could be from a few years ago, and not his shoe size now. It's not the model he uses this year, right? It's Ice Fly, but I think he's using Piano now?
  7. General Yuzuru chat

    (I'm jumping past a few pages to reply to this so may lack context, apologies in advance!) I had similar experiences, though it's with a less kind media. After the sp many Chinese fans gathered to take a group photo with our banners, and many JPN reporters started to catch people to interview on that spot. One reporter from TBS caught me and asked me about why I became a fan. I'm always tired of media painting him as an idol so I focused on how he is forever challenging himself and an amazing inspiration. I heard interviews around me of people saying they're fans because he's cute and cool and brave and sweet etc. But that night I saw people complaining online that TBS' news clip painted Chinese fans in a pretty bad light. Apparently none of our cooperative and enthusiastic interviews were included. Instead they chose clips of someone who bought insanely expensive second hand tickets, and of someone who cheer only Yuzu but stare at their phones during other guys' performances. That's when I started to undertand why some older fans dislike JPN media so much. Maybe not all of them, but they can select and distort facts for their purposes and bias so badly. Anyway, I'm so glad yuzu knows and understands all that. What a wise and perceptive guy he is, seeming to know everything. The same as when he did the binocular gesture to see fans in corner seats, and when he thanks fans who can't afford to make the trip or don't have time for watchign streams, I feel it's such a bliss to be his fan.
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    I have Oly threads from 6 forums that I need to catch up to, and I'm only half way through the first one😂 Starting to wonder how I did it during past competitions when I flollowed most of them almost real-time😂
  9. General Yuzuru chat

    Didn't he say he'll try to get a flight as expensive as possible? Another pro point for going to Australia
  10. General Yuzuru chat

    Finally confirmed! My heart can rest now. 2 weeks sounds a bit short though, compared to what he had to do before the Olys? Anyway, plz yuzu put your health condition absolutely in the first place, and stuff like "reponsibilities for shows" second! Maybe taking a leaf from Adam Rippon's book is a good idea, if you know what I mean
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    Oh my god that's brilliant, he really saw it! I'm tearing up a little seeing it This is done by a group of Chinese fans, a lot of whom I think are still students. I saw them start planning like 10 months before the Olympics! I didn't join because my seat wasn't in any right area, but I'm so glad right now that I can say I cast my vote for the quote on the signs. One of the girls tweeted about it after seeing the news: Actually, could I maybe ask you guys for a favor of retweeting it with Yuzu's tags? The thing is, Chinese fans, along with a lot of other East Asian fans I believe, sometimes are really frustrated for being mistaken for Japanese fans. (Like, between CHN and JPN fans we know that CHN fans mostly throw pooh bears while JPN fans mostly throw flowers, but the rest of the world (i.e. media) just think we're all one big ambiguous mass...) So they're hopeing to let more people see this tweet, to show the scale of Yuzu's international support! (And maybe a chance of Yuzu himself seeing it, since he seems to know everything online lol)
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    Are you using a smartphone? Sometimes it asks you to download the websites app to play. It should be fine if you open it on a computer.
  13. General Yuzuru chat

    Hey guys! What a perfect day it was, I have no words Anyway, I’m in Gangneung and about 60 pages behind this thread, but just come here to drop this fancam I took today! (Ignore the excessive screaming. I lost myself completely to Fredrick Hanyu!)
  14. 2018 Winter Olympics Tickets

    Hi guys~ I have an extra category b gala ticket that I’m willing to sell a lot cheaper than the original price. The seat is 217E. It’s already printed and I can hand it to you during men’s event or before gala, or scan it and end you then pdf. Please message me if you’re interested!