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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    Yeah,they should,but I think that most of them check some stats on the fly while they're commentating the current event.It would've been correct to say that Yuzu hasn't had such a performance AT WORLDS since Sochi era(2014).But I think that actually Cousins was really rooting for Yuzuru,iirc before Yuzu had to jump the 4S3T he let slip a heartfelt 'come on' as if he was very aware that this was the crucial point of Yuzu's program. As for RO Eurosport,they also called Yuzu 'the prince of figure skating' and 'the most beloved figure skater in the world' at Helsinki even before the H&L performance,so not all awareness is lost on them either,and it really wasn't a dismissive intention in saying that Shoma beat him at Nationals,just (again) some superficial fact-checking.
  2. General Yuzuru chat

  3. [2017] Fantasy on Ice (FaOI) in NIIGATA 2017

    Yesssssss,Nobu is the hero we deserve and need rn
  4. [2017] Fantasy on Ice (FaOI) in NIIGATA 2017

    Damn,some of us predicted big stuff was going to happen at the not meant for broadcasting Niigata shows,but I'm just drowning in feels right now.*wipes tear* He must've felt SO MUCH tension and pressure this whole season if now he is saying all these things about being so happy performing in a carefree way at an ice-show,poor baby he needed this,i'm happy that he had a lot of fun
  5. [2017] Fantasy on Ice (FaOI) in NIIGATA 2017

    Whenever I see Sex-Bomb I can't help thinking about that Chazz Michael Michaels character from 'Blades of Glory'
  6. [2017] Fantasy on Ice (FaOI) in NIIGATA 2017

    I only hope that when Yuzu went backstage after that number,someone took a quality photo of him with the cat-ears on,and we'll get to see it.
  7. [2017] Fantasy on Ice (FaOI) in NIIGATA 2017

    At WTT 2017 when he was cheering for the TJ girls
  8. [2017] Fantasy on Ice (FaOI) in NIIGATA 2017

    I think it's some kind of optical illusion.I don't understand Japanese,but apparently that is from the pamphlet for Faoi Niigata,and maybe they've done something iffy in photo-editing too
  9. Thanks for sharing. I think the ideal for me would be a hybrid of the two vids,in which one can see P/C practicing (like in the 1st vid) and also a more clear view of Yuzu(like in the 2nd vid)
  10. [2017] Fantasy on Ice (FaOI) in NIIGATA 2017

    So he meowed again in Niigata...I was still mourning the fact that I'm never going to see/hear his 3 meows from Kobe's last show
  11. [2017] Fantasy on Ice (FaOI) in NIIGATA 2017

    I think he did the revenge 4T during the final group number.
  12. [2017] Fantasy on Ice (FaOI) in NIIGATA 2017

    Wasn't it supposed to be over by now? Are they running late?
  13. [2017] Fantasy on Ice (FaOI) in NIIGATA 2017

    pretty much how it went probably