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  1. If you have ordered a Prologue hoodie you could add the little slug horns !!
  2. Satellites, before we are washed away with Yuzu flood we should follow Pooh san's example
  3. You mentioned it on the main thread. Replied to you there. It is easy to get turned around with so many things going on and different threads and platforms full of content. We will need to sit on rafts soon due to Yuzu flood.
  4. It is lovely touching article. Like so many people before, Yuzu has left a deep impression on the author. From the tone of the article they have had a real epiphany because of this live performance. It is a wonderful experience to have witnessed and then shared.
  5. There are a couple of Slug fanarts, I posted them in the fan art thread. Neko Masamune gets to go in the Main thread because he represents the sentiments of Sendai.
  6. Neko Masamune is channeling the spirit of TofYu
  7. Yuzu could be the slug slinger from Slugterra ( cartoon ) Burpy an Infernus, a fire slug is his companion ( the orange one )
  8. Fans are cleansing Yuzu from pollution. Hopefully will help to calm the turmoil of the past few years
  9. The Tohuku Shinkansen trains are this lovely green livery compared with the more usual white coloured trains
  10. Looking at photos and vids on twitter. The venue is quite small relative to many event arenas. This must have the atmosphere quite intense. The spectators must really feel close to Yuzu and part of the performance. A small arena has the small disadvantage that relatively few people can attend, say compared with Saitama Super Arena. However, the advantage of having a fantastic view and being able to see the performance details must make the show magical and extra special.
  11. @Soleil88 You are very fortunate indeed to be able to attend. Hoping that your experience will be something to treasure. When you have returned to the mortal realm please share your thoughts Did you buy merchandise as well? Pxx
  12. TofYu Zuzu Soft Usually anything Yuzu mentions will sell out within the hour. Somehow this may be the only time that a product does not sell out. Will there be tofu rationing?
  13. Wishing you well for your comp. Hope that you can channel Yuzu's sentiments "I am doing my best forever". Whatever your result on the day, truly wishing that you will enjoy yourself and feel happy about participating. Sending healing thoughts for your bruises.
  14. Replied to you on twitter as well. ( P Vi on twt) Rifu, is just to the north of Sendai, it hosted a leg of one of the FaOI tours a few years ago. Guessing that it was the Rifu Sekisui Heim Super Arena. Capacity 5000 - 7000 seats ( 2000 seats are movable, so possibly these would be lost to make space for ice rink ) It is multi purpose like the Sheffield or Wembley Arena and is definitely used for ice events. Just like Wembley Arena, it too hosts 'Disney on Ice', so they clearly have experience with rink construction.
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