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  1. the gorgeousness of this 4lo has me shookt! how many skaters in the world even dare to try this jump?Exactly!
  2. well,that ESPN Worlds's Most Famous 100 Athletes list from this year has estimated the value at his endorsements at aporx.14 mil $,so they might've done some research since on the last year's top they listed the value as not known.(and if iirc the espn list came up before the Kose deal).Also i remember reading somewhere that his donation to Sendai area only are estimated at aprox 1 mil $ so far which is still pretty huge from an athlete coming from such a niche expensive sport.There were rumors last year that 20 companies were fighting for having him signed and I guess Kose won.Everything seems to indicate that he's already at the point where he won't need to worry for his financial future bc he comes from a down to earth,modest family who won't start to spend on ridiculous things such as luxury yachts and sports cars.And it's not like his endorsements will stop tomorrow or the day of his ret******t,he will stil have very lucrative deals years after that with how famous he is.Unless something unimaginably bad happens,he's gonna be set for life financially speaking and that's what he deserves.And given who he is and what he's achieved and how much he has given back,there will always be ppl willing to offer him a good job/position if somehow he'll absurdly find himself in the situation to need it
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