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  1. i'm happy for the happiness of these lucky ppl who got to see him in person
  2. i mean if this fandom would be at least half as crazy as its reputation is,it would make the lives of isu,usfsa and their minions a living hell for a long period of time trolling and dragging them until they bleed...but i don't see it tbh,ppl will just turn around and leave all this trying to protect their mental health,while their bs narratives and fake history will become more powerful everyday,evil always wins...just watch
  3. also,i love Aymoz,he's one of the very few exciting skaters in the male field and his SP is FIRE,but the music of his fs is a kinda of a snooze that leaves a lethargic feeling and you just know that if it were yuzu who was skating to that piece,it would be called ''elevator music'' and used as an ~explanation~ as to why he's getting lower pcs bc the judges can't connect to it bc it isn't upbeat/warhorsey/cheesy/trashy enough.funny how that works...
  4. history is basically rewritten as we speak by every alternative facts abomination that is spouted by tsl,scott ha*ilton,phil trash,jackie wrong etc and regurgitated mindlessly by western world commentators.THEY JUST WANT HIM GONE why don't ppl try to grasp this....and since he didn't take the hint not even when they changed an entire scoring system to facilitate corruption or when they started to award astronomical scores to the american kings of bare minimum skating,now they have to use their last resort...that is what i was expecting:phantom calls for him and robbery on pcs happening at the same time with +4+5 GOE for basic jumps,no ur/edge and huge pcs for empty programs for his competitors,because just doing the latter(as clearly seen last season) wasn't enough. #freeyuzu
  5. basically the ultimate tool of total corruption...sadly,for those who have been paying attention how the corruption game has been growing for the last few years it's not even surprising it has come to this
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