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  1. [2017/18] European Championships - Men SP & FS

    yaaaasssss @ Aliev's silver! He's my favorite European skater.Now send him to Olys pls and thank u
  2. Movie and TV Thread

    I used to watch 243637 tv shows/year some time ago,but i only watch a few these days. My favorites this year so far were the Big Little Lies miniseries at Hbo and The Handmaid's Tale,especially bc it was quite different from the book so it felt surprisingly fresh to me(bonus points for casting Max Minghella as Nick,he's qt).Game of Thrones S7 was fine too,but a bit rushed and underwhelming at times.
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    Sigh...this is the one subject i wouldn't appreciate being trolled about,so please don't toy with my emotions on this,Yuzu. I guess I still have trouble to believe he will stay,I have been depressed for months now thinking about it bc I've been about 70% certain he will re**** after PC/Milano(especially if he wins with good skates in PC),about 20% that he will continue until Saitama 2019[possibly skipping the GP season,going only to Nationals- 4CC (to try to win the only title he doesn't have) and have the apotheosis in Saitama trying to win another world title,and land the 4A and maybe the 4F too at least once on the way].And only 10% or less that he will continue anyway,on a not determined period after PC. For me it would be the best,happiest news in the entire world if he were to continue for years(if his health would allow that),but I would be absolutely crushed if I get my hopes up and it doesn't happen – the level of emotional investment I have in Yuzu is and will always remain unmatched,I'm absolutely sure of that,so it would hurt too much.And it's not only about my feelings,my biggest fear is that he will hurry to re**** and then might come to regret it later and want to come back,bc he won't have those lost peak years back if he decides to return to competitions,we know how unforgiving age is in fs and I would loath for this scenario to happen bc to me it's the worst.I guess I'm going to be very cautiously optimistic about this whole subject now,in light of his new statements.And if it's only a PR move,kudos to him bc it's a good one,I've always wanted he/his team to play a stronger PR game so from that point of view I'm all for it,but I guess it's another reason to remain skeptic about his competitive future,if true.
  4. [2017] GP Rostelecom Cup - Gala

    So it was Ondrej Hotarek the skater who actually lifted Yuzu?
  5. [2017] GP Rostelecom Cup - Gala

    Probably Morozov and/or Soloviev
  6. [2017] GP Rostelecom Cup - Gala

    Zhenya's dress is indeed superb
  7. [2017] GP Rostelecom Cup - Gala

    what is misha even wearing?! between this and the atrocity he wears for his SP....
  8. [2017] GP Rostelecom Cup - Gala

    I'm not that much of a fan of the GOT main theme to be used for fs,but there are some other amazing parts of the GOT soundtrack that are super emotional,goose-bumpy(especially among House Stark/Jon Snow themes) that I would love to see skated and I think that are more fitted for FS.NGL,I could really imagine Yuzu skating some mix of those parts,there wouldn't be one dry eye left in the audience,he would absolutely kill it I'm sure of it.
  9. [2017] GP Rostelecom Cup - Men Free Skating

    Nathan may have his difficult quads,but his skating does absolutely nothing for me.I tried,I really tried to warm up to it,but for me he is meh at his best and nails on chalkboard at his worst.I'm not bitter,he's just not my taste.Compared with Yuzu's effortless skating,he seems shockingly inferior in quality.
  10. [2017] GP Rostelecom Cup - Men Free Skating

    Other than Yuzu,I've liked Aliev the most at this comp.Too bad for the falls,but the kid has amazing potential imo
  11. [2017] GP Rostelecom Cup - Men Free Skating

    lol @TATgoing wild when Aliev lands a jumps.cute
  12. [2017] GP Rostelecom Cup - Men Short Program

    He seemed so OFF the entire program.And so very slow...I feared the worst(=bombing WTT '17 style),so rn i'm subjectively happy-ish/relieved by the result.But objectively,this is quite disappointing,he will have to do so much better than this if he really wants to be up there at the top.The very idea of repeating Chopin was the comfort and reliability this SP gave him(=to have those 100-105 points locked every time he skates no matter what),not this.I was afraid he was going to hit the board after the 4Lo(idk maybe it was just the camera angle) and,as strange as it may sound he also looked to me like he was afraid when he went for the combo so i wasn't that surprised it ended how it ended.If there is some twisted notion in his head that he does better in the FP when his SP is not that good,that idea needs to go asap,it's a fatal misconception to have in the current men's field imo.Sorry,I just can't get over how out of it he seemed,I hope pressure hasn't started to affect him deeply already.
  13. General Yuzuru chat

    The 4Lz is finally here and it's a gorgeous thing! [yuzuru voice]: I'M NOT CRYING
  14. [2017] CS Autumn Classic Int - Men's Short Program

    I'm laughing like a fool at 3.30 in the morning what is life congrats on the much deserved WR ,i was so worried all day(still am a bit). The 4t3t-rippon is my new aesthetic
  15. General Yuzuru chat

    Yeah,they should,but I think that most of them check some stats on the fly while they're commentating the current event.It would've been correct to say that Yuzu hasn't had such a performance AT WORLDS since Sochi era(2014).But I think that actually Cousins was really rooting for Yuzuru,iirc before Yuzu had to jump the 4S3T he let slip a heartfelt 'come on' as if he was very aware that this was the crucial point of Yuzu's program. As for RO Eurosport,they also called Yuzu 'the prince of figure skating' and 'the most beloved figure skater in the world' at Helsinki even before the H&L performance,so not all awareness is lost on them either,and it really wasn't a dismissive intention in saying that Shoma beat him at Nationals,just (again) some superficial fact-checking.