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  1. i love this song it's what he deserves
  2. I've been watching many many sports since i was 4,and it's unthinkable in any sport to demand such a thing,i always roll my eyes out of my head when i hear it. The only explanation I have for this nonsense is that the ppl who say such things don't see fs as a sport or they've never watched any other sport and therefore have no understanding what a sport is. And beyond the nationalistic aspect, even at club level,imagine going to a supporter of one football team and tell them to support their rival teams...lol you will literally get punched in the face. And even if you don't know how sport works,this thing still reeks of bullshit, no one gets to dictate on what/who a person chooses to spend time,money and energy for,like who the hell do some think they are to ask ppl that These "support all skaters equally" ppl should take several seats and stop talking bc frankly they're embarrassing themselves.
  3. only 38k views needed to reach 9 millions !
  4. I think it must be pointed out that these fantastic victories/comebacks were achieved not only fighting against his personal setbacks,but while he was also facing the toughest line-up of competitors who were displaying the highest technical difficulty in figure skating history.Truly the most inspirational boy
  5. yes,it was her.She said that if she used yuzu's real life story/career path/personality as an inspiration for a fictional character in a book,readers would definitely complain it's a totally unrealistic character
  6. less than 14k away from 8 million views.use ur stay at home time wisely
  7. 1 million views in 2 days,legends only,isu can't relate
  8. happy mischievous trollzuzu! we love to see
  9. a troll is trolling.i think said troll may or may not have discovered eng twitter and their waxing lyrical about his choices
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