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  1. if this isn't an accurate representation of Yuzu's situation in figure skating rn...
  2. i saw a 4k fancam of Origin that had over 300.000 views on yt yesterday
  3. i want Chopin 2.0 2.0 but mostly LGC and Mission Impossible bc they are the coolest
  4. ofc it was (also) a subtle dig at the us media narratives,he's been deliciously shady all weekend... and personally,i never said that he skated PW bc he's close to r********t,if it's about my above convo with someone,ppl should really go back and read again what i said and the context bc that's not it,it had nothing to do with his choice of program last night,it was about the hypothetical situation of him skating career greatest hits through the season CwW style and what legitimate,yet abstract feelings(like the sense of an ending) that might evoke in someone.It's absolutely clear that he's totally out for blood at this point and not thinking at all about r********t,the only things standing in the way of his obviously burning desire for absolute domination are how his body is gonna hold up and the rampant corruption of isu.
  5. ok i've oficially been awake for 24 hours now,but it was worth it.i bid you good-night
  6. his flip has officially become a weapon of psychological warfare
  7. he most probably didn't want to be lifted tbh
  8. I was just thinking that and at the same time i felt a stab in the heart at what that might also mean...now my entire weekend is ruined
  9. looking over this sheet and the description of Elladj Balde as LOCAL has me in tears
  10. no candyman recycled as an ex? i'm heartbroken...
  11. i actually don't dislike CM as a program,it might even be my favorite DW did for him,but i really hate the song,it's so corny to me
  12. by this logic,it could be LGC...hope dies last i guess. let me go iron my clown costume i'll need it when it turns out that he will do CM...
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